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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Helena Clenmore, redneckrOadkill, GMT -8
  2. redneckrOadkill

    Combat Engineer Training Guide [New]

    I can't see the third item down for Systems Also, no APC?
  3. redneckrOadkill

    Dossier: Clenmore

    Updated this after a LONG TIME....
  4. redneckrOadkill

    How does Gmod look so good in this? (And why can't SSTRP?)

    I never played in a community called AIG, I did AlteredRP, Explosive Pineapples, and a little Hammerfall but no AIG before .net
  5. redneckrOadkill

    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Rosalind Gastubashi Physical Age: 24 Race: Japanese/German Heritage Gender: Female Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Black Height: 5 Foot, 3 Inches Weight: 164 Pounds Employment & Background Current Rank: Private First Class Educational History: l Graduate of the Roosevelt Academy of Federal Education (High School, GPA 3,1) l Former Master Specialist of Engineering Criminal Record: No Civilian Record, One Count of accidental harm to a civilian on Service Record. Employment History: l Internship at the Vaanen Tech Firm: February 24 2295- September 31 2295 l Summer Job with the Martinez Family Construction Company: June to August for the years 2292, 2293, 2294 Service Record: Former Master Specialist of Engineering under Lerwick, to prove her capability as a systems technician, she once combined the Standard Issued PDA and Brick Portable Computer to create a wrist mounted hybrid. OOC: Character's College Explanation: No Previous College Education Server Time: 1.5-2 Years Roleplay History: 4 Years of Military Roleplay (Halo, SST, 40k)
  6. redneckrOadkill

    Share Your spotify.me Stats

  7. redneckrOadkill

    [TRASHED] Gastubashi PK Reversal

    Like the other reversals, I am open to your thoughts
  8. Name: Rosalind Gastubashi (Killed: February 20th, 2017/2297) How they died: Crushed by a Royal after running from the group during a Evac to buy them time to escape at the end of a mission to rescue a Fleet Officer stranded on a bug-infested planet. Why you think the PK should be reversed: This PK was deliberate at the time because I felt un-interested in the Character, but for some time after the PK, I realized that it was not a dis-interest in her, but rather me burning out from RP at the time. Gastubashi was my first character on this server and I have a lot of good memories with her, but instead of announcing a LOA and taking time off, I made a rash decision and killed her off, leaving her story to end on a unsatisfactory note. But with this chance, I hope to continue the story and end it in a way that can feel more belonging to a character like this.
  9. redneckrOadkill

    Webm and MP4 Thread

    Post vids you want to share. https://streamable.com/gcc4x
  10. redneckrOadkill

    A Collection of Images of Fat Mice

    Now this is a FAT LAD!!
  11. redneckrOadkill


    Yesterday we desecrated a Skinny War Memorial.
  12. redneckrOadkill

    Is the Marauder faction a cult?

    @HazyDay Can you clear this up?
  13. redneckrOadkill

    Lyndsey 'Lynn' Carter

  14. redneckrOadkill

    Franklyn Holland - Beatnik