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    post pics of hot nurses
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    Leadership Update

    I'm taking up the reigns as med lead. Send your questions comments, quiggles and concerns to me.
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    The Shit Marines Say.

    sstrp is just an outlet for all the banter we heard in halo and were unable to replicate in any other videogame
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    uhuh you in
  5. hewhogrillsbears

    How does Gmod look so good in this? (And why can't SSTRP?)

    came standard with all clockwork based sstrp schemas
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    yeahhhhhhhhhh make sure you got me on steam so i can get you trained.
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    [CLOSED] Marauder Applications

    MARAUDER DESIGNATION APPLICATION IC: Name: Odelpho Zigwambe Age: 24 Gender: Male Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Height: 6'0 Weight: 200lbs Employment & Background Current Rank: Lance Corporal Educational History: (Don't feel obligated to include a large background of knowledge, as a trooper in the MI you likely wouldn't have much experience.) Enlisted after High School Criminal Record: None Employment History: Butcher at Grocery store. Service Record: (Previous ranks, positions, specializations or commendations or other notable marks.) Terminal Lance Corporal. CLS Certified. 3rd place in Company wide boxing circuit. OOC: Steam name: hewhogrillsbears Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:18984209 Length of time on Server: few months Time zone: EST Current characters on server: TSgt. C Scott, LCpl. Marco Roh Roleplay History: i wish i could have my life back Roleplay example: (Something your Marauder character would do. Can be off duty or on duty, please note, this will be the level of RP you are expected to provide if chosen for a Marauder.) - Please make sure you hide this behind a spoiler. Thanks!
  8. hewhogrillsbears

    Inactivity in Recent Medical Applicants

    Cool. Add me on steam if you’ve got a chance. I’ll do my best to sort out your introductory training and whatnot at a solid time for you.
  9. @VenomBurke@Leaf@Lt. Dan Taylor@TheNorthEastGamer I'm tagging you guys in this as I'm unsure if you are still interested in SSTRP or being a medic at all. If so, just respond to this thread. Thanks.
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    Order of Battle for Female MI

    Females have poop STDs because when they all get on a tractor trailer and bare their asses towards the enemy to distract them, they get hit by a shit claymore that works in two steps; The initial high pressure aerated spray, then the constant stream for a few seconds. The end result is me posting on faggy weekendgunnit and talking about how my ass was in the army and it got hit by a shit ied and the spraying animation did a 360 degrees and you walked away from the fucking screen because homos smell like assholes and their piss streams are AIDS streams. Frag Ash Ketchum.
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    Discord Updated

    finally a place I can dump sad panda links ic for lonely nights
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    @Ymot Tommy Wort Accepted
  13. Hello all, My name is Dr. Tantus. I am a Researcher and Physician attached to an Interstellar Commerce Executive Vessel. We have been sent to the far reaches of the Fornacian Delta Cluster to uncover a series of missing mining vessels in the region. I have started this ledger to keep track of varying medical mysteries or minutiae I encounter along my journey. My posts may be lengthy or short, infrequent or common but will all contain a brief overview of my encounter(military, mundane or otherwise), a tidbit of medical knowledge(useful, useless or gruesome) and a small introspection into my personal life aboard our scouting vessel the ISEV Valincourt. My posts will be written in bulk and shipped out along the usual regulated and approved channels, this means I have no direct control or contact with the posting schedule. I may very well have been murdered in a gruesome or mundane fashion immediately before this log is(was?) posted, however if this log has been posted that is good news for you, the reader! It means my first batch has been received by the censors and is being pushed through. Temporarily yours, - Scroto Tantus, MD
  14. orwell had a hard life