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    Lisa 'Cobra' White

    Minor update to relations.
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    Lisa 'Cobra' White

    Added lovely. Did a minor update to relations.
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    Sierra Blackburn - Ace Fleetie

    Update Lisaaaaaaaa
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    Sierra Blackburn - Ace Fleetie

    Lisa ‘Cobra’ White.
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    Lisa 'Cobra' White

    Added! Also updated with a reference picture.
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    Lisa 'Cobra' White

    GENERAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Name: Lisa White Alias(es): 'Cobra' Rank: Ensign Age: 20 Hometown: Austin, Texas, Terra Affiliation: Federation Specialization: TAC Pilot Psychic Affinity: None Awards Granted: Ace Ribbon count: 2 Combat Action Ribbon count: 2 Purple Heart count: 3 PHYSICAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Gender: Female Height: 5'5 Weight: 145 lbs Build: Mesomorph Hair: Blonde pony tail Eyes: Blue Cybernetics: N/A PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Strengths: Piloting Skill, Quick Thinking, Fast Reflexes Weaknesses: Short Tempered, Over Confident RELATIONSHIP INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Mobile Infantry_______________________________________________________________________ ██████ - Lowell Hartwick - He's a interesting one, we had a quick chat at the bar and he offered to take me out the range. I dunno much about him other than he dumped Sawyer. Engineering_______________________________________________________________________ Medical_______________________________________________________________________ Marauders_______________________________________________________________________ Fleet _______________________________________________________________________ ██████ - Carson 'Fox' Sawyer - She's my bestie, and I love her to death like a sister. One of the few I trust, without a doubt. I don't know why you did it, but it hurt. It hurt badly. I can still feel the sting of betrayal like a slap to the face. Hearing why you did it, I understand. And I forgive you, I should've known your betrayal wouldn't be without reason. Your lucky I love you so much sis. ██████ - Andrea 'Wolf' Schultz - My other best friend and one of the greatest people I've ever met. I love her. ██████-Jennifer. 'Skadi' Helström - A new half decent pilot. A easy to get along with one at that. I haven't gotten to know her to well but I have quite high hopes in making a friendship with her. ██████ - Sierra Blackburn - This girl. One of my newest best friends and a insane wild cannon, she's crazy and I like it. Stolen from @aphasic