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    Admin Meeting Minutes

    August 6th, 2017 Dashboard https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7HX66GHBN_cN1pfMGEzVGJYQWs Opening Notes From Xalphox Continue to exceed mission quotas. Admins in red are close to being removed. Stop being dicks to other admins in admin chat when that burning passion could be directed to addressing the new players. Marauders are probably best faction alongside Engineer. Fleet is dwindling. Great. Perfect. PERFECT. Marines are "doing their job". Xal has taken over ownership of starshiptroopersrp.net domain from Ackua Ackua Resigning from XA position. Will maintain hold on advisory/development role. Ackua's experience with running communities will ensure position on community advisory board. Will still hold access to the Remote Console/Desktop--can assist with server crashing. Deckers Excited to be back and get to work! Tonic Back from finals. Hopes to be useful again. Remnar Will work to improve admingeship abilities and become more respected, as were in past times. Tony Concerns about people making fun of others for trying to RP. Specifically, had issue with people harassing another player due to their SecondLife affiliation. Bohannon Complaint about roleplay descriptions. Trying to cut down on meming people. Has reported that players are requesting more Garrison style events/drops. Passive RP opportunities. CursedJester "Was going to say the same thing as Tony -- To add on, players have raised concerned over being rushed, or pushed around, during events. Not that I want to dictate how people run them, I myself don't want that, but a suggestion in taking care to let people roleplay. Even if you have 20, or 30 people, try give them space to rp and take actions." Deadeye "Been busy with finals last week and also finished graduating, so haven't been too active this week due to that. Also, going on a mini-loa this week as I'll be on vacation, so there's that. Will be back this coming Saturday/Friday" Mullberries LOA starting Friday; back on the 27th. Chosen Marauder XO == Jish; he is currently on LOA but will return Monday/Tuesday. HeresiarchGrimm Psychic stuff is moving forward now that Tonic is more free. Psychic Lore is posted. Psychic Abilities is being worked on. Direct/Useful lore will follow up Abilities; Lithium, Reaper, etc. Absolutely no IC response due to puzzles starting on storyline>>treated as though the puzzles were not solved. Jim MI Biweekly Report New MI lead after Franco has resigned from position. Ranks are fine. Aussie Internet sucks. ShiftKnife Engineering wise, faction is performing weekly trainings. Believes that problem with certain people such as XXXXX, certain individuals don't wish to respect Bohannon. Encourages admins to backup Bohannon and be open to discussion with him rather than bashing him. Xalphox has responded with informing the admin team that a lack of interest in encouraging or enabling fellow admins, or actions that weaken the bonds within the team will result in removal from the team. AdmyralJoe Nothing to say.
  2. Tonic

    How To Pad Your Post Count 102; Electric Boogaloo

    Disregarding the risk of being a 'stick in the mud', for those that are new to these forums, the Fast Threads (and now Character Biography) forum(s) don't cause your post count to increase. Everyone knows the best way to get away with spamming nowadays is to post all of your false-positive support to any and all official announcements made by Xalphox.
  3. Tonic

    Warning Appeal

    I also believe that players will be more likely to update their different characters' biographies after another player shows interest in what they've created. The warning ends on the 7th. You'll survive through this. For those interested, the Character Biography forums have had their content counts disabled for all future posts. Egos are stroked there enough already, no need to allow things to get out of hand.
  4. Orwell comes and goes as he sees fit, and no one stops him because we know he needs time to mellow out and seem inspiration for future missions. He'll be back. There is no vaccine. There is no cure.
  5. Tonic

    My PK appeal

    Sounds like a few of you cucks are getting a bit big for your britches
  6. Tonic

    Forums Bugs

    @Fitz Regarding the Steam login integration, there were concerns about how it negatively affected certain forum profiles. This concern was brought up several months ago, and the Steam login plugin has a new update... We may end up testing it out once more and see how it goes.
  7. Tonic

    Surveys - July 2018

    I wish to take a moment to encourage all of the remaining playerbase to take the time to complete this straightforward survey. Change occurs because a call to change is made. Most players can recall negative experiences with numerous communities where they get burned by those in charge because the player challenges the status quo, and staff turn around on the player with ill intent. This survey is the staff's attempt at seeing if the status quo needs to change. Don't let this opportunity pass by. If you don't take the time to make your voice heard, in this survey or in a public thread, then your ideas will never be considered, and the community as a whole cannot be blamed for your inaction.
  8. Tonic

    Forums Bugs

    I'll look into the Steam linking. Xal can work on the wiki.... (Good luck, buddy)
  9. Tonic

    Grasping the reins once more!

    god fucking damn it all to hell
  10. Tonic

    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    All that I will state will be in addition to Franco's above quote. Competition is a good thing. .Net welcomes any Starship Trooper community. Starship Troopers teaches us that it is bad to become complacent with what we have. Complacency through lack of a common goal through a shared "enemy" is in of itself a death sentence. Good times create weak men. Weak men create bad times. Bad times forge great men, who then pave the way to future good times. Our staff has no desire to go to war with any SST community. We welcome their players to our community just as much as we wish they would welcome our own to their fold. We've already been in informal talks regarding the exclusivity of content; however, future cross-community activities are not unlikely to be discussed in the future (balls, joint-operation missions, search & rescue of personnel, just to name the usual three that have been done in the past). So.... Be nice, children. They're neighbors. Not heretics. Be the person Mister Rogers and Bob Ross believes you to be.
  11. Tonic

    A Collection of Images of Fat Mice

    Why do these amuse me so
  12. Tonic

    I am back!

    Welcome back, nerd!
  13. Tonic

    When TS kills RP

    There's plenty of reason why the TS server averages roughly 1/3rd of the player count compared to the game server at any given time. Players understand that while it's cool to chat with friends and shoot the shit during missions, it can get irritating when there's that one disurptive player who nitpicks every possible aspect of others' roleplay, criticizing them, giving no quarter, hanging around in the same voice lobby and killing the friendly vibe (this driving others into different lobby channels and killing the fun). TS isn't a requirement. If you have suggestions on how to make it better for all, feel free to provide critique. Otherwise, keep in mind that no one has to be involved with the TS server to be considered a part of the community.
  14. Tonic

    New OffDuty Model - Opinions Needed

    We will support you in whatever decision that you make.
  15. Tonic

    Derpytoast Ban appeal

    For documentation purposes, after additional consideration and internal discourse, this ban has been lifted.
  16. Tonic

    LOA End

    As someone who has been around since 2008/2009, SST is one of those genres that you have a hard time truly giving up. It's encouraged to never create direct and purposeful threads that revolve around you departing. You'll be remembered in another SST community or you're going to drop by every once in a while, at worst. At best, your passion is renewed and come back full-swing.
  17. Tonic


    Minor crimes are misdemeanors. Typically, misdemeanors are classified as cases where one person's poor choices do not directly influence the lives of others in a substantial way (i.e. murder, aggravated battery/assault with deadly weapon are substantial). So, rule of thumb, stick to low level DUI's, minor pick-pocket thefts, trespassing charges. However, punishment for all crime is relatively severe. It is normal for public lashings to occur for 18+ year old pick pockets.
  18. Tonic

    New forums!

    I recommend switching to using the IP address for connecting to the server. If you're adament on using the URL, make sure you're using sstrp.net:PORT# rather than starshiptroopersrp.net:PORT# Also, take any further issues to the Help & Support forums. Thanks!
  19. Tonic

    Derpytoast Ban appeal

    The permanent ban stands. We acknowledge and appreciate the act of public apology; however, this was one line among many that had been crossed. It would not benefit anyone in any way to explain, in detail or summary, what you had done and why it was wrong -- you already acknowledge your fault in your original post. With that said, I do wish to encourage you to focus on improving upon how you address similar situations in the future. If your idea of resolving dilemmas involves tearing down those around you, you will find yourself without good friends. I sincerely wish you the mental fortitude necessary to grow into someone who's actions and words bring hope and comfort to those around you.
  20. Tonic

    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    thirsty nerds as far as the eye can see please, only positive comments, I'm shy
  21. Tonic

    New map?

    Looks good. +1'd.
  22. Tonic

    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    The cosplay was a lie
  23. Tonic

    A hiatus

    Yep. Drama sucks. Sucks when players also try to get in a cheap shot upon their departure as well. Take care, and hope the next few months are relaxing for ya.
  24. Tonic

    ,luckish :] ban appeal;

    To whomever banned him, please present your reasoning here. Do not approve/delete his thread yet.