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  1. Troy Hughes

    [IC] CD-95-S Pump-Action Shotgun.

    Alright, thanks for letting me know
  2. Troy Hughes

    [IC] CD-95-S Pump-Action Shotgun.

    What weapon are we to give/get OOCly?
  3. Troy Hughes

    Leading Logs.

    Drop lead: Staff Sergeant Edwards [Dropped out to IRL stuff halfway] Sergeant Troy Hughes [Did the rest.] Second in Command: Corporal Alexander "Lick" Tschenkowitsch Squad leaders: Lance Corporal Cornelius Zeem
  4. Troy Hughes

    OOC Questions + Clarifications

    So is it possible for a psychic engineer to detect mines?
  5. Troy Hughes

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Hey I'm gonna be on LOA from 28-30th. I might come on here and there. If needed send a message on steam or forums
  6. Troy Hughes

    Sebastian Bently

    Update Troy boy 😄
  7. Troy Hughes

    The Awards Given Out.

    Nothing >:3
  8. Troy Hughes

    Lux 'Sól' Archer

    Add Troy boy ? Unless they need more talking/interactions
  9. Troy Hughes

    Training Log: August 2298

    Name and Rank: Troy Hughes, Sergeant. Time and Date of Training: 1810, 20180829 Goal of the Training: To teach troopers has to properly search a civilian or P.O.W if on security detail. Search for weapons/contraband.
  10. Troy Hughes

    Joshua 'Hades' Edwards

    Add Troy?
  11. Troy Hughes

    Troy Hughes

  12. Troy Hughes

    Troy Hughes

    Don't know who that is
  13. Troy Hughes

    New Questline?

    Well so far Skinnies are winning. It's been a while. I'd loved to see a quest line.
  14. Troy Hughes

    John York

    Update Troy? :3
  15. Troy Hughes

    Quinn Caffrey -- Degenerate Psychic

    Anything on Troy or does the two need to talk more? :3