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    Naomi Reel

    Basic Information: Stands at 5’10”, weighing roughly 120 LBs, has a noticeable French accent. She seems to always be smiling, whether small or large. Name: Naomi Reel Age: 19 D.O.B: 5/19/2279 Gender: Female Affiliation: Mobile Infantry [Traitor] Role(s): Engineer Kin: Unknown Homeworld: Terra Alignment: Hair color: Black Eye color: Hazel Build: A little bulky with noticeable muscles at biceps. Rank: SPC Backstory: Naomi lived on Terra for most of her life, moving to Germany when father found a better job. At age eighteen, she was kicked out of home for wanting to be in the Mobile Infantry and being bisexual. Two things her parents feared. Served one year in the 57th Engineering Corp before transferring to the 112th. Characteristic: Kind, Compassionate, Loving, Deceiving, Protective Wealth: Unknown Other Information: Bisexual, prefers women. Achivements Becoming a SPC in Engineering Helping out friends Neutral Regrets Losing Choi Personal Relationships The following info is written in a diary. The front of the diary reads "Naomi Reel - Do not look." Inside would have pages of peoples names, some people getting multiple pages of info on them and time she spend with them. The hand writing would be in French Cursive, making quite hard to read even to a Frenchie.
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    Ajax Drivas

    Naomi Reel
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    Alvaro Lupinacci

    Naomi Reel :3
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    Delete and Ban

    I'm curious why you deleted a post about a ban appeal, without saying one word. Then completely banning said person, as if they don't exist. Talking to both parties, one that's being accused of an action and one that is accusing said person, just for the simple fact that either of them could lie. This is just a simple fact and looks like you are all hating on one person and beating them out of the community, do you not have any shame? Is this what the admin team is now? Don't delete this topic, lets have an actual conversations and not be little kids.
  5. Troy Hughes

    Engineering Activity Check

    Character Name: Naomi Reel Character Rank: SPC Character patches: SAP, MUNS, SYST Are you currently on LOA: No Date of last login: 15/05/2019
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    Naomi Reel

    @BaroqueBishop Minor update
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    Naomi Reel

    @jtfang@Hecle Added @Faded Updated
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    Naomi Reel

    Full name please
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    Naomi Reel

    Done ❤️
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    Naomi Reel

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    Naomi Reel

    She's added, now add NAOMI TO HER BIO
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    Naomi Reel

    @Eternal Light @Bav You two are added.
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    Naomi Reel

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    Naomi Reel

    Ew, no.
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    Katsuki Ito - Recovering, again.

    Should add the Frenchie Naomi Reel :3
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    Amanda Winters - The Unbroken

    Reel :3
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    Roskana Nejem

    Should add Naomi Reel :p
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    (Suggestion) Two servers for events

    I like this suggestion.
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    Amanda Whitfield

    You should update Reel :3
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    Rowan Burke KIA - 17/05/2299

    Add Troy
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    An idea

    But why should we let it down to someone else's roll, even if they do everything right, they get a shitty roll? Why not add a timer after an injury or take some many wounds. Like a very slow bleed out if someone ignores it.
  22. Troy Hughes

    Lizard Line

    http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Equipment_of_the_Mobile_Infantry#Lizard_Line For those who had a dealing with the Wiki and creating the equipment. Why is it put in as 150 feet of rope, though we are limited to only 50 feet? Just curious.
  23. Troy Hughes

    Lizard Line

    Says it can extend to a max length of 150 feet. You can also retract the same rope so you can reuse it.
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    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Troy Hughes - 8 years of experience - Held rank of Sergeant for two or more months OOCly - Has lived through multiple near death experience and hardened veteran - Also works out in the gym constantly (Can put out rp if you want it constantly)
  25. Troy Hughes

    Shane Emmett

    Add Troy