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    [IC] Christmas

    C. Scott
  2. hewhogrillsbears

    Elk’s (Who?) LOA

    honeyelk comes back as mccran leaves, suspicious
  3. hewhogrillsbears

    Use of Medkits

    I've moved and pinned this.
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    ACCEP TED. I'll be hosting a training today and tomorrow. If you can't get to those, there'll be another pair Tuesday and Wednesday as needed.
  5. hewhogrillsbears


    Up Date D
  6. hewhogrillsbears

    Important Information for Old Medical Characters

    UPDATE: If you happen to be removed due to activity or just had an old character. Just message me through steam or the forums. We'll sort it out.
  7. “aptitude for codebreaking (per the TBX Base64 string for example) or strategy.“ sucking xals dick is a blunt move but not strategy. The real way to do this would be by sonking the donks of the anglo inner circle that drink with him so they subtly name drop you while they’re smashing back Newcastles, purple GNTs and playing darts while watching footy at the pub. Eventually you’ll get into gnt
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    U IN. I'll be hosting something soon. Today(11/28) if time permits, if not I'll do another training this weekend.
  9. YUhSMGNITTZMeTkzZDNjdVltRnpaVFkwWlc1amIyUmxMbTl5Wnk4PQ==
  10. hewhogrillsbears

    Elk’s (Who?) LOA

    print out some good hentai panels and laminate them, share with ur unit
  11. hewhogrillsbears

    Franco Sorrentino is in trouble!

  12. hewhogrillsbears


    I think it’s just a flaw in the template. If instead it was replaced by a question, that could help. Is your character charismatic/strong/agile/intelligent/hardy? Long hours on the gymnastics team have given Gushers Keebler exceptional hand eye coordination, but her stamina suffered due to the quick nature of these events. Her tenacity on the mat was not reflected in the library so she isn’t that smart. Upon entering service she found herself pretty handy with firearms and maintenance landing her a spot as an armored. The charsheet temppate works works better for a RolePlaying Game rather than a strict roleplay server. SWs new charpage is far more conducive of character development. The only real benefit a points system would have is a set number of points one could dump into a stat so it isn’t 19s across the board. But even then that isn’t really enforced or translated from character page to script so it’s pointless too bad everyone’s good at everything
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    Welcome aboard. Add me on steam and find a medic to induct you!
  14. hewhogrillsbears


    Almost the entire roster has been extremely inactive for one reason or another. If you wish to stay in the detachment, talk to me by November 25th. Shoot me a message forumside or through steam.
  15. i'd ask him if working out still feels like cumming