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  1. Josephine Drehd

    @Fitz Im on LOA you little shit
  2. Are traps gay?

  3. Josephine Drehd - Kraegus - Base +10

    Im on LOA @El Excellente
  4. It's like deja vu Just gonna say that there is a fine gap between being the soft NCO Fitz is talking about and being the obnoxious asshole NCO that no one likes nor is helpful. The 'perfect' NCO, as Archer is talking about, seems a bit hard to come by as you can easily fall over the edge into the latter category (as he already pointed out somewhat). Doesn't mean you shouldn't try and become the ' 'perfect NCO' ', but you should be careful about doing so. But yeah, NCOs now are a wee bit soft, which is rich coming from me, a guy who wants everyone to like him and his characters.
  5. Taking an LOA.

    Take care Xal, I hope you get some much needed RnR
  6. bruh what

    They are putting shit in the water. They put estrogen in the water, which fucks with the frogs brains, turning them gay. THEY ARE PUTTING CHEMICALS IN THE WATER THAT TURN THE FRICKEN FROGS GAY!
  7. Sign you name in the comments if you want cyber-pussies and robo-cocks. We want biotech genitalia.
  8. Another LOA, yay

    K papa Russia
  9. Another LOA, yay

    My grades suck My emotions suck I'm in constant physical and emotional pain My sleep schedule is fucked I have a presentation and a final on the same day next week Lot of external and internal screaming Lowkey wish I was dead Life is hell, Ill be back in a few weeks after I have my shit together.
  10. Fruit salad

    I should be worried about you, but I'm not.
  11. Hobby Thread

  12. Hobby Thread

    I never claimed to be a saint. Tbh pretty fucked in the head. Anyways, who am I to turn a man/woman who needs their JO material? I aim to please.
  13. Hobby Thread

    10-4, tell them happy hunting