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  1. martial arts is a hard thing to retain if you don’t consistently do it. Idk how long basic training is the SST-verse (I’m leaning towards films rather than book, seeing as that’s our primary inspiration), but, speaking from my person experience, between marksmanship, combat conditioning, military customs and courtesies, military tactics, combat care, history, equipment training, etc, it’s not really feasible for every boot to leave basic being a martial arts expert. hell I’ve been involved in various disciplines for over half a decade and I can still get fucked up. plus this is an opt-in program, just like the real world inflicted MCMAP, so, it’s not like we’re forcing people to participate. Just a sort of encouragement for off-drop RP, beyond spending 92% of the time in the bar MCMAP is essential a mixed martial art. our training consists of how to use your rifle in close combat, a knife, a ‘weapon of opportunity’ (ie an object you can find around you), your fists, grappling, etc. it’s pretty much beat into your head that using your fists is a last ditch effort.
  2. It doesn’t seem like that complicated of task, imo. I’m not sure how Silent is going to run it, seeing as he’s the one with Staff approval, but it could be a simple system of: -Allow trusted players to assume position as instructors -Utilize a shared doc or spreadsheet to record training sessions -Once a player meets the assigned requisites, allot them the bonus, and log it. We use the same system for Psychics, after all It’s a simple enough system to both grant a sense of progression to layers beyond promotions, while also encouraging a further amount of interaction between NCOs (Or whoever is assigned as Instructor) and their peers.
  3. Oh, well, sick. If you need any help, I’m open. Currently on a green belt course myself.
  4. So this is just something I’ve been having on my mind. I’ve heard talk of it server-wise, but can’t seem to find any publications of it on the server, and thought it could use some expending upon. So, in my real world experience, rank in the military isn’t necessarily tied to your experience in martial arts prowess. I’ve met staff sergeants who remain grey belts, and I know corporals who are already working on their blacks. Despite this, I don’t necessarily disagree with the current roll system regarding close combat, however, I also believe amendments could be made to encourage both ship based role play, as well as a sense of personal development. Hence forth, I am suggesting the introduction of the Mobile Infantry Martial Arts Program, or simply MIMAP. Heavily inspired (you mean ripped?) from the USMC’s martial arts program, MIMAP would cover a variety of armed and unarmed martial arts, ranging from knife and rifle techniques, joint manipulation, and good old pugilism. Bonuses to close combat rolls would be granted on a belt based system. These would not stack with rank-based rolls, with the later holding directive over belt-based rolls (ex: a PFC holding Grey Belt is granted a roll bonus of +15, rather than the typical +10. Once reaching the rank of LCpl, this bonus remains +15, and, upon reaching Cpl, will follow the typical +20, assuming they haven’t chosen to belt up). I believe this system can hold some advantages, in terms of both realism and roleplay opportunities. Having a tangible benefit can encourage players to ‘PT’ or train in their off time in pursuit of a belt, while also providing NCOs who opt in as instructors with the opportunity to run martial arts courses. This is simply a concept system, and I’m entirely open to discussion. Or the idea sucks and I’m gay
  5. Exporting a VTF into JPEG, PNG, etc then reimporting it is generally an effective way to cut down on file size
  6. Update 1: Whatever Title I Can't Think of One -Added Hawthorne (@Coleision) -Added Claire (@Silent) -Added Dunn (@Pundii) -Added Psyche Report Update -Changed FC Photos -Reduced SMG TTK
  7. One thing I really like creating is culture groups (Cause, y’know, it’s nearly been 300 years, new cultures tend to form). For inspiration, I tend to look to history, cause, surprise, Humans are a very diverse and interesting people. As vague as it is, I’ll often select a random Wikipedia page, and click through until something sets off my creative juices. So far my first lore-contribution, the Desorics, was largely inspired by reading Wikipedia articles on Jewish Discrimination and the Black Irish, among other subjects. A lot of thing can be easily tweaked to fit within the SST universe, so finding inspiration in the lore of real life, and other media, is a really big aid, at least to me.
  8. We really using screenshots in a competition for $50
  9. Well we’re leaving Twentynine earlier so. Yay I guess. Will probably be on regularly starting this weekend. LOA over. Who even noticed.
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