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    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Pathfinder is Harrington, so far only done one but talked about practicing regularly like every two or three days. I just want to know for in advance, I kinda expect it to be a bonus that adds up over time. IE +3 every spar or something like that and when it caps out you must keep doing it regularly in order to retain the bonus. @Xalphox
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    Lawrence 'Stud' Chandler

    Add Mikhail Kuznetsov
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    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Name: Mikhail 'Ivan' Kuznetsov Reason: Long lived character(Two OOC years), regularly sets up to practice spar with a Pathfinder, fully completed two Pathfinder operations(I'd also like a stealth bonus from these, both were highly focused around being stealthy as hell.), Experienced Sniper(Stealth bonus from this one as well.), and is a Psychic(Not sure if I get a Roll bonus for this but I overheard something about 'Lucky man' so, just in case, there is that.) @Xalphox
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    -The- Medic, Daniel Dumont

    Mikhail Kuznetsov
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    Dossier: Dorian Elswood

    Mikhail Kuznetsov
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    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

    Mikhail Kuznetsov.
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    Matthew Russell Squires

    Add Mikhail Kuznetsov?
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    Applications of interest, Status: CLOSED

    --- APPLICATION - - OOC SECTION - Steam Name: Tridon Steam I.D.: STEAM_1:1:52539482 Length of time on the Server: About two years and a couple months, roughly. Length of time RPing: About three or four years on GMOD. Time-Zone: EST. How active are you?: Active nearly every day or every other day. Is this character already active on the Server?: Yes. - What is your backstory that would make you believe that your character was a Psychic? OR Why would the Federation believe you were a Psychic as a child?: DISCLAIMER: I skimmed down a little bit of the situation of the bunker. Mostly just the back and forth banter and what not just to shorten it. However, everything written is accurate. Mikhail never really believed he was a Psychic, although he had toyed with the idea as a young boy. He always wished he could such mysterious powers as 'mind reading' thinkng of all the fun ways a boy such as him could use them. The main thing that came to his mind was reading the mind of the best student of his history class during a test, just so he could finally get A on that test... Alas, he grew older he began to give up on the fantasy of having such powers. What are the chances he would be born with these amazing powers? Very low, of that he was certain. After years and years of no evidence to prove him wrong he finally just gave up on the hope in general. Well, that was until one day in his military career. Very early in his career, as a private, his platoon was informed of a volunteer only mission. It was deemed extremely dangerous and were asking if anyone would like to step up for the assignment. Even as a rookie private, he had stepped forward and asked the join. What followed was a short but rigorous selection process to weed out some of the less able volunteers, of which he passed. He along with the other successful volunteers were briefed on what exactly they were doing. Most of it was buried in black ink and classified files. They were to go conduct Clandestine Operation, known as Operation Warhorse. It was expected to last three days and involved a highly dangerous mission. What exactly was that mission? No one really knows except the two last survivors of the team and military intelligence. Mikhail was briefed, forced to swear a oath of secrecy, made a official Pathfinder of the office of special warfare for the duration of the operation, and sent off. The following is the event and reason he, even now, suspects himself to be a psychic. Mikhail stumbled through the desert as the heavy Sandstorm began to set in. He tightly gripped his rifle as dust flew everywhere around him hampering his sight to about just seven meters infront of him and made his cheek flare in irritation as it consistently whipped his skin harshly. Mikhail brought up his Bandana mask higher to cover more of his mouth as he glanced up ahead of him to the man he was holding by the shoulder. He could barely see his Mobile Infantry Comrade, Sentonial, ahead of him. They were out on Recon when the flash storm suddenly arrived. It happened in seconds, they could barely alert the rest of the team of it before they suddenly lost communication. Mikhail:"We need to find some cover! We can't stay out in this damn Sandstorm! Sentonial simply gestured ahead, Mikhail checked over his shoulder unable able to see anything but kept on trusting him. A few seconds later, he could finally see what Sentonial had pointed to. A small bunker built into the sands, a perfect shelter against the harsh weather. They stepped inside the bunker finding it empty and abandoned, and sat down on opposite ends. Mikhail brought down his Bandana mask down to his neck groaning. He checked outside the small firing gap of the bunker. The storm was still raging on. They bantered for what felt like a hour to occupy themselves. Finally, Mikhail asked. Mikhail:"How long you reckon we'll be stuck here?" Sentonial:"Who knows..we'll have to wait the storm out..mind if I catch up on some sleep while I get the chance?" Mikhail:"Yeah go ahead, I'll keep watch." Mikhail watched Sentonial as he used his bag as a rest and slowly fell asleep in the corner of the bunker. He slowly turned to face the door watching it Lazily as he his thoughts slowly drifted. It felt like half a hour had gone by, and he was struggling to stay awake after a entire day spent establishing a position and doing Recon only to Arachnids which had established a Local hive. That's why when he heard a sudden loud STOMP just outside the bunker he practically jolted and his skin turned pale. His breath quickened for a moment as the stomps got louder and there..through one of the firing of the bunker right next to Sentonial was a massive armored black leg. He recognized it immediately, it was a tanker. He watched Sentonial slowly blink his eyes open at the opposite corner yawning, until out of the corner of his eye he saw the massive black leg. He took a sharp breath closing his eyes again and tightly gripping his rifle. Mikhail heard the sound of chittering nearby and slowly raised the rifle at the door barely able to control his breathing. He saw the massive tanker slowly lower its head its green eyes peering inside the bunker, staring straight at him. There was more chittering as the Giant moved its head occasionally every so often. Mikhail was begging that the Arachnids wouldn't come into the bunker, that they wouldn't see him and Sentonial. They'd be easy pickings for any warrior. It seemed his prayers weren't answered as slowly a sandy warrior had made its way into the bunker. It chittered loudly steeping to the center and looking left and right. Mikhail was pale, terrified, and certain his death was near. It slowly turned towards him as he took a long breath and stopped breathing entirely. In his mind, he thought hard telling himself over and over it will not see me, it will not see me, it will not see me, it will not see me. He chanted the words over and over in his head as it approached closer only three or four meters away. It chittered loudly once more leaning in right next to Mikhail's face. YOU WILL NOT SEE ME. He screamed loudly in his head one more time, he began to ache in strange pain his head growing hot in irritation and a groan almost escaped him, thankfully he bit down on his lip hard before it did stopping himself. The warrior stood there for full minute still as a statue near a very terrified Kuznetsov and Sentonial. It finally turned away from Kuznetsov walking right out of the bunker back out into the Sandstorm. Mikhail saw the massive giant of a tanker bring its head away from the bunker and step away with large stomps. He finally exhaled and took another breath unable to believe what had just happened. He was slack jawed, his body was left shuddering and strangely enough his head still burned with a massive headache. He couldn't believe he had manged to come out of that alive. Was it just dumb luck? Or was he a Psychic? Write out a situation in which you would have to use one of your abilities?: Mikhail and a platoon of infantry would be enroute to a town to begin the evacuation of key Federation personnel before Separatists elements completely overrun the city. They platoon would be using two APC's on roads to reach the city, Mikhail being in the front one. Suddenly, Mikhail gets a sort of Pit fall feeling in his stomach as if sensing something bad about to happen to the platoon. Mikhail:/report Could I use my psychic abilities to see if there is anything dangerous nearby? Admin:/pm Mikhail Roll. Mikhail has rolled a 91 **You suddenly receive a vision. It'd be from the perspective of the front of the Vehicle, the driver. They'd be driving along the road and drive by a trashbag lying on the side of the road. As they drove past it the trash bag discharged into a large explosion wrecking the APC and blowing on its side flames bursting from the destroyed windows of the drivers section. You felt this fate was soon, and that not much time was left. Mikhail let out a loud panicked gasp as he was suddenly ripped away from the vision returning back to his normal surroundings glancing to his left and right and finding himself in the APC strapped in his seat with his squad. A bit of sweat began to form on his brow as thoughts raced through his mind. There was still time. He raised his voice loudly and yelled. Mikhail: "Stop the vehicle, now!" The APC came to a halt suddenly the other APC behind them just barely hitting the breaks in time to stop from crashing into them. Sergeant: "What the hell is it?" Mikhail: "Get a engineer outside, I saw us blowing up to a IED disguised as trash on the side of the road." Sergeant: "Alright...dismount and look around. Engineer get outside just in case we find something!" The entire squad dismounted including a engineer and Mikhail as the back ramp of the vehicle lowered down, and a coincidental trash bag laid on the side of the road 45 meters from the Convoy. Engineer: "We've got a bag over there, possible IED!" Sergeant: "Well go check it out, proceed with caution. We're covering you!" The engineer slowly approached the trash bag, he uncovered it revealing the concealed IED intending to blow up any vehicles on their approach to the town. Engineer: "Yeah Sarge! Looks like a fucking IED, I'm going to try to defuse it now!" Sarge: "Rodger that, make it quick. The Engineer immediately started his work and began to defuse the improvised explosive, after a few tense minutes he was able to render the IED null successfully. Engineer: "I've got it, IED is disarmed Sarge!" Sergeant: "Rodger that, get back in the APC we're mobile!" Everyone loaded back onto the the APC shuffling into their assigned seats and strapping back in. Mikhail let out a sigh of relief as he slowly fell back in his seat and strapped himself in once more breathing in a sigh of relief, faintly he heard his Sergeant yell for the Convoy to start moving again. The engineer strapped in next to him lightly tapped his shoulder. He glanced up. Engineer: Good spot, that was one hell of a save. Mikhail chuckled quietly for a few moments along with the Engineer subtly nodding his head as the APC lurched up and down on the bumpy road. He took in another breath slowly facing the floor once more as the Convoy continued to the town, to their mission. --- - IC Section - Name: Mikhail Kuznetsov Age: 21 D.O.B.: November 2, 2277 Sex: Male Physical Description: A Caucasian man standing about Five foot ten inches with a dark green left eye and jet black hair. He had a lighter white skin tone and spoke with a very heavy Russian accent. There is a small scar running across his left thigh and another along his collar bone. Both appeared to be caused by some sort of slash. His right hand evidently seemed to be a metal bio-tech. He wore a black eye-patch over his right eye and there was a scar running all the way down the top right of head to the bottom left. - If Applicable - Current Rank: Lance Corporal. Education History: High school degree. Criminal Record: None. Employment History: None, immediately joined the Mobile infantry. Service Record: Rct - Pvt - Lcpl - Pfc - Spc - Cpl - Lcpl He is certified to use the Morita SAW, the Morita X, the M55, and the dedicated Morita DMR. Ranked 1st place in Company wide "Test your skill" shooting competition. --- --- --- Quote
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    [IC] Test your skill.

    From: Mikhail Kuznetsov Date:7/27/2298 <:: I've done it..took me about a 100 tries but I did it. ::>