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  1. Delilah Blaise Appearance The Sweet Tunes General Information :: Full Name: Delilah Rosa Blaise :: Nickname(s): N/A :: Age: 20 :: Date of Birth: March 4th, 2278 :: Federation Service Initiated: May 12th, 2298 :: Home World/Colony: Pallas :: Nationality: Desoric :: Military Role: Combat Medical Technician :: Military Rank: Specialist Third Class :: Status: Active :: Relationship Status: Single :: Previous Relationships of Notice: None Appearance :: Hair Style: Medium length. Parted :: Hair Color: Black :: Eye Color: Hazel :: Height: 5'11" (170cm) :: Weight: 132 lb (59.8kg) :: Facial Features: Blemish free, save for the occasional freckle. Small scar beneath left jawline. :: Body Features: Very pale skin tone. Minor scarring located along the back of the neck. Psychology Tarot Reading Psyche Report Background Personal History Family :: Augustin Lilian Blaise– Father - Alive :: Lena Maitre Blaise – Mother - Alive Miscellaneous Information :: Religious Views: Agnostic (Firm believer in 'Essence') :: Known Languages: English (Native), French (Conversational) :: Hobbies/Occupations: Writing, Sewing, Guitar :: Highest Attained Education: High School Degree Relationship Information ◈ Loved | ◈Idolized | ◈Close Friends | ◈Friends | ◈Liked | ◈Noticed ◈Disliked |◈Hated | ◈Enemies Mobile Infantry Engineering Detachment Medical Detachment Marauder Detachment MIPOD
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    Applications of interest, Status: OPEN

    --- APPLICATION - - OOC SECTION - Steam Name: HoneyElk Steam I.D.: STEAM_0:0:54665548 Length of time on the Server: ~50 Hours (~100 hours, first SSt iteration) Length of time RPing: ~6 years of Gmod Serious RP, ~8 years of chat-based RP, ~5 years of forum-based RP Time-Zone: Pacific Standard Time ( -8 GMT) How active are you?: Most evenings, weekends - What is your backstory that would make you believe that your character was a Psychic? OR Why would the Federation believe you were a Psychic as a child?: Blaise was born within a Desoric enclave, upon the colony of Pallas. The isolated nature of the enclave meant very limited intervention was conducted by the Federation. Newborns were typically cataloged in the nearest UCF hospital, administered basic test and screenings, and returned to their respective community, with little in the way of monitoring or screenings. Even in education, involvement by the Federation was scarce, lingering only to carry out the typical standardized testing. Due to this limited exposure, and an overall fear of the outside, Federal society, Blaise was hesitant to openly express any thoughts or concerns regarding her feelings. Test results were inconclusive, retroactively attributed to faulty machinery. For all intents and purposes, by Federal results, Blaise was a typical, if somewhat awkward, civilian. Despite this, Blaise felt that something was off regarding her mental state. The young Desoric demonstrated an extremely precise ability in regards to reading one's emotional state, even that of strangers. In her teenager years, Blaise became a common volunteer at her community's clinic, where her touch was renown among her fellow Desorics, for its ability to set even the most anxious of souls at rest. Though most simply accredited this ability to refined social skills and a 'magic touch', Blaise felt off. Fearful to seek a diagnosis outside her secure Enclave. in regards to her Desoric ethnicity, the young woman instead pursued enlistment within the Mobile Infantry, both as a mean of breaking the negative notions of her people, as well as to seek greater information into her condition. Early off in her tenure of basic training, the Desoric's instructors were quick to note her ability to unite and inspire her fellow recruits, passing the information along justly. Following the conclusion of her platoons period of training, Blaise would instead be transferred to a psychic screening and development unit, where her abilities would be rightly recorded and influenced. Write out a situation in which you would have to use one of your abilities?: The drop was like any other. A search and destroy, encompassing some bombed out city, on a bombed out colony, in the swatch of space just waiting to be bombed out. Urban combat was harsh, close, deadly. Vantage points afforded a variety of positions for enemy snipers, and the overarching windows and roof tops were a birthday party for ambushes. Despite the efforts of military intelligence, the environment was ever changing, enemy positions altering on an hourly basis. The entirety of the 112th had been assigned to this urban sprawl, each platoon combing block after block. Despite their size and support, the units were quickly amassing casualties, the aforementioned snipers and ambushes wearing down the large rifle platoons. Blaise's unit was no different. Luck seemed to smile upon the Desoric's unit, however. Following a brief engagement with an insurgent fire team, Blaise and Co were left with a single enemy POW, one that had been badly wounded in the firefight. Despite the MI's effort to address the Innie's soon-to-be-fatal condition, the prisoner was uncooperative, kicking and lashing out at the attending medics with whatever energy and vigor they had left. Blaise, one of the respective medics, turned to her respective squad leader, offering to try her own hand. With nothing else to lose, and time a precious commodity, the Corporal permitted it. As the flailing insurgent was restrained, Blaise extended a hand, palm pressing gently upon the man's forehead. With a set of clenched eyes, the Medic began projecting a variety of comforting images. A blooming meadow, the laughter of a friend, the touch of a lover. The Medic was visibly strained, her subject clearly aware of her intentions. But as time passed, the sensations mounted. The warm thoughts of home had worked their magic. The insurgent, once a thrashing dissident, now lie a sedated pupil. As the attending medics worked their magic, Blaise fared little better. The strain of the act induced a piercing headache upon the young psychic. Finishing their duties, the team began their interrogation of the stabilized insurgent. Despite the lovely sensations projected forth, the rebel was far from cooperative. Physical incentives were out of the question, the prisoners condition far too delicate. With deadlines to reach, Blaise, still frazzled and worn, offered her services once more. Though dangerous, the Corporal was unwilling to risk continuing forth blind. Laying a hand against the Insurgent's brow, the Psychic thought long and hard. A strained croak erupted from her lips, posture beginning to tremble. Her opponent, despite a valiant defense, began to incur a toll. Flashes of morbid imagery, tingles of loneliness and hopelessness, fear and death shock him to his core. The once proud rebel was rendered a quivering wreck, pleads of mercy crying out between sobs. As the order was given to halt, Blaise nearly collapsed, bloodshot eyes accompanying her twisted, worn appearance. As the quivering rebel rambled on and on of sniper nests and choke points, the haggard Blaise staggered past. Between drilling headaches and an overarching sense of nausea, the Psychic was far from fine. Despite the gravity of her conditions, the Medic was forced to soldier on. As the last city blocks were swiftly cleared (No doubt in thanks to the Psychic’s labors), Blaise could only imagine the warm bed, and stern debriefing, that awaited her. --- - IC Section - Name: Delilah R. Blaise Age: 20 D.O.B.: March 4th, 2278 Sex: Female Physical Description: A young, Desoric woman, she stands at a modest 5'7", with a light, but healthy build. Her hair is cut short, a slightly messy head of dark blue-black hair. Her skin is a pale white, complimented by deep, dark blue irises. The woman's face is clean, relatively free of any marks or blemishes, besides the occasional freckle. - If Applicable - Current Rank: 3SPC Education History: High School Graduate Criminal Record: 1x Count of Loitering Employment History: Volunteer at local Desoric clinic, from ages 15 to 19 Service Record: -Completion of Basic Training -Completion of Basic Medical Aid Course -Assignment to 112th BN, 182nd Medical DET
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    STEAM NAME / ALIASES: HoneyElk STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:54665548 SERVER TIME: (ESTIMATE) ~50 Hours (~100 on first SST iteration) ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: ~6 years of Gmod Serious RP, ~8 years of chat-based RP, ~5 years of forum-based RP MEDICAL ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: Previously a member of Medical (SPC Riley Atkins) AVAILABILITY: (ESTIMATE) Most evenings (PST), Weekends CHARACTER COUNT: (MAX 3) 1 IC SECTION NAME: (LAST, FIRST MIDDLE INITIAL) Blaise, Delilah, R AGE: 20 RACE: Caucasian SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'7" WEIGHT: 132lb BLOOD TYPE: A Pos RANK: Private LEVEL OF EDUCATION: High School Diploma, CPR Certified CRIMINAL RECORD: 1x Count of Loitering, MEDICAL RECORD: 20/40 Vision (Correctable via glasses) DATE OF ENLISTMENT: June 2nd, 2298
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    Player Competition! #1

    I’m about to publish a page today. Can I get a late participation medal edit do i win http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Desorics
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    Wendell Cheslock ~ Ka-Boom

    Update 2: Attack of the Shameless Bump -Organized Relationships -Added Hawthorne, Redbrick and Squires
  6. I'll take an excuse to talk about my characters, any day. So Cheslock was born into a rather typical family of Citizens. None were entirely gung-ho about service to the Federation, and primarily attained the title of 'Citizen' for the fiscal and educational benefits, among other things. Military service was never looked down upon, but it wasn't high on the list of options either. Simply a choice in a sea of options. Cheslock was never an incredibly patriotic or athletic figure. He had grips with the Federation, but they were nuanced and minor at best. His original plan was to simply attend college in order to pursue a career in chemical engineering, which was, in turn, to be used to pursue in career in . Though I haven't explicitly stated Cheslock as having any sort of mental disability, I've more or less played him as a very OCD, ADD-like figure. Unable to attend specialized, high-end universities due to high tutition, Cheslock originally attended community college, but found the menial book work boring and difficult to follow on. Combined with his separation from his father's construction firm thanks to an accidental demolition on a site (An scenario that was thankfully swept under the rug by his father), Cheslock found an opportunity to both gain tuition needed to attend an appropriate university, as well as cater to his interests in demolitions and general engineering through the Mobile Infantry. Cheslock was born more or less as a tribute to the character "Wendy Cheslock" from Valkyria Chronicles (Wendell, Wendy, eh? Eh?), an explosive-obsessed shut-in, but obviously had to be tweaked in order to fit in with the more "realistic" setting of SST. He is still very early in his development, but I'm hoping that his exposure to the culture and chaos of the Mobile Infantry will lead to some expansion in his status as a former recluse, and show that there's more to his role than "making things go boom".
  7. MIA during the Battle of Stalingrad. Presumed dead
  8. For my current character, Wendell Cheslock, I have him written as the only one in his immediate family to have entered military service via the Mobile Infantry, despite everyone in his family being citizens/in the process of attaining citizenship. Robert Heinlein, author of Starship Troopers, stated that only about 5% of people attain "Veteran" (The novel's equivalent of Citizenship) status through direct military service, with the vast majority instead attaining it through other civil service. While this is a debated statement (And the fact we're based upon the movie rather than the novel), it did get me thinking as to other ways one might attain Citizenship. Cheslock's dad, for instance, went most of his early adult life without citizenship, managing a private construction firm. Following destruction in the colonies from one of the many Bug conflicts, in chose to devote his company to repair and rebuilding efforts, at great financial cost. While not risking life or limb, his decision sacrificed much profit and time, and demonstrated his willingness to support the Federation. On another hand, Cheslock's sister, while not a member of a military branch, instead works in a Federation R&D department, designing and testing explosives. All though she isn't on front line service, I'd imagine her (And many others supporting the war effort) would be considered worthy of Citizenship for their devotion to sustaining the Federation. However, I believe it should be expected that her service may be much longer than Cheslock's on, due to the difference in sacrifices the two risk (One being energy and time, and the other being life and limb). It's in my belief that any sort of service that benefits the Federation and its people, alongside just what exactly is being risked and sacrificed, can warrant Citizenship. After all, one of the reasons we were able to assure ourselves a victory in WWII was not only the actions of generals and troopers, but the production, development and support of those on the homefront.
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    Wendell Cheslock ~ Ka-Boom

    Update 1: The Korean Menace -Added Izla and Madoc -Added bio -Changed theme (to something less edgy lol)
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    Elk's Occasional Photoshop Stuff

    Every now and then I do some random shit in Photoshop about my/others SST characters, so, here's a dump Ink Splatters Character Gifs (Credits to cat danny 25 for the later two characters)
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    SST Quotes Thread

  12. Wendell Cheslock Appearance The Sweet Tunes General Information :: Full Name: Wendell Hyon Cheslock :: Nickname(s): Wendy, Ches :: Age: 23 :: Date of Birth: June 24th, 2275 :: Federation Service Initiated: October 23rd, 2297 :: Home World/Colony: Earth :: Nationality: Korean-American :: Military Role: Combat Engineer :: Military Rank: Specialist Second Class :: Status: Active :: Relationship Status: Single :: Previous Relationships of Notice: None Appearance :: Hair Style: Medium length. Parted :: Hair Color: Black :: Eye Color: Hazel :: Height: 5'11" (180cm) :: Weight: 162 lb (73.4kg) :: Facial Features: Angular features. Clean-shaven appearance. Often seen with 'eye black' markings :: Body Features: Pale skin tone and clear complexion. Occasionally scratches or red marks along forearms Psychology Tarot Reading Psyche Report Background Personal History Family :: Emerson Lahaye Cheslock – Father - Alive :: Esther Yeun Cheslock – Mother - Alive :: Wendy Auvray Cheslock – Sister - Alive Miscellaneous Information :: Religious Views: Atheist :: Known Languages: English (Native), Korean (Proficient) :: Hobbies/Occupations: Reading (Westerns), Cooking, Camping :: Highest Attained Education: Associates Degree (Incomplete) Relationship Information ◈ Loved | ◈Idolized | ◈Close Friends | ◈Friends | ◈Liked | ◈Noticed ◈Disliked |◈Hated | ◈Enemies Mobile Infantry Engineering Detachment Medical Detachment Marauder Detachment MIPOD