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  1. Approved, Please speak to a Specialist or above for Induction lessons. -2Lt. John York
  2. Pretty simple my Engineering lot. If you want to hang onto your Engineer post below. If you fail to post and come back later down the line with a valid reason you can gain your engineer back with only a drop to rank at worst.
  3. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Division Commanding Officer Lt. John York @Argon (GMT) Division Executive Officer And Training Staff Master Specialist [N/A] Senior Specialist Kyril Layland @Cipher (GMT) Troy Hughes @Troy Hughes (GMT -5) Specialist Charles Timms @Wewai (GMT +1) Second Specialist Kyle O'Reilly @alright sassy (N/A) Samantha Ruse @Marcus(GMT -5) Third Specialist Frank Esposito @Centrix (N/A) Serq Amenhotep @malutukilo (N/A) James K. Anderson @Lalatina (GMT -5) LOA Ottilie Kittel @Derpytoast (GMT -5) David Ondřej @Ansty (N/A) Devin Saiphan @saiphun987 (GMT +6) Lawrence Chandler @Zeppy (GMT -5) Sam Carter @Tridon (N/A) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If your name, rank, certifications, timezone or forum name are incorrect or not given. Please respond bellow. Thank you - Argon. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. Approved, Please speak to a Specialist or above for Induction lessons. -2Lt. John York
  5. Two notes sit on the doors of Engineering and Marauders. They read as follows: Engineering Bay Doors Note: Marauder Bay Doors Notes: (OOC: Hi, this is to be being held at around 1:00pm to 2:00pm EST, which is around 6:00 BST/GMT. It is a mandatory thing and we do want as many people for this as we can, hope to see you all there. )
  6. Approved, Please speak to a Specialist or above for Induction lessons. -2Lt. John York
  7. Approved, Please speak to a Specialist or above for Induction lessons. -2Lt. John York
  8. Approved, I'm feeling nice and you did show some potential, so you have one final shot. Please speak to a Specialist or above for Induction lessons. -2Lt. John York
  9. Argon

    John York

    @Admyral Joe - Updated the red head @Maple Leaf Moosefucker - Updated the red shirt @Lalatina - Added the token asian Psychic @StevieJr - Added a final not to Chev @HazyDay - Added Archer and a final note for Bailey Drop a note if you wish to be added
  10. Approved, Please speak to a Specialist or above for Induction lessons. -2Lt. John York Approved, Please speak to a Specialist or above for Induction lessons. -2Lt. John York
  11. Argon

    Engineering Evolution

    @Hicks @Cipher @Silent @Cody Howard @Odin @Troy Hughes @Tridon @Zeppy @Mr. Wolf @alright sassy @Soaps @Wewai @Soapy Soap @redneckrOadkill @Coleision @saiphun987 @Ansty You lot are the important ones that should read.
  12. For the people who will now be finding themselves in a position where they have to train. All of the guides needed for training are located within the engineering detachment subpage although do not limit yourself to this. You will be rewarded for thinking outside the box and training on things that require reading between the lines. Sapper logs: Munitions Logs: EOD logs: Systems logs: MEC Logs:
  13. The method and structure of Engineering from here on out Hi so today is the day we move to step two of my previous engineer related post. So time to give the specific details of how engineering has changed. First let me rip the bandaid off, if you are above the rank of specialist you are now a specialist again. Now, what does that mean now. Well ranks are now based on RP quality, not how many certifications you have. Certifications will now designate that you have shown you can RP certain fields of being an engineer well, AKA NCOs can rely on someone with certain certs to do their jobs with next to zero issue. Loadouts, certain pieces of equipment and the basic entry level knowledge to be an engineer will also be changing. Your roles on drops should not be, other than it is now your job to deal with any wire puzzles that are put before you. Ranks, their meanings and their responsibilities: Certification additions and their Responsibilities: The general loadout of an engineer: On field jobs: The new entry level knowledge required to be a Third Specialist: TL;DR: Added notes: -Systems documents are not all finished so for now systems work is mostly the same as before.
  14. [MEC] The KN-1 “Gecko” and You The KN-1 "Gecko" is an armored personnel carrier (APC), a type of armored fighting vehicle designed to transport infantry to the battlefield. APCs are colloquially referred to as 'battle taxis' or 'battle buses', among other things. Armored personnel carriers are distinguished from infantry fighting vehicles by the weaponry they carry. In this case, the KN-1 "Gecko" does not have any armaments as standard but comes with a mounting position for a Morita MKIII SAW. KN-1 "Gecko" Armored Personnel Carrier specifications and features Dimensions Weight - 13.5 tonnes (13.3 long tons; 14.9 short tons) Length - 7.5m (25ft) Width - 2.9m (9ft 6in) Height - 2.77m (9ft 1in) Crew Capacity: One driver - drives the APC, which requires simple vehicle training Nine passengers - One (1) passenger seat next to the driver and eight (8) seats in the rear of the vehicle. The tank can hold more passengers within the main body if required but this could cause issues with deployment times due to spacing. Armament: None. Attachment point for pintle-mounted Morita MKIII SAW. Mobility: XA-840 engine - - 8 in-line cylinders. - Turbo-charged. - Charge-air cooler. - Multi-fuel system. - XA-840 statistics; 451 hp (336.311 kW) at 2300 rpm, max torque 3430 Nm at 1700 rpm Power/weight ratio: 33.40 hp/tonne Suspension: Individual wheel suspension system featuring parabolic leaf-springs with hydraulic shock absorbers Speed: 100+ km/h on land, 10 km/h in water Armor: Nano-lattice reinforced, ceramic composite, titanium-[REDACTED] alloy armor plating. At least 10mm thick. Recent technological advancement allows the fitting of relatively thick armor plating while still maintaining low overall vehicle weight. This high level of armor allows the vehicle to withstand fire from most Federal standard infantry armaments, not including dedicated anti-armor weaponry. The entirety of the vehicle is covered in armor plating of at least 10mm of thickness. The front is further reinforced with an additional 3mm of armor. The windows are reinforced, bulletproof, clear ceramic blocks. The underside of the vehicle is mine-strengthened and, as such, features a very high survival rate against anti-vehicle, armor piercing mines, reaching as high as 98% crew survivability. Usually, however, it is often the case that after being hit by such munitions the vehicle will require repairs as these kinds of explosions inflict moderate to severe damage to the vehicle's underside and therefore its steering and drivetrains. Operation of the KN-1 "Gecko" Armored Personnel Carrier: The KN-1 "Gecko", like most APCs, is handled the same as the majority of regular manual transmission heavy goods vehicles. In regular circumstances, the vehicle should not be operated by anyone without a license, however, it may occur during field operations and deployments that license holding personnel are not always available, therefore necessitating the need for unlicensed personnel to command the vehicle.