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  1. It’s like I’ve finished a really good book that I can never re-read again.
  2. :’( Thank you for the good times, Xal.
  3. How many activity checks do you guys have I replied to deckers one
  4. Yeah, add Shay Callahan has a SSpc or a Spc — should be back next weekend for a bit
  5. Whoa like the or the one that sounds like it has a 'z' in it??? that's pretty fucking EDGY bro
  6. wait till I hit you with my Klendathu drop remix
  7. i only do big projects that i can spend a lot of time on. really hard to stay active in it though as i have other jobs/methods of employment
  8. little starship trooper snippet in there
  9. Fixed stick procreation cuz it randomly cut out?
  10. Hello, Not many of you know this, but one of my few passions is producing music for projects. While deployed to Lithuania and Latvia, I had a lot of free time to get creative and create a couple of pieces. Although I can't upload all of them because many of them are for Private Projects, I've decided to upload some of the songs that weren't used. For legal reasons, the songs are now all tied to myself, but you all have my permission (this community) to use any of the songs for any of your projects, including missions. I don't know if they're your cup of tea, but enjoy. (If there's any song you particularly like, I can upload an extended version). THE ALBUMS --- The Stick Album Shaw's Salads Album Larsen's Lobsters The Yukon Argon's Song
  11. I thought this was gonna be crab rave, and now I’m disappointed
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