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  1. Gazza

    Sebastian Bently

    You gotta update a lot of shit boio
  2. Gazza

    Jodie Cutter

    Added Relationships: LCpl. William Saint-Claire @Silent Sgt. Vito Dominiko @rarewatch Pfc. Veronika Harth @Hearth 3Spc. Tzipora Bronson @NorseTheNomad
  3. Gazza

    Leading Logs.

    Drop Lead: Sgt. Jodie Cutter Second in Command: LCpl. Frank Esposito Squad Leads: N/A WIA: N/A KIA: N/A Summary: Board disabled ship, sweep and clear all areas, grab any intel we can find. 2 PDA's of Data retrieved and one VIP.(Success)
  4. Gazza

    Leading Logs.

    Drop Lead: Sgt. Jodie Cutter Second in Command: N/A Squad Leads: LCpl. Oliver Graham (Orange), LCpl. Bon Sleptz (Blue) WIA: N/A KIA: N/A Summary: Deploy to building site on hazardous atmosphere planet, help garrison hold back bug horde until their numbers are depleted. (Success)
  5. Gazza

    [SCARVIS] Evacuation Underway

    -Breaking News- Evacuation of the cities of Scarvis underway. "Recently, the planet Scarvis has come under heavy siege from Arachnid hordes. The threat originated from the planet's central desert, which up until now, had been contained by the many outposts built and positioned along its perimeter. It appears that the bugs had been growing in numbers over the past few months and making attempts to break through the perimeter, mainly held by the 68th 'Collin's Cougars', briefly reinforced by the 112th 'Vicker's Villains', who have lent a hand through a number of hard situations." Three Mobile Infantrymen from the 68th Morita Battalion, giving civilians a chance to escape the incoming Arachnids. -Footage taken from Harbour CCTV- "A month ago, the arachnid threat broke through the perimeter surrounding the desert, leaving behind nothing but a trail of death and destruction. Last week, the 68th joint with the 112th made a stand at the main floodgate of the Errite Canal, nicknamed 'Hell's Gate'. After evacuating the surrounding area and making one last defiant stand, the Arachnid horde broke through the gate, forcing both battalions to evacuate. The only thing now separating the bugs from the cities are the express tunnels, vehicle transport tunnels leading from the cities to the outskirts and outlying towns." Civilians and Mobile Infantrymen trying to help trapped civilians, while Arachnid forces close in swiftly. -Footage taken from nearby supermarket CCTV.- "The 68th took it upon themselves to collapse the entrances to these tunnels during their evacuation, preventing any direct approach to the cities, thus buying the people of Scarvis time to evacuate. As of now, the 68th are now holding steady at Winter's Post, a northern outpost between the transport tunnels and one of Scarvis' major cities, and are deploying more reinforcements across the planet to do the same. No further Arachnid threat has been reported, though evacuations continue, most fearing the worst." The entire 68th Morita Battalion, and a handful from other battalions, deploying to Scarvis to assist in evacuations. -Footage taken from dropship Pilot's helmet-cam.- The Mobile Infantry, saving lives everyday. No matter the cost. They're doing their part. Are you? Join up now, and become a Citizen.
  6. Gazza

    William Saint-Claire

  7. Gazza

    Veronika Harth

    Jodie cutter?
  8. Gazza

    Jodie Cutter

    Added Personal Entry #10: Here's to the dead Updated Relationship: MSpc. Patrick Stevenson @StevieJr
  9. Gazza

    Leading Logs.

    Drop Lead: Sgt. Jodie Cutter Second in Command: Cpl. Elaine Asper Squad Leads: Cpl. Elaine Asper, Cpl. Victor Von Klauster WIA: N/A KIA: N/A Summary: Escort Supply APC through desert to cave, follow cave to abandoned FOB. Set up defences, nuke plasma bugs, hold FOB until garrison arrives. (Success)
  10. Gazza

    Leading Logs.

    Drop Lead: Sgt. Jodie Cutter (WIA), Cpl. Victor Von Klauster (Assumed Command) Second in Command: Cpl. Victor Von Klauster Squad Leaders: N/A KIA: N/A WIA: Sgt. Jodie Cutter (Heavy), Pfc. Chiyuki Asahi (Heavy) Summary: Find lost suit of Marauder Aegis armor, dig it up, return it to the ship intact. Heavy bug resistance. Heavy casualties.
  11. Gazza

    Leading Logs.

    Forgot to post yesterday Drop Lead: Sgt. Cutter Second in command: N/A Squad Leaders: Sgt. Cutter (small player base) KIA: N/A WIA: Rct. Hartwick, Pvt. Grey Summary of mission: Extract wanted HVT from mine/base of operations alive (Success)
  12. Gazza

    Leading Logs.

    Drop Lead: Sgt. Cutter Second in Command: SSgt. Caffrey Squad Leads: Cpl. Miles, Cpl. Nugget Summary of Mission: Make way to local village, Secure defenders for village, hold off bugs until relieved
  13. Gazza

    Leading Logs.

    Drop Lead: Sgt. Cutter Second in Command: N/A Squad Leads: Sgt. Wells, LCpl. Tyberos/Lt. Vickers WIA: LCpl. Tyberos KIA: N/A Summary of mission: Drop in, clear out infected, search for survivors. One survivor found, flown to new location to find the rest.
  14. Gazza

    Jodie Cutter

    Added Relationships: SSgt. Quinn Caffrey @cat danny 25 Cpl. Jace Li (NPC) Updated Relationship: SSpc. Patrick Stevenson (Deceased) @StevieJr Added Personal Entry #9