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  3. (Work in progress) This booklet will go over the weapons used in the Weapons Division. It will skip the weapons available to normal troopers and other Divisions, and instead focus purely on weapons exclusive to the Weapons Division and its branches. WA-21 The Wyman Arms Model 21 High Precision Battle Rifle, or WA-21 for short, is a DMR-type rifle created by the Wyman Arms Corporation in the late 2260ies, just after the meteor strike in Buenos Aires, with the intention of partial or full military adoptation to replace the Morita Mark One DMR variant. It features an integrated bipod fitted into the hand guard and a quick-detach mounting system for its scope, allowing the rifle to quickly be transformed into a configuration more suitable for close combat should the need arise. Ammo Choice Early during its development, it was decided that a key feature should be ammo interchangability between the WA-21 and the Morita Mark One, however testing revealed that the old 7.62x51mm NATO rounds used in the Morita Mark One gave less than satisfactory results for DMR purposes. It was decided to create a round similar enough to the 7.62x51mm NATO round that ammo interchangability was still possible while holding more DMR-oriented ballistics for the round that was to be designated 7.62x75mm WA. The 7.62x75mm WA is a significantly longer round than the NATO 7.62 and held more gunpowder, allowing for a higher damage output with the larger round and more favorable ballistics for longer range engagements with the higher powder charge and thusly higher muzzle velocity. Magazines During development, many different magazines were developed for the WA-21, however during trials it was found that larger capacity magazines, such as the thirty round box magazine and the fifty round drum magazine, were woefully prone to failures. Wyman Arms attempted to develop more reliable magazines, but in the end settled on their reliable 20round magazine, hoping to cash in on the need for weaponry following the meteor strike in Buenos Aires in 2268 rather than spend more time developing magazines. Adoption Though the Federation was impressed with the performance of the WA-21, the rifle was not to recieve full scale adoption into the Federal Military. Due to production cost and logistics, the WA-21 only had a minor partial adoption into the Mobile Infantry with only some companies seeing it available in limited numbers. Another factor leading to limited adoption was the lack of need of DMRs at the time as DMRs served little purpose in fighting bugs. Furthermore, the limited magazine capacity of only twenty rounds combined with a high recoil when not deployed on its integrated bipod further limited its usefulness against Bugs. As such, the WA-21 was only issued in small numbers to companies that fought Seperatists more often, or companies tasked with peace-keeping duties. In the late 2290ies after the outbreak of the Civil War between Sanctuary and The Coalition, several stashes of the WA-21 was known to be raided by The Coalition for use, as the rifle proved significantly superior to the Morita Mark One when it came to DMR use against humanoid targets, though despite this, only the companies that saw the most combat with Sanctuary were given WA-21's. Specifications Cartridge: 7.62x75mm WA Caseless Magazine Capacity: 20 rounds Max Range: ~2500m (~2734 yards) Effective Range: ~1200m (~1312 yards) Length: 1,025.7mm (40.38") Barrel length: 455mm (17.91") Weight: 4.1kg (9.04lb) Accuracy: Sub-MOA Muzzle Velocity: 1021 m/s (3349 fps) Action: Roller-delayed, blowback operated
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    Weapon Specialization Roster

    New Head Master Specialist system implemented, each MSpc is now responsible for a branch's trainings. Any MSpc can still train any Branch (Exception for DMRs due to specific exams), but the head is responsible for training their branch.
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    Bridgecrew Handbook First Edition. RP Guide.

    I'd like to point out that the initiation of slipspace is done from Helms, not from the Command station. Helms has a 'big fancy lever' they push forward/pull back to ingress/egress slipspace, usually coordinated with whoever is in Command counting down over broadcast to the entire ship. Think SST1 with prettyface on the Helms.
  6. [Posted on the wall in the Armoury and sent over PDA to all Weapons Specialists] I want to remind everyone in this Division. As a Specialist in the Weapons Division, you hold a rank equal to PFC. However, as a Weapons Specialist, you should not be in a position of leading of any kind unless something has gone horribly wrong or you're a Sniper. You're part of the meat of the Mobile Infantry, but in order to be the meat, you give away your future as an NCO, and any position of leadership. That means you don't dish out orders. In the field, your word carry's no more weight than that of a friendly suggestion. You are nothing but a generic Grunt with a slightly bigger and better weapon and you should be acting accordingly. That isn't to say you should be a mindless idiot only doing what you're explicitly told to, but rather that you should keep in mind that you're here to be what is, in essence, a terminal Private who offers some form of tactical advantage over a normal Private, whether through sustained fire, breaching protocols, better range and accuracy or ranged explosives of some kind. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, regarding this message or the Weapons Division in general, contact Master Specialist Graham.
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    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Name: Sabine Bilodeau Reason: Has been training at the firing range frequently since the Sanctuary station incident with O'Brien, also completed York's stealth sim successfully. (Fleet get -50 to their shooting rolls too afaik, this is to help mitigate that) v Example of how it usually goes v
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    Added @Argon John York @Kris Liliana Verbeck @Randynand Valerie Faust @Admyral Joe Aoife Hviteulven And a few others
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    should add bennut, and sabine 'n' graham if you've got anythign to say about those two nutsacks
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    (Then-SCpo Sabine in the bar) Name: Sabine Rehema Bilodeau Age: 24 D.O.B: 2274/06/02 Gender: Female Roles: Navigations Homeworld: Mars, near Olympus Mons Hair color: Darkbrown Eye color: Left Oceanblue, Right Fieryorange Build: Mainly slender with some shape to her Rank: Officer Cadet Family Mother: Neferteri Rehema Neferteri Rehema grew up on Mars in a reasonably wealthy family. Once of age, she enlisted in the Federal Fleet and served her two years before settling down with Charlés Bilodeau. Father: Charlés Bilodeau Charlés Bilodeau grew up on Terra, then moved to Mars at age twenty before enlisting. After serving three years, he settled down with Neferteri Rehema. Sister: Camille Rehema Bilodeau Wealth: Rich family leaves her with a significant amount of money to spend. Character Description: Sabine is a fairly well shaped, slender figure with two strikingly differently colored eyes. She's most often seen with smokey eyeshadow to draw more attention to the eyes and is most usually seen wearing her standard navy uniform with skirt, high-heels and pantyhose. Her accent is fairly non-existent. Despite her name, she doesn't have any inherent french accent when she speaks, she -can- however put on a good french accent if she wishes. Her voice comes off as a slightly deep, smooth voice that could well be described as pleasant to the ear. Achivements Achieving Master Chief Pettyofficer rank Only losing once while playing Pool in the bar Neutral Regrets Letting Silas Vernon die Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears --[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- - MSpc. Elizabeth Graham: "She's a cute one, especially with that hair and those eyes. Quite a curvy one too~ She's pretty nice, occasionally having a chat in the canteen and the armoury." G - SSgt. Sebastian Bently: "Seems like a swell guy, helped me out with ship repairs one time. Got soaking wet with me, then nearly blew up with me, then filled the cramped space with CO2 so we could shut the fire off. No, that isn't an euphemism for anything." F - Col. Elrad Davidson: "Seen him a few times, seems enthusiastic or, boisterous. Personally speaking I have no clue though." A - MSpc. Valerie Faust: "I've seen her around a few times but never reeeally talked to her so I wouldn't know much about her." A - Pvt. Sean 'Dumbcunt' Richardson: "Annoying." DM - MSgt. Liliana Verbeck: "Tried talking to her once, shot me down rather rudely." DM --[[Federation Engineering Division]]-- - Sgt. Troy 'Turtle' Hughes: "He's cute, and a bit shy~ Sometimes I feel like he's trying to get with me buuuut, too bad for him~" F - TSgt. John 'Scarf' York: "Talked to him once or twice, seems like a nice guy. Bit of a prude sometimes though~ Heard he's dating that cute Marauder." FA - --[[Federation Hospital Corps]]-- - - - --[[Federation Marauders]]-- - WO. Kristina 'Odin' Sigrun: "I like her I think. Had a few talks with her here and there, shared over a drink. It's nice to have a casual chat every now and then, something I've missed since, well, a long time." FG - SSpc. Aoife Hviteulven: "That cute marauder." A - --[[Federation Fleet]]-- - Cm. Mina Ren: "She's got a serious problem with attitude and temper. I hope she can improve." DA - LtCdr. Olivia Murphy: "Known her since my earliest times on the Audie Murphy, back when we served as 3Po.'s together, but I haven't spoken to her in forever. I hardly even remember anything about her at this point, beyond the odd picture of us together. She's climbed the ranks well though, and deservedly so." FA - Cpt. Aramis Hux: "Great man, both as a friend and as a Captain. I have full faith in his abilities and his judgement." GA - Cpo. Alysia Harper: "She's got a promising career in Fleet, that's for certain. She seems like a nice person as well. Though lately the things I've heard have worried me a little. Hopefully it's nothing." FM - Cm. Robert Smyth: "An enthusiastic crewman, perhaps a tad hotheaded but he means well. He can be funny sometimes though." F --[[Ex-Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]-- - - - --[[Other]]-- - - - --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]-- - Ens. Silas Vernon: "He was nice. I miss him at times, back when we were still on the Murphy. He went out with a bang and a half though, saving all of our asses. If only I could've been faster, perhaps he'd still be here." A - Cpo. Jon Paul Bohannon: "Aah, it's been so long I hardly remember now. I do remember him kind of.. Changing, before he I assume transferred out, and not for the better." FM -
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