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  1. Rook

    I have returned!

    Welcome back, Gebirgsjäger.
  2. Rook

    New dropship?

    We used that one. XD
  3. Rook

    What I have left

    Back in my day, we called those “self-inserts”. I keed, I keed. XD I know what you mean. The meme flows through me during character creation.
  4. Rook

    New dropship?

    Yeah, that would be the chief concern. The server is already laggy as shit, something like this would probably make it shit itself.
  5. Rook

    New dropship?

    We used a gunship back in EP. It was a real blast. It's what got me interested in Fleet in the first place.
  6. Rook

    War Movies!

  7. Rook

    War Movies!

    Taegukgi - Best Korean War movie.
  8. Rook

    It's been fun...

  9. Rook

    It's been fun...

  10. Join me, my fellow trader and together we shall destroy all Goy who stand in our way!
  11. Rook

    SST Quotes Thread

    23:37:07 - Pfc. Chiyuki 'Frog' Asahi[OOC]: guys help. i think my god is licking her ownw a s s. idk if shes cleaning or just...u kno UwU *Blushes and looks away* 23:37:34 - Pfc. Tzipora Bronson[OOC]: If your God licks her ass who are you, a mere mortal, going to do about it? 23:37:50 - Pfc. Chiyuki 'Frog' Asahi[OOC]: dog*
  12. Rook


    Sorry Arrow, but we can’t afford to kill off 80% of our player base like that. XD
  13. Rook

    Well I am leaving for collage tomorrow...

    Good luck amigo. May the collegiate Gods smile upon you and give good winds to fill your all night writing sails.
  14. In nomine patris et filii et
  15. Rook

    SST Quotes Thread

    The platoon is made up of deviants.
  16. Rook

    I'm Back

    Who is this “Ackua” I hear of?
  17. Rook

    Xal is trying to reunite the empire

    Only thing Xal is reuniting is his liver and copious amounts of gin. XD
  18. Rook

    SST Quotes Thread

    Doombas lost twin brother?
  19. Rook

    Formal petition to add font size

    I too have trouble with the radio box. Sometimes it won't scroll up and I am left having to look through console to find out what was said.
  20. Rook

    Weapon Certifications

    Old man Volker. Certed in Support Gunning and Marksmen specs.
  21. Rook

    High pk factions

    The Cannucks are out in force. Ready the nuke, Silent. This may be our only shot to get them all at once.
  22. Rook

    High pk factions

    Can we make Canada a high pk country irl?
  23. This just in: Ackua confirmed to have done 9/11. FBI enroute.