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  1. SgtMcMuffin

    Jimbo's right arm.

    add thacker
  2. SgtMcMuffin

    Katsuki Ito - Recovering, again.

    What the fuck is demisexual?
  3. SgtMcMuffin


    If I wanted my own Wikipedia account could I get that still?
  4. SgtMcMuffin

    John Harlesda - "Are you dead or dying?"

    Update Updated Noviello @Avi Added Rowan Burke @Samikins Added Redbrick @TheLynch Removed spoilers for awards, they kept glitching out.
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    I want to make an account for the Wikipedia to add onto the Medical Portion and some other stuff but I can't make an account for it because the captcha says it is only for the site owner.
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    John Harlesda - "Are you dead or dying?"

    Update Added Duty Posts/Units Added Awards section Added Injuries section Cleaned up and aestheticized bio
  7. SgtMcMuffin

    Self Injury; On Drop and Ship

    now i'll kill myself
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    John Harlesda - "Are you dead or dying?"

    it's lowkey kinda the point that harlesda doesn't' really remember, ill change it a bit though
  9. SgtMcMuffin

    John Harlesda - "Are you dead or dying?"

  10. SgtMcMuffin

    John Harlesda - "Are you dead or dying?"

    Promoted and did a decent overhaul and update of the charbio. Alright now time to not pay attention to it unless he dies or is promoted again.
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    Patient Name: Second Specialist Seamus LeedsPatient Sex: MPrimary Care Physician and/or Medic: Spc. John HarlesdaPatient Injuries: Intentional Opioid (Fentanyl) OverdosePatient Vitals: Stable, no sustained damageTreatment / Care Provided: Narcan Nasal Spray, HaldolTime of Treatment: 16:12Current Patient Status: RecoveringDrugs Administered: None as of right now, awaiting Psych eval.Overview of Situation: Mentally stable and calmed, being psychologically evaluated when available.Additional Notes: Recommendation for intense psychological treatment and or/discharge from medical.
  12. SgtMcMuffin

    (Suggestion) Medical SWEP + NPCs

    That's a great question, why don't we use a medical SWEP? Please for the love of god just give us one. Especially since this one has nice animations and all.
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    This thread is using Dylan's Nightvision addon. 

    what is this thread
  14. SgtMcMuffin

    Rohan 'Rafale' Mandella

    lmao you made a char bio, nerd