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    Quinn Caffrey -- Degenerate Psychic

    Add Taylor you big fagola
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    Xal is trying to reunite the empire

    Australia abstains
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    Leana Wells

    >not adding Taylor
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    ATTENTION ALL SSTRP GAMERS! Lachlan "Noble" Dunn is ALIVE! He's been hiding in a cave on planet Barachian-Nine, but -- he is surrounded by Warriors and he is in great danger. In order to defeat the bugs, he's gonna need a Spitfire, couple of frags, a couple of AEGIS suits would be nice too! If you want to help Lachlan "Noble" Dunn, ALL HE NEEDS IS: 1. Your credit card number 2. The expiration date -- month and year and: 3. The three-digit code on the back BUT YOU HAVE TO HURRY! Or else, he won't make it off of planet Barachian-Nine. The bugs will destroy the Federation!
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    Adam Taylor - The Father-Figure

    Never speak to me or my daughter ever again.
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    Adam Taylor - The Father-Figure

    Relations Shamelessly Stolen - Friend - Liked - Approval - Acquaintance - Neutral - Mixed - Disliked - Hated - █████ (#'d Left-to-Right) 1. Thoughts of you professionally 2. Thoughts of you in general 3. Relationship Status 4. Interest in you (Attraction, Amiable/Friendly, None, Curiosity, Professional, Secretive) 5. Do you have a personal use to Adam? (Yes, No) / † = Deceased / ® = Retired/Transferred
  7. GENERAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Name: Adam Taylor Alias(es): N/A Rank: Sergeant - 18th Rifles, Iskander PDF (Formerly) Lance Corporal - 112th Mobile Infantry Age: 32 Hometown: Vigil's Point, Iskander Affiliation: Mobile Infantry Specialization: Rifleman Psychic Affinity: None Awards Granted: Purple Heart Combat Action Medal FAMILIAL CONNECTIONS _______________________________________________________________________ Father: Kyle Taylor (Deceased) Mother: Jean Taylor Siblings: Eugene Taylor (Deceased) Spouse: Siobhan Taylor (Wife - Deceased) Children: Erin Taylor (Daughter) PHYSICAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Gender: Male Height: 6'2' Weight: 207lbs Build: Athletic, Muscular Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Cybernetics: Complete Biotech Left Leg Complete Biotech Right Leg PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Alignment: Neutral Good Personality Type: ENFP-A Strengths: Mature, Strong-Willed, Educated, Practical, Independent. Weaknesses: Private, Sarcastic, Short-sighted, Bullheaded. CHARACTER PLAYLIST _______________________________________________________________________ The Past: Don McLean - American Pie, Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling in Love , CHVRCHES - Deliverance , First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar, I The Mighty - Playing Catch With .22 The Present: Death Cab For Cutie - Little Wanderer, Florence + The Machine - Stand By Me , Mumford And Sons - Guiding Light, Thirty Seconds to Mars - Bright Lights, The Avett Brothers - That's How I Got to Memphis The Future: My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade, Seatbelts - Gotta Knock a Little Harder , Ellie Goulding - Vincent, Linkin Park - Castle of Glass, Passenger - Hotel California
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    Quinn Caffrey -- Degenerate Psychic

    Add Dunn you big gay
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    Delilah Blaise ~ Desoric Trainwreck

    Brief interactions - but Dunn, why not
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    Concerns About Marauders

    I'm about to head to bed since it's late as fuck where I am but just wanted to jump in again and thank everyone so far for their contributions and add something from my own perspective again that I should have mentioned in the initial post. Personally, I don't remotely care about the changes to the Marauder faction - I believe ICly it doesn't make that much sense for them not to have much armour, but that's not what I'm looking to address in this post. Honestly, Marauders could just be standard MI in an exoskeleton with no armour whatsoever, for all I care. Honestly, my main point and concern in this post is the lack of activity in the Marauder faction, and the clear disconnect there seems to be between the leadership and the people actually present on the server as Marauders, which I believe to be the root of the problem. Heading to bed as I said, but I'll chime in again when I've read through any more responses that come after this one.
  11. Howdy, everyone who clicked on this thread from the sidebar, probably expecting drama. This is a little bit of a rant, but I just want to preface this with a few things to nip any potential arguments in the bud - I don't want arguments here, this is a discussion, and me stating my observations. This isn't a complaint about changes to the Marauder rules, nor is this a complaint or attack directed at any specific individual(s), this is simply a series of observations I wanted to bring to the attention of the community as a whole. So, I've only been back with the community for a short while in the grand scheme of things, but I think I have been present enough over the past weeks to build up a reasonably affable relationship with a fair few of the folks here. Additionally, folks who have seen me on the server have likely noted that I have been working pretty much overtime especially along with StevieJr and Pilotfish to improve upon the way Marauders work with the MI, and make the faction generally more utility and enjoyable for folks to engage with. While I would like to say that things have been pretty successful in regards to this, there are a few things making it difficult, and perhaps entirely preventing those of us doing this work from really making significant steps with the Marauders. At the moment, I've kind of broken this down to three main points; Absentees, Miscommunication, and Lack of Leadership. The first regards Absentees. For those who have been present over the past couple of weeks, it has probably been noticeable that of the current Marauder roster, only two - Lachlan Dunn (myself) and Patrick Stevenson (StevieJr) - are regularly in attendance both during passive RP and events. On occasion, there have been others, so I do not want it assumed that I am deliberately missing them, but we are the two most constant, presently. Now, according to the first post of the Marauder Applications thread: This rule is perfectly reasonable, though my concern with it is that it doesn't seem to be followed. Looking at the roster as it stands, I believe that this rule at the moment currently applies to the vast majority of listed Marauders, and yet they are left to linger on the roster, despite their absentee nature – and the faction is considered to be full and not accepting applications, preventing other, potentially-active members of the community who are interested from joining. Ultimately, it just feels like this rule should either be adhered to as one would expect or removed altogether, it’s my personal opinion that removing the rule would be foolhardy, as there is no genuine reason I can consider as to why constantly-absent players should prevent new members from joining. The second point I mentioned was regarding ‘miscommunication’, what I mean by this is a seeming miscommunication between Marauder leadership and both the Marauder and general player base over what the Marauder faction is. Recently, as many know, we have been trying to encourage a view of the Marauders that lies more in the Utility, utilising them not as tanks to soak damage, use heavy weapons, or lead the way, but to carry wounded, build cover using their increased strength, and all manner of support roles. It seems, however, that this is not currently the view of the Marauder leadership, who through the introduction of Y-racks, I believe intends for Marauders to be focused more on their weapons, and artillery function. While I concede that yes, ultimately what Marauders are is dependent upon the leader, I feel like more regard should be put into what the community as a whole, and especially the people playing those Marauders, believe the faction should be and should represent. This all brings me to my final point, lack of leadership. I want to preface again by stating that, although this point may seem like an attack against the leadership of Marauders, KeiAgo and Kris, in particular, it is in no way intended to be, I am attempting to be as objective as I can while stating my observations for discussion. I have to note that among the more absent members of the Marauder faction, the leadership is most notable, I am aware that DarlingLynch has been on LOA, and Kris, the previous leader was similarly and has now stepped away, but I haven’t heard of either Kris or KeiAgo being on any such LOA, and even if they were, it feels strange to me that no temporary replacement is put up, who can be far more present. Many of the above issues I believe stem from this one, an absent leadership cannot ensure that rules are being followed or know what way the community is viewing the faction and its direction as a whole, and a blind leader is not able to lead well. I apologise for the length of this, I simply wanted to get everything out in the open. I’d prefer any points, agreeing or disagreeing, go as replies here, rather than private messages, so it’s all out in the open for discussion.
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    Lachlan Dunn, One-Man Chain-gang

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