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  1. Approved, Please speak to a Senior Specialist or above for Induction. -TSgt. J York
  2. Argon

    Change the server name!

    I'd actually agree... Kinda, server name is fine it's just the gamemode name 'sstrp2' is rather, uncaptivating and implies this is a test gamemode. I could see myself missing it when I scroll through the server browser. Might be better to call it '.Nets Starship Troopers RP' or 'Dot-Nets Starship Troopers RP' Or just something other than sstrp2. That's my little piece, but i don't think this change would have much of a quantifiable effect.
  3. Approved, Please speak to a Senior Specialist or above for Induction. -TSgt. J York
  4. Argon

    John York

    - Done. Sorry I didn't do this sooner. I must have missed it in my notifications.
  5. Argon

    John York

    Theme: Face Claim: General Info: Name: John York Race: Caucasian Gender: Male Age: 26 Height: 6'0" Weight: 170 lbs Hair Colour: Brown Eye Colour: Green P.O.B: Queens, New York, Terra Accent: American, Non-specific. Economic Status: Middle Class Sexual Orientation: Hetrosexual Relationship Status: In a relationship Quote: Family: (Mother) Amy York: Citizen, 41, Deceased (Father) Nathan York: Citizen, 39, Deceased (Sister) Jennifer York: Citizen, 21, Alive Personality (Onship): Curious, Comedic Personality (On-Mission): Alert, Calm General Info: York usually hangs around the bar acting as a bartender, why? Well it's a good way to get to know people and if York likes one thing its people. Although if you can't find York there he is in one of two places; tinkering with something in the engineering bay or in his bunk either sleeping or drawing. with that said he finds himself to be quite the sketch artist and he's not half bad either. Other than that John is quite the curious cat poking his nose into places it shouldn't be (This has got him into more that one spot of trouble). Sketchbook: Professional Information Current Status: Battalion/Faction: 112th / Engineer Current Assignment: Ulysses S. Grant Rank: TSgt. Drop Gear: York wears the generic engineer standards only with a few added decals mainly consisting of a few patches "Meme team 6" and "I can't hear you over the explosions". He also has a little golden sticker on his body armour saying "You tried". Off Duty Gear: Black T-shirt, Grey scarf and Combat Pants with a small sketchbook just sticking out of his back pocket. Health & Status Status: Active Mental Illnesses: N/A Physical Disabilities: N/A Alignment: Chaotic Good Relationships:
  6. Approved, Please speak to a Senior Specialist or above for Induction. -TSgt. J York
  7. Argon

    John York

    @StevieJr Updated
  8. [Accessing Page] [Loading...] [Loading...] [Loading...] [Loaded] Sanctuary General and High Ranking Officers Dead. On the 9th of June 2298, the following officers: Brigadier General Marcus Morel, Captain William Markwell, Major Eleanor Sorven, Lt Colonel John Marxis, Captain Mary Ivory, Major Kaine Willard, Captain Ryan Wells, Captain Mason Velvet. Were reported dead in the city of New Dristan on the sanctuary controlled planet of Udessa-4. The cause of death has still not been revealed by sanctuary officials and all reports on the scene were asked to leave by presumed OSW forces who turned up on the scene shortly after incident. By the pictures and witnesses at the scene of the incident at the time of the explosion many are saying a missile was launched from an opposing high rise into the office building in which a meeting was being held. Leading to the death of the collective of officers. The identities and affiliation of the perpetrators of this incident are still unknown. Speculation however has lead to most believing this to be an act of domestic terrorism. An eye witness who will remain nameless for their own safety gave this statement; “ It was around three pm, the day was sunny and well it was generally quiet. The security levels were admittedly increased for some reason. I was on my lunch break staring from my window when I saw a glimmering orange light cross from the building there to the sanctuary HQ, which lead to a loud thunderous bang. Shaking the windows in my office and soon after that we were ordered to evacuate the district as men with black clothing and marines started filling the streets.” - Mr. Unknown at 6:34 11/06/2018. All witnesses within the building at the time have seemed to disappear from the city, perhaps to witness protection programs? Or other programs being lead by sanctuary but the whole situation is still relatively clouded by sanctuary officials and all advances on the story have been refused. All further updates will be reported here. Please bare with us as we try to learn more. [Closing] [Advert] [Do you want to know more?]
  9. Argon

    When TS kills RP

  10. Approved, Please speak to a Senior Specialist or above for Induction. -TSgt. J York
  11. If my sleep schedule lines up I should be there
  12. Here's the logs after you hopped off:
  13. Approved, Please speak to a Senior Specialist or above for Induction. -TSgt. J York
  14. Approved, Please speak to a Senior Specialist or above for Induction. -TSgt. J York
  15. Argon

    John York

    ADDED: @Grizzly Hughes - Hayes @Jun Nagase - Sabine @StevieJr -Chev UPDATED: @Scar - Edwards #1 @Odin - Edwards #2 @Jun Nagase - Graham @Admyral Joe - ~Eeeefa! @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz - Bentloo OTHER: @Postal @Noviix York does not know either Kayne or Richardson on a personal level and I don't add people for rep or on professional opinion as that's just like typing the same thing over and over.
  16. Argon

    LOA End

  17. Title should have said it all. Gonna throw some of the Custom content I've nabbed off the workshop, feel free to use and abuse. Oh, and post some of your own if you want too! Backpacks Acoustic Guitar: Scarf: Torch: Combat Knife: Big Fuckoff bag (Broken will fix soon): That's all for now. Have fun!
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    Playlists for Characters

    That's the one I got going.
  19. Argon

    The spiderman we all want.

  20. Argon

    I made a thing.

    Was tired, had a headache and made this weird ass persona thing. Just wanted some opinions... I'd ask friends IRL but I don't have any. So you lot will do. 😉
  21. Argon

    John York

    @Admyral Joe @Randynand @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz @Kris @Scar - Some bio updates for all of you.
  22. Argon

    I made a thing.

    Both of those things.
  23. Argon

    Argon is gay confirmed

  24. Argon

    My Dog Died Today.

    That's rough buddy. You take as much time as you need
  25. Who's going to send me weird ass steam messages now???