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    [IC] Halloween Contest

    Afternoon, 112th. As some may be aware, we're getting pretty close to Halloween, which is a personal favourite holiday of mine. So, to celebrate, on the 31st of this Month there will be a fancy dress contest. This is your notice to give you all time to order in your own costumes. The winner will receive a reward. Do note: Your Halloween costumes are only to be worn on the 31st. Anyone seen wearing them before or after this date will be punished. Anyone seen dropping in their costumes will be punished. Anyone seen wearing inappropriate costumes, such as provocative or sexual costumes will be disqualified and also punished. Costumes will be judged by me, Captain Bently. (OOC note, if you have a costume you would like to use from the Steam workshop, leave a link to it in the comments and I will attempt to import the model for you in PAC. The costumes will mostly be done in PAC, so go wild. Note, any costumes that are over the top or ridiculous will have IC and potential OOC consequences. Be responsible with what you're using. Other than that, have fun!) - Cpt. S. Bently
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    [IC] Halloween Contest

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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Post here once your character reaches the rank of Lance Corporal. Should your character be promoted or demoted, post it here in this thread. If you go on a LOA, post it in this thread. Anyone who holds a rank stated above is required to post in this thread. Please post your timezone and steam name or most commonly referred to name. It is also mandatory for Corporals and above to join the MI command club via applying in the club system. 112th Mobile Infantry Roster Company Commander Sebastian Bently Optic (GMT + 1) Company Executive Commander Liliana Verbeck (2nd Platoon) Kris (GMT +1) Travis Young Medic (GMT -7) Platoon Leader Tom Solomons McRann (GMT-4) Platoon Staff Sergeants Patrick Stevenson StevieJr (GMT -6) Platoon Sergeants Pauline Westervelt Appetite Ruining Kebab (GMT +3) Vito Dominiko Rarewatch Sarah Redbrick Lynch Platoon Corporals Alexander Tschenkowitsh Confuse a Cat (GMT +2) David Harris EternalLight Kyril Layland Cipher (GMT +1) Gray Seraphim Bernhard Franke Fuppy Greg Simms Boland (GMT -6) Iris Blanka N y x (EST) Jeremy Jones Jackal Platoon Lance Corporals Ashton O'Shea Artyom Kholvok N y x (EST) Jamie Sanderson. SpeedyGrylls Lawrence Chandler Zeppy (GMT -5) Qasi Dubois Moon Man (GMT -6) To be Removed:
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    Leading Logs.

    Going forward, when an NCO leads a drop, they will log it here using the following format. Drop lead: Second in Command: Squad leaders: People who fail to do so, or are not seen being involved/leading drops will be at risk of losing their rank. Try to work together as a team to be sure every NCO gets a chance to lead at least one drop a week. If you've run three drops in the last week and see a Sergeant who hasn't run any drops, let them do it instead.
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    Temporary/Permanent Leave

    No worries, man. Take some time to yourself, we'll all be here when you get back, hope to see you back soon!
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    Sebastian Bently

    Theme Song: Combat Theme: Basic Information Name: Sebastian J. Bently Place of Birth: London, Sutton. Terra. Date of Birth: June 16th, 2276 Age: 22 Gender: Male Height: 6'3" Official Will: --Encrypted-- Family: Father: John Bently [Alive] Mother: Chloe Bently: [Died on 28/12/2297, Terra.] Physical Description: Weight: 185 pounds. Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Injuries: Large scar going down the right side of his face, starting beside his eye and ending at his chin. Missing half of his ring finger. Stomach is horribly scarred from a mixture of necrosis and plasma burns. Scars littering his Torso. (Gunshot/Stab wounds.) Back and right leg covered in burns. Scar on his left forearm. (Stab wound) Bio-Techs: Right index and middle finger. Left leg. Military Information Rank: Captain. Branch: Mobile Infantry Date of Enlistment: 20/06/2294 Years of Service: 4 Service Record: Rct. - Pvt. - Pfc. - LCpl. - Cpl. --Transfer to 112th-- Pvt. - Pfc. - LCpl, - Cpl. - Sgt. - Cpl. - LCpl. - Cpl. - Pvt. - Pfc. - Cpl. - Sgt. - Spc. - Sgt. - SSgt. - 2Lt. - Lt. - Cpt. [SSgt. Sebastian J. Bently on an RnR with the 112th. 12/05/2298] "Something beginning with 'E'..." Bently's Background: Bently grew up in an upper class family in London with his Mother and Father, having a fairly normal, if not uninteresting life. He went to a private school until he was 18, at which point he signed up to the Mobile Infantry, joining the 103rd Battalion. He served there for three years, reaching the rank of Corporal despite being unhappy with the condition of the unit. Upon reaching the rank of Corporal, himself and a Company Staff Sergeant dedicated 13 months to attempting to fix and better the unit to little success, watching countless people come and go and seeing hundreds of people die to mistakes made by poor leadership or simple incompetence. Rct. Sebastian J. Bently at Kensington Military Boot camp. 25/06/2294 During August of 2297, Bently and the rest of the 103rd were sent to defend an FOB on a bug planet. This operation would later be known as 'Operation Hammerfall' to those who were there. The 103rd took heavy losses in this event. Of the fifty men that dropped, Twenty died, five were reported MIA (Assumed dead), and Twelve were injured, Bently included. After recovering from his severe injuries, Bently requested a transfer from the 103rd Battalion and found himself placed in the 112th in early November of the same year, serving there ever since. Pfc. Sebastian J. Bently (Left) with Sergeant Richard Smith (Right) [Picture Taken 12/03/2296.] Attributes: Strength: 15/20Dexterity: 17/20Constitution: 16/20Intelligence: 15/20Wisdom: 16/20Charisma: 12/20 Combat Rating: 8/10 Leading Rating: 6/10 [Cpl. Sebastian J. Bently on Venastrul Opus 17/11/2996] "That door isn't gonna hold, Sergeant!" Drop Gear: On combat drops, Bently is seen carrying a large bag, as well as several pouches that are attached to his belt. In these are: Several Morita magazines. (3 Spare in his bag as well as a bundle of 75 round magazines.) A secondary EOTech sight for his Morita. A canteen full of water and Four MRE packs. A dozen Chemlights of various colours, mainly green and red. Red and green smoke grenades. A flare gun with several flares. 8 frag grenades. A tactical bungee cord (5 meters long) attached to the back of his belt and Kevlar, used for repelling up or down surfaces. A helmet mounted pair of binoculars with Night Vision capabilities and a flashlight. A pump action shotgun on his back. (UTS-15) with a few dozen buckshot rounds. (Unless taking an M55 in which case he will not bring the Shotgun due to weight limitations.) A holstered Peacemaker Sidearm with several magazines. (Two containing standard Ammunition, the rest loaded with explosive tip rounds.) A Morita Carbine with an EOTech sight. Personal Items: A set of Dog Tags belonging to a Sanctuary Corporal. A silver Zippo lighter with three sets of initials on the side. 'M.W' 'B.D' and 'K.S' A Peacemaker Sidearm with an engraving along the side reading 'SSgt. R. Smith. 2297.' A black watch always seen around his left wrist. Character Description: Bently comes across as an emotionless and bitter man to some. Being quiet, apathetic and flat in tone as well as showing a lack of facial expressions, mostly being emotionless. He avoids most social interaction, not being one to engage in small talk and seeming rather awkward and stiff around people when actually seen conversing with others. When around people that could be considered as stupid or useless, Bently is seen being very blunt, perhaps even harsh or aggressive towards them, showing a clear distaste towards them. He is very rarely seen showing any signs of affection or care for people around him, only ever coming across as 'friendly' or 'kind' to a select few members of the Grant. He is regarded to as a difficult person to connect with or even talk to, described as 'intimidating' or 'distant' from the majority of the ship. His respect for superiors and authority is limited at best, only being shown when either forced, or, again, with a select few people above him. However, he is never outright disrespectful to superiors unless the circumstances are severe. [Sgt. Sebastian J. Bently reading a book on his tablet. 12/04/2298] Permanent Injuries: Large scar going down the right side of his face, starting to the right of his eye and ending at his chin. Missing half of his ring finger. Stomach is horribly scarred from a mixture of necrosis and plasma burns. Scars littering his Torso. (Gunshot/Stab wounds.) Back and right leg covered in burns. Scar on his left forearm. (Stab wound) Bio-Techs: Right index and middle finger. Left leg. [LCpl. Sebastian J. Bently with the 103rd at a charity event on Andrella IV, 23/05/2296] "Why am I the only person being forced to wear a pink bow-tie?" Emotional and Mental State: As of Mid January 2298, Bently has begun to do irregular meetings with Medical Staff to discuss his well being. —Notes are to be placed and replaced here— Session Eight: Session Nine: [Recorded conversation between SSgt. Richard Smith and Cpl. Sebastian J. Bently, early morning of 03/05/2297 on Terilous] "You better not still be in bed, Sebastian." "I'm not!" "So that isn't you I see through the window?" " ...... No.." Diary Entries: 1: New beginning 2: Sergeant now. 3: Terra is burning 4: We lost... 5: Civil War. 6: Time to change. 7: Back at square one. 8: It's time to change. 9: Got my patches back. 10: Yesterday was... Something. 11: Sergeant again. 12. Staff Sergeant 13. Things are Going Okay. 14. What the fuck have I gotten myself into? 15. Guess I'm the Captain Now. 16. We Won. "Corporal, their Jeep is fucked, let's go." "Wait, I'll push it, hold one." "Corporal, get back here, there's isn't time. They're coming!" "It'll be fine." "Trust me." [Cpl. Sebastian Bently push-starting a Jeep during an Arachnid assault, saving a Civilian Family] Video Log: Transmitted to London, Terra, 223 Westway Avenue on December 16th, 2297. [SSgt. Sebastian J. Bently on an RnR for his 22nd Birthday. 16/06.2298.]
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    [Fixing what we already have} Part 2 of 6 Mobile Infantry

    As MI Lead I feel it would be quite rude to not respond to this, so I'll go ahead and address the complaints raised as I think most of these are completely valid points. This is a problem I'm well aware of. I have warned my NCO Roster that should anyone be reported of doing this going forward I will look into it personally and people will be removed from NCO positions. People big dicking Enlisted for no reason and ruining the fun for players is not okay and one of my most hated things on server. Again, a valid point. I've been trying to do a lot of trainings on my Gunnery Sergeant as much as I can, admittedly I've been lacking lately and not doing the daily trainings I was aiming for, I'll get back on that soon. As for everyone else, NCOs jobs are to, on drops, lead, and on ship create Roleplay opportunities for the Playerbase that keep the Grant fun and interesting instead of simple Bar RP for 12 hours. Only issue with this, the APC has a habit to crash the server. Most maps also aren't big enough or grand enough in scale to make using a tank reasonable. Plus, using the the tank constantly would ruin its wow factor. You don't have to lead a squad, showing leadership can be as simple as yelling out an idea to your drop lead, something I encourage Infantry to do, yell out a simple "Hey, Sarge, why don't we try going that way?" or suggesting putting a certain weapon in a position, IE a shotgun up front. These small things are what show that you're capable of coming up with a plan that's more than "Hold left click till it dies!" As for your own progression, everyone has a chance to hit NCO, I make sure that is the case, any player can make it to any rank as long as they try. (I mean they gave me MI Lead so anything is possible, have you seen my Username?) However, NCOs are expected to take RP seriously and be seen as a good example and role model for the Enlisted. No offense to you, but most of the time I've seen you on server, or at least a good few times, you've been fucking around with glowsticks or getting charged with Sexual harassment complaints. So, I suppose it isn't unreasonable to say that NCOs may be hesitant to give you an honest chance. But, show a want for the rank, show you're willing to take it seriously and you'll get your shot. Hell, just ask to get a try at Lance, it's that simple. Thanks for raising these points though, I'll be sure to try and have the issues resolved in the coming weeks, as most of these issues were already on my "Things to unfuck" list.
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    Leana Wells

    Face Claim: A picture sent to Vanessa Andrews from Leana's PDA. "Gotta wear fucking glasses now. They look good?" Theme: Basic Information: Name: Leana Wells Age: 24 D.O.B: 27/03/2273 Gender: Female Affiliation: Mobile Infantry Role: Gunnery Sergeant Kin: Father: Jacob Andrews [Dead.] Mother: Vanessa Andrews [Alive] Homeworld: Arbite Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Hair color: Black. Eye color: Brown. Build: Mesomorphic Rank: Gunnery Sergeant Promotion Record: Rct. - Pvt. - Spc. --Transfer to the 112th-- Pfc. - Spc. --Moved to Second Platoon-- MSpc. - Cpl. - Sgt. - GySgt. Backstory: Born and raised on the ice planet, Arbite, living in the only inhabitable zone across the Equator. Arbite is home to a small Colony/Research Station, holding a population of 300-400 Civilians and Citizens. 50-60 of them being a part of the Security Division, acting as a smaller scale Planetary Defense Force. Leana was one of these people, serving in the Force from 18 Years old to the age of 22. [Pvt. Leana Andrews and her Security Squad (Delta). Cpl. Jack Wells, (Left) Sgt. John Fraz, (Front) Pfc. Arron Palter. (Right) and Pvt. Derick Baxter (Back)] Leana was raised by her Mother, her Father having died while she was a child. She joined a small security branch for a Civilian owned Research Division when she turned 18, working there for 4 years. Once she got tired of the same planet she moved onto the Infantry, serving with the 42nd Morita Rifles as a CQC Specialist for a year before joining the 112th Moritas in June 2298. [L. Andrews (Left) and J. Wells (Right) securing a staircase, covered by D. Baxter (Back)] Attributes: Strength: 15/20 Dexterity: 17/20 Constitution: 15/20 Intelligence: 14/20 Wisdom: 13/20 Charisma: 6/20 Combat Rating: 9/10 [Leana gunning down a Separatist, covered by her squad.] Wealth: Middle Class [Leana Wells, head of Security during a Political Party on Arbite, taking fire from a small Separatist Faction.] "If you ruin my Mum's dress I'll fucking kill you!" Medical Record: Permanent damage to both eyes from chemical burns. - Wears Glasses Heavy burns across the right side of the face. - Fixed in surgery. Phantom pains and light Trauma. - Fully recovered. [Leana and Delta Squad taking heavy fire during a breach, resulting in the death of Pfc. Arron Palter] Character Description: Leana stands at 5'8" with short black hair, large brown eyes and rather pale skin. She speaks in a relaxed tone of voice, her accent hard to pinpoint. Though it didn't seem to be anything too distracting. It could even be described as generic. Her build is best described as Mesomorphic, the focus of her muscles being in her stomach and thighs. [A picture of Wells' face before her surgery.] Relations: Due to the nature of Wells as a character her relations will be done very differently than my other characters. Do not expect much to be said or expressed or the relation posts to reflect her actual thoughts or feelings in any detail. With that being said, request to be added. Thomas Constantinos: Used to hide in a Marauder suit until his pansy ass was kicked out of it. Now he hides behind a sniper scope. He's meh. Mediocre at best. John York: Destroyed a TAC fighter with an M55. He's okay. Lieutenant of Engineers now. Has a pretty solid punch to him. 'Doreen' Elswood: Paid for my facial reconstruction surgery and did it himself. Pisses me off that he didn't tell me about that, but whatever. He's alright. Little bit soppy and whiny but whatever. Seems to have got his shit together. Good, he was starting to get unbearable. Maxine Valentine: It's impressive. Her name is either dumb and makes her mad, or you can shorten it and make her a pet Dog or a boy, and she gets even more mad.Either way, she can suck my clit. Suppose she's alright. I'm holding onto those cigarettes. If I ever smoke them, then you broken your promise. Arbite was fun. Hopefully we'll both be able to do it next year as well. Elizabeth Staines: Some weird Camera girl. Seems pretty awkward and asks a lot of questions. Fuck that. Literally. Haven't spoken to her in a while. Dunno where she went. Sarah Redbrick: A Sergeant. Not the worst one either. Makes for a decent pass time when I'm bored so I can't say she's completely useless. Jee-Un Choi: Fleetie. Suppose I don't mind her too much. Zoey Sunderland: Rather forgettable person. I don't mind having her around again though. Reminds me of home a little. Sylase Freeman: Bit of a cunt. Can't really say I enjoy talking to him much. Patrick Stevenson: One of the most unbearable people I've ever met. Kyril Layland: Why aren't you fucking dead yet? Lux Archer: Runs the Pussy Division. Seems like a bitch, let me beat someone up though. Liliana Verbeck: My XO and boss. One of the few Superiors I actually give a shit about or even remotely respect. She's pretty funny to piss off too. Our spar was fun. Annabelle Thacker: Bitch broke my knee in a spar. Whatever, I still won. Kicked her out. Austin Nordheim: Austin's odd. Not sure I'd ever expect to find a person like him in the MI yet here he is. I don't mind him I guess. Seems a bit sensitive though. Maria Irwin: Some Fleetie. She was alright. Got her to hook up with Seraphim. Fucking easy. Amanda Whitfield: Helms person of Fleet. She seems alright. Didn't quite appreciate my upfront requests to fuck but I dunno, might have warmed up to me. Seems alright, I guess. Corporal?? Simms: Some MI Corporal. Led me on a drop once. Seemed alright at it. No idea on who he really is though, seems kinda retarded, not sure though. Joshua Edwards: Seems alright. Helped fix up the shitty armoury and isn't the worst company out there. Might talk to him some more. Wife's a fucking cunt though. [An image sent to Vanessa Andrews captioned "They want you to see I have friends." on 20/09/2298]
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    Leana Wells

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    A General OOC Message to NCOs.

    First of all, Marauders are now allowed to breach. While, yes, it makes sense to send the big gun with 700hp and 300ap into a room of Combine who do 3 damage a shot, that isn't fun for the other 15 people who stand waiting for one player to Pointman the whole room. If you KNOW that sending MI into that room will result in people being injured because the odds are insanely against the Infantry, send the Marauder instead. USE YOUR BRAIN. You, as an NCO, are heavily incharge of being sure that on a drop, the drop is fun for the standard Enlisted. Right now, being an Infantryman is not fun. It's boring, it's unengaging and needs to be fixed. This is for many reasons, but one of those reasons is you, the NCOs. Going forward, (And I stated this months ago in an MI Town Hall) NCOs that are seen treating people like shit for no reason will be punished. If I'm handed reports that people are treating someone like garbage for no reason at all, or for an invalid reason, don't expect to keep your rank for long. Your job is to make the Infantry fun, engaging and approachable for everyone, including the standard Private or Recruit.
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    Training Log: October 2298

    Please log your training below using this format: Name and Rank: Time and Date of Training:  Goal of the Training:
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    Ranks of the Mobile Infantry

    Afternoon, Infantry, I'm writing up this post to clear up a few small confusions or questions regarding each rank and what they can do, can't do, and what their jobs are. Ranks - Private The first rank an Infantryman is to be Promoted to after their first drop, Private holds little to no responsibility or authority. They are expected to follow any order from a Superior, whether it be a Private First Class or a General. - Private First Class A Private First Class is yet again, a Basic Infantryman and Enlisted soldier. However, a Private will be promoted after doing several drops, or sooner than that when showing potential to a higher up. Again, they have little Authority, only really being able to give commands if put in the Position of a Second in Command to a squad or unit, or Squad leading themselves, which should be very rarely done. - Lance Corporal Often considered the stepping stone to Leadership positions, Lance Corporal is not earned by doing a certain number of drops, but by showing potential to a Corporal or higher. They hold minor responsibilities and authority, often being tasked with simply leading Squads if needs be, but mostly being a Second in Command, much like a Private First Class. - Corporal The first of the None-Commissioned Officer ranks, Corporal is where your job as a leader begins. Corporals are trusted with leading squads on drops, or the entire Unit if needs be. They are also tasked with helping Sergeants with running a training. On top of this, Corporals are tasked with helping Lance Corporals with adjusting to their new ranks and helping them prepare to become a Corporal themselves. Corporals can promote people up to the rank of Lance. Corporals are capable of giving out none Physical NJPs. Making people run laps, do PT or anything else that does not involve directly physically hurting another trooper below them. To issue out a Physical PT, they must ask a Sergeant or above for permission. - Sergeant Often, and accurately referred to as the Backbone of the Infantry, Sergeants are tasked with running frequent Platoon wide training, running drops and helping Lance Corporals and Corporals with getting better at their jobs and helping them learn the ropes. Sergeants and above are also capable of handing out any NJP that does not involve grievous injury. (Broken bones, Psychological scarring or anything that could make someone incapable of dropping.) - Staff Sergeant A Staff Sergeant is a rare rank only handed out to the most trusted of troopers. Being the first Senior NCO rank. Staff Sergeants are tasked with primarily over watching the Sergeant roster. They will closely work with Sergeants, helping them improve or being their Second in Command in drops to advice them on improvements or taking over a drop should the Sergeant in charge be doing a terrible job themselves. (Staff Sergeants or above should always drop lead in the scenario of a major campaign or larger scale operation.) They are to run a entire Platoon training at least once a month, and frequently have one to one discussions with Sergeants to help them improve and work on their faults and flaws. - Master Sergeant The Master Sergeant is the middle man between the Officers of the Platoon, and the NCOs. They run the Staff Sergeants, giving them objectives and telling them what to do over the following weeks. Often assigning each Staff Sergeant with a specific task. They are also to watch over training that happens, being sure things are being done right, and generally keeping up with the Entire NCO Roster, relaying any concerns to the Officers of the Unit to keep them in the loop of what is happening on Ship. Other Ranks Warrant Officer Warrant Officers are often previously commissioned officers, but not exclusively. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable troopers, often working as Advisory Staff to NCOs and Senior NCOs. Stepping in to help the NCOs with running a training, running drops or managing the Troopers. Authority wise, it is usually decided by the Company Officer what each Warrant should be doing. It could be anything from running drops frequently to simply observing the Troopers and relaying information directly to them. - Gunnery Sergeant The Gunnery Sergeants are troopers who have immense knowledge of the weapons available to the Infantry. They are to run regular group training for the Enlisted, or doing any training regarding weapons and equipment if any Enlisted specifically requests to be taught more about a weapon available to them. Gunnery Sergeants hold minor Authority in anywhere that is not the Armoury, however, inside the Armoury, they are able to order anyone around below the rank of Staff Sergeant, even able to hand out any NJP they see fit to anyone using guns irresponsibly or being insubordinate inside the Armoury. Gunnery Sergeants run the Armoury, maintaining the equipment inside, from the guns, to the ammo to explosives all the way down to Sim room equipment stored inside. If an NCO below the rank of Staff Sergeant wishes to use anything inside the armoury, for example, run a training in the Sim Room, they must request the equipment from a Gunnery Sergeant. (OOC: If there is no Gunnery Sergeant online when you want to do your training, you do not have to ask a Gunnery Sergeant. HOWEVER, if a Gunnery Sergeant is online, you must ask them for permission to run a training inside the Armoury, the Sim Room or using any guns or weapons in said training) NCOs who wish to run a training must give a list of everything they need for the training, including: Weapons Ammunition Miscellaneous Equipment Sim room gear The list of equipment must involve the name of the gear, the quantity and what it will be used for. For example: Requesting one Morita, 3 magazines and a Dummy to be used for Target Practice.
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    Ranks of the Mobile Infantry

    Something to clear up with the Gunnery Sergeants. You don't HAVE to be trained by a Gunny to use new Weapons. NCOs can train you in guns if a Gunnery Sergeant isn't around. NCOs can run a training on any gun, or do platoon wide trainings with out asking a Gunny when they aren't online. However, it is preferred you ask a Gunny ICly to be able to do a training, explaining the purpose of the training, the equipment needed for said training for the sake of added Roleplay and passive instead of just "/report TP me to the the sim room pls"
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    Leana Wells

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    Escape From Tarkov Discounts

    Franco has sold 40% of Battlestate's copies to poor, unsuspecting gamers like me and you, Cam
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    Why I'm Transferring out of Marauders.

    Whether this came from Xal or not, I'd like to point out that moving forward, no point was made to try and find compromise. A point made by @Coleision which I agree with was: I came to you, Hazy, explaining the complete hate from the Player base about the issue of Breaching and said I was going to speak to Xal to have it sorted and find a good balance and compromise to have it brought back and you told me not to. Then, (As proven last night when I had Marauder be allowed to breach in a matter of speaking for 30 seconds) it turned out that getting them to Breach again was as simple as, instead of taking away RP all together, find a way to work together. It was suggested by a player that, instead of sending in Marauders with their big guns to mow everything down in seconds, we send them in with some sort of Shield (Like what Sigrun has ICly)to act as a for the Infantry. It bothers me that these ideas aren't being bounced around by the Marauder lead/XO/Division. It being a simple case of scrapping anything not liked feels lazy and minimal effort. As someone who also runs a Division, I've had to deal with Xal not liking things, I've had to find ways to make compromises, it's not some bold impossible task. It's quite simple.
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    Why I'm Transferring out of Marauders.

    I can agree with this. It would be, in a sense, the same as instead of giving Medic or Kris, who were the correct people to make the Lt, but instead just giving it to Argon because he's a beautiful boy. I can see why it would feel like a slap in the face to you or any other member of Marauders who have put in the work, arguably more-so for you, considering you put in more work than anyone else over the last 3 weeks.
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    A General OOC Message to NCOs.

    If I get a report on it, I'll ask for logs or I'll find the logs and look into it as well as I can, it's not going to be taking words for face value
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    Sebastian Bently

    did it
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    Iris 'Blanket' Blanka

    Wells and Bently
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    Sebastian Bently

    @Maple Leaf Moosefucker You know what I did you fuck
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    I don't need you over here making me sad you asshole.
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    XCOM SST Edition!

    Throw Wells on there, give her shotguns
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    Leana Wells

    done did it a while ago actually I swear I already told you
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    Debates done quick: Traps