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  1. Should be fixed. Reply back if not. Thanks!
  2. Tonic

    The 47th

    Peto brought his wrapped hand to his forehead, moving it to wipe the moisture collecting within the crevices of his forehead as he stared parallel to the hanged battle mat. The mat, first used by one of the prior Lieutenants upon the 47th's arrival on Scarvis, had seen continuous use and revision over the months that he had been stationed on here. Peto muttered a curse as a brushed bead of sweat landed on the parchment, resulting in an inked line to blur. "Damned Privates using cheap ink", he sneered, before an audible chirp echoes out from behind, the source of which centered on his desk by the entrance to the elongated, lean-to cabin. A sharp click from the throwing of a stationary radio's switch is followed by the man's practiced and ritualistic posturing, "47th. Major Agamemnon. Be concise." A feminine voice spoken through a stretched smile echoes about the cabin, obfuscated at the cabin's entrance by only the continuously buffeted lead-lined curtain. "Greetings, Major Agamemnon. My office has been so cold without your presence... may-haps you should do something to fix this." The Major replies in kind, "Hell hath truly frozen over, it seems." Peto could envision the woman's smile growing wider, and could even hear the first strained syllable of her retort being formed, only to be cut off by a curtain being thrown open to make way for a figure coated in dark matted sand with boot tracks of crimson sand following his path. The Lieutenant speaks, "Major. Repo--", "LIEUTENANT!" The Major's reddened face drops a hue almost as quickly as it rose, "Manners." The younger figure assumed a lesser posture and presented himself in apology. The disembodied voice sang out for the Major's attention, "Major, his report can wait. What I have to say cannot." Major Agamemnon frowned deeply while gesturing to the Lieutenant to pull up a chair. The Major then sets his focus back towards the source of the woman's voice once more. "What does the damned Fox have to say, this time?" --- A metallic coffee mug flew across the cabin before impacting against a wall, resulting in a new dent joining the others. Major Agamemnon turned to Lieutenant Dennis and swore, "Going to have a pelt by the time I retire, I swear on it! The last thing we need is to give more bodies to these sands... yet the spooks just give us more bodies to throw away -- new bodies that will turn around and bury us, no less!" The Lieutenant chimes in, vying to subdue the Major's temper, "Sir. These men and women coming to join us... They're experienced. They've been through the thick of it -- they'll easily--", the Major cuts in, "-- easily undermine our authority through their own heroic deeds brought about by past actions from passed men! Men and women living in the waning glory of the real heroes they dare claim to follow after! You and I have heard the same broadcasts, received the same notices from SICON-- Make no mistake... These newcomers are going to drown you in false pretenses and stolen valor. And we will lose our chance at keeping our word to those who have not returned home." Lieutenant Dennis had learned to stop holding his own ground when the Major had this level of determination and conviction in his voice. The Major always spoke so confidently, ready to stake everything on his own word. It was as admirable as it was unnerving, to always be willing to put so much value in words. Dennis spoke softly, "Sir. Captain Malik. She died in the ambush." The Major looked to his Lieutenant and nodded, speaking softly to match the gravity that the situation demanded of him. "You and Jax did everything you could, I'm told." He approached the Lieutenant with ginger footfalls before placing his hands upon the Lieutenant's shoulders, resting on his patches. They had yet to fray. The Lieutenant muttered, "But it wasn't enough." The Major replied, "It never is." The sound of velcro being torn can be heard over the howls of the burgeoning dust storm.
  3. INCOMING COMMUNICATION FROM SICON CORE WORLD RELAY CENTER ALPHA 0 CLEARANCE DESIGNATION MARKED: ALL COMBAT LEADERSHIP AND PERSONNEL WITHIN ARACHNID QUARANTINE ZONE FROM THE OFFICE OF MAJOR GENERAL ALEXANDER SAEJ, OPERATIONAL SECURITY, SICON HEADQUARTERS To all assets with receipt of this message, take note that all charges have been dropped against the 1st Army, 2nd Division,7th Brigade, 28th Regiment, 112th Battalion, hereafter the 112th. The 112th have proven their innocence by substantial majority vote of the Federal Council. All judiciary tasks and investigations relating to the 112th are to cease from this point forward and all collected intelligence is to be appropriately forwarded for archiving. The 112th is being disbanded and their personnel are to be re-integrated through the Battalions of the 1st Army, 1st Division, 3rd Brigade, 9th through 12th Regiments. Majority of the 112th's command structure and their Mechanized aspects (advanced Engineering Corps and their Marauder Detachment) shall be adopted by the 12th Regiment's 47th Battalion. The 12th Regiment is to undertake the Mechanized specialization. in lieu of the 112th's dissolution. The 47th Command Staff have been advised of this incoming bolstering of personnel, and Intelligence personnel have been tasked with aiding the Mobile Infantry with the integration of these advanced elements into their rank and file. This is to be carried out by all parties, immediately. Glory to the Federation
  4. @Lityou stand accused of having a crappy PAC. How do you plea?
  5. Looks like a HUD problem. Immediate fix will likely be a reconnect. Odd that this is happening right now with there not being any new Gmod updates...
  6. Beat ya to it, snake nerd
  7. Please verify if this was, in fact, a VAC ban. You can test this by attempting to join any server that has the VAC authentication/guard enabled (the little shield icon on the Legacy Browser listing). If it is a VAC ban, the only people able to reverse it would be Valve, and VAC only bans when it detects script-kiddie software... not a Gmod add-on.
  8. Legit thought this was a "rolling discredits the validity of us being a serious RP server" thread. Uh. Will get back to you after some research.
  9. Just to make sure that I am understanding of the situation... You manually typed in "rcon_address", followed by "rcon_password MyLittlePonyIsAmazingAndGreatBritainIsForFags" and numerous variations of which (as Gmod requires a few failed login attempts to ban users)?
  10. You can also upload avatars, I guess.
  11. A mature and responsible post. I've only the best wishes for you and your future.
  12. Foreign Affairs Department SUNDAY MAY 26 2299 HESPERUS, ALPHA CENTAURI - Mere weeks after the incident at the Arachnid Quarantine Zone, which had provoked an aggressive act by the hands of the Arachnid forces, the Citizen-ran companies that keep the numerous orbital Hesperus shipyards running have announced completion of an expedited order of seventeen Federation military space-faring vessels. These vessels are to be sent to rendezvous and form Federal Strike Fleet Equanimity alongside other Federal elements. While the specifics of the Strike Fleet’s tasks have been withheld by the Office of Naval Intelligence, there has been confirmation that Strike Fleet Equanimity is to be a test-bed for experimental shifts of design philosophy held by current standing Federal Military strategists for handling ship-to-ship combat. Despite this shift in philosophies originally came about due to the influx of rogue human elements taking advantage of weakened Federation patrols along extended-travel hyperlane routes, it is all the more clear that these new alien threats be met by new and innovative human solutions. The Iskander Herald is a registered third party news vendor, authorized under docket number 161, and protected under section (6)(2) of the Iskander Accords, which permits a limited number of approved third party organisations the right to publish news independent of the Federal state. Any complaints should be directed to the Regulation of Press Committee, Federal Council, ISK SW1A 1AA
  13. Alright. From the sounds of it, this is a minor case of one party pushing too far for the sake of a joke, or thinking that the situation was a joke, and getting slapped for it. Discord ban remains for an hour; reduced from original 24 hours. At 7:44 PM EST, the ban will be lifted by @Lit.
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