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  1. Arrow

    Lyndsey Carter

    update lorenzo? again now that hes back or whatever : P
  2. Arrow

    Miguel Lorenzo - Arrow - Base +10

    5/26 10:44:36 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would grab two 30 pound weights and would begin to lift them. Doing curls five sets of 5 reps. 11:02:55 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would push the weights above his head. He would then slowly bend his arms so the weightes were at a 90 degree angle behind his head. 11:41:51 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would sit under the bench press and he puts two 25 weights on the sides. He sits under the bar breaths for a moment and then lifts. He does the normal 5 sets of 10 reps. Resting in between each set. 11:44:51 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo grabs the two 30 pound weights and would put them above his shoulder. Pushing up and then down. He would do the normal 5 sets of 10 reps. Resting after each set.
  3. Arrow

    dad had a chicken

  4. Arrow

    the best feeling u can have on this hellsite

  5. Arrow

    Valerie Faust

    AHEM AHEM COUGH COUGH UPDATE FOR FAUST x D he mega dead (i dont even have the faust im just reminding u to update :P)
  6. Arrow

    Lyndsey Carter

    I'm seriously curious about what would happen to Carter if she got PTSD
  7. Arrow

    Boboro brothers. God bless them.

    welp apparentally i cant have anymore boboros so alex was the last one to die x D rip
  8. Arrow

    Boboro brothers. God bless them.

  9. Arrow

    Boboro brothers. God bless them.

    lol i cant see that download
  10. Arrow

    Boboro brothers. God bless them.

    why are all my char deaths super brutal 1 got lanced and then chewed apart another got skinnie mind fucked then writs slit then hung 3rd got melted to death
  11. Arrow


    NERD jk luv u no homo dont hurt me pls dad DAD NO STOP OH GOD *WAPSSSH* AH GOD!
  12. Arrow

    yo was popin b

    updated a bit *imagine lots of body language including seizures and arm waving* YO WHATS UP DRAMA ALERT NATION MICHEAL V SAUCE HERE AM I THE REAL HOWTOBASIC? GUCCI UP squad fam team 10 clan army mavrick dank me me gucci team its ur boi arrow back at it again with them minecraft gift cards PLUS FREE FUCKING V BUCKS ALSO SEASON BATTLE PASSES FREE FUCKING FREE all you got to do is follow my twitter facebook myspace tumblr reddit discord and subscribe to my youtube and can we drop a like bomb please can we get 9999 likes that would be amazing please dont forget to Like, comment, favorite, and subscribe. ALSO me and my WIIIIIFE are getting a devorce! *ali a intro BUN DUH BDA DUDSDF DBDS* Remember to turn on notifications and donate to my patreon. Buy my merch. Link in the BI well peace out squad fam team10 army clan mavrick cankle ussr SIGE HAIL!! i mean america is great time to get this vid to 10 min *windows error sound* 10 bucks for every nude k the comments
  13. Arrow

    Gary "Gaz" Johnson

    ADD THE BOBOROS!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!1!!1111!!1!!1!!!!
  14. Arrow

    James Chevosky

    Update Lorenzo?