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    After a long time thinking, I think it's time for me to actually leave SSTRP permanently. This was something I've been considering for awhile. I've realized that myself and the characters I make or develop on here don't necessarily belong here on the server. I have a different sense of humor, a different sense of what I find fun, etc. I feel like I'm in a place I shouldn't have been. I've met a lot of cool people here but everything else just feels like I don't fit in. I've also not been having that much fun. To be honest, I just think it's time for me to move on and find a place I belong in. I know for a fact my character was a meme and, to be honest, I don't care. However, that alone just goes to show that maybe I don't belong here. I've just been feeling that way. So, this'll be my final goodbye.
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    Mikayla Kowalski

    The now deceased Imada
  3. PeaceKeeper2018

    ✝ Raven Imada ✝

    Updated with a few new entries and status updates
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    ✝ Raven Imada ✝

    Updated... And fuck you, erby
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    Viktoriya Natraski

    Raven Imada
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    Sarah Redbrick

    Raven Imada
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    Aphelion Dominica

    Raven Imada please
  8. PeaceKeeper2018

    ✝ Raven Imada ✝

    Added Hughes, Miller and Solomons!
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    ✝ Raven Imada ✝

    Added :3
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    ✝ Raven Imada ✝

    Aph has been added! :3
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    ✝ Raven Imada ✝

    General Information Name: Raven Imada Sex: Female Age: 19 Weight: 159 lbs. Height: 5'8 Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington Decent: Japanese-American Orientation: Bisexual Relationship Status: Single Personality: Quiet, Loyal to Friends, Anti-social Family: Father: Eric Imada (MI VETERAN)(Unknown) Mother: Mitsuki Imada (Civilian)(Unknown) Siblings: None Professional Information Current Status: Battalion/Faction: 112th / Mobile Infantry Current Station: Ulysses S. Grant Rank: Private Health & Status Status: Active Mental Illnesses: N/A Physical Disabilities: N/A Relationships: Aphelion Dominica: I feel guilty. She was trying to help. I'm going to try my best to be better. I just... I just needed to be alone. I guess I needed her instead. Friendship goes a long way these days and I think ours will bevva good one. We have each other's backs. William St. Claire: I'm not sure what to think of him, really. I don't know much about him. Either I'll get to know him more or I'll just stay out of his way and keep to myself, which is what I usually do. Christopher Miller: I guess I didn't know you well enough to know who you really are. Now I know.... you're just like the rest of them. Troy Hughes: What Yumi told me about him in her messages was true. He's a good person who wouldn't let anyone down. He's considerate and helpful and no doubt, he stopped me from getting myself killed on Sanctuary. Here's to hoping for a good friendship. Sergeant Solomons: Not much to say about him, but hes a good leader. Provost Corporal Wallace: Don't know what I did and I don't care. See you in Hell, motherfucker. Redbrick: She's gone... That bastard, Larson... That motherfucking son of a bitch... He'll pay.... MSGT. Kowalski: She genuinely cares, not like the rest... I just hope she's right. I'm buckling under the pressure and I'm beginning to reach my limits. I just hope she can help me. Viktoriya Natraski: Amazing..... beautiful..... angelic. I looked at her and instantly got hooked. I need her.... Jackie Knoxx: Not sure what to say about her. She has an attitude, that's for sure. She calls me Steps and, unfortunately, she might continue to call me that. I just hope she stops calling me Steps. Bently: The man is tired of this... I don't blame him. At least we're working together on ideas to help us survive, not for the Federation, but for each other.
  12. PeaceKeeper2018

    Yumi Nakamura PK Appeal

    Is it also a violation of the order to hold if you do not move?
  13. PeaceKeeper2018

    Yumi Nakamura PK Appeal

    Holding comes with covering all flanks. The front, center and righgt were all covered excrrpt one, the left flank which only had one person defending, MSGT. Bellic. The order to hold was given and, said by three different individuals, I took up positions to cover the left flank, which was not covered by anyone except one person where Orange Squad covered the front, center and right but not the left until the walker engaged us, which was on the left flank, covered by Bellic and I. Hazy, is following the order to hold while covering an exposed flank without moving a violation of that order? Also, is it illegal for Bellic to assist in covering a flank with Orange?
  14. PeaceKeeper2018

    Yumi Nakamura PK Appeal

    Near the end of the base assault event yesterday, I found myself with MSgt.Bellic at the location my squad, Orange Squad, was ordered to hold. I followed the order and covered a hall to the left, which Bellic and I covered. I was a sizable distance behind her against the left wall after she had said there's contact nearby (or something on the lines of that). So, I kept my distance and crouched. She fired around the corner and the walker came up, engaging us. Being told hold also comes with covering alll flanks, does it not Hazy? If so, do you cover all flanks? If so, if there's a flank left exposed and only has one person, what do you do?