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  1. Troy Hughes

    Rowan Burke

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  2. Troy Hughes

    An idea

    But why should we let it down to someone else's roll, even if they do everything right, they get a shitty roll? Why not add a timer after an injury or take some many wounds. Like a very slow bleed out if someone ignores it.
  3. Troy Hughes

    Lizard Line

    Says it can extend to a max length of 150 feet. You can also retract the same rope so you can reuse it.
  4. Troy Hughes

    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Troy Hughes - 8 years of experience - Held rank of Sergeant for two or more months OOCly - Has lived through multiple near death experience and hardened veteran - Also works out in the gym constantly (Can put out rp if you want it constantly)
  5. Troy Hughes

    Lizard Line

    http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Equipment_of_the_Mobile_Infantry#Lizard_Line For those who had a dealing with the Wiki and creating the equipment. Why is it put in as 150 feet of rope, though we are limited to only 50 feet? Just curious.
  6. Troy Hughes

    Shane Emmett

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  7. Troy Hughes

    Elaine Asper

    Add Troy If you have anything for him that is
  8. Troy Hughes

    Federal PX

    Name: Hughes, Troy Rank: Specialist (SPC.) Item(s) requested: 1x Violin
  9. You should add Naomi Reel!
  10. Troy Hughes

    New Engineering Tank Protection NETP

    I see nothing wrong with this.
  11. Troy Hughes

    OOC Questions + Clarifications

    So is it possible for a psychic engineer to detect mines?
  12. Troy Hughes

    Sebastian Bently

    Update Troy boy 😄
  13. Troy Hughes

    Lux 'Sól' Archer

    Add Troy boy ? Unless they need more talking/interactions