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    Maps not in the dedi pack.

    There's a help & support section for a reason Friend.
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    [IC] TAC Drills Records

    Date: 21/1/99 Time: 17:00 - 18:00 Instructor: Zemke, Stevenson Trainee(s): Limish, Richards, Milosovic Summary: F-76 operational instruction supplemented by VR anti-ship drill.
  3. Fitz

    [IC] TAC Drills Records

    All exercises and drills will henceforth be recorded below in this format: Date: Time: Instructor: Trainee(s): Summary:
  4. Fitz

    Mobile Infantry Theme

    Out of what Sock's got, I'd say the best is either Bad Moon Rising or Kick in the Door.
  5. Fitz

    [IC] TAC Edicts

    The yearly statistics of the TAC Squadron on the Grant for the year 2298, the year of the War of Reunification, have only recently been published [ATTACHED FILE], and upon looking over them, a few inferences can be made. The new year has come with a new Commander, and inevitably come resolutions and changes. Effective of 14/1/2299, these edicts are given in the hopes of improvement in our division, to hopefully increase productivity and effectiveness as well as lower mortality rates as well as improve interfactional relations. TAC pilots regardless of rank will attend all MI training if they are at all able. All pilots will hold the authority of a Private in the M.I. during these times TAC pilots are not to force anyone to call them by rank or title (sir, ma'am). This does not apply during official functions and ceremonies TAC pilots are now to attend regularly scheduled training courses with different members of various factions, (SERE, CLS, etc.) TAC pilots are to begin to partially maintain their own designated F-76's to the extend of their abilities, such as cleaning and general maintenance TAC pilots are to adopt the standard greys with brown accents as their uniform, replacing black Fleet fatigues and armour TAC pilots must submit their individual callsigns to the CO of the squadron for approval This is the first edict of 2299, but there are many more to come, so stay up to date with this thread. Approved by: - Cmdr. Lorilee Zemke - Cpt. Jee-un Choi - Maj. Sebastian Bently - Col. Robert Shaw
  6. Fitz

    [IC] TAC Edicts

    The following edicts are to be followed effective 21/1/99: 'Aviator' sunglasses are forbidden indoors All new transfers to the Grant are to hold the rank of Ensign until their capabilities are discerned Callsigns are to be a maximum of two syllables, not exceeding one word Light black jackets are permitted for the uniform.
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    [IC] TAC Drills Records

    Date: 20/1/99 Time: 17:20 - 18:20 Instructor: Zemke Trainee(s): Stevenson, Khasar Summary: Just a few dogfighting and large vessel exercises in VR, this time the enemies were controlled by I instead of AI.
  8. Fitz

    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Name: Lorilee Zemke Reason: She works out and spars often, as well as training with the MI whenever she possibly can, being TAC doctrine.
  9. Fitz

    Patrick Stevenson

    Add Zemke and Neal, and maybe make a page for Neal too. thnxz
  10. Fitz

    Jochi Khasar

    Lorilee Zemke please
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    [OPEN] TAC Applications

    You're responsible for finding all the information necessary to fill out this application. Some might be on the wiki. List of current characters: Length of time playing the server: Which company developed the WA-40Mk.VI 'Stewy' Dual Rotary 40 mm Autocannon?: What is your character's (detailed) backstory?: How far can a GLS sense, and how far can an S/ASR sense?: Why would you like to have a TAC pilot character, and what can you offer the faction?: What should the general attitude and proper conduct of a TAC pilot officer be in your opinion?: A firefly is on your tail during a ground op, what do you do? PM me your response through forums or Steam.
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    [OPEN] TAC Applications

    Addendum: Must apply with a new character. Excluding previously created TAC characters.
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    Stevenson & Jensen Funeral

    he didn't die, he was supposed to die 3/10 good snacks tho
  14. I actually find this pretty chuckle worthy.
  15. [ENTER PASSWORD] . . . >1234 . . . ::OPENING UNENCRYPTED FILE //zemkeperszzonl.doc// :: . . . To be expanded when I feel like it. People Places Things Music
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    [IC] TAC Drills Records

    Date: 14/1/99 Time: 19:00 - 20:00 Instructor: N/A Trainee(s): Zemke, Stevenson Summary: Just a few dogfighting and large vessel exercises in VR.
  17. Fitz

    New dropship?

    We tried it, it didn't work. You couldn't get something similar in SP because Xal edited it for the server. We're testing the Jun-linked dropship now btw.
  18. Fitz

    New dropship?

    We've never implied that we would force GM's to include us in events. Please refer to: Yeah that's the main concern with me too. If it lags then it's a no-go, but from what I can see it seems pretty simple so I have high hope. Again though, if it's super laggy it's not an option.
  19. Fitz

    TAC Guide for GM's

    Having done a TAC guide for the pilots, I think it's just as important to make one for GM's too. Here are a few general things GM's should keep in mind when including TAC via dupe in their events: The turrets do 500 damage a shot, so a strafe from an F-76 through a line of bugs will certainly kill them. The hard part is getting the aim right, but if there's a huge swarm of arachnids and you allow the TAC pilot to go loose, they will cull a pretty large proportion of them. TAC pilots should know when to stop, but if they get carried away, just give them a PM to slow it down a bit. If you can't handle TAC in an event for any reason, just tell them to leave. They will RP either running out of fuel or ammo. If you don't want them back, that's fine, but if you do, try not to make it before ten minutes. The F-76's are going much faster than they seem to be going from the dupe. It's a shame, but they are quite slow, and nothing can be done about this as far as I'm aware, but it must be known that an F-76 is invulnerable to a few things due to its speed. Things that TAC are invulnerable to on the ground: Portable small arms. This probably goes without saying, but rifles, SMG's, and other things like that can't hit a Thunderbolt. A sniper rifle cannot hit a Thunderbolt. The chance is so small it might as well be assumed impossible because it's far under 1%. MG fire. If it's not specifically anti-air with a computer system which can calculate the speed of the Thunderbolt, it can't hit the Thunderbolt. No light or heavy machine guns could hit a Thunderbolt. Fireflies and hoppers cannot directly attack or dogfight an F-76, it's too fast. Things that TAC are vulnerable to on the ground: Fireflies and hoppers: they can quickly form clouds of bodies that if hit would severely damage an F-76, and that's what they do, being able to organize and cut off the path of a Thunderbolt. This requires quite a few bugs though, ~100 at least. Advanced AA with automated computer systems. A very large explosion in the air that sends a shock wave close to an F-76 will completely disable its geosynchronous location sensor, which means it will not be able to survey movements below ground. Devices that somehow create tremors in the ground will also disable a Thunderbolt's GLS. Radar jamming equipment can be used to disable the F-76's surface to air surveillance radar capabilities, (S/ASR), and I could also see how bugs could somehow figure out a way to do that organicly somehow, but you'd need to figure that bit out. If this is done in conjunction with something to take out the GLS, it will leave the F-76 mostly blind as far as the movements of arachnids go. Plasma bugs can take out TAC. Even though this is very unrealistic, I don't really see an alternative that would be fair, so we'll just say they can somehow set timed explosives and can calculate the position of the F-76 due to some unforeseen flaw in the design of the S/ASR which the bugs can use to locate the Thunderbolt. The Federation doesn't know about this. Roll bonuses*: FLt. - +35 LtCmdr. - +40 Cmdr. - +45 *Roll bonuses and rolling in general are more for spacial combat and dogfighting than they are for ground combat, ex: rolling to dodge AA or something. During a ground operation, the GM has full control over those events. To learn more about the armaments and specs of the F-76, READ THIS! http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/F-76_Thunderbolt If you have any questions or concerns, please send me a forums PM or a message through Steam. I'm probably going to update this in the future.
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    New dropship?

    That doesn't make much sense. I do not know how this: could be VTOL, and even if it could be, why would it be? The Warthog isn't VTOL, that's what it's based on. I'm almost certain you're remembering this wrong, maybe if you could explain it further it might make some sense. It's like saying the Osprey is VTOL, so the F-35 should be too. We also might be thinking of different systems of VTOL, as in, the fighters can't hover in mid-air in combat like a helicopter, but the dropships can. There's sort of a difference between a VTOL aircraft and an aircraft with VTOL, as confusing as that may sound.
  21. Fitz

    New dropship?

    Whoever said they were VTOL was a dumbass. Nowhere has it ever said that.
  22. Fitz

    War Movies!

  23. Fitz

    New dropship?

    After playing around with them I can also confirm they're very easy to control, and work extremely well. How they work on the server is a different issue, but I'm interested to see how that could be done. It only requires two mods, which could of course be cut down to only what we need. They can easily VTOL and fly around providing CAS as well as transport on the map, which I think would be pretty ebic
  24. Fitz

    New dropship?

    The fighters are not VTOL, that's incorrect. Dropships have weapons but our vehicles are currently insufficient. You could reskin this as a Skyhook. Skyhooks are not stupid fast, they're just fast.
  25. Fitz

    New dropship?

    +1? Yes, it's not starship troopers, but you can also just reskin that as a DR-8 and begin to use dropships as gunboats. . . EDIT: Or we could just say the Office of Fleet Intelligence designed a new ship y'know. Developing a copter chopter was pretty high on Venk's to do list.