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    I have returned Like ZS_Vertigo_v20385

    And I wish that much like ZS_Vertigo, we could remove you from .Net
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    Medical Ranks Rework.

    We're talking those qualified such as SSpc./MSpc./TSgt. the people who are qualified to fix and put together Marauders suits, not your base level 3Spc. They'd also be taught how a BT works, just as Medics would.
  3. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    Medical Ranks Rework.

    Medical and Engineering will most likely be working very closely together for this aspect. As Medics are the ones to apply Biotechs, they should also know the basics of how to repair them should an Engineer not be available, or the risk of damaging nerves be a factor to the repair.
  4. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    Medical Ranks Rework.

    Introduction: Now that Medical has been taken over by GrizzlyHughes, it will be completely reworked into a more choice oriented and easy to digest fashion. To do this, the rank structure will be completely remodeled. This change will be implemented soon, however it is available now to be previewed. Any opinions or questions can be sent to myself @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz on the forums. Third Specialists: Second Specialists: Specialists: Senior Specialists: Master Specialists: Technical Sergeant:
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    Sebastian Bently

    @HazyDay @alright sassy Added both of you to the dead section. O7
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    Leana Wells

  7. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    Leana Wells

    Face Claim: A picture sent to Vanessa Wells from Leana's PDA. "Told you the armour complimented my figure." Theme: Basic Information: Name: Leana Wells Age: 24 D.O.B: 27/03/2273 Gender: Female Affiliation: Mobile Infantry Role: CQC Specialist Kin: Father: Jacob Wells [Dead.] Mother: Vanessa Wells [Alive] Homeworld: Arbite Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Hair color: Brown. Eye color: Blue. Build: Mesomorphic Rank: Spc. Promotion Record: Rct. - Pvt. - Spc. --Transfer-- Pfc. - Spc. Backstory: Born and raised on the ice planet, Arbite. Leana was raised by her Mother, her Father having died while she was a child. She joined a small security branch for a Civilian owned Research Divison when she turned 18, working there for 5 years. Once she got tired of the same planet she moved onto the Infantry, serving with the 42nd Morita Rifles as a CQC Specialist for a year before joining the 112th Moritas in June 2298. Attributes: Strength: 15/20 Dexterity: 17/20 Constitution: 15/20 Intelligence: 14/20 Wisdom: 13/20 Charisma: 6/20 Combat Rating: 8/10 Wealth: Middle Class Character Description: Leana stands at 5'8" with short brown hair, large blue eyes and rather pale skin. She speaks in a relaxed tone of voice, her accent hard to pinpoint. Though it didn't seem to be anything too distracting. It could even be described as generic. Her build is best described as Mesomorphic, the focus of her muscles being in her stomach and thighs. Relations: Due to the nature of Wells as a character her relations will be done very differently than my other characters. Do not expect much to be said or expressed or the relation posts to reflect her actual thoughts or feelings in any detail. With that being said, request to be added. Acquaintance, Neutral, Dislikes, Hates. Thomas Constantinos: Used to hide in a Marauder suit until his pansy ass was kicked out of it. Now he hides behind a sniper scope. John York: Destroyed a TAC fighter with an M55. He's okay. Zoey Sunderland: I remember Zoey from back on Arbite. I worked under her Dad with her in a Security branch. I suppose we had a few things in common. We both liked shotguns. Her Dad was a prick. Like, an actual genuine cunt. Had his head so far up the bossman's ass that I could probably break his nose by socking the big wig in the throat. It was surprising to see Sunderland on the Grant though. Took me a while to remember her name, however that dumbass cum stain on her forehead was a good way to remember her. Other than that she's quite easy to forget. Not memorable in any way or shape. Just another 'cutesy' pretty face that's waiting to get a bullet through it. It's not too bad to see a familiar face though. We did work well together back in the day and probably still will now. Both went CQC, can't say I'm surprised. Pretty sure she has that pussy Marauder drooling over her. The surprise is none existent at that. Quiet, shy and bubbly usually draws in the weaker ones. However, it also gives people like me some good old fashioned desperation to mock and laugh at. Not sure how she can stomach those types of people. Or any types of people. Fuck, I barely stomach her and I've known her for a good few years. Though, the ride we've had isn't all bad. Been some decent memories together. I could talk about all the times I dumped her bra out into frozen ponds so the other desperate fuckers would stare at her nipples through her Kevlar. Those fuckers could pick locks I tell you. She tried to get me back a few times but, like her, none of the attempts are very memorable. I suppose that's how I'd describe Zoey. Forgettable.
  8. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    Sebastian Bently

    Done And double done
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    Anthony Edward Parker

    Bently mah guy
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    Sebastian Bently

    Updated @Grizzly Hughes O'Casey Updated minor people here and there, mostly people who are dead or gone and those under the Neutral section.
  11. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    im bad at making fast threads

  12. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    Arryn Falco

    say nice things about Read
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    SST Quotes Thread

    [AdminLog] 01:21:47 - [ic]Lawrence Chandler: ./pm carter bently looking kinda thicc amirite? 01:21:50 - LCpl. Lawrence Chandler[LOOC]: fuck 01:21:55 - SSgt. Sebastian Bently[LOOC]: g 01:21:55 - Sgt. James Chevosky[LOOC]: gg 01:21:56 - SSgt. Sebastian Bently[LOOC]: g 01:21:57 - Cpl. Lyndsey 'Lynn' Carter[LOOC]: nice 01:22:00 - LCpl. Lawrence Chandler[LOOC]: gg 01:22:02 - Sgt. James Chevosky[LOOC]: 10/10 [AdminLog] 01:22:02 - hot serfs in your area spawned prop: models/cire992/props4/escapepod03.mdl 01:22:04 - Cpl. Lyndsey 'Lynn' Carter[LOOC]: gg 01:22:13 - LCpl. Lawrence Chandler[LOOC]: gonna drown in my toilet @Zeppy
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    Kristina "Valkyrie" Sigrun - Viking Marauder

    Update Read and Bently pls
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    Change the server name!

    Consider this my official request for more My Little Starship Ponies