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  1. Added Sigrun @Kris Added Seydar @Husky Added Vond @Luna Added Holtz @Mighty Mouse
  2. Mabel in 2299 Name: Mabel S. Airhart Age: 24 Height: 5'7" D.O.B: 2275/01/14 Gender: Female Homeworld: Iskander, Virgil's Point Hair color: Black Eye color: Honey Brown Build: Athletic Rank: Private Service Record 6 years, joined MI at age 18 Highest rank achieved: Sergeant Divisions participated in: Weaponry Division Division Specific Highest Rank(s): Senior Specialist of Weaponry Medals and Ribbons Purple Heart x 3 Combat Action Medal Veteran Combat Medal Meritorious Unit Medal Character Description Mabel is a five foot seven athletic built girl with a twist of an accent. She sometimes speaks with what could be described as a lack of an accent, and other times with what sounds like various usually american accents like a southern drawl or bostonian accent. During her time in the 47th she took up various hobbies including training in some light mixed martial arts from an NCO who had done professional MMA before their time in the MI. She carries around a unique Morita Mark One rifle with noticeable wooden furniture on the foregrip and the pistol grip, as well as a nearly full-length barrel on a Carbine front end and, most noticeably, a complete lack of a carry handle and top charging handle. There is also '47' marked in white above the magwell next to the rifle's serial number. Her uniform is often also an original 47th uniform that, while mostly identical to a normal MI uniform, has minor differences such as darker sleeves and darker side pockets, as well as '47' marked on the side of the pants. This used to be an old practice in the 47th that has since stopped after the resignation of their then-Major Obb a year ago. Her voice can be described as somewhat husky. Criminal Record Caught stealing candy at age 6; five packets of gum Interviewed by police after a car accident at age 14 Charged with Article 134; Disorderly Conduct in 2295; sentenced to demotion of one rank and one week of confinement Charged with Articles 134; Disorderly Conduct and 91; Insubordinate Conduct towards NCO in 2296; sentenced to demotion of one rank, two months confinement and total forfeiture of allowance and pay for four months Charged with Article 91; Insubordinate Conduct towards NCO in 2296; cleared of all charges Character Background Mabel's old nicknames included names such as Marble, Maple, Airhead occasionally Airfart. Mabel grew up on Iskander, born on January 14th 2275 to her two citizen parents, both of whom had served in the same unit together in the MI. She was raised to be strong but also grew to be a bit of a rebel towards her parents. While she never had a goth phase, she did cause a bunch of problems for her parents up until her early teens, getting in with the rowdy kids and occasionally stealing candy and soda or breaking objects. She eventually smartened up and took things more seriously, then decided when she was 16 that she'd follow in her parents steps when she became of age. In the meantime she worked smaller jobs like working at a local diner in Virgil's Point and cashier jobs at the various street stores. Two years later she had come of age and became a graduate, from which she moved straight on to the Mobile Infantry Bootcamp. Her record for Bootcamp was fairly spotless, eventually finishing bootcamp and being assigned to the 47th Mobile Infantry Rifle Battalion, Bravo Company, 1st Platoon. There she quickly integrated into the ranks and made a name for herself among her fellow Troopers. She was eventually promoted to Corporal after 8 months with the 47th, however honorably demoted herself when she felt she wasn't ready for an NCO position. Two years later she was promoted up to Corporal again and got a shaky record as Corporal before she briefly got Sergeant. Due to a drop that resulted in several troopers' deaths she was demoted to Private and has remained there since. She has participated in several large campaigns and notable incidents, such as the Progenitor War, various campaigns in the the Civil War, excursions onto Perxies and more recently, the liberation of Scarvis from the arachnid invasion. In July 2299 the 112th Morita Battalion was combined with the 47th Morita Battalion and took on their number. Mabel was transferred to what is now Alpha Company, 1st Platoon that primarily consists of Troopers from the 112th. Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears --[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- - Aaron Holtz: "Daddy Top is a weird one, he's been around for so long you'd think he'd be dead by now. If you looked at him, you could tell he's been close to that many times, and even more so when you actually talk to him. He seems like the lonely type; he can't show emotion or he thinks he'll ruin his men's morale. He can't socialize too much or he'll ruin the respect his rank requires. Not that he doesn't socialize a bit anyway. He does have a love interest though, so good for him." F - Jeremy Smith: "His name is as damned generic as our uniforms are grey, but he's a nice guy in the end who cares about his fellow Troopers. Hopefully he doesn't care too much, since that will just get him bit in the ass later down the line. It's nice to have someone in our platoon who will genuinely walk around just to ask if people need a hand with anything though. Good on him." F --[[Federation Engineering Division]]-- - Berivan Seydar: "She's definitely still in the old middle-eastern traditions. That's a kind-of broad term I realize, but it's not a subject I know a whole lot about to be honest. She's a friendly personality though, always wanting to meet and greet new faces. She's also as green as grass and gets herself in dangerous situations all the time. She's been injured a few times already too. Hopefully she'll learn to stay a bit safer on the battlefield, it'd be a shame to lose a personality like hers." F --[[Federation Hospital Corps]]-- - Vond: "Vond is a medic, and a Corporal. A dangerous mix at times since medics have to fully dedicate themselves to being medics when injuries occur, but she's also a veteran so she's probably one of the more likely candidates to be able to do both. I don't know much about her personality wise, she doesn't talk to me much, but I know she at least has some nice side to her soul. She got Seydar a k-..Kaffiya? I don't know. A head scarf." AF --[[Federation Marauders]]-- - Kristina Sigrun: "She's weirder than Daddy Top. She's a Lieutenant so she's obviously been around for a while and should know how shit works. She didn't get to Lieutenant by being a pushover, yet she advised Holtz to bend over and take it when obviously that isn't what she did to get where she is- and isn't what Holtz did to get where he is now either. I doubt she likes me after the friction we had between us, but she didn't let that get in the way on the battlefield so I think it's safe to say she's not an asshole. Not entirely anyway. Or maybe she is, but just waits for the right opportunity to be 'unable to save me', which is a scary thought. Hopefully that's not her though. That mountain of a woman has more testosterone than most gung-ho male Troopers do, and probably killed more than most of them combined too." MA --[[Federation Fleet]]-- --[[Ex-Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]-- --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]-- - "Everyone in my old unit. You bastards better stay alive without me to save your asses. I guess I'm the one that got transferred out so this category doesn't quite fit, but it's close enough." F
  3. @Clokr Accepted, try to find me or another senior medical in the next few days (I play Bennet and Mabel primarily, just give me a poke ingame or on discord if I'm not ingame and we'll get you set ICly)
  4. Patient Name: Lobov Vissarion AnatoleivichPatient Sex: MPrimary Care Physician and/or Medic: MSpc. Lisa BennetPatient Injuries: Damanged optical nerves from chemical attackPatient Vitals: StrongTreatment / Care Provided: Scan of optical nervesTime of Treatment: 01:00Current Patient Status: StableDrugs Administered: N/AOverview of Situation: Damaged optical nerves result in non-reversible damage that leaves the patient with occasional complete loss of sight lasting from seconds to minutes.Additional Notes: Patient has been advised to pursue a non-combat role as they cannot serve in combat roles with their condition.
  5. Image taken by surviving FedNet film crew in central Perxul - Jane Osman Earlier this morning Federation Officials announced that Perxies is considered a 'lost cause'. What this means for the fate of the planet has yet to be detailed, but rumors have it that they may Q-Bomb the planet to ensure the destruction of the Regeneration Bug infestation on the planet to prevent it from spreading further. A full quarantine of the quadrant Perxies finds itself in is already in full effect, with no ships being allowed to leave or enter the quadrant. This quarantine however is reportedly understaffed and does not effectively prevent travel in and out of the quadrant. Fleet has stated they cannot dedicate enough ships to effectively quarantine the quadrant, stating that the Third Bug War has their ships occupied elsewhere. Colonies nearest to Perxies have been showing their concern for the Regeneration Bug spreading through the blockade, though whether the Regeneration Bug has any means for interplanetary or interstellar travel has yet to be determined. We've been receiving intermittent transmissions from our reporter Jane Osman who unfortunately found herself in Perxul when the outbreak happened, updating us on the situation in capital city. Things are grim in the capital; firebombing has continued throughout the weeks, burning ever larger sectors of the city in attempts to deal with the regeneration bug infestation that has taken hold. The few interplanetary shuttles that have attempted to leave in between snow storms have been swiftly shot down by PDF fighters. How many survivors are left is unknown, but our reporter Jane states that run-ins with fellow survivors are few and far between, and any attempts to create more permanent refuges for survivors quickly ended in them either being overrun by hordes of regeneration bugs or firebombed by PDF forces. A truly tragic story. The planet once held millions of inhabitants, and while it may have been a poverty stricken planet it still exported not-insignificant amounts of raw metals to fuel the factories across Federation space. This planet has now been given up on by that very Federation, who sees no choice left but to destroy it. Whether there are any plans to attempt evacuations is unknown, however due to the nature of the bugs that plague the planet, evacuations are deemed extremely unlikely. We have been unable to get into contact with any PDF forces from Perxies, but will continue to update you on the situation and what the Federation will decide for the ultimate fate of the planet Perxies.
  6. I know things with me have been a bit bumpy, which sucks ass But I've been roleplaying on the source engine for over a decade now, starting on HL2DM servers before I finally found the gem that was Gmod 9. I played on several SSTRP communities before this, starting with that fateful night I found MnW, to Epsilon and Zeta and so forth. Finally after other communities grew and died, and I came and left alike, I decided I wanted to try again and found a community simply named "Starshiptroopers.net" sometime in 2017. From sitting in the quarters of the Murphy laughing at how our playermodels' legs would spread open if we sat on eachother, to a strange garden-variety gnome teleporting onto our ship controlling the temperature of the rooms with it's mood, to fucking with the ziplines and breaking them, to taking a break only to come back to find our ship was destroyed and we're now fighting an intergalactic space boogeyman and then Ortiz steps in sparking a civil war where my character got to solidify herself as a person who, at least at the time, had some importance and impact in Fleet, to learning about what it's like to be a medic and teleporting onto alien ships to blow them from the inside while clogging arteries inside a 2 year old character and everything inbetween. These are things I can remember just off the top of my head without having to dig for logs or screenshots. From the previous communities however? I remember the very first time I played sstrp, and remember the last time I played sstrp before .net where I saw a certain Biggums performing heroics and that's it. Needless to say, .net has been the roleplay community I've been with for by far the longest, and the one I've enjoyed by far the most, even if it's had some bumps along the way. .net truly is special, and even if I can't do anything to prevent what some say is now an inevitability, I can at least say that this community has been the one I've been the closest with and cared the most about in my entire time on the internet. It saddens me to see it fading away, not that we didn't have ample warning that Xal was not satisfied with the state of it (which I fear I've been a contributing factor towards). Man, I've met a lot of amazing people here. And man am I going to miss it. But if this truly is the fate of our beloved roleplay server, then I suppose I'll have to cherish what little time is left. All good things must eventually come to an end, if only we had ended on a sweeter note. Thank you @Xalphox, and thank you to everyone else in this community who has taken what may genuinely be over a thousand hours of my life and turned them into a once-a-lifetime experience. It has been amazing, and it could never have happened without you.
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  8. Aw ye good to see you back ma brudda 😎
  9. OUTBREAK ON PERXIES Photo taken by a FedNet film crew in Perxul near the outskirts "Amidst the growing protests in the streets of Perxul following the elections earlier this month, many Perxians' worst nightmare came to life as yet another outbreak of the Regeneration Bug broke out in central Perxul. Reports are coming in that a massive hole connecting to the underground metro system opened up letting lose a horde of regeneration bugs upon the civilians in Perxul. I'm Peter Morworth, and this is FedNet Breaking News." "We now go to our reporter Jane Osman, reporting to us from the very streets of Perxul." The feed switches to what appears to be a previously recorded TV interview. PM: "Jane, tell us what you saw." JO: "It's late at night here in Perxul, we were filming near a PDF security checkpoint near the governor's office complex. Protestors were getting impatient, more and more had been showing up over the past few days, even reports of isolated incidents of rioting began coming in from other districts in Perxul. I remember crawling up onto the base of an elevated street light to get a view of the crowd we were stuck in, looking down at the PDF checkpoint where they were holding the protestors back." PM: "What did you see from up there?" JO: "At first it seemed like a normal protest; disgruntled people massing against the police barricades demanding change. But as I looked back towards the other end, I thought I saw something that looked like a claw raising up over the crowd. Then I saw another, and another, and before I knew it chaos had consumed the crowd as people began to realize what was going on. It felt like a nightmare had come true; a monster had awoken to haunt us yet again. People were screaming and panicking, running to wherever they could, trampling down anyone in their way trying to get away from those monsters." PM: "That sounds terrible Jane, how did you get out of there?" JO: "We just, sort of, followed the crowd. It wasn't like we had any say in which way were we going; the crowd was too tightly packed. We were just along for the ride at this point. I started hearing sporadic gunshots ring out over the crowd, I couldn't see but I think it was the PDF forces trying to shoot towards the back from their towers. Before I knew it, bullets began flying around us rather than above us. I guess someone gave the order to fire, because the machineguns at the checkpoint began shooting through the crowd to get to the bugs at the back. Eventually we got pushed into an alley way about fifty meters off the side of the checkpoint. I looked back and saw the bugs already at the checkpoint, clawing their way through the defences.. I first saw them over a hundred meters behind us. I remember being amazed at how fast they had worked through the crowd, already right on our heels.." PM: "That's.. That's horrible.. How many do you think died?" JO: "I don't know.. We got pushed along and ended up in an old quarantine zone from the last outbreak. PDF forces had already set up there and rushed us inside, where we still are now, waiting for a way out." PM: "Aren't there any shuttles you can take out of the city?" JO: "No, even if they had any it wouldn't do us any good. Winter is in full effect on Perxies, there's a blizzard going through the city that would give even the best dropship pilots a run for their money, let alone a commercial shuttle craft. All we can do is hunker down and pray the outbreak isn't as bad as it looked.." PM: "Our hearts and minds are with those who have lost their lives, Jane. Thank you for your time, and stay safe." "That was Jane Osman, Journalist with us here at FedNet, recorded two hours ago.. We have since lost contact with her, and reports have come in that her district has fallen to the outbreak. We pray she made it out safely with her camera crew. We now go to live drone footage from above Perxul." The video feed cuts to a hovering view above Perxul. The blizzard had since died down, showing a clear view of a city on fire. It was eerily silent; the feed almost seemed as if it was without any audio as the thick black smoke of the city on fire slowly rose into the dense skies above. Slowly, the sound of jet engines faded in, eventually revealing some sort of fast atmospheric aircraft rapidly flying past the view. A couple of seconds later the ground in the forefront catches fire in a massive fiery explosion that spreads across the sides of the tall building structures. Shortly after, the feed cuts off as the drone gets engulfed by flames from another bomb. ".. It would seem they have begun firebombing the city in hopes of dealing with the outbreak... Federation Fleet reports they have already begun quarantining the quadrant Perxies resides in to prevent further spread of this unique type of bug. We are working on getting an official statement on the situation on Perxies from Federation Military. We will continue to keep you up to date on Perxies here on FedNet Breaking News as the Third Bug War rages on, claiming another peaceful planet to the war."
  10. Bennet is here and all, just don't get on too often but, medical is something I'm still quite fond of
  11. Looking forward to working with you senpai ' v'
  12. I think the issue goes beyond just administration, since I don't think it's the mere admins who'd be the ones to actually progress this story line; I think that has to come from above, IE the XA's an Xal (who I understand have been busy lately) since this is a larger campaign that requires DMs to rule over it to progress it, a power not usually given to admins. There were parts of this storyline I liked, like our time on Dantana, the Zion and when we got onto the sea ship. It felt fresh and new, and gave a good breath of life into it at least for me. It certainly gave some unique situations and character growth opportunities. Even now I'd say we get the chances for some unique characters considering we're not so much getting conscripts anymore, rather we're getting whoever wants to sign on with us. People who aren't even necessarily interested in the Federation, more rebellious types who'd probably leave us before we rejoined the Federation proper if given the choice to. But it does feel dragged out, yeah. Although I like parts of the design of our Upham more, parts of me also feel the Grant was better in some ways when it came to RP opportunities. On a different note, I wish we'd get Wire back on server permanently, since it's pretty useful for puzzles and perhaps more importantly, for passive RP. I as a player can do some nifty passive opportunities with some wiring if we had it.
  13. Take care of yourself♥ best wishes :3
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  15. PROTESTS IN PERXUL Protesters in Perxul near a PDF Checkpoint As winter approached Perxies again, so did the Elections. Following last Monday's election day results, protesters took to the streets of Perxul to protest what many there say was a rigged election. This is now the fourth term for Governor Антон Вячеслав (Anton Vyacheslav) who last Monday won the election with 42% of the votes (with Jennifer Pavlov with 23% and Viktor Yefim with 35%). Vyacheslav has been Governor of Perxies for the past 12 years and is now set to reach his 16th year at the end of this term following his re-election as Governor of Perxies last Monday. However, many civilians dispute these election results stating they are rigged. "There is no way Vyacheslav was re-elected! Everyone I know hates him! This is an outrage and a crime against Democracy!" said a disgruntled protester. Last year's polls show a significant drop in popularity for Governor Vyacheslav after the outbreak of the 'Regeneration Bug' that threatened all life on Perxies. Many state that his response to the outbreak was insufficient and that many lives were needlessly lost due to his incompetence in handling the outbreak, fearing another outbreak could occur with equally poor response from the Governor. Perxies Governor Anton Vyacheslav Governor Vyacheslav has refused any private interviews, and insists that the elections were fair and democratic. "I know many people are still affected by last year's outbreak, but we must stand together and look to the future so that Perxies may prosper! The Arachnids have no presence on our planet anymore! They have been erradicated!" Governor Vyacheslav stated in a public press appearance while addressing a question raised about reports of regeneration bugs having been seen in the far off ends of the underground metro system tunnels built outside Perxul. Religious Officials near protests in the east wing of Perxul Religious officials have also joined the protests, stating that repenting is the only way to prevent another outbreak and that the outbreak was because of people's mistrust in God, stating that if people do not repent and ask for forgiveness, another outbreak will occur to purge those who do not seek the wisdom of God. They state that by ignoring God, they have allowed Satan to enter their soul which turns them into demons, which is what the Religious officials state that the Regeneration Bugs were. "These creatures are not Arachnids! These monsters are demons! They have allowed Satan to enter their soul and turn them into these wicked creatures! Repent so that you may bask in the glory of God and survive this purge!" A bishop stated. Much of how last year's outbreak initially happened is still a mystery to the public, sparking distrust in Federal authority as their questions and concerns go unanswered. "We want to see their burning hive! Show us that you have actually destroyed them, and aren't just doing tests on them, keeping them alive!" said one angry protester to a Federal Research Team passing through the PDF Checkpoint. Many civilians are understandably paranoid after last year's sudden breakout, fearing that another outbreak could happen just as suddenly if the Federation and the Government don't search the entire planet thoroughly. Some civilians have even reported seeing these malformed 'necros', as they call those affected by the Regeneration Bug, in the large metro tunnels built in and around the capitol of Perxul, sparking more distrust in their Government who stated these claims were "unfounded lies to spread panic". Protesters in the outskirts of Perxul Protests have also sparked in the outskirts of Perxul over the Governor's intentions to begin selling water to the Federation. "We must support our Federation in these needing times! We MUST support them in this bug war!" Governor Vyacheslav stated at a press conference after revealing his intentions to begin selling water, which is considered by many civilians as a lacking commodity, to the Federation in support of the Third Bug War. Predictably, people in the outskirts where liquid water is especially hard to come by during the long winter have begun protesting against this decision by the Governor. "Without water we cannot maintain what little crops we have. 'Blyatcheslav' will be dooming us to starvation if he sells our water." a farmer stated to us at a protest outside Perxul. Workers in the orbital Korolev Station have also threatened to strike if their water supplies are cut any further. ALSO IN NEWS, CLEANUP EFFORTS ON PALLAS REVEAL THE TRUE DAMAGES CAUSED BY THE ASTEROID. WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?
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