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    Mira V. Oberlin - Resident [REDACTED]

    what very [REDACTED] person, i really think she can be a [REDACTED] to the platoon. I really hope in the future she can [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED].
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    <//: After Action Report :\\>

    //: Drop Lead: SSgt. Asper //: Second In Command: Sgt. Tanner //: Squad Leaders: Blue Team: Cpl. Parker Orange Team: Cpl. Williams //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Pfc. Emmett, Sgt. Tanner, Spc. Hughes, Pvt. Kaminski //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: Spc. Hughes risked his life to trying to find and locate the IED. This resulted him being the most frontal blast of the explosion. 3Spc. Pehr was the only medic on the drop, but managed to saved all wounded lives. //: Mission Briefing: //: Mission Summary: First Platoon landed at LZ as expected, Sgt Geghad of the checkpoint patrol informed us about the cult and cl Blue and Orange were split into covering several different sections of the AO; Blue - The courtyard and Orange - The tunnel/checkpoint. Hughes' geiger counter picked up traces of explosives in the checkpoint and moved in to located the source. Sergeant Tanner, Pvt Kaminski assisted him and followed him in, once they were close the IED went off; suspected it being a trigger based explosive as Sergeant Tanner recalls seeing a man smirking before the IED went off. The IED injured Tanner, Kaminski, Hughes and Emmett with the blast. All of them in Red to Black medical codes. 3Spc Pehr quickly arrived on the scene and treated all four wounded from severe wounds. Fixing up many of the injured Civilians as well. After evacing the checkpoint, we were met with light-medium forces at the courtyard as we loaded up the rest of the civilians and our own wounded. They were quickly picked off by our remaining manpower and we evac'd soon after. //: Improvements: I believe the infantry performed the best they could. Handling the IED in the crowd of civilians could have been executed more discreetly. Trainings in the works with Engineers to prevent this situation from happening again, procedures on how to handle civilians in a dangerous situation will be discussed and practiced.
  3. Litcoins

    <//: Training Logging :\\>

    //: NCO in charge: Staff Sergeant Elaine Asper //: Time and Date of session: 2/21/2299 //: Type of Training Session: Kill house Trials. Lance Corporal Clark Corporal Parker Sergeant Tanner Corporal Williams Private Alan Pelcowicz Private First Class Bain Third Specialist Pehr Private Kaminski CWO. Hawke Private Alan Pelcowicz setting the platoon record of 18.4
  4. Litcoins

    <//: After Action Report :\\>

    //: Drop Lead: Staff Sergeant Asper //: Second In Command: //: Squad Leaders: Blue Team: Lance Corporal Clark Orange Team: Lance Corporal Amira //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Pvt. Emerson (Multiple) //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): //: Notable Acts: //: Mission Summary: Clear a ship port controlled by Pirates. Our ship crashed during our entry, no major injuries but a few rattled skulls. We went through a burden warzone and cleared a few buildings filled with Pirates. A slight reporting of progs weaponry were around AO, reported it and dismissed it as soon as it faded; nothing came up about it, even MOBCOMM had nothing to say about it. We contacted several platoons of morita armed Hostiles in a hospital building as arties hit us up, Emerson was wounded during a firefight as TAC cleared up the area from arties and we moved out from our hospital hold out. Met up with the 72nd by the ship port and defended it from countless waves of pirates until EVAC, we took one of the 72nd Corporal with us as he required EVAC and medical attention immediately.
  5. Litcoins

    Elaine May Asper

    Im so sorry, updated.
  6. Litcoins

    <//: Training Logging :\\>

    //: NCO in charge: Staff Sergeant Elaine Asper //: Time and Date of session: 2/16/2299 //: Type of Training Session: CQC Fire and Movement/Friendly Fire awareness and prevention. Third Specialist Kazuya Senior Specialist Bronson Corporal Volker Lance Corporal Clark Corporal Tanner Private First Class Emmett Private Neme
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    3rd platoon

    3rd platoon is billy candy
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    <//: After Action Report :\\>

    Forget to add this last night //: Drop Lead: Staff Sergeant Asper //: Second In Command: Sergeant Taylor //: Squad Leaders: Blue Team: LCpl. Blanka Orange Team: LCpl. Clark //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Private First Class William (Friendly Fire), Private First Class Emmett (Friendly Fire), Private First Class Clenmore (Friendly Fire), Sergeant Taylor (Friendly Fire) //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): //: Notable Acts: All wounds were caused by friendly fire, due to unawareness. When we made contact with the mask individual escaping on his buggy, Three individuals opened fire, breaking our ROE. //: Mission Summary: Head into a base surrounded by bugs to make first contact with the group that has been harassing us for the few months. Our goals were to make contact with the group and clear out the area. ROE the all human individuals.
  9. Litcoins

    The Graveyard

    wtf this is literally me
  10. Litcoins

    <//: Training Logging :\\>

    //: NCO in charge: Staff Sergeant Elaine Asper //: Time and Date of session: 2/13/2299 //: Type of Training Session: Kill House Time Trials. Lance Corporal Knoxx Private First Class Williams Second Specialist Miller Sergeant Hartwick Tech-Sergeant Scott
  11. Litcoins

    <//: Training Logging :\\>

    //: NCO in charge: SSgt. Elaine Asper //: Time and Date of session: 2/12/2299 //: Type of Training Session: Mark Three Certs - Private First Class Ashley Olsen
  12. Litcoins

    <//: Training Logging :\\>

    //: NCO in charge: SSgt. Elaine Asper //: Time and Date of session: 2/12/2299 //: Type of Training Session: Support Gunner - Private First Class Ang Pha
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    Elaine May Asper

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    Sassy Platoon Roster

    what the fcuk