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  3. AFC BC-291 ULYSSES S. GRANT Crew Roster

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    Name: Elizabeth Graham Age: 26 D.O.B: Dec. 18 2272 Gender: Female Role: DMR/Sniper Homeworld: London, Terra Hair color: Light Silver Eye color: Silver with a light hue of blue Build: Shapely Rank: Senior SpecialistWealth: Left with a sizable portion of money from her parents. Qualifications/Certifications Frag Grenade Certification Smoke Grenade Certification Flashbang Certification DMR Senior-Specialist Sniper Certification Character Description Elizabeth is fairly well shaped, leaning quite curvy but also with some muscle. She has short light-silver hair usually with the left side tucked behind her ear. Silver eyes with a slight blue hue to them. She's a bit of a teaser and a joker, especially for the bad puns. Also a bit random. But she can be quite serious as well. Eliza is introverted, the more people are around, the more she retreats from a conversation. Especially around strangers. Eventually, she retreats physically as well, favoring simply being on her own or finding a more isolated person.Achivements Joining the Mobile Infantry Saving Bently on her first drop as a sniper.NeutralRegrets Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- - SSpc. Valerie Faust: "Best friend, cute girl and overall very nice. We're like sisters honestly. She certainly knows how to handle weapons, and seems quite dependable on the field." F - SSgt. Liliana Verbeck: "Met her a few times, seems like a strict and kinda distant Staff Sergeant but, also does seem to genuinely care for her troopers. Quite dependable on the field." F - SSgt. Franco Sorrentino: "I don't have much experience with him. He seems a bit.. Goofy? when on the ship sometimes, but quite serious on drops. As a person, I'm not sure what to feel. But on the field, he seems to know what he's doing." AF - MSgt. Tom Solomons: "I have little experience with him. Simply because he's the Master Sergeant, he kinda.. Frightens me? I'm not sure if that's the right word for it but, I'm definitely wary when he's around. He does seem to have a nice side he shows sometimes though. He's Top so, he's definitely dependable on the field." F - Cpl. Matthew Squires: "Haven't really talked to him, just briefly on one drop, but he seems kinda similar to Franco in a few ways. Seems to know what he's doing on the field for the most part, or so I thought. Starting to doubt that now." NM - Sgt. Pauline Westervelt: "She.. Doesn't seem competent, to be honest. First training she did as a Sergeant was on a subject she wasn't trained in, and even I could tell a bunch of misinformation. Not sure how much I'd trust their judgement on the field." D - Spc. Rock Sanders: "He's a bit too flirty, but otherwise seems like a nice guy. Trained some CQC breaching with him, seems to have a grip on it." FM --[[Federation Engineering Division]]--- Sgt. John York: "He seems like a pretty swell dude. Overall nice and friendly, and with a good humor too. No longer single~. He seems pretty dependable on the ground as well." G - Spc. Ottilie Kittel: "She's pretty cute, but definitely has a temper to her too when things get annoying. Seems like a nice person though. She definitely knows her stuff when it comes to engineers in the field." F - Cpl. Vinera Rose: "Aah, don't think I ever met her outside a drop. She.. Yells a lot? Don't have enough experience with her in the field to tell." NM - Spc. Viktoriya Natraski: "One of the first people I talked to, she seemed pretty nice. I haven't talked to her much lately though. I don't remember much about her in the field so, I can't say for sure." F - Cpl. Troy Hughes: "Cute guy, bit shy at times. He seems like a nice person at heart. Mm, I've probably been on a few drops with him but, I don't remember much." F - 3Spc. Jackie Knoxx: "Has a temper, but she's nice at heart. I haven't talked all that much to her. Used to be a troublemaker from what I hear, but has gotten on the right track. Mm, I don't remember much about her in the field." F --[[Federation Hospital Corps]]--- MSpc. Lisa Bennet: "I'd like to consider her a good friend. She seems like your resident nice and caring medic. Seems to know her stuff in the field when people go down as well. I wouldn't mind putting my life in her hands if I went down." G - ---[[Federation Marauders]]--- TSgt. Kristina Sigrun: "Haven't talked to her much but she seems pretty nice. Certainly has a caring side too. She definitely knows her stuff in the field." F - SSpc. Aoife Hviteulven: "I haven't talked to her much, but the little I've seen of her she seems nice, and York clearly likes her so she can't be all bad. I haven't paid too much attention to her in the field yet, but I suppose that goes both ways, she certainly hasn't fucked up." AF - --[[Federation Fleet]]--- MCpo. Sabine Bilodeau: "Met her a few times in the canteen. She likes to tease, but pretty friendly over all. She's Navigations, which means she flies the ship. We haven't rammed anything, so I guess she's good? No clue really." F - ---[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]--- 3Spc. Lexious "I uh, forgot his name. Seemed a bit like a doofus but... I wouldn't really depend on him." D - Spc. Anni Järvinen: "A bit aloof, but seems like a good person at heart. A little awkward sometimes. She needs more experience before I can really trust her in the field I think." A - --[[Other]]-- - Sgt. Travis Young: "Pretty cool and nice guy. One of the few Sergeants who actually talked to us scrubs. Unfortunately had to stop socializing, but did manage to leave me a gift. Probably listening in the vents right now. He's OSW so, I'd definitely trust him in the field." G - - --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]-- - Sgt. Jack O'Neill: "Old Man Jack, has been around for a while. He seemed like a great guy. I'm going to miss him. There were worse people to have at my back on the field, even if he had some more questionable judgements at times." F - SSgt. Alison Walcroft: "Haven't really talked to her, so I can't say much. Transferred out now, before I ever got to talk to her. Shame. Seemed dependable on the field though." NM -
  6. AFC BC-291 ULYSSES S. GRANT Crew Roster

    Bumped to SCpo|Sabine Bilodeau|Jun Nagase
  7. Steam User name: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Cerebellaflower/ Jun Nagase How active are you on server?: Fairly active, on most days. When are you most active?: Between 5-11pm GMT How long have you been role playing for?: At least six years Do you acknowledge that abuse of your officers status will result in your removal?: I acknowledge this. Do you acknowledge that failure to report long lasting LOA's can result in removal from the division?: I acknowledge this. IC Portion: Name: Mary Hamilton Education: Theoretical Physics and Xenobiology Brief history of your character: Mary Hamilton grew up with a wealthy family in central Washington DC with parents who wished for her to aim high and reach higher. As such, she studied hard and ended up attending M.I.T in Massachusetts, specializing in Theoretical Physics and Xenobiology. She has a natural fascination with xenobiology and xenobiological evolution, as well as speculation about theoretical physics, hence her two specializations. Before she was able to be picked out for a job position however, her father fell ill and was transferred to an off-planet hospital for an extended period of time in which Mary decided she'd rather stay with her father. She was with her father on the station when the Progenitors attacked, when her father learned about about it he begged Mary to join the Federal forces and put her knowledge to use. Which position do you wish to apply for: ARACHNIDS: SKINNIES: PROGENITORS: X

    OOC SECTION STEAM NAME / ALIASES: Jun Nagase STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:9772086 SERVER TIME: Aah, since mid-late 2017 with a long break between end of 17 and newyears. ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: Long standing record of RP since Gmod9 and onwards, + Milsim RP in arma 2+3 and some text-based RP. MEDICAL ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: Somewhat limited beyond wrapping bandages, injecting morphine et cetera. AVAILABILITY: Usually fairly available, on most of the day quite often. IC SECTION NAME: Bennet, Lisa H. AGE: 23 RACE: Afro-American SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'9"/175cm WEIGHT: 130lbs/59kg BLOOD TYPE: Type A LEVEL OF EDUCATION: College Education CRIMINAL RECORD: None MEDICAL RECORD: United Citizens Federation Mobile Infantry Medical Department Center and School graduate DATE OF ENLISTMENT: 2296:08:21
  9. AFC BC-291 ULYSSES S. GRANT Crew Roster

    CPo|Sabine Bilodeau|Navigations|Jun Nagase