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    Jackie Knoxx (RE-DOING RELATIONS)

    What do you think of the medic, Shay Callahan?
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    Starship Troopers RP Trading Card Game(tm)!

    send me some fucking cards I want solomons and Dumont alday too oh and don’t forget Kowalski oh oh and I’d also like some ones that I don’t k ke about plzplzplz
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    The Morita Mark Three

    The iPhone of the Federation.
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    [IC] Christmas

    Spc. Shay Callahan
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    Lily Parker, True Lesbian of the Federation

    a lesbian with Korean features... youll fit right in. welcome to the 112th
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    New leadership [IC]

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    Chiyuki Asahi

    Shay Callahan Jack Alday
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    Chiyuki Asahi

    Add callahan and alday
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    Elisabeth Winters

    the future is now !!!
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    Player Competition #2

    When I get back home I’m making you a picture, getting my $50 a— wait
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    Player Competition #2

    where’s my babe t-boner
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    Player Competition #2

    sex sells
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    Elk’s (Who?) LOA

  14. Maple Leaf Moosefucker

    SST Quotes Thread

    “Oh, am I black?” - Xalphox, discovering he’s black.
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    prove it
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    Applications of interest, Status: OPEN

    --- APPLICATION - - OOC SECTION - Steam Name: 'bob ross' Steam I.D.: STEAM_0:1:22127429 Length of time on the Server: Years. Length of time RPing: Years. Time-Zone: -4 GMT How active are you?: I am on almost everyday. - What is your backstory that would make you believe that your character was a Psychic? OR Why would the Federation believe you were a Psychic as a child?: - The tale - Write out a situation in which you would have to use one of your abilities?: --- - IC Section - Name: Jack S. Alday Age: 27 D.O.B.: October 17th Sex: Male Physical Description: - If Applicable - Current Rank: Rct. Education History: Equivalent of a high-school diploma. Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: N/A Service Record: N/A
  17. no i do not think you are grasping idiot ok do not give me interpretations only answers there is application but you are too stupid to see that i am lacking he is lacking a form at this time idiot god damn you think some things are obvious but you say stupid shit like that ok, got it, bucko?
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    Bently's Bandicoots

    y fast thread 👌👍
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    Charlotte 'Morrígan' Byrd

  20. we know you’re gay bud chill out
  21. ok i do not do the understand how do i apply
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    Thanks for all the good memories, bud. You’ll be back someday
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    Operation Dust Devil

    Abstract Mission Briefing i. First Platoon, along with the Battalion, was to deploy to Dionysus following an Arachnid offensive that took advantage of thin-lines and vigorous officers; mopping up from TAC-strikes, the Battalion was to locate and eliminate Strategic Networks that had allowed the Arachnids to out-maneuver MI-Forces. >> 26/11/98 - 1:00 PM Federal Standard Time - The Platoon, led by Sergeant Squire, lands. >> - They make their way West, immediately locating their objective; akin to their Battalion, they complete their objective within mere-minutes. >> - The Platoon is informed that they are to reinforce Second Platoon (A Comp.) along with the rest of the Company. >> - The Platoon is informed that the Battalion is being deployed to the area -- Command begins to quarantine the AO. >> 1:45 PM - The Platoon arrives are their designated-objective area -- They eliminate the Strategic Network. >> - Command discovers they have stumbled into an ambush as a nearby hive-deploys and surrounds the Battalion. The order to maintain the quarantine is given, and TAC-Elements are deployed >> - The Battalion fails to do so as they are out-maneuvered and spread too thin; The Battalion begins to exfil. >> 2:15 PM - Exfil. >> 2:32 PM - First Platoon officially boards the grant, concluding their tasking. Casualties: x3 Following the exfil-process, First Platoon was forced to garrison the HQ They would exfil from this position
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    Chiyuki Asahi

  25. Maple Leaf Moosefucker

    Welcome to my new show.

    little munchables dude