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    planet big rock

    type: planet location: space species: human type; moslem founded: 2299 population: 30,030,002 religion: nation of islam region: a continent surrounded by water alignment: chaotic neutral faction: nation of islam, moderate-federation armed force size: doest matter, jihad doesnt end!! export: refugees imports: bombs
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    The Graveyard

    The cronies
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    mi faction to be application only

    we should apply to join mi yes or no or yes
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    Medical Qualifications - [Please add your own qualifications]

    I’m away for work but Callahan is l.i.t.
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    Moving Onward, for better or worse.

    See ya’, bud. :^)
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    Jodie Cutter

    been there done that
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    Mobile Infantry Theme

    The fact that the medical theme isn’t kickstart my heart is insulting
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    New dropship?

    I’m just asking when are the MI getting gps yknow???
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    What I have left

    just please don’t give him the same last name cuz that’s gay af
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    It's been fun...

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    It's been fun...

    @Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers@Deckers @Deckers
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    What I have left

    you got 24hrs to do it if you want to
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    Edward 'Eddy' Vang

    I’m asking for you to add Callahan
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    ; - 112th Battalion, 1st Medical Brigade; 34th IR, 182nd Detachment; A Company, 1st Platoon - The following is a medical slip that details why somebody is exempt from duties. They are still able to perform light-duties. So what does being exempt from duties mean, though? YOU WILL NOT DROP YOU WILL NOT DO ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES PHYSICAL EXERTION YOU WILL NOT OPERATE MACHINERY, WEAPONS OR VEHICLES YOU WILL NOT MAKE CRITICAL DECISIONS Medical Specialist(+): Entailed To: Reason: Advisory: Date of Expiry: Notes: This page will be cleaned up every Saturday/Sunday
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    Medical Specialist(+): SSpc. Shay Callahan Entailed To: SSpc. Patrick Stevenson Reason: Undergoing recovery following extensive surgery. Advisory: Patient is to spend the first day in the Medical Bay; the next three on light-duties. Date of Expiry: January 11th, 2298 2299
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    Medical Training Log

    Instructor: SSpc. Shay Callahan Trainee: Spc. William Saint-Claire, Spc. Lorenzo Bianchi Time and Date of Training: January 6 Goal of the Training: To ensure the two medics are fully-qualified Specialists.
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    Medical Training Log

    Instructor: SSpc. Shay Callahan Trainee: Spc. Sierra Heiland, 2Spc. William Saint-Claire Time and Date of Training: January 2 Goal of the Training: Setting up a triage
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    penis sizes

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    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    never met a dwarf i see
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    A dogs best friend, Shay Callahan

    \ Shay S. Callahan / 34th IR, 1st SAR Detachment, 1st SK9 Detachment 112th Battalion, A Company, First Platoon Specialist Shay Callahan ; Sergeant Clue ------------------------------------------------------------------ - Receipt for the Customer - $5 Deal x2 Photos @ $5 | | Time: 12:05 /01/03/98 Location Reference: AA221923 Machine Serial: 44439 | | > !!Thank you for shopping!! < ------------------------------------------------------------------ "I work with a dog, so..." ---------- The Biography of Shay Callahan / General Information \ Name: Shay S. Callahan Aliases: Shay-Shay Age: 19 Date of Birth: October 17 Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Dark Height: 5'11" Weight: 160 Lbs Ethnicity: Caucasian Build: Mesomorph Skin tone: A wintery-pale Sex: Male Language(s): English (Federal Standard) --- Rank: Specialist Status: Active Duty The Character's Description, as seen on server: The male figure before you stands roughly around 5-foot-ten-inches. He looks young and hard to read, but something about him suggests he's shy. Despite looking physically fit, he moves as if he's tired or sore. Hell, he looks incredibly tired. He speaks as if he's a nice person... At least he smells good. What's that scent, anyways? Wait, why is he wearing such cozy clothing? Why is it riddled with hairs? WHO ARE YOU?! Okay, enough questions... Who is Shay Callahan, though? Shay Callahan is a Medical Specialist. He is reserved, shy and often socially-awkward through his attempts at 'fitting-in.' He puts others before himself and takes most things personally, even if it isn't intended. --- Deployment Record SK9 Sergeant Clue / General Information \ Name: Clue Aliases: Boy, Dog, Sergeant, Biggest Hobo Age: 1.5 Date of Birth: October 3rd Eye Color: Brown Fur Color: Dark; Brown, black, tan Height: 4"9' Weight: 197 Lbs Ethnicity: German Shepherd Build: K9-Breed Fur tone: Soft, clean Sex: Male Language(s): Responds to the Federal Standard (English) --- Rank: Sergeant Status: Active Duty Who is Clue? Clue is a German-Shepard-breed that has been bred to withstand the gravitational-pull of most planets. As such, he appears to be quite the large dog. His senses are heightened and has been trained to be quite the professional. His coat is mostly brown, save the odd swaths of black. His teeth are surprisingly white, but one could suspect human-effort. He looks clean, and should one touch him they would woefully discover the incredible amount this dog sheds, its soft-fur clinging to clothing. He appears to be quite the sociable-dog, often interested and out-going with strangers, a side-affect one could assume as a dog trained to always find them out. Should it not be for his hesitant-overseer, one could suspect the dog to continuously prowl around for food, attention and comfortable locales for rest... Like a dog. He wears a dorky collar; as dorky as a dog could wear. It yields the odd white paw, bone and the text: "Bark!". Should one examine the collar, it should list off the following information: Sergeant Clue Handler: Shay Callahan 1st SAR, 1st SK9 The dog was always intrigued when people sang to it. "Has to be a jolly-song," he always stated. "80s." ///>>/\<<\\\ ~THE GOOD SHIT -- WHY YOU CAME HERE~ But I hide it in these boring posts, so you have to read >:)
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    I'm Back

    s o d o m i t e n o t k o s h e r
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    Xal is trying to reunite the empire

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    Marauder News

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    A dogs best friend, Shay Callahan