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  1. @BaroqueBishop @Cipher @Ymot From my point of view. I witnessed your death from heading towards Donovan, your group retreated from the scene and headed towards the bunker. Your character was the only one that was at the trenches and you were on your own. The tanker was on top of the entrance of the underground bunker where you and the group came out from. My recollection of the events. -Donovan was stuck. -Group went out. -Tanker was at the entrance. -You were alone. -Tanker targeted you and you died. -The group was inside the underground bunker, received injuries. As for the crouching, there is no errors to suggest this was the fault of the script nor a glitch. I will be deciding the verdict after. @BaroqueBishop @Cipher @Ymot Point of view has been posted.
  2. @LoFiSuicide @Jimbow @Hecle @Luna UPDATED
  3. Lit

    [IC] Home

    Archers, Former Sky Marshall Ortiz was forced to resign, our truth has been broadcasted to all Iskander local media, and possibly the entirety of FEDNET at this point. We have returned to the Federation. Our goal has been reached; our journey to prove ourselves innocent has came to a close, and now we're home.. Your effort and perseverance has made this day a reality and now we can continue on what we signed up for. The family we lost before, now have their names cleared; The comrades that couldn't be here, now can rest easy knowing we are now home. When this all started we all signed an Oath; to keep our integrity as the 112th and continue following the beliefs and disciples of the Federation. You all have followed up with this end of the deal and now it's time for us, the high command to follow up with our end. Those wishing to retire, may. Granted with Citizenship. Those that chose to stay with us, we won't have any breaks. The Federation has us set course back to the AQZ, where we will be assisting the Morita Battalions there. It's time for us to set our foot in the Third Bug War. [Pick out a form and fill it out, for retirement. Approval from Major Asper is required.] ((Just sign off your characters name at the replies. This is a Character PK and will not be able to bring these characters back.)) Signed. Elaine Asper Major Alpha Company Commander
  4. Lit

    Chat bug

    But something was up with the pac I had saved before the PAC update, trying to see what's causing it.
  5. Lit

    Chat bug

    Catch me if you can!
  7. ER: Cipher //: Drop Lead: Captain Asper //: Second In Command: N/a //: Squad Leaders: Blue Team: Sergeant Oakwood Orange Team: Sergeant Goose //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Hunt, Simmons, Goose, Murphy, Gunner, Tankijin. //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/a //: Notable Acts: Simmons had several mental episodes that slow down the retreat. Ignis did well in covering the wounded as they slowly retreated from the advancing Progenitor force. //: Mission Summary: Head into a station to grab some schematics. Expected Progenitors. In the entrance, it was apparent that we walked into a Progenitor with psychic abilities, everyone in the squad took lithium after making our way past the entrance. Orange was caught out by a flanking Progenitor force, amounting to several wounded. We navigated throughout the station, clearing sections of the place to find the schematics. We encountered Three Thralls and Six Grunt Progenitors in total, they were all equipped with freezing grenades and anti gravity rounds. After the schematics were extracted from the station's console; we made our way up towards the surface of the rock. Extracting our wounded. Schematics have been handed to the Black Cross and allowed us to repair and lounge on their dry-dock.
  8. Check out my sick avatar
  9. Lit

    [IC] Changes

    Hello Infantry, It's about time to reveal what we will be calling ourselves. We will be changing the callsign from BANDITS to ARCHERS. I believe it's more fitting and we won't have the confusion from those people outside of our loop. Just a bit of a review these are how callsigns should work. ARCHER ACTUAL - Captain Asper ARCHER 1-1 - Master Sergeant Holtz ARCHER 1-2 - Staff Sergeants ARCHER 1-3 - Sergeants ARCHER 1-4 - Corporals Squad Colour CODES (Corporals + should have the Flag to change colours, if you don't have the Flag - PM me on Discord or Ingame.) /plysetcolor [NAME] R G B Another thing I would like to address is how we use the Long Range. We will be abandoning the term MOBCOMM, as it is a common phrase that is widely used in the Federation Mobile Infantry. It will be changed to simply COMMAND. Signed. Elaine Asper Captain Mobile Infantry Commander
  10. Event Runner: Kris //: Drop Lead: Lieutenant Asper //: Second In Command: Master Sergeant Holtz //: Squad Leaders: Blue Team: Corporal Oakwood / Lance Corporal Jonas Orange Team: Corporal Redbrick //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): None. //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None. //: Notable Acts: //: Mission Summary: Tasked with retrieval of a down TAC pilot, Wing Commander Sawyer behind enemy lines. The aircraft were to be recovered as well as the pilot. We started at the capital of the planet and moved our way towards the north. As soon as we exited the capital we engaged with heavy tank armor that was guarding the tunnel close to the castle. After we cleared out the castle, we used that as a regearing point. Before heading off towards the north once more, to go deeper into enemy lines. We came across several paths once we got to a valley from the South. We had multiple leads to where the aircraft and the pilot would be, our first stop would be due to the North West of the AO. Northwest of the AO was a monastery, once it was cleared it was completely empty without any more leads. BANDITS would head towards the South, while traveling we encountered several explosions that seemed to be from the OPFOR air support and eliminated a few OPFOR that was guarding the area, around this town we found our TAC aircraft. It was tagged and we moved on to our top objective. We came to a bunker that had several thick layered metal doors, we blew it out and proceeded to clear out the bunker. BANDITS located Wing Commander Sawyer being held by one of the old silos storages. She was injured during our attempt to securing her. Four Gun Shot Wounds, a missing right arm and a broken kneecap. Lieutenant Asper treated her for transport and we soon called in EVAC.
  11. Kicked him (on discord) at first for interrupting me addressing an important topic, given him several warnings to stop or I'll kick him. Mocked me by repeating what I said and egging me on, so I kicked him. I banned him (24hrs - Default) from the discord as he had a link to the discord and kept on joining back, just to come into the channel a few seconds later just to annoy me while I'm still trying to address the topic.
  12. Event Runner - Valk //: Drop Lead: Lieutenant Asper //: Second In Command: //: Squad Leaders: Blue Team: Corporal Carter Orange Team: Lance Corporal Mendoza //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Corporal Carter, Lance Corporal Jonas, Private Oliver Stanley //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None //: Notable Acts: None //: Mission Summary: Head down to the planet to investigate the blackout in communication within a compound in the AO. We made in contact with a few individuals that did not seem to be completely right in the mind. One of them were hostile towards us and they were quickly taken care of, Corporal Carter receive a stab wound to his thigh. It was patched up by Specialist Noviello. Lance Corporal Jonas received two rounds to their helmet and was knocked unconscious for the time being, again treated by Specialist Noviello. We arrived at the compound and dealt with several deranged individuals, driving a car and taking a few shots at us. They were disposed of. We've lost communication with the Upham during our mission and were forced to look for a radio station that we spotted a few intelligence items that could be use for in finding the cause of the black out. We reconnected with the Upham and gathered out the intelligence we could find. Private Oliver Stanley was broken away from the group and encountered a hostile, received several rounds to his chest. He was treated and transported to the EVAC.
  13. Event Runner - Cipher //: Drop Lead: Lieutenant Asper //: Second In Command: //: Squad Leaders: Blue Team: Private First Class Jonas Orange Team: Lance Corporal Tankijin //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Recruit Modine, Private Blake, Corporal Oakwood. //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None //: Notable Acts: None //: Mission Summary: From our previous missions on New Carthage, the people set up our pick up of our rewards. We were to hold up at a bank and defend it from the Red Front, until our payment was completed and counted. The Red Front resorted to chemical warfare which in turn send in a waves of Red Front Members towards the bank. The infantry had APC support which came in handy when dealing the hundreds of Red Front Members. Several heavy armor came in, which didn't make much of an impact because of the quick reactions from our Engineers with HEAT. In the end, we extracted from the bank after the Red Front had a overwhelming force heading towards our position.
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