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  1. Litcoins

    I am banned, did I break rules :(

    if i were to guess, probably an overreaction to what someone said and u coming to the conclusion that I was trying to harm your server even after not logging in for 4-5 months. Or am i being perma banned for not logging in for 4-5 months?
  2. Litcoins

    I am banned, did I break rules :(

    I dunno, thats y Im asking
  3. No one told me I did something bad :(, what did I do bad??
  4. Litcoins

    Erae Errasti Bellic

    I heard this character is dead can it be moved to the dead section
  5. Litcoins


    add bellic so I can relive my life as a fodder
  6. Litcoins

    Erae Errasti Bellic

    Updated finally.
  7. Litcoins

    Arryn Falco

  8. Litcoins

    Holy Shit

    wow bye
  9. Litcoins

    Noah's Food Review

    thats me af
  10. Litcoins

    Erae Errasti Bellic

  11. Litcoins

    Sara Zaiger

    bellic, mom
  12. Litcoins

    Nikolai Dimov

    add belliic I ADDEd u old man
  13. Litcoins

    SST Quotes Thread

    01:50:55 - TSgt. Arryn Falco: Hello, youngster. 01:51:07 - TSgt. Arryn Falco: Do you have a 'boo-boo' as they call them?
  14. Litcoins

    Model bugs

    Female06 walking = T pose, Female 06 offduty changes the model into an asian. Female03 or 05 (The new female model) some skins r just black.
  15. Litcoins

    cowboys of the grant

    name: Christopher "Big Cow" Billyboy experience in cowboying: Many Moons of experience mexican heritage, yes or no: Maybe