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  1. Shaxx

    Linh Cinder-Federal Fugitive (Again)

    Because Fleet is lacking Fleet, Setu - just because it's empty.
  2. Rangi Setu Petty Officer Second Class -- Weaponry. - Yes hello me again.
  3. Shaxx

    Jeremy Nash

    why this bitch so empty setu
  4. Shaxx

    Hecle Phan

    setu - theyre not friends but oh well
  5. Shaxx

    112th Victory Dance After Blowing up The Grant

    u already know the 112th dont have enough coordination for this spectacle
  6. Shaxx

    Alvaro Lupinacci

    setu x2?
  7. Shaxx

    Rosita Rodriguez

    @Gazza I believe we're in 2299.
  8. Shaxx

    Aaron Holtz: "Dad" Of the MI

    If you think they've mingled enough - Omar Saastamoinen, Mobile Infantry / Rangi Setu, Fleet.
  9. Rangi Setu Petty Officer Third Class -- Weaponry. -- Forgot to post when he finally accepted the advancement.
  10. Shaxx

    Alvaro Lupinacci

  11. I've not completely finished. I'll continue to go through and make the relations. Some are done whilst others? I need to think of some Setu grade internal ramble. dw ilu will do