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    Zealious Edwards

    General Updates
  2. IC: Name: Zealious 'Free Ball' Edwards Physical Age:21 Gender:Male Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Height: 6'2 Weight: 95KG Employment & Background Current Rank: Corporal and Specialist (Engineering) Educational History: (Don't feel obligated to include a large background of knowledge, as a trooper in the MI you likely wouldn't have much experience.) Edwards' has completed all his High School exams and passed with average grades. Criminal Record: None. Employment History: None - Went straight into the Mobile Infantry after finishing High School Service Record: (Previous ranks, positions, specilisations or commendations or other notable marks.) Sergeant and Senior Specialist and DSM OOC: Steam name: Odin Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198115361091/ Length of time on Server: Around a year. Time zone: GMT+0 Current characters on server: Becky Smith and Zealious Edwards Roleplay History: (Brief) I have played on the server for a year and feel I have a grasp of the roleplay and how it is performed on the server I have also played on multiple SWRP servers and Military RP servers and also some Warhammer 40K servers. Roleplay example: (Something your Marauder character would do. Can be off duty or on duty, please note, this will be the level of RP you are expected to provide if chosen for a Marauder.) - Please make sure you hide this behind a spoiler. Thanks! Example: Edwards clock's the movement down the hallway raising his weapon to hip height and began scanning the hallway for movement, he then span up the barrel in anticipation of what was to come he also checked off his ammo counter on his HUD making sure he had a significant amount of rounds for the job that lay ahead, he then uttered the words "Show time."
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    I'm not dead
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Edwards demoted to Corporal
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    day in life of sst admin

    /me Rubs nipples whilst typing kick command Chuckles in Admin "Get gud kid."
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    Vodka fueled PC...

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    Zealious Edwards

    General Updates.
  8. Sgt. Alexander Drexell - Was created for Cipher's PFO but as you stated things happened.
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    Zealious Edwards

    @Fitz Added!
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    Grimm's Grimoire of Food

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    Training Log

    Name: Zealious Edwards Rank: Sergeant Date(GMT/EST): 2298-07-21 Training Premise: Breaching and Sweeping and Clearing in a Urban Environment.
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    Zealious Edwards

    @Medic Added!
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    Zealious Edwards

    @Fitz Added, finally got round to it.
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    Lyndsey 'Lynn' Carter

    Add Zealious Odin !
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    Zealious Edwards

    Diary Update.