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  1. Travis Young

    Also gotta fix ya spoiler it swallowed your bio fam
  2. Sebastian Bently

    done did
  3. Hux's Vacuum Cleaner

  4. Tom Solomons

    Update Bently?
  5. Name this Bunny!

    I 100% approve of Bun Affleck
  6. Sebastian Bently

    done did
  7. Sebastian Bently

    @Admyral Joe there now leave me alone
  8. Sebastian Bently

    no riots for you
  9. Until I see you all again.

    Gonna miss seeing you around, bud. Thanks for helping out with that s w e e t character progression and hope to see ya again soon
  10. Ashley Rose 💁🏻

    1. Fading Light is an orgasmic song, 2. Update Bently
  11. SST Quotes Thread

    This is why straight Mobile Infantry don't exist
  12. Mobile Infantry Roster

    Sebastian Bently to Sergeant
  13. ur guy Franco Sorrentino

  14. Sebastian Bently

    done did
  15. How it looks When an NCO pulls out their Baton

    Where’s the fun in doing that though