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    Bishop to Cpl
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    And the next victim... **Cpl. Troy 'Turtle' Hughes takes off his dress shirt, revealing the black undershirt Cpl. Troy 'Turtle' Hughes: Mhm... A pretty room to go with a pretty girl. Fits perfectly.
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    LCpl. Alice Bishop - Gr4Ss (GMT+1)
  4. Alice Bishop

    Alice Bishop ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ King's Gambit Accepted, King's Bishop Gambit 1. e4 e5 2. f4 exf4 3. Bc4 ... ________________________________________________ [User:~$] abishop [Passphrase]: *************************************************************** [BIOMETRIC CHECK] >... COMPLETED [Welcome to NET OS 11.04.1] [abishop@pda:~$] ls -a [./] [../] [.localdata/] [journal] [med_rec] [people] [pers_info] ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ [abishop@pda:~$] ./pers_info [LOADING pers_info] [NAME] Alice Bishop [GENDER] Female [AGE] 25 [DATE OF BIRTH] Sat Sep 20 00:00:00 GMT 2272 [PLACE OF BIRTH] Epsilon Prime [Unit] 112th Combat Engineer Detachment [Rank] Cpl/Spc [Qualifications] -Sapper -Munitions -Systems [LENGTH] 1.72 meters [WEIGHT] 70 kilograms [SKIN TONE] Normal [EYE COLOR] Blue [HAIR COLOR] Blonde [HAIR LENGTH] Long [PICTURE] [SCARS] -Large cut across back [TATTOOS] None [KNOWN LANGUAGES] English [PERSONALITY] ENTP [RELIGION] Atheist ________________________________________________ "If violence wasn’t your last resort, you failed to resort to enough of it." Maxim 6, 70 Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries ________________________________________________ [abishop@pda:~$] ./med_info [LOADING med_info] [STATUS] Alive [PHYSICAL STATUS] Healthy [BLOOD GROUP] AB Rhesus D Positive [COGNITIVE FUNCTION] Good [MENTAL STATUS] Sane [EMOTIONAL STABILITY] Stable [MEDICAL NOTES] -GSW, butt ###ENCRYPTED### -GSW, l. forearm ###ENCRYPTED### -Talon, r. thigh: ###ENCRYPTED### -GSW, buckshot, upper chest. Complications: collapsed lung. ###ENCRYPTED### -Extensive burns, >50% of body surface area: Subject got stuck in an ICBM silo during primary engine ignition and boost phase (boost phase failed after approx. 10s due to successful missile sabotage). Although there was no direct exposure to the ICBM's exhaust, the subject did get briefly exposed to a greatly elevated temperature. A combination of quick thinking on the subject's part to shield herself from as much radiated heat as possible, her thermally insulated suit she wore as an engineer, swift first aid administered by experienced medical personnel and an immediate MEDEVAC are the main reason the subject survived. Subject received extensive treatment and tissue regeneration over the course of nearly two weeks to treat first, second and third degree burns. Psychological complications resulting from the incident called for a re-assignment and several years of therapy. -Fracture, r. forearm: subject was caught in the blast of several explosions (caused by missiles fired by a friendly marauder). Although the blast caused minimal damage, it did cause her to fall out of a tower, the landing breaking her forearm. Arm was splinted on the field, with further treatment given after return to the Grant. -Laceration, back: subject was slashed by a bug from behind, resulting in a deep laceration across her back. First-aid administered on the field, with full treatment given on the Grant after EVAC. ________________________________________________ "Can do!" Motto of the Combat Engineers. ________________________________________________ [abishop@pda:~$] ./contacts [LOADING contacts] [DECRYPTING data] ________________________________________________ "Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems." Scott Adams ________________________________________________ [abishop@pda:~$] ./journal [LOADING journal] [DECRYPTING data] [TONs shot] 2 [TONs triggered] 3 [DOTONs triggered] 5 [Marauder suits scuttled] 2 [Entry #1, 09/03/2298] Time to pick up old therapy habits again, it seems. Yeah, fucking brain bugs and psychics screwing with my head. It is not fair, but such is life. It will not be a fair fight either when I shove a TON up their rear. Either way, it was quite the experience. I cannot really write anything down about it because intel and red tape and me liking to keep my head on my shoulders, but it certainly beats any trip I ever had. Sure, I shit my pants in there, but in my opinion there is nothing that makes you feel more alive than exactly that. The whole thing does sort of have me kind of worried. Having experienced the thing... O'Neil shouldn't have been as stupid explaining it, I would not put it past the brass to just ignore the whole thing and get us all killed. On the other hand, I am also excited, somewhere deep down. I am not sure yet if I like that. Knowing myself and how this usually goes for us boots, chances are I will finally get the whole real-estate deal. But that is why we exist, is it not? Buy the farm so someone else does not have to. And accepting that responsibility is what makes us a citizen. So yeah, perhaps it is not that bad that I am excited about another chance to kick the bucket while saving the universe. There certainly are worse ways to go. On another note, a bloody tin can broke my arm. Bastard did not bother checking his fire when unloading half of his Y-rack into a tanker. With me in a tower right next to it... blew me right out and had a bad landing. Or a good one, better my arm than my back. Life was so much easier when we did not have all the MIPOD and marauders running around.
  5. IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Valerie De Ruyter Physical Age: 21 Race: Caucasian Gender: Female Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Blond Height: 5'8" Weight: ~65kg Employment & Background Current Rank: Pvt. Educational History: High school, GPA 3.3 Criminal Record: None Employment History: various minimum wage jobs. Service Record: N/A OOC: Character's College Explanation: N/A Server Time: a whole day... several months back in 2013/2014 Roleplay History: HL2RP, more HL2RP, FORP, HL2RP, Phase Four, Cider Two, SSTRP, HL2RP, WW3RP, HL2RP, FTRP, HL2RP, ... somewhere in between some SS13 and TSW.