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    ---------------------------------------------------------- >>***BOOTING... >>***Personal Terminal Online. >>***Loading... >>***Loading... >>***USERNAME: JCUTTER019 >>***PASSWORD: ******** >>***Loading... >>***Loading... >>***Log In Successful. "Jodie Cutter" ---------------------------------------------------------- Personal Information Name: Cutter, Jodie Age: 22 Sex: Female Origin: Achilles, Epsilon Prime, Epsilon Eridani Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Black Height: 5'9" Build: Mesomorphic Markings: Small black ribbon tattoo on right wrist Family: Father - Unknown - Unknown - Unknown Mother - Melissa Jane Cutter - Ex-Medic (Alive) Step-Father - Adam Markson - Ex-Mobile Infantry (Alive) Sister (Older) - Paula Cutter - Mobile Infantry (Deceased) Sister (Younger) - Emily Markson - High School (Alive) Description: [On Duty]She wears a standard issue MI Uniform and combat boots, often having various small pouches on her belt, or just a backpack. Her uniform is clean and well kept, being rather freshly distributed. [Off Duty]She wears her MI Jumpsuit rolled down to her waist and a black tanktop underneath. She sometimes switches between wearing her suspenders up over her shoulders or rolled down with the rest of the jumpsuit, and differs between wearing a standard MI Cap, or tying her hair into a loose ponytail. ---------------------------------------------------------- Military Information Division: Mobile Infantry Rank: Lance Corporal (LCpl.) Length Of Service: 1 Week Service Record: Rct. > Pvt. > Pfc. > LCpl. Known Injuries: Bruising on arms and legs Awards/Achievements N/A ---------------------------------------------------------- Photo Album ---------------------------------------------- Video Journal Entries Entry #1: New Blood Entry #2: The Swing of Things Entry #3: The Longest Day Ever Relationships Loved | Friends | Liked | Trusted | Neutral | Disliked | Hated | Despised Captain Sebastian Bently: "Captain Bently's our Cee-Oh. I met him on the same drop I first got squad lead, and he was put into my squad, so.. No pressure then. He seems really dependable, cool under pressure, and knows exactly what he's doing. I've only briefly seen him mingling on the ship, so I'm not too sure yet what he'll be like with others. All I've really learnt from him so far is if you've got a cold, coffee and double scotch is the answer." Private First Class Eric Shepard: "Shepard's a bit of a puzzle. I've been on a few drops with him, our first one I asked him to be my second and he seemed a bit annoyed by the notion. Most times I see him he's either talking back to NCO's, or just.. being a pain. Who knows if he's always like this, though?" Warrant Officer Valarie Faust: "I don't really think I've met the Warrant Officer to know much about her. We've spoke in the bar maybe once or twice, I think, but I think she was decent. Don't see her becoming a problem, and judging by her rank, she at least knows what she's doing and has respect for her people."
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    Jodie Cutter

    Added Relationships Pfc. Eric Shepard WO. Valarie Faust @Randynand Added photo album
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    Anything for Cutter?
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    LCpl. Jodie Cutter pls, GMT+Britfuck
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    Jodie Cutter

    Minor updates to overall Added Relationships Cpt. Sebastian Bently
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    Jodie Cutter

    New Journal Entry Updated rank Updated info slightly
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    Jodie Cutter

    Updated Journal Entries If anyone wishes for their character to be added to relationships, feel free to request here or via steam.
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    Jodie Cutter

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