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  1. Jun Nagase

    Recon Sim Course Scoreboard

    New Highscore to Maxine Valentine as of 03:40AM - 1st of August 2298
  2. Jun Nagase

    Sarah Redbrick

    elizabeth grehum mebbeh?
  3. Jun Nagase

    Joshua 'Hades' Edwards

    should add graham after that talk at the FOButt
  4. Jun Nagase

    [IC] Incident Reports

    Patient Name: Troy Hughes Patient Sex: Male Primary Care Physician and/or Medic: MSpc. Lisa Bennet on field, MSpc. Lisa Bennet and TSgt. Charles Scott in surgery Patient Injuries: Punctured right lung through and through, bullet through right shoulder knicking collar bone and cutting artery Patient Vitals: Moderate Treatment / Care Provided: On field clamp of the artery, chest seals applied with one-way chest valve, chest decomp applied, HEXTEND and ketamine administered. On ship, surgery to fix lung and artery. Time of Treatment: ~2 minutes after injury. Current Patient Status: Stable, in recovery Drugs Administered: Ketamine Overview of Situation: Recovery time expected: 1 week (2 days OOC) Additional Notes:
  5. Jun Nagase

    Recon Sim Course Scoreboard

    When the Weapons Division was a thing, a Trooper was required to pass a recon sim exam in order to qualify for the Recon Branch. This was Recon Exam Sim A. If they fail, or manage to impress enough to trial for sniper exams, they moved on to do Recon Exam B. Similar to A, but under slightly different conditions. With the Weapons Division being gone, this sim is now being opened up to any and all troopers who would like to try it, and their scores will be posted on the official scoreboard below. Ask for Gunnery Sergeant Graham if you wish to conduct either of the Recon Sims to see if you can beat your fellow Troopers. They usually take around 15-20 minutes depending on the Trooper and are completely standardized so every Trooper gets the exact same scenario, for fairness. Recon Sim Alpha Duration: ~15-20min Old Point Systems Point System C (current) Oliver Graham - 71 Points Thomas Constantinos - 68 Points Niko Radkjovic - 70 Points Bailey O'Sven - 76 Points Maxine Valentine - 84 Points Patrick Stevenson - 80 Points Sarah Redbrick - 58 Points Recon Sim Bravo Duration: ~20-25min Valerie Faust - 66 Points +10 Points William Beans - Sniper Exam - 92 Points +8 Points Ryan T. Lane - 100 Points +2 Points Alex Parker - Sniper Exam - 100 Points + 8 Points Post on this thread if your score has not been listed.
  6. Jun Nagase

    Prefiring In Events

    The only time I use ESP as a shooty event character is when I'm trying to show the players "You're exposed" without necessarily killing anyone, specifically so I know I'm not shooting someone low on health which could lead to a severe injury or PK over what -should- be a "hey, watch out" signal more than an actual attack, which doesn't feel fair in my books. Which is how ESP should be used -if- it needs to be used by someone directly attacking the players; not to get an upper hand on them, but rather to try to moderate the fire so nobody gets pinged in the dome by a sniper that they couldn't feasibly know was there prior to being shot at, or so they know where to place an explosive so it -wont- wipe the entire playerbase. At least, in my opinion.
  7. Jun Nagase

    a question

    alternatively you can just toss bleach into your eye so you have a grey eye, that's the cheap option for the cadets eager to get up the ranks
  8. Jun Nagase

    a question

    You need to bang half the MI to qualify for fleet, and get heterochromia if you want to become a higher rank officer
  9. Jun Nagase

    day in life of sst admin

    Look, tl;dr Don't be a cunt, if you've been punished in the past for memeing around when you shouldn't have Don't keep doing it and you wont get progressively worse punishments. It really isn't hard to understand. I understand that some people may not agree with my decision for various reasons, and voicing them is just fine by me. But if he thinks the permanent ban is unfair, he's absolutely free to appeal it, and the XA's will have a look and determine if they think it's fair or not.
  10. Jun Nagase

    day in life of sst admin

    Genuinely no clue what you on about
  11. Jun Nagase

    day in life of sst admin

    You mean how he's been banned multiple times in the past for this exact type of memery? Most people figure after the first ban that "oh, maybe I shouldn't be so memey." Only idiots would go on to meme a second time within the week, recieving the second ban, then going "okay, I should stop." When you get to the third ban or more, within 2-3 weeks, that's when they're either doing it on purpose. And that's just the bans, there -have- been verbal warnings too. In fact, the briefing leading up to that very dropship incident he threatened to RDM, to which I very clearly said "Nobody will RDM anybody." I don't know about you, but I'd say intentionally and repeatedly ramming a dropship into 6+ people falls within RDMing. Idunno, virtually every other player seems to not get banned at least once a week.
  12. Jun Nagase

    day in life of sst admin

    I didn't even type kick, I typed ban right away after the 3rd time of him getting into the dropship and memeing people, GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT BRO
  13. Jun Nagase

    New Questline?

    Maybe mixed sep/prog questline where we have to prevent seperatists from capturing progenitor tech while getting it for ourselves?
  14. Jun Nagase

    Fleet Roster

    Fleet Lieutenant FLt. Sabine Bilodeau - Jun - Helms Station lead - +1 GMT, 1 hour infront of UK time Chief Yeoman CYm. Jill Nichols, Chief Yeoman, passive character Petty Officer PO. Lilly Lucia, TAC fighter, passive character or for TAC when no actual tac pilots are available (unless accepted onto TAC roster, in which case she'll just be TAC fighter and passive char)
  15. Jun Nagase