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    I feel like the random convos that go on in-between are LOOC or OOC. And the actual case is the in game.
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  10. Well if you ever got to know him Claud adopted when he was 20 XD
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    [OPEN] Marauder Applications

    IC: Name: Karren Francine Tigan Physical Age: 23 Gender: Female Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Red Height: 5'5 Weight: 129lbs Employment & Background Current Rank: Cpl Educational History: Standard High school education and Diploma. Marauder Specialization training. Criminal Record: N/A. Employment History: Baker/bartender Service Record: Five years active duty OOC: Steam name: Nihilsubstance Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:3574207Length of time on Server: Easily over 300 hours Time zone: UTC -05:00 Eastern Time (US & Canada) Roleplay History: 3 years of COH and 2 years of Halo Rp (5 total) Current characters on server: Samantha Ruse (It was Cozwin) Roleplay example:
  12. A picture taken by his ex while on leave. Kin: Father - Adrian M Cozwin [Assumed dead] -Age unkown- Mother- Debra C Cozwin McCallister [Dead] -Age 41- Son - Kim H Cozwin [Displaced] -Age 17- General Information Name: Claud Marcus Cozwin (KIA 8/25/2298) Operation Helios. Rank: Specialist Role: Mobile Infantry, Marauder Age: 26 Date of Birth: September 20 2272 Place of Birth: Seoul South Korea, Terra Relationship status: Single Height: 6'2'' Weight: 206lbs Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Blond Nationality: English Religion: Lutheran Gender: Male Criminal Record: None Blood type: O+ Claud Marcus Cozwin was born an only child to a father who abandoned his mother and him when he was an Infant. His mother was an alcoholic who was barely functioning so from a very young age Claud would take care of his mother during her drinking benders. Late one night the authorities came too his door step as he was awaiting his mother to inform him she had died on impact while driving under the influence. He swore that if one day he started a family he would never drink or put his children through the same hell he had dealt with. At the age of of twenty he was cleared to adopt a child finally taking a chance at making a family. He did everything he could providing for him while working at a local steel mill and it paid off. His adopted son Kim was just about to be fifteen when Claud decided to join the Federation leaving behind the only family he had. His son understood and took pride that his new father was joining to fight for their freedoms and beliefs. Sadly shortly after he was accepted into the Marauder program the attack on Terra happened. Claud's silence around many is not because he isn't social more so he is worried his son never made it. So he fights forwards hoping one day to see his son again. -attached is a last will and testament video log- *The video would cut on and a smiling man would be seen* Too all that this concerns welcome to my last will and testament. Over these past few months I have been crushed multiple time left dying or worse actually dead. I thought this was a fitting move given the operation that we are about to proceed on. I know it may seem morbid but I know my life is coming too an end lets just hop..that it was one hell of a way too go out on. Sai.. too you I give my bar journal..make use of it make some wicked drinks and keep everyone in high spirits when Im gone. I know its not much but its one of my prized possesions and I couldn't think of anyone better to have it. To Miss Donovan my favorite medic I award you my guitar. I don't know if you play but cherish it I guess.. You were truly something different and I couldn't have asked for anything else in a friend. Last but certainly not least.. Ashley..my dear kitten. Im sorry I didn't get to say good bye too you. Weve been through one hell of a ride.. I want you to have my tags and white gold wedding band. The rest of my things burn space or give to others I don't care.. Im sorry too everyone, LT Archer, Tech Edwards you were my teachers.. and I couldn't have asked for better role models.. I guess I wasn't cut out for the Specialist life like I said I was. Too the rest of the platoon.. I love you guys.. *The video would cut with the man starting to choke up*
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    Specialist Claud Cozwin [WIP]

    Finally got around to some Updates. Nothing truly outstanding. @StevieJr Sorry It took so long but he is there the best I could (Given the circumstances of the character.) @HazyDay An add for an add it felt like the right thing to do.
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