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    youre cutee
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    Seems this more belongs in fast threads.
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    Player Competition! #1

    I'll let your lateness slide, thank you for posting to the wiki and participating in the servers development! We appreciate it very much. As such you have been awarded an admin ticket that can be used at any point you deem appropriate. However, you must message the XA Team a few days in advance so that we may advise the admin team and prepare for your day of free roam as an admin.
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    Fantasy jumpball league??

    I'm interested
  6. Deckers

    Player Competition! #1

    And no one wins this first competition! No one played!
  7. Deckers

    going on strike

    all protesters will return to work or face the consequences
  8. Deckers

    PlayX Fix

    PAC breaking isn't a bad thing
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    Player Competition! #1

    It's actually spelt.... I DO WHAT I WANT
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    Player Competition! #1

    Guttentag everyone, This is the first of many competitions for the player base to partake in. Depending on the prize for that competition there will be a lengthier wait for a winner or a more short wait. The first competition is the following: Players are to make a WIKI post on the official SST wiki. This can be regarding creating a new planet, character sheets, making articles about previous battles, etc. The best, most quality article will be the winner. Starting tomorrow, October 21st at 8 AM EST, players have till November 1st to make the article. You can do this here: http://wiki.starshiptroopersrp.net/index.php/Main_Page If you need help you can refer to @El Excellente for it. @El Excellente will also be the main judge for this competition, with the XAs in support. The wiki is his baby so it's only reasonable. And now for the whopping prize, you get to be an admin for a day of your choosing. You have the whole day that you choose to do as you please as an admin, and even run a mission if you so wish. Next competition will be planned out according to how well this one is recieved. Good luck and may the best man/woman win! ((There will be minor limitations for the reward of being admin))
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    Setting a rumour straight

    Welcome to high school high.
  12. Deckers

    Intermittent LOA/Spotty Attendence

    Take care of yourself first man. We're not going anywhere.
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    Sub Detachments of MI

    That's good. It's what we expect of players in a position of power or even players in general. Players have the ability to spur roleplay when an admin is busy/lazy/not present and to have people who take that initiative is very welcoming.
  14. Deckers

    Sub Detachments of MI

    Rico's Roughnecks is the platoon. You are a part of such a thing with Bently and Young as they have respective unit names for company and platoon. Nothing stops you from forming a close group of friends as is natural in the real world, military or not. However there will be no addition to factions or groups for the foreseeable future.
  15. Deckers

    Why I'm Transferring out of Marauders.

    Aaaaaaand locked.