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  1. Litcoins

    Erae Errasti Bellic

  2. Litcoins

    PK Appeal

    Erae Bellic I was kicked from being part of an event due to confusion regarding my character. I was told to making a PK appeal form for my character. I hope some of these screenshots of my and my friend's conversations can clear things up. I got this screenshot blurred, reason that I was given was because it was a conversation that wasn't related to the topic.
  3. Litcoins

    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    they were banned
  4. Litcoins

    I am banned, did I break rules :(

    if i were to guess, probably an overreaction to what someone said and u coming to the conclusion that I was trying to harm your server even after not logging in for 4-5 months. Or am i being perma banned for not logging in for 4-5 months?
  5. Litcoins

    I am banned, did I break rules :(

    I dunno, thats y Im asking
  6. No one told me I did something bad :(, what did I do bad??
  7. Litcoins

    Erae Errasti Bellic

    I heard this character is dead can it be moved to the dead section
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    add bellic so I can relive my life as a fodder
  9. Litcoins

    Erae Errasti Bellic

    Updated finally.
  10. Litcoins

    Arryn Falco

  11. Litcoins

    Holy Shit

    wow bye
  12. Litcoins

    Noah's Food Review

    thats me af
  13. Litcoins

    Erae Errasti Bellic

  14. Litcoins

    Sara Zaiger

    bellic, mom
  15. Litcoins

    Nikolai Dimov

    add belliic I ADDEd u old man