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    Minor crimes are misdemeanors. Typically, misdemeanors are classified as cases where one person's poor choices do not directly influence the lives of others in a substantial way (i.e. murder, aggravated battery/assault with deadly weapon are substantial). So, rule of thumb, stick to low level DUI's, minor pick-pocket thefts, trespassing charges. However, punishment for all crime is relatively severe. It is normal for public lashings to occur for 18+ year old pick pockets.
  2. Tonic

    New forums!

    I recommend switching to using the IP address for connecting to the server. If you're adament on using the URL, make sure you're using sstrp.net:PORT# rather than starshiptroopersrp.net:PORT# Also, take any further issues to the Help & Support forums. Thanks!
  3. Tonic

    Derpytoast Ban appeal

    The permanent ban stands. We acknowledge and appreciate the act of public apology; however, this was one line among many that had been crossed. It would not benefit anyone in any way to explain, in detail or summary, what you had done and why it was wrong -- you already acknowledge your fault in your original post. With that said, I do wish to encourage you to focus on improving upon how you address similar situations in the future. If your idea of resolving dilemmas involves tearing down those around you, you will find yourself without good friends. I sincerely wish you the mental fortitude necessary to grow into someone who's actions and words bring hope and comfort to those around you.
  4. Tonic

    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    thirsty nerds as far as the eye can see please, only positive comments, I'm shy
  5. Tonic

    New map?

    Looks good. +1'd.
  6. Tonic

    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    The cosplay was a lie
  7. Tonic

    A hiatus

    Yep. Drama sucks. Sucks when players also try to get in a cheap shot upon their departure as well. Take care, and hope the next few months are relaxing for ya.
  8. Tonic

    ,luckish :] ban appeal;

    To whomever banned him, please present your reasoning here. Do not approve/delete his thread yet.
  9. Tonic

    Sorry, eh

  10. Tonic

    PKs and If They are Being Done Right.

    Before any other replies are made, I'm warning all participants that any further posts that are seen as nothing short of attempts to insult others' capabilities or lack of desire to adapt to an unproven system will result in post-bans from the forums (read-only access) for up to one week. SSTRP prides itself on being a bastion of free speech, and we do encourage the playerbase to speak about problems they feel like could be resolved (i.e., this thread), but keep your insults out of suggestion threads. All members of the community who have joined in on this topic are ones who want the success of the server-- treat each other with respect even if you don't agree with their ideologies or methods of accomplishing a task.
  11. Tonic

    Name this Bunny!

  12. Tonic

    The cute goes in here.

    I feel like it'd be slightly hypocritical of me to condem Lalatina's actions considering I send pictures of hot dudes and calling them 'cute puppies'.
  13. Tonic


    SST as a whole does not recognize foreign laws held by foreign governmental bodies as valid forms of regulations. As such, the Canadian Apology Act of 2009 holds no grounds on these forums. You are hereby under arrest for pending charges. WHAT DID YOU DO?
  14. Tonic

    The cute goes in here.

    So freaking fat!!!
  15. Tonic

    ✝ Sgt. Jack O'Neill.

    This makes me feel things