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  1. Never was able to ask for Jonsson to be added or a Bently update 😭
  2. In a Surprise Twist the Arachnids Decided to Surrender! Federal Council convened this Evening to discuss this odd decision. Speaking on their behalf is Councillor Robert Heinlein. "We're not sure what caused this sudden change of heart, but it seems the Arachnids decided to surrender and give us full access to the Universe. Following this show of good faith, we have decided to Q Bomb the cunts." God Bless the Federation! WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?
  3. After a Long and Bloody Battle in the Galactic Rim, Federal Council Issued an Official Order to Retreat from Quadrant Nine! The Aftermaths of the Orbital Battle for Hondo! After a powerful first contact with the Arachnid Armada in the Orbit of New Archbrun, the Federal Fleet pushed on to seize and take back Hondo. However, to the shock of all who watched on, the Fourth Fleet found themselves heavily outnumbered! A total of SIXTEEN Vessels were lost in Orbit before the Fleet began a retreat to Archbrun again. However, they found themselves facing a Counter attack from both sides. In a tough call, Admiral Rachel Jefferson called all ships to perform FTL jumps out of the Quadrant. However, not all ships were able to escape, some being destroyed or critically damaged before able to jump. The call to abandon ship was raised by over half a dozen ships, and it is estimated that upwards of 10,000 Mobile Infantry and Fleet members are still trapped in Quadrant Nine, most likely on New Archbrun. This is a critical loss for all of Humanity, with the loss of an estimated 100,000 Men and Women of the Federal Armed Forces and a further 20,000 Missing in Action, including those who were forced to abandon ship during the final retreat. To make an official statement, this is General Richard Blasman. "The Fourth Fleet, a few hours ago, were given the official order to fall back and leave Quadrant 9 of the Galactic Rim. This was a tough and bold choice, but one that had to be made. We expect that the Arachnids will be pushing further into Federal territory as time goes by, and we need every ship and able bodied Soldier we can get for when that does happen. To all of the Brave Men and Women still in Quadrant 9, do not lose hope. Remember your training. We will not forget you. We will not leave you behind. We will come back for you as soon as we can. I understand this is hard for you, but you are all brave Heroes of this great Federation. Protect the survivors you may find and do not surrender. We WILL get you home. Perhaps not today or tomorrow, but soon." We need YOU now more than ever! The Arachnids are growing in force and we must match them! We need more Pilots, Intelligence Officers and brave Infantryman to fight the Insects! Sign Up, Save The World! WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?
  4. Updates/modifications and Diary entry. Request to be added.
  5. After Days of Faster Than Light Travel the Fourth Fleet Have Arrived at the Galactic Rim! The Fourth Fleet taking Heavy Plasma Fire above New Archbrun! Two hours ago the Fourth Fleet made first contact with the Arachnid Armada in the Galactic Rim! They exited FTL above New Archbrun, hitting the Arachnids from behind in a strategic move made by Fleet Captain Jack Arthur, Captain of the UCF John Doyle. The battle has been intense so far with multiple Federal Ships already taken out of commission or destroyed. On the ground, however, the assault to take back New Archbrun has begun, lead by General Ricard Blasman. Several Mobile Infantry Battalions are already on the ground pushing back the Arachnid Menace. One of these Battalions, the 62nd Moritas are on the front lines, taking the fight straight to the enemy and taking down Plasma Bugs, pesky Anti-Air creatures utilized by the Bugs. Plasma Bugs, the primary target of units already on the ground. Meanwhile, on Chaziv-9, the stand of the Outer Colonies wages on, with the arrival of the Fourth Fleet given those still alive the much needed breathing room they wanted. The fight to hold Cheznik, the last standing city of Chaziv 9, is still going. With thousands of Brave men and women fighting shoulder to shoulder, whether they be Civilians, brave PDF Troopers or Separatists, all walks of life are coming together to fight our common and true enemy. The battle of the Galactic Rim truly is a story of triumph and teamwork, and it has only just begun! The Federation needs YOU now more than ever! The Arachnids are growing in force and we must match them! We need more Pilots, Intelligence Officers and brave Infantryman to fight the Insects! Sign Up, Save The World! WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?
  6. Arachnid Armada Leaves Nothing But Destruction! The Capital of New Archbrun left in ruins As of sixteen hours ago, Arachnids have finished assaulting the third planet in their path, leaving nothing but destruction and death. Casualties have been reported to now be in the hundreds of MILLIONS. The most recent planet to fall was New Archbrun, home to sixty million innocent people. The Planetary Defense Force, previously standing at thirty thousand men and women, has been reduced to a mere six thousand survivors, all of which have been working to evacuate people. The Fourth Fleet, which have been en route to the Galactic Rim for the last two days now, are close to their arrival, expected to enter the system and meet the Arachnid menace head on in the next dozen hours. Reports will be brought to you once that happens. In other news related to this issue, the planet of Chaziv-9, previously in FedNet news for their extensive issues regarding a Separatist Group known only as 'The Revenants' have reached out to FedNet with a message. Coming anonymously, it is as follows: "We, The Revenants of Chaziv-9 are prepared for the Arachnid assault. Our forces of 2,000 men are uniting with the PDF and survivors of the other planets to form a final stand. We urge any survivors who can not escape the system to flee to the city of Cheznik. There is food, underground shelter and weapons for those who can help fight. We must protect our Great system, with or with out the help of the Fourth Fleet." An image of Chaziv-9, taken a few years ago, after the Great Collapse of its Eco-system. Chaziv-9, conveniently in this situation, is quite fortunate in its placement. It is on the opposite side of the quadrant to the Arachnid Fleet. The only planet left between Chaziv and the Arachnid forces is Hondo, which is already evacuating and fleeing. More and more forces are mobilizing on the Chaziv-9 to make a final stand for Quadrant 9 of the Galactic Rim. Can they hold out long enough for the Fourth Fleet to arrive? Our hopes and prayers are with the brave people fighting to stop the Bug Menace! We need YOU now more than ever! The Arachnids are growing in force and we must match them! We need more Pilots, Intelligence Officers and brave Infantryman to fight the Insects! Sign Up, Save The World! WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?
  7. Arachnid Armada seen closing in on Outer Colonies of the Galactic Rim! Three hours ago, Federation Intelligence released a statement regarding reports of a large fleet of Arachnid Warships pushing towards the Outer Colonies, speaking is General Richard Blasman. "Intelligence has reported a large force of Arachnid ships, at least twenty, moving with haste towards the bundle of planets along the Outer Rim. Forces are scrambling as we speak, however the Arachnid forces are expected to arrive three days before our forces enter the quadrant. We advise any and all Civilians of the following planets seek means of transport to get off of the planets and get as far into Federal Space as possible." Truly alarming stuff. If you or anyone you know are located on the following planets, it is advised that you flee before the Arachnids arrive: - New Archbrun - Chaziv 9 - Braczivan - Hondo - Novoid These planets are expected to be hit before the arrival of the Fleet and Mobile Infantry response forces. We need YOU now more than ever! If you own or know of any FTL capable vehicle or ship, report to your closest Federal Building to give aid to your fellow man! WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?
  8. Spc. Jessica Read
  9. Let's be honest boys @Orwell is an entity that's beyond human comprehension. He's likely up there with the Great Ones of Lovecraftian lore. All we can do is gaze upon his glorious creations and thank God for his service. Memes aside, top rep to Orwell for all the hard work he's put in, biggest shouts to his performance at the end of the Civil War last year, for those who were around for that, you'll likely agree.
  10. As of today, I've officially stepped down from Mobile Infantry leadership. A title I've owned for almost a year now on .Net. And, honestly, I've loved every minute of it. Some more than others, but being in a position to make a difference and (hopefully) make an impact that benefits SSTRP has been a blessing I've cherished dearly. I joined .Net September 2017 as the Murphy (The ship before the Grant) was blown up. I was a clueless Recruit. 9 months later, I was Captain. Quite a leap, and it was hard to get used to, but I gave it my best shot. Yes, I am leaving the server for the most part. I've stepped down from not only Infantry leadership, but Admin as well. You will likely not see me often on the server. But, I'll be on Discord and available through Steam still for anyone wanting to chat. I have for almost 2 years, loved .Net and I still do. It is, with out a doubt, the most high quality, top tier Roleplay you will find on all of Garry's Mod. Anyone who doesn't think that is, in the nicest way, wrong. The dedication from my former Admin staff, from the XAs, the hours of work from @Xalphox and the community's passion as a whole is staggering. I'll miss being a part of it, truly, but I need to move onto something else. My passion for the setting and universe of Starship Troopers is a little diminished. Burnt out, I suppose. I still love my characters, and many of the other characters I've grown to know so well. And to force myself to play, where I will only half arse my Roleplay and development is a disservice to myself and anyone I interact with. I'll likely jump around servers to refresh my pallet and who knows, in a few months I might crave the quality I've come to expect from this community. I'll be leaving Infantry in the hands of @Lit who I have no doubt will do an amazing job. Hope you all continue to enjoy .Net as I have for so long, and longer. I hope to come back soon, so this isn't a Goodbye. Just a see you guys soon. - Love, Optic
  11. done done done Also updated @Samikins(Burke) @Kris(Verbeck) @Lit @alright sassy(Knoxx) and @Mighty Mouse Also added the final diary entry, and will be doing the final updates over the next few weeks for anyone who asks.
  12. Updates for all, finally dusting this character off again
  13. This is a thing admins will do. Not to get too 'AAAAH LEAKING!!!' but most of the time when an event is run, Admins will be talking through our own chat about what is happening. If someone is seen running head first into a bunch of bugs alone and they die, we are far more likely to kill that person. Sure, they could roll high and say 'oh but mah roll was gud admoon' but for being brain dead, they will be injured or murdered anyway. People also have the right to ask to be PK'd, they can talk to admins and ask to have their own little cool 'moment' when they die. Yeah, sure, it might be snowflakey to give a person a cool moment but come on, it's a Roleplay server, made up of characters that people have put time, effort and soul into for, in some cases, YEARS. They should get their cool final moments, or a satisfying send off to their character. It's something that we admins try our best to do. It's quite rare to see /event Private Smith gets ripped in half, dying instantly' because that's not only lazy, but it's cheap and unsatisfying. You will usually see such low tier effort deaths for bad characters, blatant minges or people who are just being a retard. For the most part, we as an admin team do our best to make sure everyone gets a satisfying conclusion to a story that they usually don't want to see end. Losing your character can really suck if you've fallen in love with playing them. I know it all too well. I've been given some shit character deaths and I've been given some awesome ones. The awesome ones are far more satisfying and make all the time I put into a character feel worth it. Sorry this got rambly and somewhat off topic, just something I feel should be stated.
  14. Yeah and it's gay. That's why we all want to kill him :^)
  15. This IS the system used. However, Admins are given the right to adjust the system how they see fit. Some admins (Myself included on events) Don't make people roll at all, not once. They PK/Injure people based on what they do or circumstance. Some admins will give a person the choice on if they want to die if they roll below a 5. Some set their PK threshold to 10 being instant death. At the end of the day, the rule for Admins and players is 'Event runner is King.' Rolls can go both ways in terms of drops. Someone could do something really, REALLY dumb and get killed but roll a 70+ (As has happened COUNTLESS times to me when running events) and come out fine because of that roll. There is no 'set way' to use the rolling system because forcing all admins to run events the same is honestly more damaging to the quality of events. If all admins were forced to run missions the same, follow the same systems, all events would feel the same and repetitive. The rolling system is flawed, sure, I was VERY against it upon its first introduction a year or so back. I'm still not hugely fond of it, but it's as close to fair as we will get. A randomly generated number dictating the injury a person gets is fair. This odd and new mentality from the newer players that "Oh admins have plot armor" is just flat out wrong. You're wrong, it's not the case. They don't have it. For example, I know a large number of the admin team who would LOVE to take the credit for finally killing Bently. Hell, 90% of the admin team WANT to kill Hawke, Hick's Pathfinder, but it's a case of him not dying and rolling below a five. Most admins would love to be able to kill off a major character in their mission as it makes that mission more memorable. It's just how it is. No one has plot armour, no one is safe. Anyone can die. If a player has a genuine, legitimate example of Admins sparing each other and showing favoritism, there is a complaints thread on the Forums, please go there with screenshots or logs. The accusation of someone abusing the roll system or unfairly sparing a character because 'oh I like them' is a serious one. The XAs and fellow admins take it seriously and if the person in question is found guilty of doing it, expect them not to be players anymore. Complaints thread can be found here, please use it instead of throwing accusations around with your friends in Discord, that won't solve the apparent issue: http://sstrp.net/index.php?/forum/18-complaints-appeals/
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