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    SICON Combat Award nomination form

    Your name and rank: SSgt. Vickers Date of the event: 15.11.98 Recipient: Pfc. Connor Koehler Detailed account of the act: During a withdrawal, stayed behind to bombard the enemy with a grenade launcher, holding in the open rather than seeking shelter and dueling with spitters which were on high ground and had previously attacking the rest of the platoon. Only withdrew when physically dragged. Witnesses: MSgt. McCarthy, Sgt. Westervelt
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    SST Screenshots

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    Operation Dust Devil

    Mission Report - First Platoon Abstract Mission Briefing First Platoon is to relieve Charlie company's 3rd platoon at FOB Kaspersky and patrol the area. Mission Log >> 11/11/2298 - 01:22 Federation Standard - Sgt. Westervelt as drop lead. Sgt. Squires and LCpl. Williams as Orange and Blue leads respectively. >> 01:23 - Red Wing 1-1 touches down. Alpha cycles out with Charlie at the FOB. >> 01:27 - MOBCOMM logs a report from Sgt. Westervelt of a need for repairs at the FOB. >> 01:35 - Platoon sets off on patrol of the area, heading towards a site of interest marked by Charlie company. >> 01:48 - Element arrives at the site of interest, identified by location as an agricultural research station. >> 01:51- Platoon is tasked by MOBCOMM with data retrieval at the site. >> 02:01 - In a nearby AO, Bravo company completes their objective of eliminating a hive. The arachnids rout towards FOB Kaspersky. >> 02:21 - Sgt. Westervelt requests and is granted supply drop of ammunition on her position, and at the FOB. >> 02:30 - Sgt. Westervelt requests and is granted TAC support. >> 02:31 - Sgt. Westervelt reports conclusion of search. Platoon advances towards FOB Kaspersky. >> 02:33 - Platoon finds FOB Kaspersky compromised by arachnids, clears it, and is cycled out of the AO by Redwing 1-1. >> 02:45 - First Platoon officially boards the Grant, concluding their tasking. Abstract Mission Conclusion Mission was success. Acceptable casualties sustained. Damage to the FOB repairable. Samples from the agricultural lab promising. RX-9c strain currently undergoing genetic profiling. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Yes Hello

    coup time
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    [OPEN] Marauder Applications

    IC: Name: Rupert Skizerton Physical Age: 34 Gender: M Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Height: 5'7'' Weight: 70kg Employment & Background Current Rank: Sgt. Educational History: High school - no higher education. Certificate in holistic healing from the Massachusetts School of Chiropractic Care. Criminal Record: None. Employment History: Mobile Infantry. Service Record: Joined in 2093 Assigned to the 25th Mechanised Moritas Served for two years Promoted to Corporal Served for two years Promoted to Sergeant Served for one year Put in an application for marauder training Completed training Assigned to the 13th Marauders Served for four months Reassigned to the 112th under TSgt. Lerwick Served for two months Reassigned to Fort Kemp a combat instructor Served for four months Reassigned as an instructor on marauder suit operation Served for three months Applied for reassignment back to the 13th Marauders OOC: Steam name: Pilotfish Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:8310486 Length of time on Server: Few years Time zone: GMT -0 Current characters on server: Vickers, Arcas, Swaggart, Barnet Roleplay History: Started roleplaying on forums, then Gmod, then tried some MMOs, now back to Gmod. Roleplay example:
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    Leading Logs.

    Drop lead: Vickers Second in Command: McCarthy Squad leaders: Cox/McCarthy, Westervelt
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    Leading Logs.

    Drop lead: Vickers/Bently Second in Command: Bently/Sorrentino Sauad Leaders: Bellic, Cutter
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    SST Screenshots

    image of the MI attempting to board viking six-irene during operation trinidad, colourised
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    SST Screenshots

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    SST Screenshots

  11. Just as with the weekly lore discussion, we're going to be doing some weekly character questions. To follow the theme of service, this week's discussion is about enlistment. Why did your character sign up? Was it a genuinely better option than staying where they were? Were they just a through-and-through patriot? Do they still feel that way? Were they seeking travel and adventure? Did their family push them into it? The reason for a character being on the server is an important part of who they are. What's the driving force behind your character? Why did they enlist?
  12. We're going to be doing a weekly series of lore discussions from here on, so you guys can have input in what we consider canon for the server, and generally to promote discussion and awareness of the wider world of the server's universe. If players post stuff we think is particularly good, we'll incorporate it into the server's lore. The topic this week is service. Enlistment in the Mobile Infantry is widely considered to be the toughest way to earn citizenship, though perhaps the easiest to sign up to. What are some other ways you can think of? Do garbage collectors sign up for mind-numbing five year stints to earn their right to vote? Are toilets cleaned in the name of the Federation by those looking for a license to have children? Do cargo haulers everywhere snore through their transit routes, dreaming of the status citizenship brings? What routes to citizenship do you imagine? Would they be popular? Looked down on? Respected? Seen as a pale shadow of true service in the military?
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    SST Quotes Thread

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    [IC] Trainings and You

    So you've noticed people are shit. You want to make them less shit. Congratulations, you've taken personal responsibility for something. Now don't fuck it up. EDGE. Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable. Explain what you're teaching. Demonstrate how it works. Guide troopers through it step by step, then enable them to do it themselves. Congratulations, you've taught a skill. A skill is important. Don't teach fifteen things at once. Teaching 'CQB' is teaching fifteen things at once. Teach one, maybe two. How to take corners. How to identify a safe shot. How to avoid skylining. Something that can be grasped quickly and retained. Engage. Don't lecture. Have them do it, in the hangar, or in a sim. Give them a taste of it for real. Keep soft skills in mind. Troopers will never have to form a human pyramid in the field, but they will have to communicate, coordinate, and carry their squads. Never ever ever tell people to do something without any briefing or prep, watch them do it badly, then tell them why they fucked up. This isn't training. This is punishment. If you're going to do this, give them the instruction that makes them fuck up. Make it a demonstration of why doing something the wrong way is stupid. Don't just push them into it and call them idiots. Keep it short and to the point. MI aren't known for long attention spans. You won't get anything in after half an hour or so. When someone does something right, encourage them, even if it isn't the thing you're teaching, never ignore someone doing something right. -Vickers