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    After recent events it seems it's my time to finally flip the switch and bail out, once and for all. With school and the likes time is crucial. To Xal, it's been a while and hopefully you can appreciate that sooner or later. To everyone else, have fun and godspeed.
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    [IC] A Message to the Sixth Fleet

    To the person claiming to be Daniel Markov, you are to locate any Sixth Fleet ship and turn yourself in immediately. Upon clearance after detainment you will be transported for talks. [On repeat to original transmission location]
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    Weston MacDonnell

    Slightly updated. Not much I wanted to add, just cleaned it up a bit I guess
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    Vent thread

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    Vent thread

    lemme break down your little grenade thing since that was me i saw you died and it was in the midst of an event that i was solely running and im not gon a rewrite an event that works just as well im sorry youre upset you were wounded :(:(:(:(
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    Vent thread

    and stop being faggots
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    Tom Solomons

    the mysterious macdonnell
  8. and to your right you will see the boy from the movie up threatening to launch missiles
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    civil war hype

  10. https://youtu.be/4EQXEIoZrZE To all in the Flotilla, Yesterday around 1600 hours, the Sixth Fleet intercepted and destroyed the invading Draconian Fleet. If we haven't sent a message to all other splintered factions of the previous Federation before, then we have now and undoubtedly it is a clear one. Rear Admiral Manton of the Draconian Fleet signed an instrument of unconditional surrender and I've ordered General Larsen to do what is necessary with the substantial amount of POWs we've taken in under our care. There is no logical reason to take pride in killing our fellow man, especially in these dark times but, when it comes down to it, there is nothing to be ashamed of from the events ongoing and those of yesterday past. Our job is to re-unite the Federation and to destroy the establishment of traitors or any threat to our mission. Although we've defeated the Draconian Fleet, we still have much more work to do. This war is not over until we've liberated all of those under the banner of tyranny, from every splinter faction that claims to hold the flag of the Federation. We must also remember that although our situation is vastly different from anything we've ever faced before, we are still the last true representatives of the Federal Service and the United Citizens Federation itself. I say this due to the fact that I've heard more and more commissioned officers forgetting their place in this Federal service. You all re-enlisted into this service and you were aware of the circumstances, you also re-enlisted to the same position you were in before. So let me say this clearly and blatantly, remember your place in this Fleet, who is above and who is not. If you fail to remember your authority and status, you will be put to the gallows just as any other man or woman who advocates mutiny against this mission. No one is more important than the next, but we must remember to respect rank and the purpose of the rank. With all of that said, it is not without saying that any man or woman deserves a trial amongst their peers and I will no longer advocate the military to handle the judicial process amongst civilians and citizens who no longer are in the Federal service. With the expansion of our control and the addition of more and more people, it is clear more than ever that we must restore democracy and citizen rule. Two months from now, all citizens of every colony in Sixth control will vote for representatives to establish a new Constitution, government and temporary capital until we reclaim and reconstruct our homeworld, Terra. All current colonial authorities will ensure that all Federal electoral laws will be followed. Let's not forget who we are as humans and who they are, as humans. Together we can accomplish the goal of restoring our home the way it was and even stronger than it ever was before. Regards, VAdm. Harley Johnson (( OOC )) Hello all, So essentially I wanted to go over the part about the civilian government (this was approved by Xal a bit ago and still is afaik). I know what you're thinking, "OH MAN DECKERS IS AT IT AGAIN!" but this time is a bit different. This time, due to the fact that the Federation is completely dissolved officially, I am letting YOU setup your own parties, candidates, etc for the colonies we've claimed in the 6th Fleet. Meaning from now till I get things organized, which will be either by the end of this coming week or the start of next, you should be setting up a party and its ideology with whoever you want. However, I will request that once you have a finalized list of your party I want a copy for record keeping and for final approval depending on how stupid of an ideology it is. The goal of this is to take the government idea that I've tried multiple times and have it actually 90% controlled by the players with final word coming from the XAs and myself. Tl;dr Find a buddy or go solo and establish a party for yourself Don't panic, everything will be setup in the coming week or next that will better define what will happen Send me your finalized political party and candidate information Candidate and party information should have a backstory and their ideology. Parties must include their goals for what they'd do if in power. Granted that would be hard with little information that we have, but use that to your advantage. This is a "new" Federation
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    @Xalphox these look like some stuff we dont have, unless its pac, idk
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    New pupper

    you know when aqua isnt getting enough attention irl
  13. I hate cyborgs and I’m glad we’re now limiting BTs.
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    Weston MacDonnell

    Northcutt and Sento updeaded.
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    LCpl. Weston MacDonnell