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  1. Troy Hughes

    The Absolute State of the Engineering Detachment

    Oh this makes much more sense now. First time I read the headline I thought it said Medical and not Engineering.
  2. Troy Hughes

    Tina König

  3. Troy Hughes

    Sebastian Bently

    Anything for Troy-Boy or still gonna RP with Bently? ❤️
  4. Troy Hughes

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Troy Hughes, promoted to Sergeant.
  5. *Gasp* You don't have Ashley Olsen?! Shameeeeeeeee Tots should add bb ❤️
  6. Troy Hughes

    Change the server name!

    I completely agree with it being too vague. NS- ST is just gonna take most of the new blood and they'll show up before we do because they tend to have more players on, so even more people will see them before us.
  7. Troy Hughes

    Change the server name!

    I like the change name idea, it could help get new players, new blood.
  8. Troy Hughes

    Sebastian Bently

    Any updating for Troy-Boy? If he deserves it
  9. Troy Hughes

    Lyndsey 'Lynn' Carter

    Add Troy ❤️
  10. Troy Hughes

    Maxine A. Valentine

    Ooof ❤️
  11. Troy Hughes

    Thomas Constantinos

    Add Troy
  12. Troy Hughes

    Travis Young

    Add Troy? :3
  13. Troy Hughes

    favorite story-based game?

    Last of Us, I loved it.
  14. Troy Hughes

    Jessica Read

    Ashley Olsen and/or Troy Hughes? :3
  15. Troy Hughes

    Travis Young

    Troy Hughes?