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    Sorry for the late post but unforeseen family issues have popped up and I haven’t been on my comp in what seems like weeks. But late is better then never am I right? Taking an LOA 16/07 - 6/08
  2. Sorry for the late response I’ve been sick and dealing with my child. But yes Xal was the admin yes I was in communication with him suit malfunctioned because of some weird shit that happened with the power. So I understand if it’s a no. That’s why I said it’s asking a lot this was more so a long shot in the dark. Again I will completely stand by whatever decision you make regarding this and if she stays gone she stays gone. This was more so an appeal dealing with the decision and having a ton of regret afterwards. But I know just like everyone else regret is not a valid feeling in this game when it comes to PKd characters. So In final I’ll state it again if the decision is made that she is too not come back I completely understand and fully agree with your thought process on this matter. (wrote this on my phone sorry for errors)
  3. I have been thinking about this for a bit and the way she died hasn't sit right with me since april. We were on a drop investigating a derilect ship and her suit malfunctioned sending her into space never to be seen again. Im not asking for this character back to play on I am quiet happy with the character I have now. But and there is always a but in this situation, I was wondering if she could be returned for a day still alive so I could retire her properly. I know its asking a lot and I would completely understand if this appeal was declined. Thank you for taking the time to review this and even consider allowing it.
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    Fuck it because my baby bear is adorable (Don’t mind me focus on tah cuteness)
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