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  1. Zeppy

    [IC] Monolith of Service

    Pfc. Gary "Gaz" Johnson - July 8th, 2298
  2. Zeppy

    Change the server name!

    I like it. Can't hurt us either.
  3. Zeppy

    yo was popin b

    Tie bricks to your feet and jump in a lake small fella.
  4. Zeppy

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    LCpl. Lawrence Chandler - Zeppy ( -4 GMT)
  5. Zeppy

    A Collection of Images of Fat Mice

    I wanna take a spatula and wedge it under the second one down just for fun.
  6. Zeppy

    Lawrence Chandler

    Done Wanna have more interaction between the two Done Done
  7. Might be like 30-45 min late but I’ll show.
  8. Zeppy

    Lawrence Chandler

    Done Done
  9. Zeppy

    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Name: Lawrence Chandler Reason: Works out on a daily basis, Played football for 5 years prior to joining, and did side wrestling during the off season highschool, having moderate knowlegde of grapples. Coming around 3 years in the MI.
  10. Zeppy

    Boboro brothers. God bless them.

    @Bohannon Bring Cullen and every other fucking dead Bohannons back, we have a new threat to the Bohannon dynasty.
  11. Zeppy

    Michael Finch

    Operation Rescue Finch
  12. Zeppy

    Lawrence Chandler

    All Gucci. Updated Lorenzo a bit and also did an overhaul of the entire Bio. looks a lot more organized in my opinion Got my youtube links and shit working too finally.
  13. Zeppy

    Lawrence Chandler

    Updated stuff. Added People Added Service record Added Faceclaim Added Journal entries Backstory coming soon to a theater near you.
  14. Zeppy

    Lawrence Chandler

    FEDERAL ARMED SERVICES ARCHIVE G79-ARC23-33 Username: ******* Password: ************* ACCESS GRANTED SECURING CHANNELS CONNECTING TO NETWORK Connecting... Connecting... CONNECTION ESTABLISHED UN-ENCRYPTING FILE Un-encrypting... Un-encrypting... Reun-encrypting... VIEWING FILE [data.004-F808-N65] Theme song. Battle Theme. Voice claim. Faceclaim. General Information First Name: Lawrence Middle Name: Jedidiah Last Name: Chandler Age (yo): 22 Date of Birth: June 6th, 2277 Nationality: Karrasan? Place of Birth: Karras Rank: Specialist Alignment: Chaotic good Status: Active _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Physical Information Height: 6'2 Weight: 232 Pounds Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Ethnicity: Hispanic Build Type: Mesomorphic/Muscular General Physical Description: 6'2 [] Large, unproportioned lower half [] Brown hair and eyes [] Tanned skin [] Light stubble [] _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mental Information IQ: 138 Preferred Learning Method: Hands on Academic Interests: History and Engineering Artistic Interests: Welding, Deep sea diving, and mask collecting Athletic Interests: Football Notes: N/A _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pre-enlistment Background High School Education: Completed all four years High School GPA: 3 College Education (if applicable): None. Criminal Record: Clean Summary of Pre-enlistment Life: WIP!!!!!!! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Armed Services Career Branches Served In: 112th Engineering Division Previous Units: 88th Battalion Demotions: 2Spc>3Spc Criminal Record: Clean Age of Enlistment: 18 Total Deployments: 21 (As of current date) Wounds Received in Duty: April 5th, 2298: Minor slash would to side, minor concussion- Treated April 15th, 2298: Several broken knuckles in right hand- Treated April 28th, 2298: Broken left arm- Treated April 29th, 2298: Left arm blown off- Biotech granted Certified in: Fragmentation Grenades- Passed Sapper course- Passed Munitions course- Passed Systems course- Passed EOD Suit- Passed EVA suit- Passed M55 Launcher- Passed M-203 Grenade Launcher-Passed Demolition school- Passed _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Awards Received: [From top to bottom] Citizenship ribbon Veterancy ribbon _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Personal relationships below. [Ask to be added] Journal entries. Diaries are for fags.
  15. Zeppy

    John Cone

    This is like the lonely people that make a Facebook profile for their dog and act like said dog runs the profile. Funny though.