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  1. The survey will be closing in a few days. It takes less than 15 minutes to complete and ensures that sure your voice is heard.
  2. Tonic

    Faded - General Unban Request

    After verifying the above, I have no further desire to pursue a permanent ban.
  3. Tonic

    Faded - General Unban Request

    1). Why was Faded banned? Faded was banned for open proclamations of wishing to uncover/expose a member of the community, across separate occasions, through IRL photographs. I did not act initially due to not being able to confirm the tone of voice through witness accounts. Additionally, all initial participants, except for Faded, immediately apologized to the player after realizing they were in the wrong for repeatedly pushing them and had hurt their feelings and scared them. The ban took place Friday morning, after hearing Faded's tone of voice for myself, which was akin to someone who had their ego on the line and something to prove. 2). How long was he banned, and is it from all SSTRP services, or just Discord? As the intent was understood to be malicious by nature, a permanent ban across all SSTRP services was issued.
  4. Tonic

    Faded - General Unban Request

    Let's start by providing clarification for the ban so that we do not worry about anything outside of that scope. Contrary to what has been brought to my attention following the ban, we do not punish players for having receipt of leaked admin chat logs unless that player then proceeds to use them with malicious intent. Additionally, the conversation that Faded and myself were having at the time was not the cause of this, either. This took place in one of the Discord's voice channels earlier today. The ban occured after the topic shifted from the admin chat logs to Faded proclaiming his desire for "uncovering" a player. It's interesting that you think this to be a meme. A meme requires multiple people, across social boundaries, to partake in the exchange of the joke. Even after you stated this desire to "uncover" the player multiple times, no one laughed or joined in. "Mobcom, please respond" is a meme. "I'm going to uncover [player]" is not. You displayed intent to show others that you were correct in assuming that a player wasn't who they said they were, and you wanted and still want to oust them for it. The source of your demented desire was from several nights ago. The player that you seek to publically 'dox', so that others may see 'who they truly are', shut you down, multiple times, when you continuously demanded a photograph. Player: and i'm not trying to get in trouble for taking a picture y'all are being dicks i don't have to. i have absolutely nothing to prove to any of you no You continuously disrespected a community member's privacy and then immediately turned around with a direct threat that you were going to "uncover them". The problem is that in order for you to stroke your ego and prove to everyone just how right your unfounded, disrespectful, and morally bankrupt HUNCH truly is, you displayed total lack of regard for another community member's personal safety and wellbeing. That is something I refuse to permit to exist within this community. With all of that said, please do reply stating your own facts on the matter.
  5. Tonic

    Delete and Ban

    It was mistakenly hidden as the hide check box is right next to Submit reply. https://ibb.co/zhbjwPY
  6. Tonic

    Jimbo's right arm.

    Add Jimbow
  7. Tonic


    Absolutely. Just message @El Excellente your desired username and password and he'll set it up for you.
  8. Tonic

    the story that nobody asked for

    I'm so glad you followed through Thank you
  9. Greetings, This community has been taken through many jarring events within the past two months alone, but there is little sign of the men and women of the Upham having made it clear of this storm. This community is a melting pot of different ideologies and definitions of 'fun', and the server is where all these new ideas and perspectives come together to not only experience and share in art of story telling, but to also have the opportunity to leave their own mark on those around them. With all these different personalities, it can be difficult for a minority of the playerbase to think of numerous ways to address each problem as it arises. Thus, we make sure to send out surveys throughout the year as a way of 'keeping pulse' on the community's ever-changing interests and ideas. While this survey will have many of the typical governance/administrative questions, it will also have a new series of questions that we hope will give us a better insight into the type of missions that we should consider making more commonplace until the community's interests change once more. We're excited to see the outcome of this new type of survey. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSehvzWM_Ewry90qQzjOJBhdqN3AUVFROqdGUlfGk7Wiyphzdg/viewform?usp=sf_link We would appreciate it if you would take 15 minutes out of your day to provide us the feedback that you believe will help better the community. Tonic
  10. Tonic


    Aim for parts five years or older. A gtx770 is what I'm still using since it's release. I've yet to encounter a new game that it couldn't run.
  11. Tonic

    This is goodbye. - By Stevie.

    Take the necessary time to focus on what matters most for you. We'll still be here when you find yourself more in control of your free time.
  12. Tonic

    (Suggestion) Medical SWEP + NPCs

    Just tried out the IFAK. I couldn't find an easy way to reload/give ammunition to the users that wouldn't require admins tending to them. If that can be fixed, I'd be more interested in nagging Xal about adding the addon.
  13. Tonic

    (Suggestion) Medical SWEP + NPCs

    There was a script issue that prevented the medics from spawning with the HL2 medkit. Xalphox had to prioritize the new ship over script fixes. Sorry!
  14. The standard system, which is already in use, is one that admins fall back to when they have to. Surprisingly enough, most admins don't plan on killing characters during their events and are often surprised by how things play out (turns out mission running is akin to cat herding). This can lead to some parameters of the standard roll system being fiddled with (a 1-5 may end up becoming a 1-10) out of panic. This is something that could be improved upon by the XA's updating the current Mission Making Guide to include the breakdown template and instructions on when to make/announce changes. I'll set out doing this today. Additionally, Optic is correct to reference the Event Runner is King rule. This rule is discussed in the aforementioned guide. This is such a highly respected rule that even XA's are subject to being kicked by admins or temporary admins, should they interfere or detract from the event. Lastly, the standard system is not the end all be all. Admins are permitted to change the system as they see fit. If a character dies out of what the player sees is an unfair or unjust PK, then they are encouraged to file an appeal so that an XA may review the details surrounding the case and subsequently attempt to fix the issues that lead to the PK taking place.
  15. Tonic

    Unban appeal

    As standard operating procedures goes, I shall be taking over the handling of this appeal. The truth of the matter is that despite the ban taking place on a game server, you are, in reality, seeking to be allowed back into our community. And while we are speakings truths, which may be a foreign concept for you, I wish to clarify that not a single community can trust a known and proven liar. It is human nature to have a desire to feel safe and have a basic level of confidence in those around them, and to have trust in those in positions of authority of that community. Because of your actions, no one wants to risk having someone of your calibre around. Standard policy at .Net is to permit permanently banned users the most basic of forum privileges; restricting users to post only in the Complaints threads as to allow them the ability to continuously attempt to prove their worth in hopes of readmittance. However, no one will mind if I entirely block you from even viewing the forums. Your one and only post will forever be a lie. That is your only contribution to this community. Hollow. Empty. Dead weight. Appeal denied.