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  1. TheGreen

    When you about to light up some kids on Tarkov.

    You save people's dogtags in your gamma container. You cunt.
  2. TheGreen

    Name this Bunny!

    Adolf Snuggler
  3. TheGreen

    Its strange how some people sleep.

    No wait please I am quick to forgive
  4. TheGreen

    Its strange how some people sleep.

    I'm imagining you knowing what a carbine looks like Just wish it was reality
  5. TheGreen

    Its strange how some people sleep.

    That’s not even a Carbine. How did you manage to confuse this full sized rifle for a carbine. This is why you always fail your spot checks on missions
  6. TheGreen

    SST Quotes Thread

    19:23:01 - **CPo. Jennifer Lewis screams out in pain as the lash hits her. 19:24:46 - **BgGen. Brian C. Larsen licks his lips 19:25:01 - **2Spc. Kolur 'Smith' Larsson licks his lips too. 19:25:01 - **Cpo. Jon Paul 'Blue Angel 1-1' Bohannon glances down at the jizz on the floor and look up,not even bothering if it was his or not. 19:25:05 - **LCpl. Ezarath Cazernovia eyes seem to follow the whip and seem to glimmer as it makes contact with the fleetie's flesh. 19:25:35 - **CPo. Jennifer Lewis again screams out in pain. 19:25:44 - **Lt. Daisy 'Hel' Bailey takes a step away from Larsen, toward Salem 19:25:47 - CPo. Jennifer Lewis[YELL]: Ahhh! 19:26:20 - **BgGen. Brian C. Larsen stares at Jennifer, smiling warmly 19:26:56 - BgGen. Brian C. Larsen: Tell you what - she's definitely a screamer over a moaner. Mmmm. Delicious.
  7. TheGreen

    SST Quotes Thread

    23:18:43 - LCpl. Nagaharu Takayama: You actually thought we ate crayons? Ha! 23:18:50 - **Cdr. Jeremey 'Arter' Nash spits the crayon out. 23:19:16 - **LCpl. Nagaharu Takayama starts laughing,"You actually ate it! Hah !"
  8. TheGreen

    I promised I would.