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    Charlotte 'Morrígan' Byrd

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    Charlotte 'Morrígan' Byrd

    Nawh fam she good.
  3. Name: Charlotte Byrd Aliases: Call sign Morrígan, those close to her get away with Lottie. Rank: LT. Age: 27 Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Blood type: O Place of Birth: Wick, Scotland Status: Alive Marital Status: Engaged Family: Valentine Byrd (Mother), Russell Byrd (Father), William Byrd (Younger brother) Known languages: English, British and American Sign Language, tiny amount of French and German. Mental Illnesses: N/a Physical Disabilities: Two biotech legs, right leg is biotech just above the knee down, and the left mid thigh down. Personality: She's hot headed, and quick to insult. It's difficult to get onto her good side, but when you're there she's a friend for life. She's loyal to a fault when you're on her good side, and quick to defend those she has decided are worth the effort. This isn't to say she's cold hearted, she's got a great, if not a little dark, sense of humour, and she's rarely vicious. Just... Brash. Maybe don't approach her if you're easy to offend. Height: 5'3” Weight: 120lbs Hair colour: Brunette. Short cut, cropped at the back to no more than a couple of inches, front tends to be a little longer. Usually looks like she's suffering major bed-head. Eye colour: Blue Other physical traits: Her left arm holds a sleeve tattoo, the top of which extends across her shoulder blade at the back, and a little over her chest at the front. It's a mish mash of various designs, zodiac's, myths from her home, animals and a few quotes laced in. Brief History: Relationships: Love|Close Friends|Friends|Acquaintance|Dislike|Hate| Jacqueline Melodie The light of my damn life. I've loved nothing more than watchin' her grow and smile. She's overcome all kinds of difficult times, and I'd like to hope I helped at least a lil' bit. Plus she can bench press me, which is pretty hot. Sebastian Bently I like him. He doesn't get all prissy when I ain't to serious around the place, and he has a nifty as fuck bandicoot, that wee thing is pretty sweet. Makes me wonder what kind of weird beastie I can get away with smuggling in...
  4. Denied Character would not be old enough to have served their two years.