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  1. One Austin Korda Please.
  2. Add nash you sexy Asian son of a bitch.
  3. Fill out the below form in order to have your training logged. Date of training: Name: Rank: Certification Received: Instructor(s):
  4. Federal Fleet Training Guidelines This document is meant to guide senior fleet personnel with a standardized training for all fleet cadets, and crewman to further their knowledge in the respective stations. A brief overview will be given, as long a quick test of the information they have just learned. Lastly a simulation or two so the trainee gets comfortable in said station. Navigation's Basic: -Plotting a course to a system. (Planet to Planet) -Plotting a course with an FTL jump. -Entering low/high Orbit -Docking at a Space Station -Combat maneuvers Weaponry Basic: -Calculating Range -Firing the weapon systems -Reloading the weapon systems -Proper ranges for the various weapon systems -Basic Battle tactics Warfare Basic: -Operating the Aegis Self Defense sensor system -Operation the Aegis in a combat environment -Operating the Durendal Scanner Array -Operating the Eclipse Electronic Warfare and Countermeasure suite -Scanning planets, bases, ships, etc. -Combating cyber-warfare basics. Engineering Basic: -Normal ranges for the ships power output -Sub systems -Prioritizing damage reports for engineering to solve -Damage control with fire control systems -Operate as an Air Traffic Controller
  5. One mister commander nash please and thanks.
  6. MARAUDER DESIGNATION APPLICATION IC: Name: Austin Korda Age: 23 Gender: Male Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Height: 6'1 Weight: 190 Employment & Background Current Rank: Pvt. Educational History: High School, Boot camp, CLS, NCO development course. You know normal stuff. Employment History: Enlisted straight out of high school Service Record: Was a sergeant in the 117th, RTO cert, CLS, bunch of other fun cool stuff OOC: Steam name: Jimbow Steam ID: (Get it yourself kris) Length of time on Server: Too long Time zone: EST Current characters on server: Nash, Knocker Roleplay History: Way too much.
  7. [A REPLY TO PETTY OFFICER SETU'S MESSAGE] Petty Officer, I find this message very unnecessary and unprofessional. I myself have talked to Lieutenant Winters. She has assured me that she's going to get it done in a timely manner. In the future I would appreciate it if you left this to myself or the Captain. Jeremy Nash Commander Executive Officer and Weaponry Division CO
  8. Finally stopped being lazy and reformatted it. Updated: @Samikins @Solitaire @BaroqueBishop
  9. Are you ever going to Nash, my love?
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