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  1. redneckrOadkill

    The PAC Collective

    Post them now
  2. redneckrOadkill

    The PAC Collective

    Here are three previous PAC Threads that are on the Forums
  3. redneckrOadkill

    The PAC Collective

    It would be nice if anyone with the Biotech PACs can post them here.
  4. redneckrOadkill

    The PAC Collective

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/uhj1ol0iugssbka/MI Uniforms.zip?dl=0 These are all of our MI Uniform Assets Folder 1 is the Original One (Armor and Offduty Models with Berets) Folder 2 is the one with the Dress Uniforms and Undergarment Models
  5. redneckrOadkill

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Helena Clenmore, redneckrOadkill, GMT -8
  6. redneckrOadkill

    Combat Engineer Training Guide [New]

    I can't see the third item down for Systems Also, no APC?
  7. redneckrOadkill

    Dossier: Clenmore

    Updated this after a LONG TIME....
  8. redneckrOadkill

    How does Gmod look so good in this? (And why can't SSTRP?)

    I never played in a community called AIG, I did AlteredRP, Explosive Pineapples, and a little Hammerfall but no AIG before .net
  9. redneckrOadkill

    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Rosalind Gastubashi Physical Age: 24 Race: Japanese/German Heritage Gender: Female Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Black Height: 5 Foot, 3 Inches Weight: 164 Pounds Employment & Background Current Rank: Private First Class Educational History: l Graduate of the Roosevelt Academy of Federal Education (High School, GPA 3,1) l Former Master Specialist of Engineering Criminal Record: No Civilian Record, One Count of accidental harm to a civilian on Service Record. Employment History: l Internship at the Vaanen Tech Firm: February 24 2295- September 31 2295 l Summer Job with the Martinez Family Construction Company: June to August for the years 2292, 2293, 2294 Service Record: Former Master Specialist of Engineering under Lerwick, to prove her capability as a systems technician, she once combined the Standard Issued PDA and Brick Portable Computer to create a wrist mounted hybrid. OOC: Character's College Explanation: No Previous College Education Server Time: 1.5-2 Years Roleplay History: 4 Years of Military Roleplay (Halo, SST, 40k)
  10. redneckrOadkill

    Share Your spotify.me Stats

  11. redneckrOadkill

    Webm and MP4 Thread

    Post vids you want to share. https://streamable.com/gcc4x
  12. redneckrOadkill

    A Collection of Images of Fat Mice

    Now this is a FAT LAD!!
  13. redneckrOadkill


    Yesterday we desecrated a Skinny War Memorial.