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  1. 21:19:40 - **Rct. Habib Kubecer does the floss 21:19:43 - Pvt. Peter Quentin: one who die on the field are heros
  2. Name: Isreal Patterson Rank: Ens. Specialization: Fleet Command Physical Description: Sex: M Eyes: Blu. Hair: Br. Height: 5'10'' Age: 25 Yrs. Weight: 185 lbs. Home System: Terra Languages: Standard Terran English (Fluent) Background: Isreal was raised in East London, in the Eastern Hemisphere on Terra. He was raised by an English father and a Jewish mother, who emigrated from the Judaeo-Palestinian region of the world. He was named after the state from where she came from, Isreal. He grew up playing rugby and football with the local street boys, and was very impoverished. His father was a factory worker, and his mother stayed at home. He devoted his life to studying the sciences, with the intention to lift himself out of his impoverished state. He also focused on teaching himself manners (so as to separate himself from his father), and became an apprentice under the Fleet Officer, Sir Arthur Monroe. After showing high proficiency in these fields, he decided to join the Federation Fleet, and attended Universities in Boston and in London during his defense service. After graduating from the Academy, he served as a member of the crew on the AFC BC-117 Audie Murphy, and after the Omega Incident, was transferred to the UCF Ulysses S. Grant. Shortly after, he decided to apply for the Officer Candidacy School. Upon returning from the OCS program, he was designated Ensign under Captain Aramis A. Hux, and assists the Captain in overseeing Bridge Operations.
  3. Qasi's father often sang this song as they were fishing, an old folks song that praises the Sea. (listen at 1.25, it's boring slower) Voice recording of Qasi Name: Qasi Dubois Age: 34 Years Rank: LCPL. Specialization: MI Physical Description: Sex: M Eyes: Br. Hair: Br. Height: 5'10'' Age: 34 Yrs. Weight: 185 lbs. Home System: Terra Languages: Standard Terran English (Fluent), French (Dead Language) (Fluent) Background: Qasi grew up raised by the late Jean V. Dubois, a veteran of the Mobile Infantry, in Senegal, Terra. Growing up in a small fishing village, Qasi was taught the dead language known as French, as well as the standard Terran English by his father, who also served as his teacher. Qasi didn't learn any true life skills except for fishing, and the Moral Philosophy his father often dispensed to him. During this time, he had become accustomed to smoking only Mint Flavored Cigarettes, due to the abundance of Mint in the area. His mother was also a veteran, although she wasn't present for Qasi's life, leading him to assume she died in the field. Qasi didn't know what he could do in Senegal, other than enlist in the Federation Armed Forces. He signed up for every job but Mobile Infantry, but that's what he got. He was stationed on the then Virgin Audie Murphy, where he met fellow recruit Dutch Bower, and befriended him. During the Omega Incident, Qasi lost most of his friends, and his will to serve, retiring at the rank of Private First Class. He traveled to the world of Pallas to pursue a calm fisherman's life, but after the destruction of Terra, Qasi found himself again in an MI Uniform, this time with Marine pattern camouflage and a green beret. Eventually, The Grant would shed itself of its Marine detatchment. Upon returning from medical leave, Dubois decided to switch back to the Mobile Infantry, and accept his new rank as Lance Corporal. Relations
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