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    Brief LOA

    Hello, Steam is being a bitch. Steam cloud is crashing for me and making it difficult to play game's I'd like to play. Secondly, I'm quite busy with new business. Thirdly, p sure the cable company is dicking us in the ass for the new internet plan we paid for. Supposed to be better than what we had originally. It seems to suck ass even worse. Cya's whenever. For now it's Byetime
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    Tom Solomons

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    Good luck and take it easy
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    Any direction?

  5. Showtime

    Any direction?

    Hello, Just making this thread as to ask if anyone know's how to reset the alt+e sit command? Doesn't work for me anymore for some reason. Secondly, how to change the binding for prone from ctrl to w/e. The default key for prone is quite annoying. One tap of ctrl for crouch and release it automatically takes your character to prone. These are probably easy fixes, just not inclined on how to resolve them.
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    Cya, and best of luck.
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    E. Cazernovia

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    Got bored

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    E. Cazernovia

    Update w
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    Alfred C. Smith

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    E. Cazernovia

    Lol, okay not norse
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    Soto's Paintings

    I fucking love the lerwick one
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    E. Cazernovia