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    Charlie Scott

    C a l l a h a n
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    Hello, This isn't akin to any normal good-bye post. Rather, I should've labelled it a thank-you post. Thanks to all the Admins who ran their events for me to keep me entertained. Thanks to everyone who bothered to play on characters that would provide me with entertainment for seemingly hours on end. Thanks to all the people who I could hang-out with on Teamspeak, or Discord, as your time and opinions were ultimately valued as I stayed up much longer than I should of with a smile on my face. The community you play on is a good one, but just like all the other veterans of this community I now must say good-bye for reasons you will soon one-day understand. If you must know, I'll put it bluntly: I don't like the drama -- often, people can't see what's better for the server because people are too caught up in mundane bickering. I didn't like having people accuse things against me all the time, often times unfounded, then not receive an apology. I didn't like the thought that I was actually becoming offended, insulted or actually stressed out from what people on the internet were saying. Also, your hard work and efforts often go unnoticed -- this doesn't effect you initially, but it eventually does. Also, the people that were the best for the community were always pained as villains. Also, that guide is fucking stupid: "When the tourniquet is ready to be removed, loosen it gradually to prevent sudden massive release of accumulated toxins in the limb." Like what the fuck, bou? But, again, the people you play with are good people. They care for you a lot, but this is also their downfall. Now, I'll slide away and say this one final time: Thank you. The first event I played one upon my return -- Recruit Tom Solomons in the middle there 😢 sicko-mode
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    planet big rock

    type: planet location: space species: human type; moslem founded: 2299 population: 30,030,002 religion: nation of islam region: a continent surrounded by water alignment: chaotic neutral faction: nation of islam, moderate-federation armed force size: doest matter, jihad doesnt end!! export: refugees imports: bombs
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    The Graveyard

    The cronies
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    mi faction to be application only

    we should apply to join mi yes or no or yes
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    Medical Qualifications - [Please add your own qualifications]

    I’m away for work but Callahan is l.i.t.
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    Moving Onward, for better or worse.

    See ya’, bud. :^)
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    Jodie Cutter

    been there done that
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    Mobile Infantry Theme

    The fact that the medical theme isn’t kickstart my heart is insulting
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    New dropship?

    I’m just asking when are the MI getting gps yknow???
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    What I have left

    just please don’t give him the same last name cuz that’s gay af
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    It's been fun...

    @Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers @Deckers
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    What I have left

    you got 24hrs to do it if you want to
  14. Maple Leaf Moosefucker

    It's been fun...