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  1. Whiplash

    Weapons of the Mobile Infantry

    >.308 caseless >literally spewing out casings aite
  2. Whiplash

    who would you rather?????????

    tire poncho. bullet would just bounce off of him.
  3. Whiplash

    Arkady Mikhailovich Zuykov

    Name: Arkady Mikhailovich Zuykov Position: Helmsman/Relay Officer Transfer from: UCF-FR-518 Tabarzin Backstory: Hailing from the port city of Sevastopol, Zuykov was bathed in a naval-rich environment. He routinely visited his local military museums, admiring the large murals which glorified the sailors who gave their lives upon the tide. He was especially keen in mathematics and physics as a student, all the while finding time to read of the admirals and commandants who he saw paintings and mannequins of. His fixation on the exploits of commanders of navies past pushed him not only to gain experience upon the high tide, but to later enlist in the Federation Fleet. He was trained as a navigational officer, however, adopted many traits as so he could both cooperate with - and replace - a relay officer in the time of crisis. He served with the crew of the frigate Tabarzin, covering landing forces on Shoreridge and Xi Shi II. He was later aboard to assist in the Battle of Sanctuary, having both engaged hostile spacecraft and covered troop landings below. A deep respect for the traditions and customs of the Fleet has instilled the values of courage, perseverance, and honor in Zuykov. He believes that the famous Ulysses Grant may be a stepping stone into a deeper career within the fleet, thus his transfer request.
  4. Whiplash

    cooking with mcrann

    If this doesn't happen, I'll start a riot.
  5. Whiplash

    Matthew Russell Squires

    teey @Maple Leaf Moosefucker
  6. Whiplash

    Sebastian Bently

    fix squires
  7. Whiplash

    EOD suit can we implemented it?

    This. I was really interesting in being an 89d (Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician) in the Army, they said that the last option is the suit. In most cases you just shoot the IED. Regardless, an EOD suit is typically 100-120lbs and is designed to absorb the shock wave and shrapnel of an explosion. It isn't necessarily the best method, but it's easy enough to produce and cheap enough to maintain that the US military keeps them around. The last thing you will ever see anybody in a EOD suit do -- regardless of what The Hurt Locker tells you -- is fight. Heat stress and fatigue are killers in the suit, ontop of the fact it's probably 3/4 of the operator's weight and bulky as fuck. Plus, you'd get roasted alive if you get hit by plasma because they take forever to get off.
  8. Whiplash

    Federal Starchart [constant WIP]

  9. Whiplash

    How To Pad Your Post Count 102; Electric Boogaloo

    We're hitting never before seen strats here.
  10. Whiplash

    The Boy from Rhohan

    What a necro, holy shit. Fuck you. I'll do something with this later today.
  11. Whiplash

    SST Quotes Thread

    WE'VE GOT A BREACH @Xalphox
  12. Whiplash

    Injury appeal

    My section had lit up that Firefly on two of it's previous runs with nothing happening to it. I was also evented without a roll after bugs were picked up from cover and dropped ontop of me. I had explained in LOOC that I had about 1/3 of my health from M55 splash damage from an engagement with a Tanker prior, but nothing came of it.
  13. Whiplash

    "Why do you wear sunglasses on the ship?"

    You're damn right I do. Even before I had a custom head, though, I wore sunglasses because my head had broken eye textures.
  14. Whiplash

    Matthew Russell Squires

    updated a bunch of people, added hux @Rook