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    Working out? Do you or do you not

    Cardio is the way to live I agree with deckers
  2. KoalaClam

    My vasectomy

    Unprotected sex never felt so good!
  3. KoalaClam

    Wallpapers and the like

  4. KoalaClam

    pk appeal

    me thnks toby taste lyk the brwn watr, he make grug tum feel bad
  5. KoalaClam

    Maple syrup

    What will you give me if I send you a New England heroin needle?
  6. KoalaClam

    My PK appeal

    As the former admin who handed out this PK I think its worth noting that I did actually target Nasser not because they were Muslim or a woman but because As a white straight cis man I need to do as much as I can to right the mistakes my ancestors made, every single day I wake up and realize what horrible things my people have caused, thusly Nasser being both Cis and Straight made them an extreme priority for systematic removal.
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    Share Your spotify.me Stats

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    List of PKs since May

    Pvt. Oskar Stellvertreter
  10. KoalaClam

    Elijah Miller

    Name: Elijah Marshal MillerAliases: n/aAge: 21Place of birth: Ventura, California, Earth/TerraDate of birth: 07/29/2276Sex: MaleHeight: 5'10Weight: 207 lbsHair Color: BlondeEye Color: BlueStatus: AliveDemeanor: Mellow, easygoingRank: Rct.Disorders, health issues, etc: n/aWIP
  11. KoalaClam

    Oskar Stellvertreter

    Update! A dude is dead.
  12. KoalaClam

    Fruit salad

  13. KoalaClam

    Kissing females is gay

    Stop justifying your homosexuality and come out of the closet.
  14. KoalaClam

    William Beans

    Aleksandr from cow chop