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  1. Deckers

    Why can't our CM be so?

    I like hats
  2. Deckers

    "Open your curtain"

  3. Deckers

    SST Quotes Thread

  4. Deckers

    IRL Tattoos (Cause why the fuck not?)

  5. Deckers

    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    She looks mesmerized
  6. Deckers

    Robert Shaw

  7. Deckers

    pk appeal

    nigga shidded his pants
  8. Deckers

    Robert Shaw

  9. Deckers

    William Saint-Claire

    robit shaw
  10. Deckers

    Robert Shaw

    decided to open up relationships instead of doing a journal journals are harder to maintain
  11. Deckers

    TACs and Tanks.

    Best way to apologize for responding to a locked thread is to delete your post so that the fuse doesn't keep fizzling. Don't let it happen again.
  12. Deckers

    TACs and Tanks.

    Now locking before this gets out of hand.
  13. Deckers

    PK Appeal/Complaint

    PK is sustained after discussion with Fitz and Randynand.
  14. Deckers

    PK Appeal/Complaint

    Sorry for the delay @Fitz this is a bit messy. Decision will be made at 6 PM EST. I'm gonna have to delve into the logs.