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  2. The E-Pulse 44 Rifle The E-Pulse 44 Rifle is a high-power rifle designed to replace the Morita Mark 1 DMR variant and the WA-21 Precision Rifle. While the E-Pulse 44 has a slower fire rate than the Morita rifle but faster than the WA-21 rifle it has a significantly improved per-shot damage output and maintains a high accuracy over both. It also comes equipped with an integrated scope. Ammunition The E-Pulse 44 utilizes technology similar to the Mark 3 SAW. It uses a small, ultra-high velocity electronically-activated round designed to penetrate hard armor plates, both metal and chitin, and cause massive damage. Unlike the comparatively simple and small 5x30mm AP-F round used by the Mark 3 SAW, the E-Pulse 44 uses a more complex, larger 10x63mm APDS round largely comprised of solid Depleted Uranium with a thin lead shell for aerodynamic purposes and a ferromagnetic component which is accelerated to upward of 1650m/s via a set of straight magrails. The round itself, once it has shed it's lead aeroshell, is shaped like a needle which expands heavily towards the back, pushing matter outward at great force upon penetration. This is designed to increase damage significantly compared to conventional rounds at the expense of penetration. Unlike it's tank cannon APFSDS counterparts, the 10x63mm APDS 'Pulse' round is not focused purely on penetration, rather the round is designed to function like a hollow-point with AP capability but at much higher velocity and range. Small grooves in the round direct airflow around the surface to spin stabilize the round. When the Morita Corporation was designing this round, they had both anti-bug and anti-personnel use in mind. Using still-classified technology, The Morita Corporation designed a self-charging electric system to power the heavy magrails along the barrel to propel the round at high enough velocities that the sheer velocity of the round would significantly increase the damage of the round. The downside to the system they have constructed is that the recharge rate of the magrails is somewhat lengthy, resulting in a slower rate of fire. This makes it impractical for a standard service rifle but serves perfectly in a DMR role. One downside to the small and relatively light round is at extended ranges where the drop in velocity significantly reduces the round's lethality and penetration. When used beyond effective range, armor penetration has shown to be inconsistent and post-penetration damage is significantly decreased. Like the 5x30mm AP-F round used in the Mark 3 SAW, the 10x63mm APDS 'Pulse' round is also caseless. The majority of the round is only ~3mm in diameter with an expansion to 10mm at the back and a discarding sabot encasing the 3mm needle to a 10mm fit. Action While much of the E-Pulse 44's technology is still classified, it is known to be using high-power magnetic accelerator rails in order to achieve the extreme muzzle velocities seen. It uses small doublestack twenty round magazines fed through the side of the gun. These magazines are designed to be short and out of the way as to not interfere with weapon ergonomics. The barrel is a magrail integrated smoothbore barrel to allow for high velocity, depending instead on the aerodynamics of the round fired to spin stabilize the round. Excess heat is stored in a heat sink below the barrel, between the barrel and the hand guard. It's designed to prevent overheating of the system while not being directly reachable by the user, preventing possible injury. How to Use Safety The safety on the E-Pulse 44 is a smart-system that detects if a wielder is holding the grip and has a finger on the trigger. It compensates for weather conditions and thick gloves. Testing has revealed that this system is very reliable, and no instances of failure or misfire has occurred so far, even with BT use. Reloading Reloading is simple, simply click in the small button on the magazine itself and pull out, then replace it with a fresh magazine and push it in until it clicks in place. If empty, you're required to pull back the charging handle on the right side of the weapon. The scope is non-adjustable, and the rifle only has semi-auto fire. Thanks to the high velocity of the round, very little adjustment is necessary for targets at range and on the move. Adoption The E-Pulse 44 Rifle was adopted in early 2299 with intentions to replace the old Morita Mark 1 DMR variant and the WA-21 Precision Rifle. Though still in very early adoption, so far the E-Pulse 44 rifle has proven an effective weapon with the few units that have been shipped out. The unique round design paired with the magrail technology has so far proven to be highly effective against human targets and significantly effective against arachnid targets. While the E-Pulse 44 lacks the sustained fire rate of the Mark Three, it can reach much farther and hit a lot harder and more precisely, allowing the DMR to remain a viable weapon against bugs unlike previous dedicated DMRs. The Federation plans to further adopt the E-Pulse 44 in larger quantities with plans to fully replace the Mark One DMR Variant and WA-21 models. Incidents of use against human targets report wounds that appear similar to that of a .50cal when used within effective range on solid hits. Testing at targets beyond effective range resulted in injury characteristics more similar to that of a standard Mark Three round. Specifications Action: Electric-pulse operated, rotating bolt. Weight: 5.45 Kilograms (12.01 Pounds) fully loaded. Length: 890mm (35.03 Inches) Barrel Length: 518mm (20.39 Inches) Cartridge: 10x63mm APDS 'Pulse', mag. accelerated. Feed System: 20 round standard box magazine primary. Accuracy: Sub MOA @ 600m. Muzzle Velocity: 1650 m/s, drops noticeably with range. (~1050m/s after traveling 1000m, ~600m/s after traveling 2000m) Effective Range: ~1400 meters. Maximum Range: ~2400 meters.
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    Medical Rolls

    Oh also, perhaps an assistant admin that specifically deals with the small details while the main adminges work the overall event. It definitely heightens the experience when you get to do proper medrp or engirp with an admin actively watching and responding.
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    Medical Rolls

    tbf it depends on the admin that oversees the injury If someone gave improper or insufficient treatment while I was handling the injury I'd penalize them for it so, if they hadn't paid attention to their medrp101 lesson it's gama ovar But like I said, depends on the admin that oversees it. It does require some knowledge of medical which not all admins have so, it can't be expected of everyone. As for medics simply keeping threads and sites open to check what procedure to apply, I personally don't do that unless it's something on ship or otherwise a non-combat scenario. I've learned most of the things we face by heart But not everyone does that, and it's not like we can really police it so /shrug. I'd love if people would learn how to treat injuries by heart before moving up in specialist rank, with no need to open sstrp.net/medrp
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    [Suggestion] Marauder HMG

    hey @KeiAgo
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    Question of the century

    You know, my dad lost all his hair during his time in the airforce He was hit by an anti-hair missile.
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    Question of the century

    Do you think If computers were to be edible They'd be called Reese's PCs?
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1631458660 Crysis HMG with a few modifications made by yours truly. Namely the change of a few lines to be more SST, RPM change, accuracy change, recoil change and new sound. Packaged for easy use.
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    New dropship?

    Yeah doors didn't work too well, also it's really big and was kinda bulky to use. The one posted flies a lot better, as for lag idk, doesn't lag in SP but then again what does Server seemed to handle the neurotec A-10 fine though (aside from the bugs neurotec itself introduced) I remember flying that beast on a prog drop with more enemy Ai than I could count (The a-10 shows you all enemies in a large radius) and it wasn't anymore lagfest than usual
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    New dropship?

    Well since it's a spacecraft it'd likely have to have small thrusters that'd allow for zero-g no-atmosphere maneuvering. Whether the ones placed on the underside would be strong enough for planet-side VTOL however, das a question to ponder on
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    New dropship?

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1622006977 A new dropship perhaps?
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    War Movies!

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    War Movies!

    Une list of koolaids war movies! All of these feature english subtitles and were meant for viewing by english audiences, despite some of their foreign productions. Tuntematon Solitas (The Unknown Soldier) 2017 Finnish movie about Finnish infantry between 1941-1944, about 2.5hrs long and pretty good. I'd say comparable to a finnish movie version of Band of Brothers. Also in quality and enjoyability. Under Sandet (Land of Mine) 2015 Danish movie (primarily in German, understandably) about post-war Denmark's use of German POWs to clear the ~2million mines placed along the Danish west coast. Surprisingly gripping for what the subject theme really is. Really good movie IMO. May be available for free on Netflix depending on region Fury (Fury) 2014 While not at all accurate to reality at least in terms of the actual combat, Fury still does work well as an action-packed WW2 tank film. (Even the short american 75mm would be able to penetrate the front of a Tiger if it's not angled and at close range, let alone a 76mm) Enemy at the Gates (Enemy at the Gates) 2001 This movie follows a Soviet sniper primarily in Stalingrad as he learns to become a legendary sniper. A classic to many. Letters from Iwo Jima (Letters from Iwo Jima) 2006 This movie follows the Japanese side of the battle for Iwo Jima. A not often depicted side of the war, Letters from Iwo Jima aims to show the audience what it might've been like to be on the Japanese side of the war for once. It's a companion piece to Flags of our Fathers. Flags of our Fathers (Flags of our Fathers) 2006 This is the companion piece of Letters from Iwo Jima, showing the American side of the same battle for Iwo Jima. One of the most brutal battles that were to take place during the second world war. Eine list of naisu war series! Band of Brothers (2001) A well known classic, seen by most and earned its spot as a true classic. A must, in my book. Available on HBO The Pacific (2010) The Pacific is the lesser known brother to Band of Brothers, taking place in the Pacific and following a similar theme to Band of Brothers. This series does well to show the contrast between the European and the Pacific theatres of war.(If you've seen BoB) While you were statistically more likely to return from the Pacific theatre, you were less likely to return as yourself. Available on HBO pls add your own in similar format if chu want
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    [IC] Incident Reports

    Patient Name: Chiyuki Asahi Patient Sex: Male Primary Care Physician and/or Medic: MSpc. Lisa Bennet Patient Injuries: Broken tibia and fibula Patient Vitals: Normal Treatment / Care Provided: Tourniquet applied, surgery successfully completed, cast applied. Time of Treatment: 23. Dec. 2298, 6-7AM Current Patient Status: 3-day Recovery period Drugs Administered: Anaesthetics Overview of Situation: Pfc. Asahi fell from the small catwalk leading to the marauder bay. Open fracture of his right tibia and fibula. Tourniquet applied, transported to medbay where surgery was immediately undertaken. Standard procedures completed, 1 day of standard cast followed by 2 days of biogel cast. Minor rehabilitation required once casts are removed. He has been confined to the medbay for the first day, allowed to walk throughout the ship via crutches for the two days with biogel cast. (72hr IC, 24hr OOC TK. Can move with crutches after 8 hours) Additional Notes: Asahi is a frequent patient in the medbay it seems.
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    Funeral - Erae Errasti Bellic

    (OOC) The funeral for Erae Bellic will occur somewhere around 2PM Standard Mountain Time (-7 GMT), 9PM UK time (0 GMT) give or take a few hours depending on availabilities. (IC) The funeral for Erae Errasti Bellic will be held today in the hangar. Time will be announced along the day. Funeral is non-mandatory unless instructed otherwise at the time.