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  1. Deck

    Local Pathfinder Wipes out Sanctuary Forces

    FEAR was the shit. Those who did not play it are missing out.
  2. Deck

    Are traps gay?

    GUYS IT'S VERY SIMPLE. If you fuck a boy it's gay. If a girl fucks a trap it's not gay. Nothing wrong with it but IT IS GAY TO FUCK A TRAP BECAUSE YOU ARE FUCKING ANOTHER MALE.
  3. Deck

    Alex Parker

    what's the point of showing a 'face-claim' of some random soldier dude who you don't even show the face
  4. Deck

    attention; we need your help

    i am trans-canadian do i count
  5. Deck

    Rappity tappidty...

    you left???
  6. Deck

    I have no words for this...

    yeah today is the day jesus christ resurrects
  7. Deck

    I have no words for this...

    ooohhh right
  8. Deck

    I have no words for this...

    can anyone please just explain to me why
  9. Deck

    Sorry, eh

  10. Deck

    PKs and If They are Being Done Right.

    Seems counterintuitive, aren't you part of a group of Staff members that should be expected to co-ordinate with the other staff?
  11. Deck

    Shota Sunday

    Boys Don't Need Moms
  12. Deck

    XCOM 2 War of the Chosen Poster Dump

    if I was a resistance I'd join because of that poster tbh
  13. yo I really just want to show off so here's a couple of posters I made while playing WoTC (I just recently got it) for my XCOM squads. You may share your own aswell! first Op in WOTC, happened in a sewer with neutralize field general objective, featuring from left to right: Mitchell, Mike DeCavin, Tara and Jennifer 'Salty' Richardson. Tara posing with Evans and 'hullam vintage style (or whatever it is) featuring soldiers after a successful retaliation: decavin, salty, evans and a new ranger, Jessica 'Bastion' Florez one of my favourite, classic propaganda posters featuring Bastion, another new ranger named Calicia 'Cal' Daniels, Tara and Evans. Cal and Bastion's bond poster. Grenadier died at the rank of Lieutenant while defending her home, the Avenger, this is her memory. sewer op! feat. 'Cal', 'Joker' Evans and to his right, a new field medic called Ernesto Martinez. (the other two on the extremes are just Mox and Dragunova) group posing for a memory, feat. Anastasiya 'Punk' Zinchenko, a ranger, -, Cal, Tara, Martinez and Bastion. random rookie, died on his first op o7 last (for now) but not least! this is Cal and Bastion, bondmates, they got upgraded 'armour' once I got to predator tech, pretty cool, best propaganda. cont.
  14. "special" alright. take an XCOM approach. put shit on ironman, legendary difficulty all skulls on.