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  1. You in. Find a red shirt and get yourself shirted.
  2. Admitted. Seek out a Medic to get yourself sorted.
  3. Admitted! Have a Medic See to your induction.
  4. ADMITTED. Find myself or another medic to induct you.
  5. Trainings, Incidents and other situations of note should be logged below using the following format. Instructor/Medic: Trainee/Patient: Time and Date of Training/Incident/Operation: Goal(Result) of the Training/Treatment:
  6. Yous' in. Get me or another medic to yoink you in
  7. Admitted! Welcome to the Team! Have myself or another medic induct you.
  8. Admitted. Locate a medic to be integrated into the biomass.
  9. Yearbook Photo, Virgil's Point Faculty of Medicine; Class of 2286 Basic Information Name: Charlie Francis Scott Place of Birth: Gunderson's Grove, Iskander Date of Birth: 22.11.2262 Age: 37 Gender: Male Height: 175 cm Physical Description: Weight: 90kg Hair colour: Black/Grey Eye colour: Grey Military Information Rank: Technical Sergeant Branch: Medical Detachment Date of Enlistment: 2284 Years of Service: 15 Service Record: Lengthy Personal Information Family: Alive. Backstory: Lengthy. Characteristics: Aloof, Adventurous, Strengths & Weaknesses: Hardheaded, Experiential Learner, Pragmatic. Other Information: Ambidextrous, Banned from Virgil's Point Opera House indefinitely. Alma Mater: Virgil's Point School of Music and Drama (2283), Virgil's Point Faculty of Medicine (2290). Heir to WindowWash™ - Glass Front Dishwasher Company. Personal Relationships Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated Bronson: A proper culinary companion. Holtz: Seems hardworking. Mostly talk to him before procedures. Should fix this. Hartwick: Co-worker. Miller: Drinks food through a straw for fun, shows promise. Saint-Claire: Ol' reliable. Should spend more time with him.
  10. Admitted. Find myself or another medic to induct you.
  11. how do many work i assume its more than the few but i cant be sure
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