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    Aaron Holtz: "Dad" Of the MI

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    [IC] Divisional Fueds!!

  3. Deckers

    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    where are ur knee pads
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    IX: Starship Troopers RP?

    thanks captain obvious
  5. Deckers

    IX: Starship Troopers RP?

    they'll die in a week
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    It's been fun...

    I'm telling on you
  7. Deckers

    Patrick Stevenson PK Appeal

    How am I going back on that by making a point that you were doing something PKable withbut the roll system? I gave you the 5 minute grace period, that happened. Can't go back on it, don't be ridiculous. Best to wait for Xalphox, yeah.
  8. Deckers

    Patrick Stevenson PK Appeal

    It's relevant to the PK Stevie. You were, you SAID you were up above where you admitted to being alone and stated due to shitty leadership. You were holding a flank solo, without cover against hordes of bugs. As mission runner I didn't even HAVE to use the rolling system, nor give you the 5 minute grace period. Your character was a Marauder and he held the line against more than he could handle and was killed for it.
  9. Deckers

    Patrick Stevenson PK Appeal

    However it leads to the thought you were playing hero through the drop, in which case you did. As you once again held the flank, solo, against hordes of bugs.
  10. Deckers

    Patrick Stevenson PK Appeal

    Also for the sake of witness accounts. Your name and rank: Private First Class Chiyuki Asahi Date of the event: 12/30 Recipient: Senior Specialist Patrick Stevenson (Deceased) Detailed account of the act: I was squad lead and was holding a part of the hill we were at. Our forces were stretched´╗┐ completely thin and Orange (us) Had no way of defending the rear. Stevenson took it upon himself to walk to the other side of the hill, alone. He ended up clearing what could only be assumed as a ludicrous amount of bugs by himself. Safely securing the flank and allowing Orange to pull back to a safer pull back line. Which we did. Sadly Stevenson passed away later on in the drop. ((associated maps)): gm_forest_final_2018 Witnesses: Tzipora Bronson, (First name unknown) Saiphan, (First name unknown) Atkins, Ronny Range. Possible witnesses. They were all busy holding the other flanks.
  11. Deckers

    Patrick Stevenson PK Appeal

    I'm sorry my persistence in making this PK stick makes it seem to you I'm defending my life. You were not behind cover. You were holding an open flank. Bugs continued to attack well into the timer. It IS a high PK faction, says it on the application thread. Doesn't change level of care but makes Marauders more dangerous and susceptible to PKs, huh what a kawinkydink! You got PKed and had a Marauder character! You were in a high PK faction! Doesn't change anything except you're more likely to be PKed, especially when you hold an open flank solo.
  12. Deckers

    Patrick Stevenson PK Appeal

    The battle was NOT over when you went down. Arachnids were attacking the shed you were in along with the other wounded member. Bringing up my "intoxication" seems more like your attempt at attacking character. You were not in cover and you were holding the flank against hordes of Arachnids. I don't need a crazy amount of clarity to remember that clear as day. The cover was destroyed, I remember because Saiphan was spamming it out of his ass with toolgun so we removed the ability for more defenses and removed defenses where the Arachnids attacked. I'll make a point again where you're lucky that you even got the 5 minutes till EVAC could have arrived or stabilization could have happened. You're part of a high PK faction and recieved a mortal wound. MOST players have been PKed with less.
  13. Deckers

    Patrick Stevenson PK Appeal

    The wound was mortal, medic could have stabilized until EVAC arrived but the necessity was for Stevenson to evacuate the field. From my remembrance, Stevenson never left his suit of armor for quite a period of time for anyone to have had worked on him until I believe Pacer did do so, but my memory is foggy as it's been a little bit since this PK. If there are medics in the field OOCly then why does this situation come to knowledge in this specific case? There shouldn't be special treatment because Stevie lost his character. Leadership on this drop was not effective either, several gafs occurred throughout the drop. Stevenson was holding an opened defense against hundreds of Arachnids. His own words to me were something along the lines of going down like a badass. He is part of a high PK faction that seemingly does more to NOT get PKed and failing to understand what their new role is, along with the IC leadership failing to understand that new role. From my understanding this PK was fair when I administered it.