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    What a punk.
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    I'm posting this just to notify people. I won't be sticking around to read replies. For mental health reasons, I don't think I can stick around any longer. I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that the past few weeks things haven't been the same. I've burned out, and forcing myself to stay past that has led to me becoming angrier with friends, generally less patient, and mentally unhealthy. Those of you who know what I do for a living will understand that I can't allow that. My priorities if I'm being honest are more with myself - I hate living like this, and I'm worried about what will happen if I allow it to continue. Sorry, it sounds very dramatic. Truth is I've wrestled with similar issues before, and I will be fine - but this is part of the process that needs to happen for me to be better. I'm incredibly grateful to the people who gave me a shot, and for the opportunity to try some stuff out with the MI. I know it was a short tenure. I enjoyed the hell out of it while I could, but when work hit again, I just lost the spark. At that point I was decided that I'd have to throw in the towel. Since then, most of my close friends here have departed, and while I still do enjoy the server, I feel very isolated and lonely without them. I don't know for sure whether this is goodbye for good, but I expect that leaving like this will (rightly) upset a fair few people. For the sake of transparency, I made this decision a while ago, but promised I'd stick around to ensure the MI would reside in good hands. I'm breaking that promise now, which will make some people's work here much harder. I do want to let everyone know that I have enjoyed roleplaying with you a lot. One of my favourite things has been going around having random conversations, sharing remarks during drops, and generally just having a laugh. The people who I haven't enjoyed interacting with know who they are, and it's a very small group. I think you guys are great, and I urge you to keep the passion in what you're doing. Don't make it too cold or clinical or measured. Do what you love. It's a hobby. I'll be removing pretty much everyone here from steam, purely for the sake of a clean break. If you do want to re-add me, feel free, but I'll probably be avoiding talk about SST.
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    SST Screenshots

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    New dropship?

    'Do I want TAC to be cool: Y/N' it's a question but not a hard one
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    Ill-Gotten Gains

    Bianchi's trophy is a small pile of spent shotgun shells.
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    Xalphox Won't Let me do my Campaign

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    [Operation Dust Devil] Big Iron

    They'd never seen so many bugs. So many that the very ground of the valley itself had the look of one heaving, screeching, hungry carpet of claws and carapace. They stood on shaking feet as the earth beneath them shuddered to the rhythm of a stampede of talons. A world of ravenous chitin and swarming hate. Morita fire crackled like popcorn amidst it all, lost in the sheer mass of bugs. Lieutenant Person stood at the heart of their small island of flesh and blood, watching the bugs pour in. "Pitbulls! Hold the line! No evac today." He racked the bolt of his rifle and stepped up to the line, pouring it on. The men stood shoulder to shoulder, pressed back together by the gradual shuffle of boots moving away from grasping claws. Soon there would be no space to shuffle into. Lieutenant Person wondered whether the ammo would run out before the ground did. The humidity of vaporised ichor was stifling. His helmet rim dripped with green condensation. The stink of it was overpowering. Overwhelming. Lieutenant Person took one last look at his men, and knew that they were dead. He resigned himself to a messy death on a nameless hilltop, and fired off the last of his buckshot. From somewhere amidst the din of it all, his radio chattered. "Pitbull Actual, Mobcomm. Big Iron deploying. Over." He barely heard the transmission, but he heard what came next. The sky split apart in a furious series of supersonic cracks, and dead ahead, a mountain peak blew apart in a shower of rock-dust. Rubble rained down amidst the bug formation, and from the dust-cloud rose a figure that could well have been part of the mountain itself. Weapon arms glinted. A dark visor and towering slabs of heavy armour. It took in the view. Lieutenant Person felt the swarm shifting. It was an instinctive thing, and in a few moments, his eyes caught up with his subconscious. The bugs were turning towards the distant mountain peak, rushing up rock-falls and clambering across cliff-faces. The distant behemoth brought its weapon-limbs up and set the horizon alight. Squealing blasts of plasma cannon fire and the chuntering roar of an automatic mortar. Missiles streaked out, blasting tankers apart and spraying their cargo of flame across the swarm. Detonations rippled across the valley: the blossoming fire of cluster-munitions, and the acrid blue burn of the plasma cannon. One by one, Person's Pitbulls stopped firing, and watched. Perched atop its mountain, torso twisting around legs locked in place, the super-heavy burned its way through the swarm. Heatwaves washed across the infantry, flash-tanning them. The ground begin to rumble to a different rhythm - no longer the constant judder of bug talons, but the staccato trembling of an army's worth of ordnance, delivered with deliberate fury. Person's radio chattered. "Pitbull, this is Big Iron. If you boys can spare it, I could use a hand dropping some of these networks." Around him, the Pitbulls were loading in the last of their magazines. He could see his nuke troopers running an inventory of warheads. His own marauder support were shoving out a gap through the bug corpse-wall. "You heard the man, Pitbulls. Let's get to work."
  8. Deployment Order - Dionysus 31st Morita Regiment 112th Battalion By request of Captain Nielsen of the 9th Marauder Corps Call-sign 'Big Iron' 22:00 Federal Standard (11:00 PM GMT / 6:00 EST) 18.01.2299
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    MI January Survey

    Some people have reported issues with the link. It might work better now it's hyperlinked.
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    MI January Survey

    There've been a few changes to the MI in the last fortnight or so. I'd like to take stock for a moment and get some input before continuing and refining things. Any feedback you can give would be very appreciated. Please answer honestly and with as much consideration as you can provide - but if you're in a rush, the star ratings on their own are very helpful. This shouldn't take more than five or ten minutes to complete. Thanks in advance.
  11. Troopers, With the new year, it's time to reinforce new traditions. By the end of the month, the trooper with the best moustache will win ten get-out-of-PT-free cards to do with what they will. Moustaches will be judged based on the categories of style and grooming, with points weighted towards style. Unfortunately this means female troopers (aside from those blessed with an extremely unfortunate upper lip) will not be able to contend. A runner-up prize for women will be available of five get-out-of-PT-free cards, for the most inventively crafted adhesive moustache. Said moustache must be crafted personally by the trooper in question. Beards will require special dispensation from myself, and must be part of a combined moustache & beard style. -Lt. Vickers
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    Weapon Certification Roster

    Added Jennifer Ramsey to point men. Specified which sidearm is given to each specialisation. Peacemaker is the standard. Point men and support gunners get the emancipator as they progress. For SAW gunners, this is because we don't yet have an MMG for them to man, so they need something to look forward to. Support gunners also get an entrenchment tool and sandbags to build their own machine-gun nests. Point men now get breaching charges and an emancipator pistol instead of a DMR. Grenadiers now start with the Troglodtye grenade launcher instead of the 3GL, which is now largely outmoded due to the Mk3's 30mm grenade launcher. Expect a new, better grenade launcher swep to replace the current M9k one at some point in the future. You may see CLS and RTO specialisations in the near future, which will include medical gear and signal/comms gear respectively. Also added a table to track which weapon specialisations can be combined with squad or drop leadership. This is subject to change. If NCOs are stealing the limelight from weapon specialists, they won't be able to use special weapons while leading. The priority is keeping the enlisted in play with special functions and expertise.
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    SST Screenshots

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    SST Quotes Thread

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    Ill-Gotten Gains

    Maddox's trophy is a burnt out flare. Shaw's trophy is a photograph of a snowman wearing an MI cap, with a mark one morita leant against it.