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    Adam Kramer Unfair Pk

    I didn't see the chat cause there were tons around us i couldn't do anything bout it was either get killed or focus. I literally had to back up and that cuased me to be near the ship in time due to npcs there was nothing i could do. Oh ya maybe hope other people would help me which they didn't anyway thus proving no one actually understands in the sstrp were all supposed to be on the same team this wasnt shown here today with the fact you just let that happen and shrugged ur shoulders at it,
  2. Akramer89

    Adam Kramer Unfair Pk

    We had an event on a desert map and i was unfairly pked. One the guy sayed i didnt rp an injury when i clearly did by. A. I rped myself getting knocked over and grabbing my helmet and going back to battle i was pushed by a bug into like shipping crate things. B. Later on rped that i had taken a wound on my arm using a ripped sleeve to cover my face due to a sandstorm. C. Even asked for medkits repeatly from ppl and no one had one. This is where the pk came in. We were gettin heavy hit with bugs and the drop ship came down i was on the other side of the hills fighting off hordes after we stopped one Cooper taking an injury i covered her then a ton more came up and i was tryin to fight off npcs i didn't see the chat at first then when they called it they were gone and they jut pked me cause i got left behind. You cant literally pk some one in rp cause they didnt see the chat due to the fact they were fighting NPCS. Then the staff continued to be a bunch of rude assholes about it when i tryed to debate it. I literally got pked over nothing and i want it reversed the character name is Adam Kramer.