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    Training Log: August 2298

    Please log your training below using this format: Name and Rank: Time and Date of Training: Goal of the Training:
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    NCO Roster is being remade so we don't have 12 pages of comments. It works the same as before. How it works: If your character reaches the rank of Lance Corporal, you post it here. If your character receives a promotion or a demotion, you post it here. This allows us, as the command staff, to keep this properly filled out and keep track of our leaders. TAKE NOTE: EVERYONE WHO HOLDS A RANK STATED ABOVE IS REQUIRED TO POST IN THIS THREAD It is also mandatory for Corporals and above to also join the MI command club, applying via the club system. If you're going on LOA, post in the comments! PUT YOUR TIMEZONE WHEN YOU'RE ADDED TO THE ROSTER AND YOUR STEAM NAME OR MOST COMMONLY REFERRED TO NAME. 112th Mobile Infantry Roster Company Commander: Cpt. Sebastian Bently - Optic (GMT + 1) Company Executive Commander: 2Lt. Liliana Verbeck - Kris (GMT +1) Platoon Leader: MSgt. Travis Young - Medic (GMT -7) Platoon Staff Sergeants: SSgt. Dominic Cage - Scar (GMT+1) SSgt. Alice Vickers - Pilotfish (GMT +1) Platoon Sergeants: Sgt. Patrick Stevenson - StevieJr (GMT -6) Sgt. Rhaman Takeshi Sgt. Troy Hughes - Hughes040 (GMT -5) Sgt. Quinn Caffrey. Sgt. Pauline Westervelt - Appetite Ruining Kebab (GMT +3) Sgt. Zealious Edwards - Odin (GMT +1) Platoon Corporals: Cpl. Helena Clenmore - redneckrOadkill (GMT -8) Cpl. Rick Wilmot - Ymot (GMT +1) Cpl. Lawrence Chandler - Zeppy (GMT -5) Cpl. Kyril Layland - Cipher (GMT +1) Cpl. Anton Volker Cpl. Marco Roh Cpl. Aoife Hviteulven - Admyral Joe (GMT +1) Platoon Lance Corporals: LCpl. Hakam Singh LCpl. Mathew Krauw LCpl. Gray Seraphim LCpl. Mikhail Kuznetsov - Tridon (GMT -4) LCpl. Scott Daby LCpl. Florens AgterEekte LCpl. Kyle Lowel LCpl. Jackie Knoxx - Sassy (GMT +1) LCpl. Apukohai Tyberos - Grimm (GMT +1) LCpl. Reuben Amukama - SW (GMT +2)
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    Sebastian Bently

    Reference Picture: [Pvt. Sebastian J. Bently aboard the Ulysses Grant, 10/11/2297.] Theme Song: Combat Theme: Name: Sebastian J. Bently Age: 21 D.O.B: 16/6/2276 Offical Will: --Encrypted-- Gender: Male Role: Mobile Infantry Service Length: 3 Years. (46 Months) Kin: Father: John Bently [Alive] Mother: Chloe Bently: [Dead] Chloe died during the Terra Invasion on the 28/12/2297. Homeworld: Terra (Sutton; London. England.) Alignment: Neutral Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Build: Athletic Promotion Record: Rct. - Pvt. - Pfc. - LCpl. - Cpl. --Transfer to 112th-- Pvt. - Pfc. - LCpl, - Cpl. - Sgt. - Cpl. - LCpl. - Cpl. - Pvt. - Pfc. - Cpl. - Sgt. - Spc. - Sgt. - SSgt. - 2Lt. - Lt. - Cpt. [SSgt. Sebastian J. Bently on an RnR with the 112th. 12/05/2298] "Something beginning with 'E'..." Bently's Background: Bently grew up in an upper class family in London with his Mother and Father, having a fairly normal, if not uninteresting life. He went to a private school until he was 18, at which point he signed up to the Mobile Infantry, joining the 103rd Battalion. He served there for three years, reaching the rank of Corporal despite being unhappy with the condition of the unit. Upon reaching the rank of Corporal, himself and a Company Staff Sergeant dedicated 13 months to attempting to fix and better the unit to little success, watching countless people come and go and seeing hundreds of people die to mistakes made by poor leadership or simple incompetence. Rct. Sebastian J. Bently at Kensington Military Boot camp. 25/06/2294 During August of 2297, Bently and the rest of the 103rd were sent to defend an FOB on a bug planet. This operation would later be known as 'Operation Hammerfall' to those who were there. The 103rd took heavy losses in this event. Of the fifty men that dropped, Twenty died, five were reported MIA (Assumed dead), and Twelve were injured, Bently included. After recovering from his severe injuries, Bently requested a transfer from the 103rd Battalion and found himself placed in the 112th in early November of the same year, serving there ever since. Pfc. Sebastian J. Bently (Left) with Sergeant Richard Smith (Right) [Picture Taken 12/03/2296.] Attributes: Strength: 15/20Dexterity: 17/20Constitution: 16/20Intelligence: 15/20Wisdom: 16/20Charisma: 12/20 Combat Rating: 8/10 Leading Rating: 6/10 Awards and Certificates: [Cpl. Sebastian J. Bently on Venastrul Opus 17/11/2996] "That door isn't gonna hold, Sergeant!" Drop Gear: On combat drops, Bently is seen carrying a large bag, as well as several pouches that are attached to his belt. In these are: Several Morita drum magazines. (3 Spare in his bag as well as a bundle of 50 round magazines.) A secondary EOTech sight for his Morita. A canteen full of water and Four MRE packs. A dozen Chemlights of various colours, mainly green and red. A red and green smoke grenade. 8 frag grenades. Underbarrel grenade launcher kitted with sixteen 40mm rounds. (Ranging from Buckshot, Smoke grenades and HE rounds.) A tactical bungee cord (5 meters long) attached to the back of his belt and kevlar, used for repelling up or down surfaces. A helmet mounted pair of binoculars with Night Vision capabilities and a flashlight. A pump action shotgun. (M3 Super 90) with a few dozen buckshot rounds. (Unless taking an M55 in which case he will not bring the Shotgun due to weight limitations.) Character Description: Bently comes across as an emotionless and bitter man to some. Being quiet, apathetic and flat in tone as well as showing a lack of facial expressions, mostly being emoitonless. He avoids most social interaction, not being one to engage in small talk and seeming rather awkward and stiff around people when actually seen conversing with others. When around people that could be considered as stupid or useless, Bently is seen being very blunt, perhaps even harsh or aggressive towards them, showing a clear distaste towards them. He is very rarely seen showing any signs of affection or care for people around him, only ever coming across as 'friendly' or 'kind' to a select few members of the Grant. He is regarded to as a difficult person to connect with or even talk to, described as 'intimidating' or 'distant' from the majority of the ship. His respect for superiors and authority is limited at best, only being shown when either forced, or, again, with a select few people above him. However, he is never outright disrespectful to superiors unless the circumstances are severe. [Sgt. Sebastian J. Bently reading a book on his tablet. 12/04/2298] Permanent Injuries: Large scar going down the right side of his face, starting to the right of his eye and ending at his chin. Missing half of his ring finger. Stomach is horribly scarred from a mixture of necrosis and plasma burns. Scars littering his Torso. (Gunshot/Stab wounds.) Back and right leg covered in burns. Scar on his left forearm. (Stab wound) Bio-Techs: Right index and middle finger. Left leg. [LCpl. Sebastian J. Bently with the 103rd at a charity event on Andrella IV, 23/05/2296] "Why am I the only person being forced to wear a pink bow-tie?" Emotional and Mental State: As of Mid January 2298, Bently has begun to do irregular meetings with Medical Staff to discuss his well being. —Notes are to be placed and replaced here— Session Eight: [Recorded conversation between SSgt. Richard Smith and Cpl. Sebastian J. Bently, early morning of 03/05/2297 on Terilous] "You better not still be in bed, Sebastian." "I'm not!" "So that isn't you I see through the window?" " ...... No.." Diary Entries: 1: New beginning 2: Sergeant now. 3: Terra is burning 4: We lost... 5: Civil War. 6: Time to change. 7: Back at square one. 8: It's time to change. 9: Got my patches back. 10: Yesterday was... Something. 11: Sergeant again. 12. Staff Sergeant 13. Things are Going Okay. 14. What the fuck have I gotten myself into? 15. Guess I'm the Captain Now. Video Log: Transmitted to London, Terra, 223 Westway Avenue on December 16th, 2297. [SSgt. Sebastian J. Bently on an RnR for his 22nd Birthday. 16/06.2298.] Personal Relations: Love, Care About, Admire, Respect, Close Friends, Friends, Like, Neutral, Dislike. (Request to be Added) Bently's Friends: William St. Claire: Valerie Faust: Travis Young: John York: Elizabeth Graham: Zealious 'Odin' Edwards: Emily Ziola: Aoife 'Achilles' Hviteulven: Rear Admiral Hux: Kristina 'Odin' Sigrun: Alicia White: Liliana Verbeck: Joshua Edwards: Annie Brewer: People Bently Likes: Neutral: People Bently Doesn't Like: The Dead or Gone:
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    Sebastian Bently

    done and done
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    Mobile Infantry - Equipment Regulations

    Updates here and there to change policies.
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    Sebastian Bently

    Done And done
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    Sebastian Bently

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    Old players vs new players. (Opinion)

    Right, I'll address this part as I am to blame here. As of the time that some older players returned, the NCO roster was rather ass backwards. I had a lot of empty slots and no one to fill them who, to me, were up to the standard I wanted. The older players are people who I know have a level of skill and experience that I needed at that moment in time. My plan is, to publicly explain it for the first time, is to get a solid set roster of top quality experienced NCOs and players who OOCly and ICly know their shit. Then the roster can be opened up to newer people who don't have that experience. Who aren't necessarily amazing drop leads. So that they can be given a rank and then taught how to do their jobs by those who are already established as good leaders. However, I don't want to experiment and take chances when there are already known people at my disposal. No one, and I repeat, NO ONE is side lined. No one is ignored or shown the door. Fun fact, we have an official NCO black list. We've had it for months. Here's the list: - - - No one. No one on the server is black listed from NCO. ANYONE can be an NCO if they put in the time, show the WANT to do it and are good enough. If someone wants to be an NCO they can literally ask for a shot and will probably get a chance at Lance. It's that easy. I do personally apologize for giving the impression of spitting in your face or anyone else. I have no intent to do that to anyone and would like to do anything BUT shit on players who put time and passion into this server.
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    Jamie Stewart

    Face and Voice Claim: Theme: Basic Information: Name: Jamie Stewart Age: 25 D.O.B: 07/04/2273 Gender: Male Affiliation: Mobile Infantry, Marauder Detachment. Kin: Father: David Stewart [Dead] Mother: Jackie Stewart [Alive] Brother: Pfc. James Stewart [Alive] Homeworld: Terra, South Africa. Alignment: Neutral. Hair color: Brown. Eye color: Brown. Build: Athletic. Promotion Record: Rct. - Pvt. - Pfc. - LCpl. - Cpl. - Sgt. --Transfer-- 3Spc. - 2Spc. Backstory: Born on Terra to a Military family, Jamie and his Brother James had always wanted to grow up and join the infantry like their Dad. When he turned 18, James went off to Boot camp while Jamie stayed behind to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Science. When he was finished with his course, Jaime went off to Boot camp to become an Infantryman. Jamie was then sent off to the 49th Morita Battalion, serving there up until the Fall of Terra. Stationed on the ground, fighting the Progenitor threat for the first 24 hours before he was pulled out due to heavy casualties and injuries to himself. This being the loss of his right arm and damage to his neck. After a few months of Rehabilitation and spending time out of the Infantry to be with his Mother, mourning the loss of his Father, Jamie re-enlisted into the Mobile Infantry and joined the Marauder program, being sent to the 112th. Attributes: Strength: 14/20 Dexterity: 16/20 Constitution: 15/20 Intelligence: 14/20 Wisdom: 13/20 Charisma: 14/20 Combat Rating: 6/10 Wealth: Middle Class Character Description: Jaime is a rather tall man, standing at six feet and two inches. He's got an athletic build, some muscles visible in his biceps and forearms. He speaks with a rough, grizzled voice with a faint South African accent in his words. His neck and collar would be covered in heavy burns and scratches. His hair is brown and fairly well kept, his eyes a matching colour. Has a Bio-Tech right arm. Awards and Citations: Personal Relationships: Loves, Admires, Respects, Good friends, Friends, Likes, Neutral, Hates Spc. Paul Fergusson: Another one of the Marauders. Seems alright, not seen him in combat yet though. Last name's long as fuck though, so Paul will do. WO. Kristina Sigrun: Stereotypical Viking. Almost painfully on the nose. Has a named axe and everything. She kicks quite a bit of ass though, even if she looks like a dyke.
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    Jamie Stewart

    owo what's this? Optic rebranding characters he hasn't used? Wowee!
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    [CLOSED] Marauder Applications

    IC: Name: Jamie Stewart Physical Age: 25 Gender: Male Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Height: 6'2" Weight: 180lbs Employment & Background Current Rank: Sgt. Educational History: Graduated College with a Bachelor's degree in Science Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: Mobile Infantry Service Record: 3 years as an Infantryman. Specializing with a Morita Mark Two. Purple Heart x1, Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon x1, General Specialization Ribbon, Combat Action Medal, Veteran Combat medal, Meritorious Unit Medal. OOC: Steam name: xXx_OpTiCSaSsYSoCkzZz_xXx Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:42517288 Length of time on Server: 11 months Time zone: GMT Current characters on server: Cpt. Sebastian Bently, 2Spc. Jessica Read, Pfc. Leana Wells Roleplay History: 5 Years of text based RP, 11 months on .Net. Roleplay example:
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    Dossier: Dorian Elswood

    Sebastian Bently
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    [IC] Flamethrowers

    Attention all members of the 112th Mobile Infantry Division. Starting immediately, Flamethrowers will no longer be available to be used by anyone outside of the Marauder detachment. Flamethrowers are to only be used by the Marauders, anyone outside of Lieutenant Archer's Detachment caught dropping with a Flamer will be severely punished. These changes are to go into effect immediately. Anyone who has any questions regarding these changes, come to me. Signed, Captain S. Bently
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    [IC] Flamethrowers

    It would be appreciated if you could all stop being suicidal. It makes the unit look rather poor as a whole. Medical are always open if you need mental assistance. - Captain S. Bently
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    Sebastian Bently

    also done
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    Sebastian Bently

    done done and added Marsh to the dead
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    -The- Medic, Daniel Dumont

    Sergeant Bently [Blank]
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    How does Gmod look so good in this? (And why can't SSTRP?)

    A large part of it is also the NPCs we use for the Arachnids. Those are the old SST Arachnids, we use our own .Net bugs. As you can see the old ones don't charge you, due to having a tiny aggro range. The newer ones have an infinite aggro range so they can actually swarm and such like they should, but the models are buggy (excuse the pun) and get mistaken for Props I believe, which means all the limbs collide and the bugs push against the map and props and it just tears apart frames. At least, that's what I'm pretty sure causes it.
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    Sebastian Bently

    I also don't know, added Lowel though
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    Sebastian Bently

    Done And done
  21. As some of you may have heard, the Weapon Specialist system is being removed and replaced. This means that all of those who were of the rank of Specialist will now become Private First Class. Go to the Armoury to collect your new patches, or go to an NCO. The weapons that were restricted to members of the Specialists are now going to be opened up for anybody to use. However, to use said weapons you must be picked by the Droplead. To Dropleads: During Mission Briefings, your job is to decide what weapons you want to take, then assign them to members of the drop. This can either be done through volunteers or randomly picking people. For example, pick two people to take the Mark Two and One DMR and Morita X. To clarify what weapons are available to people to use, below will be a list of all the weapons. The Mark One Morita, as well as all of its attachments. The Pump Action Shotgun. (CW M3 Super 90) The Sawn Off Shotgun. (CW Serbu Shorty) The Mark Two. (The M9K M60.) Morita Mark Three SAW. (Morita SAW) The 'Belcher' Fully Automatic Shotgun. (M9K Jackhammer) The Morita X (CW L115) The M55 is only permitted to NCOs in the absence of Engineers. If there are less than two Engineers on a drop, NCOs are permitted to bring them. However, should more than two Engineers arrive during the drop, NCOs are to hand over their M55 ammo when the Engineers run out of their own rockets. Do not use the M55s while more than 2 Engineers are present unless it is absolutely necessary. Expect to also see the rank of Gunnery Sergeant returning to the roster. A note to Gunnery Sergeants: Your job will be, from here on out, to maintain the Armoury. Ensuring all the weapons are in working order and we are fully stocked. You will also track the weapons people are best with and/or prefer to use in combat. You will be able to advise Drop leads on which weapons may be best fit for which trooper. For example, if the Drop lead decides to pick an Ex-Marksmen to use a Shotgun, you can point out that the trooper would be better fit for using a Sniper rifle. However, Drop Lead's word is final. While on ship, a Gunnery Sergeant may not issue NJPs or punishment to another trooper unless the trooper in question is inside the Armoury when they act out of line. I.E trying to steal a weapon, attacking another Trooper or ignoring a Gunnery Sergeants orders. The Gunnery Sergeant will hold no authority on ship unless it is inside the Armoury. While you are in the Armoury, anyone below the rank of Staff Sergeant is to take the Gunnery Sergeant's word as final. Questioning or ignoring their orders will be filed under insubordination and you WILL be expected to answer in front of the Court. I hope to see these changes accepted and put into effect immediately. Anyone who may have questions regarding these changes, my office is open. Simply knock. Signed Captain S. Bently
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    [FEDNET] Hod Has Fallen.

    After a long, bloody battle on the streets of Hod, the planet was declared lost. Roughly 200,000 of the planets population were safely evacuated, the other 160,000 assumed dead. This is a sad day for the Federation and a loss that will be felt for many days to come. With Hod, one of the major food distributors for the Federation gone, some are worried about how it will impact everyone else. The Federal Council have chosen to remain quiet for now, but we expect an official statement with in the next 48 hours. As of now, a large bulk of the Federal Fleet are regrouping at Hesperus, which houses some of the largest shipbuilding and mining outposts in the Federation. The Fleet plan to prepare a blockade and increase defenses of the planet and its surrounding stations. All 855,000 people living on the planet are anxious, but we all know our brave men and women of the Mobile Infantry will keep the fine people of the planet safe in the coming weeks! Until then, we wait for any official statements declaring our plans on how to deal with the glowing menace known as the Progenitors. Hopefully soon we can banish these foul creatures back into whatever abyss they came from. We'll have more news on the situation as the story progresses. Until then, this is Francis Tucker signing off.
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    [FEDNET] Hod Attacked!

    The great planet of Hod, home to over 300,000 people, is under attack! Reports show that the Progenitors are pushing to attack the planet as we speak! Hod, being one of the two closest planets to Sol and Terra, is under siege from the Progenitor menace! We take you now to one of our Reporters, Tod Manson, who is currently on the ground with the 55th Morita Battalion. [The screen flickers, shifting to a war-torn street. Stray plasma rounds whizzing by in the background as infantry return fire to something off screen.] "I'm currently on the ground with the 55th Mobile Infantry Division! They're taking heavy fire from hostile alien forces! I've never seen so many! They just keep coming! Casualties are in the thousands! The platoon Captain, Johnathan Walker, has said that as of now standing orders are to try and gain a foothold and push the Progenitors off of Hod." [Distant screaming is heard, followed by a loud, monstrous roar.] "What in God's name!" [The screen begins to shake before the camera turns to static.] Our sources suggest that right now several more Federal ships are heading to Hod to help try and hold the planet. One of which being the 112th, known as the unit famous for the capture of Erin O'Brian. We at FedNet wish our brave men and women of the Mobile Infantry the best of luck. This is Paul Andrews, signing off.
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    Sebastian Bently

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    [IC] Training Courses.

    Dear NCOs of the 112th Alpha Company. Starting in August, training will reformatted to work more closely with Sections and their leaders. At the start of each month, Section leaders (Sergeants) will sit down with their Squads leaders, (Corporals assigned to Squad lead) about their own strengths, weaknesses and the flaws of the Lance Corporals below them. This will then be followed up by discussing training to be done in the following Month. Corporals will then do the training requested by the Section leader during the month. Once the month is almost over, Sergeants will then take the training courses that have been run by the two Corporals and mix them together to make one platoon wide training to test what people have learned. Example: Sergeant A tells Corporal B and C to run training based on bounding and CQC. At the end of the month, Sergeant A runs a training that combines Bounding and CQC into one training to test the platoon on what they have learned. Once the next month begins the process will be repeated. If a Corporal or Sergeant fails to run the minimum of one training per month they will be demoted. Training should be logged here: (Note that each month a new Training Log will be made) Any Sergeants or Corporals who do not run a Section or Squad are still expected to run a training or inspection every month and log it in the same place. Failure to do so will also result in a demotion. Those wanting to see what Sections or Squads they lead, check the roster here: If anyone has any questions about their roles or requirements, see myself, Second Lieutenant Verbeck or Master Sergeant Young. Signed Captain S. Bently