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  1. Can't upload images, or set profile pictures of banners, no matter if using a link or an upload. New users stuck with the grey placeholder thingy. Also, wiki integration is still broken.
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    TAC Guide for Pilots

    Just a small guide I've written to TAC pilots how TAC should work on the server. TAC Organization http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/TAC_Organization_on_the_Grant TIPS AND RULES FOR TAC PILOTS Passive RP TAC pilots should generally keep to a pretty strict sleeping schedule, and there should always be at least two of the TAC pilots awake on the ship at any given time, with the other six able to be wakened at any time, though usually there are at least five up and about. When awake, they can either train via simulations, or just do whatever they'd like. This can often times lead to very unproductive habits stemming from boredom. Uniform and Hygiene Regulation For men: Moustaches may extend past the corners of the mouth, but only if deemed to be well kept and not interfering with a gas mask No beards are permitted Hair must be kept relatively short For women: Hair may not extend lower than shoulder length Makeup may only be worn during processes in which a dress uniform is required, and must not be in poor taste General uniforms: Clothing which may greatly impede the user's ability to quickly change into flight equipment may not be worn on duty* All uniforms must be kept clean Standard uniform is grey fatigues with brown accents Unless stated otherwise, all regulations are congruent with standard Fleet regulations. * Pilots are considered to be on duty during all waking hours on the Grant as they may be called up for action at any moment. During Ground Events If a pilot would like to attend an event, there are mainly two steps they should follow: Ask the Admin running the event whether or not there might be TAC available IC, doing so in a polite manner and making it known that if they cannot attend for OOC reasons, they will not Once given approval, they should have a short discussion with the GM if they have time on how they might be deployed and used before the events starts Once on the ground, here are some rules and tips for those using the dupe: Don't hound the GM, be patient Don't do anything that would significantly change the course of the event without the approval of the GM Weld your dupe to the world, no collide world the F-76 prop, the DR-8 entity, the light at the front, and the guns so you can fly under the map if need be and avoid glitches just delete your weld once you're in the Thunderbolt, then fly off Don't fly TOO low. There are map limitations always, but if you can, generally fly as high as possible Begin firing before you've committed to a dive from afar, the bullets are tracers, and that is how you aim Don't be too overzealous with royals. The guns are set to a high damage so they can take out warriors without too much trouble, but that means they're also pretty potent against anything else and bring them down quite fast. This could also fall under the tip of not doing anything that would change the course of the event without GM approval, as usually Royals are used as a GM's tool, and it's best for the MI to take them down Be careful of TK's and don't fire too close to the ground forces. With high damage comes great responsibility. If you can tell the GM(s) has their hands tied up at the moment, don't do a lot, just circle around and do a strafe from time to time. Often they don't have the time to PM you exact orders Follow all orders from the GM(s) without question Remember, you are more of a TOOL to the GM than a real player yourself. Try to make the event better, don't try to be a hero or anything. This is just something you'll need to accept You can leave whenever you want, unless told otherwise by the GM. You can use the excuse of low fuel or low ammunition at any time, just try not to make it within the first five minutes of the event It takes about a half hour to re-equip an F-76 for fuel and ammo, but if you'd like to you can shorten that, just make sure to confer with the GM beforehand Once on the ground, here are some tips for those using noclip (applies to GM's too): The best SWEP to use is the sidewinder Once on the ground, here are some rules and tips for those using the radio (applies to GM's too): Refer to the wiki page on the organization of TAC Callsigns are personal when flying solo, but when flying in a Flight, the callsign of the Flight is used Try to use /bc for radio instead of /lrr so everyone can see, just makes it cooler Use cool sounding lingo like "over and out" During Spacial Events These are a bit rare, so when you see one you should take advantage of it. Generally just RP combat but in an F-76. Make sure to read up on this wiki page which I wrote. Read all of it and know it well to properly portray the combat. There is a large difference here in you are not just a tool of the GM, you are in fact trying to win. This doesn't mean you should powergame, but your goal is to defeat the enemy ship or other TAC fighters the enemy might deploy. I might do a separate, more in-depth guide on this particular aspect of TAC at a later date, or I might just add onto this one.
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    TAC Guide for GM's

    Having done a TAC guide for the pilots, I think it's just as important to make one for GM's too. Here are a few general things GM's should keep in mind when including TAC via dupe in their events: The turrets do 500 damage a shot, so a strafe from an F-76 through a line of bugs will certainly kill them. The hard part is getting the aim right, but if there's a huge swarm of arachnids and you allow the TAC pilot to go loose, they will cull a pretty large proportion of them. TAC pilots should know when to stop, but if they get carried away, just give them a PM to slow it down a bit. If you can't handle TAC in an event for any reason, just tell them to leave. They will RP either running out of fuel or ammo. If you don't want them back, that's fine, but if you do, try not to make it before ten minutes. The F-76's are going much faster than they seem to be going from the dupe. It's a shame, but they are quite slow, and nothing can be done about this as far as I'm aware, but it must be known that an F-76 is invulnerable to a few things due to its speed. Things that TAC are invulnerable to on the ground: Portable small arms. This probably goes without saying, but rifles, SMG's, and other things like that can't hit a Thunderbolt. A sniper rifle cannot hit a Thunderbolt. The chance is so small it might as well be assumed impossible because it's far under 1%. MG fire. If it's not specifically anti-air with a computer system which can calculate the speed of the Thunderbolt, it can't hit the Thunderbolt. No light or heavy machine guns could hit a Thunderbolt. Fireflies and hoppers cannot directly attack or dogfight an F-76, it's too fast. Things that TAC are vulnerable to on the ground: Fireflies and hoppers: they can quickly form clouds of bodies that if hit would severely damage an F-76, and that's what they do, being able to organize and cut off the path of a Thunderbolt. This requires quite a few bugs though, ~100 at least. Advanced AA with automated computer systems. A very large explosion in the air that sends a shock wave close to an F-76 will completely disable its geosynchronous location sensor, which means it will not be able to survey movements below ground. Devices that somehow create tremors in the ground will also disable a Thunderbolt's GLS. Radar jamming equipment can be used to disable the F-76's surface to air surveillance radar capabilities, (S/ASR), and I could also see how bugs could somehow figure out a way to do that organicly somehow, but you'd need to figure that bit out. If this is done in conjunction with something to take out the GLS, it will leave the F-76 mostly blind as far as the movements of arachnids go. Plasma bugs can take out TAC. Even though this is very unrealistic, I don't really see an alternative that would be fair, so we'll just say they can somehow set timed explosives and can calculate the position of the F-76 due to some unforeseen flaw in the design of the S/ASR which the bugs can use to locate the Thunderbolt. The Federation doesn't know about this. Roll bonuses*: Ens. - +30 FLt. - +35 LtCmdr. - +40 Cmdr. - +45 *Roll bonuses and rolling in general are more for spacial combat and dogfighting than they are for ground combat, ex: rolling to dodge AA or something. During a ground operation, the GM has full control over those events. To learn more about the armaments and specs of the F-76, READ THIS! http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/F-76_Thunderbolt If you have any questions or concerns, please send me a forums PM or a message through Steam. I'm probably going to update this in the future.
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    The Graveyard

    That's some nice hair.
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    3rd platoon

    It's official. People are no fun.
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    Shane Emmett

    Add Yvonne instead of Hartwick.
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    Sassy Platoon Roster

    This is what 3rd Platoon looks like. make it canon
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    Sassy Platoon Roster

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    Sassy Platoon Roster

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    [IC] TAC Drills Records

    Date: 10/2/99 Time: 21:30 - 22:30 Instructor: Zemke Trainee(s): Buxton Summary: Dropped down to a barren desert planet, no arachnids or hostiles of any sort, and just trained and drilled EVA suit, flying formations, and some general theory and technique.
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    [IC] TAC Drills Records

    All exercises and drills will henceforth be recorded below in this format: Date: Time: Instructor: Trainee(s): Summary:
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    why r u gae?

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    Sofia Holloway

    Yes but generally not to the tool itself.
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    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

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    Applications of interest, Status: OPEN

    --- APPLICATION - - OOC SECTION - Steam Name: ♥ Fitz 女装大佬 Steam I.D.: STEAM_0:0:61655859 Length of time on the Server: 1 year Length of time RPing: 4 years Time-Zone: GMT -5 How active are you?: On mostly every day, certainly every other day. If TAC is available during an event though, I will prioritize my TAC character over my MIPOD character. - What is your backstory that would make you believe that your character was a Psychic? OR Why would the Federation believe you were a Psychic as a child?: The Federation believed my character was a psychic as a child because they showed abilities at a young age during a screening. Write out a situation in which you would have to use one of your abilities?: A situation in which my character would use her abilities would be an NCO asking for the layout of a bughole we might be about to enter, as I'd like my character to be a senor. The RP would probably look something like this NCO: Give me a reading of the layout of that bug hole. My Character: Alright. /report I'm using detection, can I tell the layout of the tunnels within 100 meters? /roll *49* Admin PM'ing me: Yes, it splits off and dead ends on the right, but goes down on the left. There are many bugs. My Character: Uh yeah, it dead ends on the right and goes on the left, but a lot of bugs are down there too. --- - IC Section - Name: Yvonne L'Esperance Age: 18 D.O.B.: 7th of March, 2281 Sex: F Physical Description: Woman standing a pretty average five foot six with short brunette hair and brown eyes, fairly light skin. Speaks with an implacable Colonial accent. Her physique is average of that of an MI solder, pretty lean. - If Applicable - Current Rank: Education History: High school Criminal Record: None Employment History: None Service Record: --- --- ---
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    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    He doesn't look like a school shooter, he looks like a good boi from the 50's.
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    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    awwwww adorable I have the exact same phone as you so it's fine— pictures quality is such a pain right?
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    Bugs. Define a Bug. REWARD

    Give Archer his money.