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  1. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    Sebastian Bently - Everything Ends

    done done done Also updated @Samikins(Burke) @Kris(Verbeck) @Lit @alright sassy(Knoxx) and @Mighty Mouse Also added the final diary entry, and will be doing the final updates over the next few weeks for anyone who asks.
  2. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    the story that nobody asked for

    This was beautiful
  3. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    Sophie Jonsson - Professional Smackdown Player

    Updates for all, finally dusting this character off again
  4. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    (Suggestion) Consistent Deaths / Injury Rolls

    This is a thing admins will do. Not to get too 'AAAAH LEAKING!!!' but most of the time when an event is run, Admins will be talking through our own chat about what is happening. If someone is seen running head first into a bunch of bugs alone and they die, we are far more likely to kill that person. Sure, they could roll high and say 'oh but mah roll was gud admoon' but for being brain dead, they will be injured or murdered anyway. People also have the right to ask to be PK'd, they can talk to admins and ask to have their own little cool 'moment' when they die. Yeah, sure, it might be snowflakey to give a person a cool moment but come on, it's a Roleplay server, made up of characters that people have put time, effort and soul into for, in some cases, YEARS. They should get their cool final moments, or a satisfying send off to their character. It's something that we admins try our best to do. It's quite rare to see /event Private Smith gets ripped in half, dying instantly' because that's not only lazy, but it's cheap and unsatisfying. You will usually see such low tier effort deaths for bad characters, blatant minges or people who are just being a retard. For the most part, we as an admin team do our best to make sure everyone gets a satisfying conclusion to a story that they usually don't want to see end. Losing your character can really suck if you've fallen in love with playing them. I know it all too well. I've been given some shit character deaths and I've been given some awesome ones. The awesome ones are far more satisfying and make all the time I put into a character feel worth it. Sorry this got rambly and somewhat off topic, just something I feel should be stated.
  5. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    (Suggestion) Consistent Deaths / Injury Rolls

    Yeah and it's gay. That's why we all want to kill him :^)
  6. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    (Suggestion) Consistent Deaths / Injury Rolls

    This IS the system used. However, Admins are given the right to adjust the system how they see fit. Some admins (Myself included on events) Don't make people roll at all, not once. They PK/Injure people based on what they do or circumstance. Some admins will give a person the choice on if they want to die if they roll below a 5. Some set their PK threshold to 10 being instant death. At the end of the day, the rule for Admins and players is 'Event runner is King.' Rolls can go both ways in terms of drops. Someone could do something really, REALLY dumb and get killed but roll a 70+ (As has happened COUNTLESS times to me when running events) and come out fine because of that roll. There is no 'set way' to use the rolling system because forcing all admins to run events the same is honestly more damaging to the quality of events. If all admins were forced to run missions the same, follow the same systems, all events would feel the same and repetitive. The rolling system is flawed, sure, I was VERY against it upon its first introduction a year or so back. I'm still not hugely fond of it, but it's as close to fair as we will get. A randomly generated number dictating the injury a person gets is fair. This odd and new mentality from the newer players that "Oh admins have plot armor" is just flat out wrong. You're wrong, it's not the case. They don't have it. For example, I know a large number of the admin team who would LOVE to take the credit for finally killing Bently. Hell, 90% of the admin team WANT to kill Hawke, Hick's Pathfinder, but it's a case of him not dying and rolling below a five. Most admins would love to be able to kill off a major character in their mission as it makes that mission more memorable. It's just how it is. No one has plot armour, no one is safe. Anyone can die. If a player has a genuine, legitimate example of Admins sparing each other and showing favoritism, there is a complaints thread on the Forums, please go there with screenshots or logs. The accusation of someone abusing the roll system or unfairly sparing a character because 'oh I like them' is a serious one. The XAs and fellow admins take it seriously and if the person in question is found guilty of doing it, expect them not to be players anymore. Complaints thread can be found here, please use it instead of throwing accusations around with your friends in Discord, that won't solve the apparent issue: http://sstrp.net/index.php?/forum/18-complaints-appeals/
  7. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    Fallon O'Mara

    Imagine not putting Lance
  8. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    This thread is using Dylan's Nightvision addon. 

  9. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    Cipher's General Complaint Thread

    but the Constantinople flew the Asteroid into the planet KNOW YOUR LORE PUSSYFART REEEEEEE OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  10. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    Cipher's General Complaint Thread

    Correction, that was the Constantinople not the Upham
  11. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    (Suggestion) Two servers for events

    At the moment, it is a discussion in the admin team on if we should change to do this from now on. Server 1 would be the ship, where people can passive RP, wait on wounded, people who are dropshipped back to the Upham can go back to server 1 and wait there and do passive. Server 2 would be used for events. By the looks of it, the community really want this to be the case as well. I'm all for this system and would personal much prefer it!
  12. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    Alpha's Bandits: Rules and Regulations

    Below is a list of the written rules for the Mobile Infantry that must be followed while aboard the Charles Upham. All weapons and gear are to be stored in the Armoury. (This excludes approved NCOs carrying sidearms on ship.) The drink limit in the bar is two. (Two pints of beer, two shots of Spirits or two short glasses of Scotch or Whiskey.) All Mobile Infantry members are to follow the Federal Laws. These can be found here and here. Those who fail to follow these laws are subject to punishment issued by the Commanding and Commissioned Officers or, when applicable, Non-Commissioned Officers. Regulations are to be followed on Ship. No wearing masks, inappropriate clothing or attire. Each Infantryman is expected to present themselves proudly and professionally. More details on that can be found here. Personal hygiene on ship is another must. This includes facial hair limitations, the dyeing of hair or lengths that hair can be grown to, or Make up and Jewelry. More details on that can be found here. Any and all relationships must be signed off on by the Infantry CO, the Divisional CO (Should it apply) or the Platoon lead/Master Sergeant. The papers needed can be found here. These rules are, of course, subject to change in future. Keep an eye on this page for when that happens. Until then, these are the Laws every member of Alpha's Bandits are expected to follow and enforce. Signed - Col. Sebastian J. Bently
  13. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    Ashley O'Dweyr PK Appeal

    I wouldn't have delivered the A6 if the wound given was unfair, I'm willing to void their A6 or say nameless trooper was shot if the XAs want to look into the circumstances around them being hurt, IE typing, being stuck on other players
  14. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    NCO Meeting

    NCO Meeting in Discord, 02/05/2019: - When the Upham is reached, a set of papers will be given to everyone ICly to sign, these being a contract binding all members of the Upham to the laws of the 112th's remnants. Every person on the Upham must follow those laws and accepts that there are consequences, including execution, for failure to follow them. Rules will be, but are not excluded to: The Bandits will follow the laws of the Federation to an extent (The UCMJ will still be used as reference for Court Martials) however there will be small changes to adjust to the current IC situation. Executions and Capital punishment will be decided by the Fleet and MI Lead, who must come together and both agree on anyone who is to be executed on ship. (NCOs are still granted permission to Article 11 people in the field, or Mercy kill wounded troopers.) - NCOs are expected to start dishing out more Physical NJPs. There is no problem with NCOs being nice, your Roleplay experience comes before your duties as an NCO, but failure to correctly discipline people can cost you your position as an NCO. Any questions regarding NJPs can be brought to me or @Lit. Deckers has also agreed to help NCOs out with how to properly discipline people. Simply seek out WO. Robert Shaw for help ICly, or contact him through Discord/Steam or the Forums. - Asper (Litcoins) is my XO, making them the second in command for the Infantry. Anything that comes from her mouth ICly or Litcoins OOCly is to be taken as fact. If possible, go to Litcoins for help with things before me. [Insert Chain of Command meme here] - NCOs need to start working together. Stand together and have each others back. Avoid future incidents like Sgt. Murphy and Cpl. Redbrick. Don't undermine each other. Ever. - Any out of MI Divisional Officer or superior (I.E. Lt. Winters of Engineering) who is found ordering around NCOs or Enlisted should be listened to. HOWEVER, it should also be brought to my attention - OOCly or ICly so I can yell at them. It is not the place of a Divisional lead to get into Infantry business, just as it is not my place to get involved in Engineering, Medical or Fleet business. - A guide will be written by myself and Litcoins to hand out to new NCOs soon, expect that in the next week. If anyone needs help with anything, or has any questions regarding these notes, simply reach out to myself or Litcoins.
  15. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    Activity Check

    Still get on Spc. Jessica Read whenever requested, mostly to do Psychology based RP (Therapy sessions when they are requested) or Orderly RP and more ship side stuff, usually don't drop on them as busy doing NCO stuff.