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    Daisy 'Hel' Bailey

    Add Johnathan Skye?
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    Dossier: Clenmore

    Add Skye?
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    Johnathan Skye

    Combat Theme song Character Picture Basic Information: Attributes: Misc. Attributes: Combat Rating: 9/10 Wealth: Middle Class Character Description: Achievements Becoming a Marauder. BEATING SIGRUN IN MARAUDER ON MARAUDER COMBAT AS A THIRD SPECAILIST! Neutral None to note Regrets None to note Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Acquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears You know what's up, asked to be added. --[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- -Devin Saiphan -Maddox Ryder --[[Federation Engineering Division]]-- -Lyndsey Carter -Travis Young --[[Psi-Ops]]-- --[[Federation Hospital Corps]]-- --[[Federation Marauders]]-- -Claud Cozwin -Izla Sinthachai --[[Federation Fleet]]-- --[[Other]]-- --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--
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    Johnathan Skye

    Updated, ranked up to Second Specialist and added a recent achievement.
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    Johnathan Skye

    Updated. @Arrow @Medic You've both been added.
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    Johnathan Skye

    Updated again. @saiphun987 You've been added buddy.
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    Johnathan Skye

    @Marcus You've been added.
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    Lyndsey Carter

    Add your boy SKYE.
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    Johnathan Skye

    You've been added!
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    Third specialist Claud Cozwin [WIP]

    Add Skye my dude.
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    Is the Marauder faction a cult?

    100 Percent cult.
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    Thomas Constantinos(WIP)

    Add your boy Skye mang.
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    Lyndsey Carter

    Add Skye?
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    James Chevosky

    Add Mikhail, the Russian recon specialist.
  15. Mikhail Kuznetsov-Recon Branch(DMR)-Tridon
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    [CLOSED] Marauder Applications

    MARAUDER DESIGNATION APPLICATION IC: Name: Johnathan Skye Age: 26 Gender: [X] Male [ ] Female Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Black Height: 6'0 Weight: 70 Kilograms/156 Pounds Employment & Background Current Rank: Specialist Educational History: Graduated with High School Diploma Criminal Record: None Employment History: Full time Receptionist Service Record: |March 15, 2295|-Signed up for Federal Service enlisting into the Mobile Infantry. |June 27, 2295|-Passed basic training, Transferred to the 252nd Morita Rifles as a Private. |November 16, 2295|-Promoted to Private First Class. |January 13, 2295|-Promoted to Lance Corporal . |January 26, 2296|-Self demoted to Private First Class. |February 12, 2297|-Promoted to Specialist for the M55 Rocket Launcher |July 10, 2298|-Selected for Marauder training Program. |April 23, 2298|-Graduated from Marauder training course, Transferred to 13th Marauder Detachment attached to the 112th Morita Rifles as a Specialist. OOC: Steam name: Tridon Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:52539482 Length of time on Server: At least two years by this point however, I took a break during some of that time. Time zone: EST Roleplay History: I've got about a good solid three years of serious role play under my belt on countless servers. Roleplay example:
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    [CLOSED] Marauder Applications

    MARAUDER DESIGNATION APPLICATION OOC Section - Steam Name:Tridon Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:52539482 Timezone:GMT +4 How active are you on the server?Pretty much online every single day, on weekdays several hours but I've still got to busy myself with schoolwork, however on weekends I have far more freetime and thus far more time to play. How long have you been roleplaying?Roughly two years, on Garrys Mod I'd say 4000 hours of it. IC Section - Name:Mikhail Kuznetsov Age:23 Service Record:Enlisted into the Mobile Infantry on December 3rd, 2293.Participated in Operation WARHORSE in the year 2297 receiving a promotion to Lance Corporal.Demoted down to the rank of recruit and then reinstated as a Private First class shortly after. Current Rank:Private First Class. Length of Service:4 years. Any previous specializations:MK2 SAW, Designated Marksman Rifle, and Underslung Grenade Launcher.
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    Team name:Whisky-Tango-Foxtrot Mikhail Kuznetsov Angela P. Clark Chase Mcknight Arryn Falco Bridgit McElroy