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    Alice Taylor; The useful Taylor

    Alice Taylors Relations Benjamin ‘Ben’ Taylor [Family]; Lowell Hartwick [Sergeant];
  2. Basic Information Name: Alice Taylor Place of Birth: Chesterfield, England. Terra. Date of Birth: 24/04/2280 Age: 18 Gender: Female Physical Description: Height: 5’10” Weight: 155lbs. Hair Colour: Brown Eye Colour: Blue Description: At 5’10 Ms. Taylor is as young as she looks, 18. Her general physique is mesomorphic with a fairly sturdy build. Her typical grays are accented with the usual patches as well as a few MIPOD patches. Other than that there’s nothing distinct, she’s just another regular trooper blending into the mix. Military Information Rank: 3Spc / PFC Branch: MIPOD Date of Enlistment: 01/07/2298 Years of Service: 0 Service Record: Enlisted // Discovered psychic Underwent psychic assessment // Deemed low level Inducted into MIPOD Basic Training // 3 months Basic Psyops Training // 2 months Made 3Spc Transferred // 112th MIPOD Division Personal Information Family: Mary Taylor, Mother, 43. [DECEASED] Jack Taylor, Father, 46. [DECEASED] Benjamin Taylor, 23. [ALIVE] Backstory: Born and raised in a middle class family on Terra, Alice was the second child to be raised by Mary and Jack Taylor, two ex-Mobile Infantrymen. She had a fairly calm, peaceful upbringing, loved a lot by his parents, and older brother, Benjamin. Growing up, Alice was quite ignorant to the galaxy, only ever hearing about war and combat through FedNet or stories told briefly by her parents. This, however, all changed in December of 2297 when Terra was attacked and destroyed by the Progenitors. Being the only one of her family to escape alive, her parents both dying there, she fled to Sanctuary and managed to find her brother, Benjamin. Together, Alice and her Brother would spend several months living on Iskander, where Alice was moved back into High School to pick up and finish her Education, graduating from school that Summer. By the time she had finished, her Brother had left Iskander to rejoin the Infantry, leaving her to live on her own for some months, getting by with money given to her by Benjamin, along with the money from her parent’s will. In July, Alice finally decided to enlist into the Infantry, being sent off to Boot Camp midway through the month and graduating at the start of March. Other Information: N/A Relations will be in the replies, don't expect me to do them religiously. - Thanks for reading.
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    Stepping Away.

    But legit. Gonna miss you being in charge buddy. o7
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    Charles McCulloch

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    Charles McCulloch

    Backstory & Background Files Military Intelligence Character File:
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    Charles McCulloch

    Name - Charles McCulloch Age - Twenty One Sex - Male Affiliation - Federation Martial Status - Unmarried Homeworld - Durham, England, Terra Hair Color - Brown Eye Color - Green Rank - Third Specialist Platoon - 112th Villains, Marauder Detachment Date Enlisted - February 4th, 2295
  7. [Transmission from a Federal Planetary scout drone along the SQZ.] >>//transsmissionFPSDR-3185472658//SQZB-Pl-3124586645//<< >>//SQZB-Pl-3124586645-Reached//Trjectory:Optimal//<< >>//scanningATMOSCOMP//CH4:23%//N:73%//Ar:3%//Trace:1%//<< >>//EMscanning//anomaly detected//<< >>//PRB-01-dispatched//<< >>//PRB-01-landed//<< >>//PRB-01-data//Recieved//<< >>//PRB-01-data//ATMOSCOMP//CORRUPTED:100%//<< >>//PRB-01-data//EMscan//CORRUPTED:99%//<< >>//PRB-01-data//RecoveryStarted//<< >>//PRB-01-data//EMscan//CORRUPTED:85%//<< >>//PRB-01-data//analysing-data//<< >>//PRB-01-data//CORRUPTED: aHR0cHM6Ly9pLmltZ3VyLmNvbS93c1hveGZmLnBuZw==//Sent//<< >>//PRB-01-data//IMG:https://i.imgur.com/bymIkK6.mp4//AUDIO:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1OjJAQWpbA&amp;t=2171s//Sent//<< [There'll be a drop tomorrow pertaining to this at 9:00GMT; 4:00EST Tomorrow]
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  9. Approved, Please speak to a Specialist or above for Induction lessons. -Lt. John York
  10. Approved, Please speak to a Specialist or above for Induction lessons. -Lt. John York
  11. Approved, Please speak to a Specialist or above for Induction lessons. -Lt. John York