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    Troy Hughes' Capturing the true horrors of war.

    I assume we are the jedi and the clones are the Insurgents? XD
  2. Troy Hughes

    Troy Hughes' Capturing the true horrors of war.

    Now my character has PTSD in SSTRP and Insurgency XD
  3. Troy Hughes

    William Saint-Claire

    Troy Hughes, you annoying prick
  4. Troy Hughes

    William Saint-Claire

    Add Troy
  5. Troy Hughes

    Troy Hughes

    Name: Troy Hughes Age: 24 Gender: Male Affiliation: Mobile Infantry, 112th A Co, Engineer Division Role(s): Specialist Engineer; NCO (Sergeant) for the MI Kin: Erin Hughes [Mother] Status [Deceased] Age [53] Alex Hughes [Father] Status [Deceased] Age [50] Lacey Hughes [Sister] Status [Deceased] Age [23] Lucy Hughes [Sister] Status [Deceased] Age [20] Macie Hughes [Sister] Status [Deceased] Age [20] Home world: Terra City: Dublin Country: Ireland Alignment: Hair color: Brown Eye color: Hazel Build: Muscular, slim body weight. Toned abs, numbering only at a four pack. Rank: Senior Specialist Backstory: Born in Ireland, with a twin sister. Was a troublesome kid in school, but did Engineering and fighting as a life style. Part of an Irish gang, nothing too serious, just a way to protect the family. Watched Lacey die at the age of ten, watched Macie die at the age of 16, both due to illnesses. Had a clique he stuck with, though stuff would get violent over times. Moved around in Ireland a lot to distance himself from it, only for it to follow him and end up in Scotland. Left Scotland and lived in Germany for a few years to try and start a new life, which never happened. Got into many fights. Mother and Father disowned Troy at the age of 17, for not having a job as he went to college for Engineering. Joined the Mobile Infantry, though Lucy didn't want him to leave. Ended up joining the Engineers, liking the fact that he got to build and blow stuff up and put his Engineering skills to use. Wealth: Scanty [Poor] Other Information: Has been with the Mobile Infantry and Engineering family for two years. Cares about the Engineers as family. He attempts to protect his friends and those that he care about. Character Description: Has an Irish, Scottish, and German accent. Hair would be a twisted knots of brown hair, tends to have a happy, warm smile. Likes to chew gum, mint being his favorite flavor. His favorite drink would be Whiskey. Troy would also be a very easy character to embarrassed if put into certain situations. Alone, he thinks about his deceased sister and misses his only caring family member. Is reckless at some points, optimistic, and also strong. Personal Relationships
  6. Troy Hughes

    Troy Hughes

  7. Troy Hughes

    Troy Hughes

    Maybe he just doesn't give a fuck anymore. Who knows.
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    Troy Hughes

    That's my point, who said they were his friends, not everyone he talks to are his friends.
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    Troy Hughes

    Who said they were my friends?
  10. Troy Hughes

    Troy Hughes

    You've been updated again boi, Holiday
  11. Troy Hughes


    Glad to hear you are okay! And yum, popsicles
  12. Troy Hughes

    Troy Hughes

    Give full names please.
  13. Troy Hughes

    Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker

    Troy Hughes
  14. Troy Hughes

    Quinn Caffrey -- Degenerate Psychic

    Troy? Though we've interacted only a little
  15. Troy Hughes

    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

  16. Troy Hughes

    TACs and Tanks.

    Just, you know, DONT SHOOT MY FOCKIN TANK MATE. You guys don't realize it but when you shoot the tank, it shreds it armor. I understand, made one bad call on a shot but I didn't realize you guys were so fuckin close to the bugs and tank. Also, The tank main gun acts like a howitzer, the round has a tremendous drop once fired as the main gun arcs upwards like a howitzer. So it's hard to support 24/7
  17. Troy Hughes

    Dossier: Dorian Elswood

  18. Troy Hughes

    -The- Medic, Daniel Dumont

    Add Troy, the one that wants to murder your soul
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    Hello, ERP? I require an admin.

    Your picture randy...
  20. Troy Hughes

    Patrick Stevenson

    Troy? Though they never really met or talked I guess
  21. Troy Hughes

    EOD suit can we implemented it?

    That's what EOD suits are for, disposing ordinance. It's not for fighting as it's too cumbersome and just makes you a slow moving target, unlike marauders. Marauders actually have protection. The EOD suit is really built for a blast, not constantly being shot at.
  22. Troy Hughes

    Federal Council Club details.

    Idk who Snow Wolf is honestly
  23. Troy Hughes

    Federal Council Club details.

    Is there anything I can try and help with or do for you guys?
  24. Troy Hughes

    Federal Council Club details.

    Yeah, I'd like to join this. It sounds really cool.
  25. Troy Hughes

    Injury appeal

    Was told to make this appeal. So I wasn't doing anything heroic or stupid as we were fighting bugs on a Cipher drop. He decides to come in with his firefly and kills me and Donovan. Without being asked to roll, he gave me the injury of my leg partly being melted off from the fire. There was really no cover what so ever, completely out in the open.