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  1. Name this Bunny!

  2. The cute goes in here.

    I feel like it'd be slightly hypocritical of me to condem Lalatina's actions considering I send pictures of hot dudes and calling them 'cute puppies'.
  3. Sorry

    SST as a whole does not recognize foreign laws held by foreign governmental bodies as valid forms of regulations. As such, the Canadian Apology Act of 2009 holds no grounds on these forums. You are hereby under arrest for pending charges. WHAT DID YOU DO?
  4. The cute goes in here.

    So freaking fat!!!
  5. ✝ Sgt. Jack O'Neill.

    This makes me feel things
  6. Tbh, if you hadn't survived, I wouldn't have been able to make a double pentration joke. So, thanks for living I guess
  7. I'm risking it all

    to leak these videos/photos of the XA meeting back in 2017 use this information wisely
  8. Because everything concerning the NJP is IC, a challenge will need to be issued ICly. File a report with whichever CO your character would trust.
  9. Xalphox did not wish for the thread in question to be pinned to prevent pinned posts taking up 50% of the first page, alone. To rectify this issue, a proper reference and warning to NCO's & CO's alike were amended to the Federal Articles thread (which is currently pinned on the Roleplay forums) a few moments ago. In response to this point, it is allowed for a member of the military to dispute NJP's and ultimately be sent to either a Summary or General Court Martial. Mobile Infantry Command would be required to oversee this process, with Intelligence required to be on call for assistance if necessary.
  10. Federation Law

    Updated with reference to the Reforms to the Legal Code thread that was originally hidden despite numerous attempts to pin it.
  11. IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    all around me are nerdy faces
  12. This thread could get out of hand quickly if not handled properly. Considering that these restrictions were set in place, ICly, by MI Command [which encompasses Marauders, Engineers, Medics, & Marines], only members of MI Command will be allowed to post in response to Detective British, should he choose to continue attempting to change current protocols (which in of itself is not breaking a rule, so don't be sarcastic or demeaning to him). Detective British is welcomed to invite other members of the community to post should they have a point to make (no 'all are invited' b.s.).
  13. New Account

    Their issue has been addressed.
  14. Hidden sections wiping/getting screwed.

    Just to make sure I'm not misunderstanding, you're referring to Spoilers, right?
  15. Combat camera characters?

    Ah. Right. Lost track of the original question. General consensus is that field reporting is welcomed, if not flat out encouraged. In fact, even though some players have expressed doubt in the Federation being open to publicizing the Civil War, the faction that the players are involved in would be open to such obstacles. Before the Civil War, the Federation was very open about sharing the gruesome stories and scenes of war. War was known to be an overall bad thing, but that it was the most effective way of establishing dominance and ridding the populace of a threat. The Federation is big on propaganda-- biased or otherwise. @Whiplash, if @Durango says that you can create a reporter in his infantry, then you are free to do so. Just be aware that he is free to set whatever requirements he sees as necessary (such as combat experience).