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  1. [Theme] ::Photo:: ::General Info:: Name: Joonen, Kimberleigh H. Age: 20 (Born November 24, 2277) Height: 6'0" Weight: 146 lbs Hair: Dark Brown Race: Mixed (Black/Caucasian) Sex: Female Gender: Female Sexual Orientation: Romantic-Asexual Alignment: Neutral-Good Temperament: Anxious, irreverent, impatient, determined. Motto: "Illegitimi non carborundum" "What. Shut up. What?" ::Military History:: Date Of Enlistment: 1st November, 2297 Training: Boot Camp & Basic Training at Camp Simon Redridge, Zegama Beach. BLS and CLS Medical Certification aboard Ulysses S. Grant Rank History: Recruit -> Private -> 3Spc. (Transfer to Medical) Service Related Medical History: N/A ::Personal Information:: Family: Harold Ashton Joonen(Father - Civillian - Alive) Itha Rose Joonen(Mother - Civillian - Deceased) Amber Lloyd Joonen(Step-mother - Civillian - Alive) Education: High School Diploma (Sunny Creek High School - 3.89 GPA) Medical History: Diagnosed Anorexia Nervosa (2292, cleared with 'good' prognosis in 2295) Criminal History: 1x Misdemeanor Vandalism Religious Affiliation: Protestant (Non-practicing) Wicca (Non-practicing) Political Affiliation: Socialist-Federalist ::Relationships:: Ask to be added.
  2. I'm back. I have a normal human schedule and probably won't be on as much as before I left, but I will be on regularly. Hello again.
  3. For point 2 I feel like there should be more instances of being technically 'involved' in combat, but not spawning NPC's. Like /events of machineguns or mortars or whatever pinning folks would probably promote more passive RP that could still be tense, if that makes sense. I like the idea of sometimes just needing to stay put while, for instance, the drop leads form a new plan to deal with whatever problem has come up. In real life just walking through and shooting all the baddies probably wouldn't work, and I can only speak for myself but I enjoy more RP and less shooting, usually. Even if things like flanking and smoke grenades and air support don't work super well against NPC's because GMod is not very good(tm), it'd be nice to atleast RP some semblance of planning and executing a plan other than "Blue, follow me and shoot the seperatists when you see them." Overall very good post. Edit: Short events obviously don't need this as much but once you're over 40 minutes it gets old just shooting bots imo
  4. OOC SECTION STEAM NAME / ALIASES: Coke STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:19441700 SERVER TIME: (ESTIMATE) ~20 hrs. (Not counting before I left for like 3 months.) ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: ~8 years. MEDICAL ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: Long experience in HL2RP Civil Protection medical divisions. ~3 weeks as an SSTRP medic on a previous server. AVAILABILITY: (ESTIMATE): Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat, pretty regularly. Sometimes mornings on other days. IC SECTION NAME: (LAST, FIRST MIDDLE INITIAL) Joonen, Kimberleigh B. AGE: 19 RACE: Mixed (Black/Caucasian) SEX: Female HEIGHT: 6'0" (~1.8 m.) WEIGHT: 144 lbs. (~65.7 kg.) BLOOD TYPE: AB+ LEVEL OF EDUCATION: High School (Sunny Creek High - 3.48 GPA) CRIMINAL RECORD: 1x Misdemeanor Vandalism MEDICAL RECORD: Diagnosed Anorexia Nervosa (2292, cleared with 'Good' future prognosis in 2295) DATE OF ENLISTMENT: November 1st, 2297
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