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  1. Tony

    pk appeal

    it's the japs revenge for all the nukes we dropped
  2. Tony

    pk appeal

    as a playr witnis nier was acting unruly and harassing admins, ts is proof
  3. Tony

    Old players vs new players. (Opinion)

    Not to skimp over the point of your post (Jordan basically summarized everything I'd say and did it better,) but I believe it was a player who made that quip. It might've been Nier.
  4. Tony

    TACs and Tanks.

    and i'm just telling u that a lot of real world aspects r prolly gonna be ignored bc they're hard to use in gmod rp. like body armor, skywave propagation and shit, 'what u see is what u get' radios. plasma cutters and plasma welders, so no. the point being that there's no point in making a thread trying to dictate shit before it's been battle tested by events. if u give the tanks even a modicum of realism, they're prolly gonna irritate some admins. example; marauders are 1000kg robit men with miniguns. realistically speaking rioters arent gonna meme them, realistically speaking, i could go 'marauder buzz that house' and my pet robit would put so many holes in the building that i could cast a projection film into it. yet u dont see this happening bc it's impractical. at one point we had a power armor system that gave marauders 0 fall damage, TONS of armor too. u know why we got rid of it? cus they'd ruin events.
  5. Tony

    TACs and Tanks.

    i would like to politely remind u that arachnids walk in space by stabbing their feet into military grade space ships. the tank itself might not even use traditional munitions or have a trophy system. it might just have electrical reactive armor (as remnar wrote up for the past tank.) in other words, let the admins decide on the lore and stats for it
  6. Tony

    how to safely increase your post count

    what heresy is this
  7. Tony

    how to safely increase your post count

    fitz is clearly a twink
  8. Tony

    how to safely increase your post count

    sorry buddy if ur missing ur 4skin ur still a kike
  9. Tony

    SST Quotes Thread

    14:39:28 - **Gen. Brian C. Larsen would shove the baton where the sun doesn't shine - not enough to do permanent damage, but enough to traumatise the recruits downstairs who are watching me type this. 14:40:01 - **2Lt. Salvatore Camacho somewhat shook as the baton nearly penetrated his flower. 14:40:10 - **Col. Robert Shaw looks at the people standing outside. 14:40:24 - **Gen. Brian C. Larsen lets go of the baton, turning off the zappy zappy. He's not a monster, after all 14:40:34 - **Col. Robert Shaw turns back around. 14:40:35 - **2Lt. Salvatore CamachoNo, no he was not. 14:40:40 - Gen. Brian C. Larsen[CH1 - RADIO]: Medical to the meeting room.
  10. Tony

    EOD suit can we implemented it?

    the engineers already have an EOD suit, and outside of specialized munitions work, they really aren't that useful.
  11. Tony

    SST Quotes Thread

    20:47:02 - **Rct. Hamad Yousef Slams fist violently on the desk " If i dont't have a finger up my ass in the next 10 minutes someone is getting demoted"
  12. marauders are supposed to have a marauder dropship actually (by game standards)
  13. Tony

    Roll Initiative

  14. Tony

    SST Quotes Thread

    14:53:04 - LCpl. Quinn Caffrey: Halloran, 're'you a dogbrain? 14:53:13 - Pfc. Noel Halloran: Grung understand kill boog economy. 14:53:23 - LCpl. Quinn Caffrey: ARrite' you're jus'enough dogbrain to make 2ic. 14:53:35 - Pfc. Noel Halloran: Grung understandle.
  15. Tony

    SST Screenshots

    yeah he's the worst
  16. Tony

    Junia Layland

    im gonna make one of these family members a6 the other by the end of the month
  17. Cpt. Otto Dresdner also known as wotto wagner, wotto wesdner, and huge faggot. he was for pangea with ur boi De Serta. adrestria was the name i think, my memory book dont work so good
  18. it's worth noting that's just from a tiny charge using 21st century tech. engineering charges are probably much higher yield (not to mention bigger) with higher quality space liners and shit. in other words if you put this on the mid section of a marauder, the marauder will probably now become 2-marauder
  19. IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: William Hedgeworth Physical Age: 26 Race: Caucasian Gender: Male Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Height: 6'0" Weight: 200 lbs. Employment & Background Current Rank: Cpl. Educational History: Primary School, Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: Shop-Welder prior to Enlistment. Service Record: Normal promotional record of Pvt -- Pfc -- LCpl -- Cpl OOC: Character's College Explanation: N/A Server Time: Too long. Roleplay History: Way too fuckin' long.
  20. Tony

    Rare image of Tony when he's in pain.

    this isnt rare
  21. Tony

    Craigjulio Barbersdale

    add ur boi
  22. Tony


    see you space cowboy, i'll make sure to n-bomb your twitch streams when u get back to that
  23. Tony

    The new sounds you be bumpin'

  24. Tony

    Grimm's Grimoire of Food

    where's my freedom units conversion