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  1. Fitz

    Maps not in the dedi pack.

    There's a help & support section for a reason Friend.
  2. Fitz

    [IC] TAC Drills Records

    Date: 21/1/99 Time: 17:00 - 18:00 Instructor: Zemke, Stevenson Trainee(s): Limish, Richards, Milosovic Summary: F-76 operational instruction supplemented by VR anti-ship drill.
  3. Fitz

    Mobile Infantry Theme

    Out of what Sock's got, I'd say the best is either Bad Moon Rising or Kick in the Door.
  4. Fitz

    [IC] TAC Edicts

    The following edicts are to be followed effective 21/1/99: 'Aviator' sunglasses are forbidden indoors All new transfers to the Grant are to hold the rank of Ensign until their capabilities are discerned Callsigns are to be a maximum of two syllables, not exceeding one word Light black jackets are permitted for the uniform.
  5. Fitz

    [IC] TAC Drills Records

    Date: 20/1/99 Time: 17:20 - 18:20 Instructor: Zemke Trainee(s): Stevenson, Khasar Summary: Just a few dogfighting and large vessel exercises in VR, this time the enemies were controlled by I instead of AI.
  6. Fitz

    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Name: Lorilee Zemke Reason: She works out and spars often, as well as training with the MI whenever she possibly can, being TAC doctrine.
  7. Fitz

    Patrick Stevenson

    Add Zemke and Neal, and maybe make a page for Neal too. thnxz
  8. Fitz

    Jochi Khasar

    Lorilee Zemke please
  9. Fitz

    [OPEN] TAC Applications

    Addendum: Must apply with a new character. Excluding previously created TAC characters.
  10. Fitz

    Stevenson & Jensen Funeral

    he didn't die, he was supposed to die 3/10 good snacks tho
  11. I actually find this pretty chuckle worthy.
  12. [ENTER PASSWORD] . . . >1234 . . . ::OPENING UNENCRYPTED FILE //zemkeperszzonl.doc// :: . . . To be expanded when I feel like it. People Places Things Music
  13. Fitz

    [OPEN] TAC Applications

    You're responsible for finding all the information necessary to fill out this application. Some might be on the wiki. List of current characters: Length of time playing the server: Which company developed the WA-40Mk.VI 'Stewy' Dual Rotary 40 mm Autocannon?: What is your character's (detailed) backstory?: How far can a GLS sense, and how far can an S/ASR sense?: Why would you like to have a TAC pilot character, and what can you offer the faction?: What should the general attitude and proper conduct of a TAC pilot officer be in your opinion?: A firefly is on your tail during a ground op, what do you do? PM me your response through forums or Steam.
  14. Fitz

    [IC] TAC Drills Records

    Date: 14/1/99 Time: 19:00 - 20:00 Instructor: N/A Trainee(s): Zemke, Stevenson Summary: Just a few dogfighting and large vessel exercises in VR.
  15. Fitz

    [IC] TAC Drills Records

    All exercises and drills will henceforth be recorded below in this format: Date: Time: Instructor: Trainee(s): Summary: