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  1. VICTORY! War raged on the planet Yerman 7! Coalition forces, the 112th, also known as Davidson's Deathmakers launched a daring assault against Sanctuary under the name of "Operation Spearhead" in which they successfully captured a handful of high ranking Sanctuary Intel Lieutenants! A mighty win for the Coalition indeed! Thanks to the brave and valiant efforts of the Deathmakers the Lieutenants were questioned and have revealed the name and identity of a lead member of Sanctuary's army. Details below! WANTED: Brigadier General Marcus Morel Wanted for: Murder Mutiny Treachery to the Federation Genocide Execution of multiple POWs. Use of illegal/inhumane weaponry in the field of battle. Anyone who steps forward with information will be greatly rewarded.
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  13. Name: Sebastian Bently Reason: Three and a half years of service in the Mobile Infantry. +7 bonus approved by Xalphox.
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