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  2. VICTORY! War raged on the planet Yerman 7! Coalition forces, the 112th, also known as Davidson's Deathmakers launched a daring assault against Sanctuary under the name of "Operation Spearhead" in which they successfully captured a handful of high ranking Sanctuary Intel Lieutenants! A mighty win for the Coalition indeed! Thanks to the brave and valiant efforts of the Deathmakers the Lieutenants were questioned and have revealed the name and identity of a lead member of Sanctuary's army. Details below! WANTED: Brigadier General Marcus Morel Wanted for: Murder Mutiny Treachery to the Federation Genocide Execution of multiple POWs. Use of illegal/inhumane weaponry in the field of battle. Anyone who steps forward with information will be greatly rewarded.
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    Reference Picture: [Pvt. Sebastian J. Bently aboard the Ulysses Grant, 10/11/2297.] Theme Song: Combat Theme: Name: Sebastian J. Bently Age: 21 D.O.B: 16/6/2276 Offical Will: --Encrypted-- Gender: Male Role: Mobile Infantry Service Length: 3 Years. (44 Months) Kin: Father: John Bently [Dead] Mother: Chloe Bently: [Dead] Both died during the Terra Invasion. 28/12/2297. Homeworld: Terra (Sutton; London. England.) Alignment: Neutral Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Build: Athletic Promotion Record: Rct. - Pvt. - Pfc. - LCpl. - Cpl. --Transfer to 112th-- Pvt. - Pfc. - LCpl, - Cpl. - Sgt. - Cpl. - LCpl. - Cpl. - Pvt. - Pfc. - Cpl. - Sgt. - Spc. - Sgt. - SSgt. [SSgt. Sebastian J. Bently on an RnR with the 112th. 12/05/2298] "Something beginning with 'E'..." Bently's Background: Bently grew up in an upper class family in London with his Mother and Father, having a fairly normal, if not uninteresting life. He went to a private school until he was 18, at which point he signed up to the Mobile Infantry, joining the 103rd Battalion. He served there for three years, reaching the rank of Corporal despite being unhappy with the condition of the unit. Upon reaching the rank of Corporal, himself and a Company Staff Sergeant dedicated 13 months to attempting to fix and better the unit to little success, watching countless people come and go and seeing hundreds of people die to mistakes made by poor leadership or simple incompetence. During August of 2297, Bently and the rest of the 103rd were sent to defend an FOB on a bug planet. This operation would later be known as 'Operation Hammerfall' to those who were there. The 103rd took heavy losses in this event. Of the fifty men that dropped, Twenty died, five were reported MIA (Assumed dead), and Twelve were injured, Bently included. After recovering from his severe injuries, Bently requested a transfer from the 103rd Battalion and found himself placed in the 112th in early November of the same year, serving there ever since. Pfc. Sebastian J. Bently (Left) with Sergeant Richard Smith (Right) [Picture Taken 12/03/2296.] Attributes: Strength: 15/20Dexterity: 17/20Constitution: 16/20Intelligence: 15/20Wisdom: 16/20Charisma: 12/20 Combat Rating: 8/10 Leading Rating: 6/10 Awards and Certificates: [Cpl. Sebastian J. Bently on Venastrul Opus 17/11/2996] "That door isn't gonna hold, Sergeant!" Drop Gear: On combat drops, Bently is seen carrying a large bag, as well as several pouches that are attached to his belt. In these are: Several Morita drum magazines. (3 Spare in his bag as well as a bundle of 50 round magazines.) A secondary EOTech sight for his Morita. A canteen full of water and Four MRE packs. A dozen Chemlights of various colours, mainly green and red. A red and green smoke grenade. 8 frag grenades. Underbarrel grenade launcher kitted with sixteen 40mm rounds. (Ranging from Buckshot, Smoke grenades and HE rounds.) A tactical bungee cord (5 meters long) attached to the back of his belt and kevlar, used for repelling up or down surfaces. A helmet mounted pair of binoculars with Night Vision capabilities and a flashlight. A pump action shotgun. (M3 Super 90) with a few dozen buckshot rounds. (Unless taking an M55 in which case he will not bring the Shotgun due to weight limitations.) Character Description: Bently comes across as an emotionless and bitter man to some. Being quiet, apathetic and flat in tone as well as showing a lack of facial expressions, mostly being emoitonless. He avoids most social interaction, not being one to engage in small talk and seeming rather awkward and stiff around people when actually seen conversing with others. When around people that could be considered as stupid or useless, Bently is seen being very blunt, perhaps even harsh or aggressive towards them, showing a clear distaste towards them. He is very rarely seen showing any signs of affection or care for people around him, only ever coming across as 'friendly' or 'kind' to a select few members of the Grant. He is regarded to as a difficult person to connect with or even talk to, described as 'intimidating' or 'distant' from the majority of the ship. His respect for superiors and authority is limited at best, only being shown when either forced, or, again, with a select few people above him. However, he is never outright disrespectful to superiors unless the circumstances are severe. [Sgt. Sebastian J. Bently reading a book on his tablet. 12/04/2298] Permanent Injuries: Large scar going down the right side of his face, starting to the right of his eye and ending at his chin. Missing half of his ring finger. Stomach is horribly scarred from a mixture of necrosis and plasma burns. Scars littering his Torso. (Gunshot/Stab wounds.) Back and right leg covered in burns. Scar on his left forearm. (Stab wound) Bio-Techs: Right index and middle finger. Left leg. [LCpl. Sebastian J. Bently with the 103rd at a charity event on Andrella IV, 23/05/2296] "Why am I the only person being forced to wear a pink bow-tie?" Emotional and Mental State: As of Mid January 2298, Bently has begun to do irregular meetings with Medical Staff to discuss his well being. —Notes are to be placed and replaced here— [Recorded conversation between SSgt. Richard Smith and Cpl. Sebastian J. Bently, early morning of 03/05/2297 on Terilous] "You better not still be in bed, Sebastian." "I'm not!" "So that isn't you I see through the window?" " ...... No.." Diary Entries: 1: New beginning 2: Sergeant now. 3: Terra is burning 4: We lost... 5: Civil War. 6: Time to change. 7: Back at square one. 8: It's time to change. 9: Got my patches back. 10: Yesterday was... Something. 11: Sergeant again. 12. Staff Sergeant Video Log: Transmitted to London, Terra, 223 Westway Avenue on December 16th, 2297. Personal Relations: Love, Care About, Admire, Respect, Close Friends, Friends, Like, Neutral, Dislike. (Request to be Added) Bently's Friends: William St. Claire: Jeremy Nash: Valarie Faust: Travis Young: Daniel Dumont: John York: Elizabeth Graham: Zealious 'Odin' Edwards: Emily Ziola: Anderson Kayne: Aoife 'Achilles' Hviteulven: Captain Hux: Daisy Bailey: Cierra O'Casey: Kristina 'Odin' Sigrun: Alicia White: Lisa Bennet: Liliana Verbeck: Jennifer Hayes: People Bently Likes: Neutral: People Bently Doesn't Like: The Dead or Gone:
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    Sebastian Bently

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    Sebastian Bently
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    Sebastian Bently

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    Sebastian Bently

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    Sebastian Bently

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  15. Name: Sebastian Bently Reason: Three and a half years of service in the Mobile Infantry. +7 bonus approved by Xalphox.
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    [Parker on his way to the Grant. 22/04/2298] Theme: Basic Information: Name: Alex Parker Age: 23 D.O.B: 02/09/2274 Gender: Male Affiliation: Mobile Infantry Role: DMR Specialist Kin: Father: Sgt. Andrew Parker. [Alive.] Mother: SSgt. Jessica Parker. [Alive] Homeworld: Terra Alignment: Neutral Good. Hair color: Light Brown. Eye color: Blue. Build: Athletic. Rank: Spc. Promotion Record: Pvt. - Pfc. - LCpl. - Spc. --Transfer to First Platoon.-- Spc. Backstory: Growing up on Terra, Daniel was raised by a military family, joining the Mobile Infantry like his parents when he turned 18. He was stationed in a the 23rd Battalion for a few years until the Fall of Terra. He and the other survivors of his unit were split off and sent to fill up vacancies in other places, Alex being sent to the 112th Battalion, Second Platoon. On the 22/04/2298, Parker was transferred to First Platoon to fill a vacant position in the DMR ranks. [Parker on a drop with Second Platoon. 08/03/2298] Attributes: Strength: 13/20 Dexterity: 16/20 Constitution: 12/20 Intelligence: 14/20 Wisdom: 12/20 Charisma: 14/20 Combat Rating: 8/10 Wealth: Middle Class Character Description: Parker is a rather tall man standing at 6'2" with light brown hair and blue eyes with an athletic build. He has a British accent, speaking in an upbeat tone, coming across as friendly and kind in his expression and tone. [Picture of Alex in School. Picture taken 12/05/2293] Personal Relationships: Relations: Loves, Admires, Respects, Good friends, Friends, Likes Neutral, Hates James Chevosky: Seems like an interesting person. He's a decent leader, wants to go up the ranks as well. I feel like he might be able to make it if he reels himself in a little. I wish him the best of luck on it. Valerie Faust: I like her. She's one of our Master Specs. Laid back, fun to chat with and all. Think she wants me to help her with spreading some of that good ol' fashioned 'MI love.' Sounds good to me, honestly. I look forward to properly working with her in the field.
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  23. As of recent events it has become apparent that some select members of the Mobile Infantry have forgotten how to work well with members of the Fleet. Therefore I am going to remind you all of the ranks of Fleet and what sort of respect they should be given. A Cadet is to be treated the same as a Recruit. A Crewman is to be treated as one would treat a Private. A Petty Officer is to be treated as you would treat a Corporal. Chief Petty Officer is to be treated as one would treat a Sergeant of the Mobile Infantry. Senior Chief Petty Officers are to be treated as one would a Staff Sergeant. Master Chief Petty Officers are to be treated as a Master Sergeant would be. As for Officer ranks: An Officer Cadet is to be treated just as you would a Second Lieutenant. Ensigns are equivalent to a Lieutenant and will be treated as such. Fleet Lieutenants are the equal to an Infantry Captain and will be treated as such. Lieutenant Commanders are to be treated as you would a Major in the Mobile Infantry. Commanders are to be treated as one would treat a Lieutenant Colonel. Captains of the Fleet are to be treated as one would a Colonel. Anybody seen showing a member of Fleet who holds a rank higher than their own with ANY forms of disrespect will be treated just as harshly as one would for disrespecting someone of that equivalent rank in the Infantry. I will see to it personally that anyone caught doing anything negative towards a Fleet member higher in rank than what they hold are dealt with accordingly and the consequences will not be light. Consider this a first and FINAL warning. - Staff Sergeant Sebastian J. Bently.
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    Sebastian Bently

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    I don't know about anyone else, but I personally love making playlists on Spotify for certain mindsets or games I play. I.E a playlist for DOOM or one for tearing shit up on F.E.A.R. I also make playlists for my characters, putting together songs I think fit the character or just help me stay in the mindset. For example, I have this one for Bently: So, if anybody else wants to try the same thing and post it here feel free. Interested to see what kind of music people listen to and associate with their own characters or what they think describes their characters perfectly. Feel free to post links below.