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    thank you so much @F r a n c o you may keep your admin position for the time being
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    [Fixing what we already have] Part 1 of 6

    Solutions to the problems!
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    [Fixing what we already have] Part 1 of 6

    Yeah, do it! :^)
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    [Fixing what we already have] Part 1 of 6

    Interesting points, but how do we -fix what we already have-? I'm interested.
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    XCOM SST Edition!

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    This is Synthwave

    who said you could post
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    Max Whitelock -- Bridge Crew Application

    Name: Max Whitelock Station: Engineering Biography: Max Whitelock was born on the distant mining-colony of Wiaria, specifically to the small farming community of October, where he would then be raised by his parents. Apart of the Wiarian-Economic-Growth-Program, Max Whitelock found himself to be one of the first enrolled-locals to a program that aimed to take Wiarian-high-school-graduates and educate them with Federally-provided institutes. Having been a child who was continuously fixing farming equipment, machines and other various broken items, it was to no surprise when Max Whitelock was enrolled to the Engineering department. Of course, as with any Federal-provided institutes, Max Whitelock was then placed into an environment with high-amounts of peer-pressure for Federal-services; regardless, he did incredibly well. With further economic-and-academic programs being provided to those who signed on for Federal-service, he would soon be enrolled for said Federal-service.
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    Max Whitelock -- Bridge Crew Application

    make me
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    server is over

    see you guys next year for sst3
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    Intermittent LOA/Spotty Attendence

    Take care, friend! Hope things start to improve.
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Lance Corporal Ashton O’Shea 😎
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    Working out? Do you or do you not

    I rp working out?
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    EFT Pics

    texture pack for gmod???0
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    -The- Medic, Daniel Dumont

    - Daniel J. Dumont - - 112th Battalion, 1st Medical Brigade; 34th IR, 182nd Detachment; A Company, 1st Platoon - ^The theme of the Character^ --- The Character in Summary is Simple: Daniel Dumont is a man who is seldom out of trouble. Falling to the simple temptations and urges of life, Dumont is a man who is simply known as not only a trouble-maker — a man continually pushing and testing boundaries for no apparent reason — but also an asshole. With his often immature demeanor, people, during first-impressions, often find themselves disliking the young-medic but it isn’t until the gauntlet-of-fire that is the battlefield do their impressions shift. When it is time to work, it is time to work, and it is during work where Dumont truly shines as a character. No wound is too great, no situation too stressful and no instance too complex for the man. Whether he likes you or dislikes you, he does everything in his power to ensure you survive... even if it means potentially endangering him. Beneath his aroma of a person who likes to stir the ‘shit-pot’ lies an intelligent figure-head who is more than he makes himself out to be. Since his upbringing, Dumont has always been known as a trouble-maker; or, in his teenage years, a class-clown. Often flunking from school to pursue more ‘adrenaline-stimulating-events’ in his early teens, Dumont developed a characteristic of being fearless, for the most-part. Whether it was skipping history-class to snowboard down the steep hills and valleys or Sociology for the lawless back-roads where speed-limits and their numbers had no rule over the young-man, Dumont’s unique attribute was well crafted. It wasn’t until Dumont began to notice women and their curvatures where he began to take classes seriously. Perusing a woman of an higher intellect, he thrived in his biology course to share and compare notes with the stunning Lacy. It was because of his newly found motivators where he was able to lay the groundwork for his future medical-career. With the foundations to support and secure a career within the Mobile Infantry set, he was soon to enlist upon graduation — and, along with his tight circle of friends and potential lovers, he eventually did. Of course, the physical effort was no issue, as Dumont had been incredibly active in sports and activities in his youth... but the ‘dealing with authority’ part... His initial issue with authority came from an everlasting conflict from his father who, with prior Mobile Infantry service, attempted to control and guide the youthful-Dumont with a strict set of rules and theoretically with an iron-fist. So, when faced with drill-instructors and other various forms of ‘hard-ass’ leaders, he needed to ensure he was satisfied with subtle victories: Snarky comments, deliberately misinterpreting information and just being a pain whenever and wherever here could apply it. With the laughs it produced for not only himself but for his comrades it made the entire difficult process much more bearable. However, it did not prepare Dumont for the reality of humanities conflict. With the the horrors of war came their inevitable side-effects: first subtle, then severe. Images and events that seemed surreal quickly became reality as friends and comrades alike were mangled, destroyed or even killed in seemingly every horrid way known to man since the dawn of time — and all Dumont could do was watch, or tell hollow lies through his teeth that they’d be alright. Sleep was impossible, silence unbearable and boredom saddening, thus causing Dumont to soon remain busy... whether through work or his typical shenanigans. And thus is the vague summary of Daniel Dumont. "--Seven more pages," he stated, cutting the man off. He began to grow red with rage. The Character's Information: Name: Daniel J. Dumont Aliases: Danny, Dan Age: 22 Date of Birth: October 21 Eye Colour: Blue Hair: Blonde Height: 5'10" Weight: 150 Lbs. Ethnicity: Caucasian Build: Mesopmorph Skin Tone: Tanned Sex: Male Language: English (Federal Standard) Awards: Mobile Infantry Silver Star (x2), Outstanding Services to Combat Medicine Ribbon (x5), Mommies Favorite Child (x1) Rank: Senior Specialist Promotion Record: 3Spc. -> 2Spc. -> Spc. -> SSpc. -> MSpc. -> SSpc. -> Spc. -> SSpc. -> MSpc. Deployment Record: KIA: 11/10/98 He scoffed. "He also made sloths, retards and STDs -- Arguably all of which we could live without." The Character's Description: The figure before you stands at roughly at 5-foot-ten. He has dirty-blonde hair, blue eyes and a tanned complexion. His face is no-longer shaven, providing insight to his age; Perhaps mid twenties? He has broad shoulders and a toned-build. He holds himself quite confidently and continuously appears to be of high-moral, appearing happy. While speaking, he comes off as perhaps slightly sarcastic. He smells of pine. While on deployment, he has a holstered weapon on his hip and a patrol-pack on his back. Memories: She scoffed at him in mere disbelief, her face mimicking a woman completely offended. She stood, leaving, just moments later. "You're so smooth, man." He chuckled, gesturing for another drink.
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    Grunt, Michael Perry

    - The Character in Summary -
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    Grunt, Michael Perry

    -> <- |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| ----- -Grunt, Michael Perry- //Accessing Michael B. Perry... //Subject: Personal Information... //Compiling... //Access Granted! - [LOADING] - >>> NEXT PAGE <<< //Accessing Michael B. Perry... //Subject: Personal Relations... //Compiling... //Access Granted! - [LOADING] - >>> NEXT PAGE <<< //Accessing Michael B. Perry... //Subject: Private Entries... //Compiling... //Access Granted! - [LOADING] - >>> END OF DOCUMENT <<< ---
  17. - Ashton O'Shea - 112th Battalion, A Company, First Platoon --- And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.” --- - The Character in Summary - "Of David. Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle..." - - The Characters Information - Name: Ashton O'Shea Aliases: Age: 28 Date of Birth: February 17 Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Dark Height: 6'5" Weight: 185 Lbs. Ethnicity: Caucasian Build: Mesomorph Skin tone: Subtly-tanned Sex: Male Language(s): English (Federal Standard) He smiled. "Sure," he replied. - The Character's Description - The male-figure before you roughly six-and-a-half feet tall. His uniform implies that he is a 'precision-shooter,' via an emblem he wears on his uniform. He has broad shoulders and appears to be in his early thirties or late twenties. He seems confident in himself, thus standing tall is stature. He speaks with an interesting accent and appears bigger than most. Definitely a colonist. Specialization: Precision-shooter - The Character's Record - This record includes deployments, medical instances (in red) and promotions (in blue).
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    PFO - Operation Benedict

    ~ The Office ~ The secretive office space is quiet, safe for the subtle 'hum' of the Grant and the continuous key-pressing of the secretary. Along with the seemingly ever-present aroma of freshly brewed coffee, this room would have an almost calming effect on all those who ever-laid eyes on it. Flags occupy the flanks of her desk with the company of potted-plants. To their rear, a table that proudly holds a map with props, of which are various items such as plastic army-men, blocks of various colours and simple coloured washers. Note-pads litter the map, too, covering insignificant portions and details of the map. Pushed against the interior-side of the walls within the office are newly-placed desks, each of which holds a console and generic-office supplies. Each desk looks as if it lacks tampering of men and women, each-yet to to customize their provided space. The office is spacious and clean. --- NOTICES ---
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    God and Federation, Scope and Rifle: Ashton O'Shea

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    It's me Goku

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    - Meditations - The sound of the breeze... The sound of the lapping water... The cool, yet not-cold air... He could live here forever, he had decided. A man paddled across the lake and a bird sung-its-song. She smiled at him. "I'd like some coffee now." She was always asking for things when she wasn't given any attention, although he didn't mind. He liked it in a weird way. He sat up from off of his thin-coat, of which he had been using as a pillow. "--Wait till you see how hot it is," he stated. She chuckled. He leaned over, pulling his bag through the dead-orange-needles of the pine-trees towards himself. He opened the zipper and reached in. It was a Yeti -- A thermos that came with the bag. It felt heavy as he pulled it out-- "I'm impressed," she responded, after letting the taste of the hot-coffee set-in. He laughed, looking at her. "Right? I told you!" She stared back and he was certain his heart skipped a beat. He released another chuckle. Hi hand found hers. He didn't know what to do. "Are you going to kiss me or what," she asked. He did just that, pulling her body up-- --- The rifle jumped in his hand, kicking-him square in the shoulder. He grunted in pain. "You got him," his father stated in shock, pointing. He looked up and sure enough the bull laid there. Dead. He felt guilty. They stood and trudged over, not-saying a word to each-other. When they got there his father put a hand on his shoulder. ".308 does hurt," he commented, looking at the Moose. "Let's get a picture, Daniel." Daniel felt incredibly guilty. They stepped over the bull. "Get the head-up onto your lap." He grunted, lifting-- --- His mother laid with him, running a hand through his hair. He had been balling his eyes out and stated he felt as if he couldn't breath. 'My poor boy,' she thought. Her mother had just passed away. It should be her crying. "Does everyone die?" "It's just apart of life, Daniel -- That's why you have to enjoy it to your fullest." "Will I someday--" ~~~~ The happiest day of her life was October 21st. Her first son.
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    SST Quotes Thread

    Stay in school kids
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    Medical Training Log

    Instructor: MSpc. Daniel Dumont Trainee: Corporal Cornelius Zeem, Private First Class Annabelle Thacker Time and Date of Training: 10-October-2298 Goal of the Training: Train people to use the APC, set-up triages.
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    Training Log: October 2298

    Name and Rank: Staff Sergeant Thomas Solomons Time and Date of Training: 10/10/98 Goal of the Training: The goal of the training was simple: Ensure Troopers were able to conduct basic hand-to-hand combat Secondary goals were: Ensure the Troopers were physically-fit The course for reference was: Hand-to-hand combat Course
  25. the mi Troopers hit the ground with a thud slide snack like a double barreled shot gun the door ramp flies down and the Platoon. Exposed to PDF getting going down recruit leads charge: it sets in this is war, buddy, your hands shake but you don’t have hands anymore you cry out in pain but arachnids clawed that ability out so you merely call out target references but you realize you’re with a Platoon that only speaks British and one that doesn’t carry batteries for their radios you fall to you knees in defeat as you text your mother you love her and the snack that you craves her suddenly bombs lots of combs get bombed and bam the call of retreat is called but you now lack legs like where tf did he come from... you look ol to the sky one last time, the feeling of warmth being finalized by your blood. you’re not cold and reviewing memories of hours past. the little things make you laugh, like how your brother use to chew his lasagnas and how your dog peed on your shoes everyday youre pulled suddenly by ssgt “let’s go he says” sent from my iPhone