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  1. im sorry did you make an isis character? "re-enactment battle of al-raqqa"
  2. im still waiting for a normal female character somehow we've made edgy things the norm here
  3. Processed in spreadsheet and roster.
  4. Accepted, find senior medical personnel for induction.
  5. It's been dragged out too long, the events have suffered because of the plotline forcing them into a tough spot, the player base size has suffered, and the server has suffered. I personally along with many others in just medical I know do not enjoy the server anymore because of it.
  6. Yes, and this new person will start over as a medic.
  7. Deckers did one a good bit ago then I did another because we still had the same activity issues.
  8. I think you and I have a different interpretation/belief of how medRP should be done. Personally, I take no issue with medics serving the roles of multiple members in a normal hospital provided they have adequate training to do so. But I also believe that there are some fields of medicine, like physiotherapy and especially spinal/neurological physiotherapy, that are too extensive and specialized for a medic to be well versed in it enough to provide proper care. I simply don't buy that as feasible. A counterpoint could be well we do surgery, something that is complicated. We do, but, a vast majority of the surgery we do is not in fact terribly complicated and usually is more tedious or machinery makes it much easier than it would be in today's world. It is something I believe that senior medical personnel could feasibly learn over an extensive training period. As I stated earlier, normally, this is not at all an issue and we can often say that we have medical personnel who are able to do these more advanced things because they took the years required to learn some incredibly complicated fields and gain the experience in them. We don't have them because of the current situation of the plot. Before Lawson's injury was lessened and the problem rectified, Lawson could have quite easily been transferred to an actual hospital that can provide that advanced level of care and problem solved. And as I stated earlier, there are some medical fields or procedures that I do not believe we as medics could feasibly be able to appropriately administer because we wouldn't have the time, schooling, experience, etc. If you wanted to make a character who was, that's perfectly fine, but I doubt that a Senior Specialist who has spent all of his time in the field and only done trauma surgery would be able to accurately deliver the extensive and complicated physiotherapy procedures. I say this to avoid people starting to say their medic basically can do anything required of them no matter rank or realism about it, or common sense, and consequently, people just do less and less medRP or really RP because of this. However, all of this could be refuted by quite reasonably arguing it is the future. I really tread carefully around that and prefer to use current medical knowledge and procedures as much as possible for the sole reason of we can be much more sure about the treatment and likely outcomes. The only time I use and want the reason 'future technology' to be used is purely to reduce things that would normally take months of time to heal or recover, an excellent example is the biotanks. Then why doesn't Lawson's physiotherapy, for example, fall under that? Because that is not a matter of time as much a matter of expertise and knowledge that once again, I do not think we would have. Furthermore, I think this is an argument and debate that you and I could go back and forth on whether or not a medic would know X or know Y, but, I choose to have all medics lean towards the more modern approach to medRP that is what I deem more realistic. I've said really all I want to and provided reasoning for why I have medics conduct themselves this way and it's not that I'm ignoring you because I'm medlead, I just think that this debate is not going to go anywhere except a circle.
  9. Biotanks and biogel (the fluid inside) can only repair what the body itself is able to naturally regenerate. Even if the body itself would take an insane amount of time to repair it, the bio tanks can help with that and expedite the process. There are parts of the body with cells that are unable to regenerate, primarily anything to do with the central nervous system. Biogel outside of the biotanks in some packet or whatever is not a thing, do not use it.
  10. The situation with Lawson and his spinal injury was ultimately resolved after speaking with Kris to where it was lessened. Yes, you are correct, we do have enormous medical advances, but we still basically use the combat procedures and things that current combat medics do with very little changes. We do things essentially the same way they do things today. This extends to nearly all forms of medical roleplay. Basically, the only difference is the biotank and BT's (and even BT's are not too far of a stretch from what we have today with replacement limbs). The reason for this is to actually give medics something to do, at least in my opinion, otherwise, we wouldn't even be a faction when you could just say 'It's the future so we can do all of this with biogel packets boom not wounded anymore'. There is a difference between realism and science fiction. However, the point of medical is to roleplay it and be realistic and not just saying "Oh yeah we can do all of this". ICly we can explain that we know trauma surgery and things like that because we train for ICly at the senior level of medical, but, as medics, we are not trained in everything just because it's the future. Now, normally this problem is bypassed by saying that we have what is essentially a fully fledged trauma center and standard hospital on the ship. But, due to the current plot situation, we don't have the staff. Even right now, I'm saying fuck it and just saying we have a lot of these supplies because admins continue to dish out these wounds and the supplies we have is kinda vague in general. When it comes to medrp, you get out of it what you make out of it, if you want to do balls to the level of the wall of medrp that's fine, but, there is a fine line between just saying you can do everything and being reasonable with what you can do as medic.
  11. continue to boost my ego and update harlesda, thanks
  12. the real story nobody asked for is the current plotline of the server hah, gottem @Xalphox
  13. Didn't make the activity check @Maple Leaf Moosefucker
  14. ouch, i cut myself on that edge, can you use a bacteria to heal me pls
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