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  1. Rhode

    Mira V. Oberlin - Resident [REDACTED]

    [REDACTED] you have violated Article [REDACTED] of the Federal Code of Military Justice. Report to your nearest [REDACTED] and submit for [EXPUNGED] or [REDACTED] will be enacted. - [DATA EXPUNGED]
  2. Rhode

    Mira V. Oberlin - Resident [REDACTED]

    MIPOD hates her! See how she makes [REDACTED] in [EXPUNGED]
  3. just watch those wrist rockets
  4. Angela Clark - Learned how to properly be the bearer of ammo.
  5. Rhode


    why are we still here? just to suffer?
  6. @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz nerd
  7. Rhode

    Jodie Cutter

    give joddie cutter the 'ol "Bill Cosby" treatment
  8. Rhode

    So if anybody wants to call me inactive...

    okay airborne artillery
  9. Rhode

    IX: Starship Troopers RP?

    they're doing their part, are you?
  10. Rhode

    Angela P. Clark - The Proper Pure

    i hate you
  11. Rhode

    A PSA from the XA team

  12. Rhode

    William Saint-Claire

    Clark or i'm burning down the frozen forest henderson.
  13. Rhode

    Litcoins is doing his part

    it looks like he remembered his training
  14. Rhode